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Hey /tg/.

I want to talk about... jelly. Whose fine idea was to make jelly cubes as enemies? Like, why? Because they fit neatly into a a square?

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Drunk neckbeards in the 70's thought it might be cool.

Who are you to judge their wisdom?

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Because they fit neatly into 10 by 10 by 10 meter rooms.

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Why? U jelly?

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Gelatinous cubes?

The in game reason for their existence is powerful wizards made them to tidy up their dungeons/palaces/what have you. That's why they're a regular shape (artifical origins) and corrosive (garbage disposals)

Pretty much they were made by Gygaxian GMs to be FUCK YOU PLAYERS monsters. They filled the corridor entirely, were corrosive to the touch and too stupid to manipulate. They could also be hidden in pit traps, to give that extra level of 'no really fuck you'

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They were also invisible. Well, transparent. Some types anyway. I remember that at least one of them had some kind of "roll to see if they notice and don't walk into it".

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theyre cube shaped because they expand to fill the cube-shaped room theyre in

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It was my idea.
The idea was the player had to KiT the jellies to the Cream Spheres to neutralise both and receive a delicious meal.
The players didn't get my hints that the SLOW MOVING, NIGH-INVULNERABLE, REGENERATING ENEMY that HAS NO BRAIN AND WALKS INTO TRAPS can't be killed by retard-rushing it.
They died, ragequit the campaign, and spread the idea of killer jellies.

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I like jelly.

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But do you _like_ jelly?
Was this a Toriko campaign?

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Specifically, The Gelatinous Cube was created by Dave Arneson, during one of the original Blackmoore games.

If i recall my gaming history:

Dave was describing an enemy that was nearly transparent, paralyzed on a touch, and absorbed people it began to consume. He was aiming for "Giant Amoeba"

The players tried to scoot around the thing to rescue their buddy. Dave told them that it filled the corridor.

The original Gamers: "It's a Slime?"

Dave: "Yes."

OPs: "And it fills a 10 x 10 corridor?"

D: "Yes."

OP: Like some kind of gelatinous cube?"

And thus: MAGIC!

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Jellies, puddings, and slimes make the best traps.

I had a trap that when you stepped on a tile, the ceiling would open up above you, a gelatnous cube would land on you, and then the floor would open up, with a dimensional door to reset it.

No frills, no mess, no adventurer gear to clean up when someone tries to invade your labyrinth.

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So we are the victims of memetic mutation?

Well damn.

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I love your pic, OP

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>Because they fit neatly into a a square?

Yes, exactly.

More that they perfectly fill the corridor and are very hard to see, so you walk right into them and are slowly melted.

Modern gamers won't ever know the true horror of a Gelatinous Cube.

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>Modern gamers won't ever know the true horror of a Gelatinous Cube.

And why not? Why not have the Mayor working with some scientist to , quite literally, clean up the town with these large gelatnous cubes, that are eating all the trash, all the waste, and the "Undesirables"?

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I think he meant "modern" as in "games where you are not supposed to die in frequently because of a sadist DM".

It makes more sense if you played the game.

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Ahhhhhh, alright.

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Especially when the GM decides this particular cube is fireproof.

much panic was done.

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Pic related.

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>gelatinous cubes grow to fit into their surroundings, which is why they usually fit perfectly in the corridors.
>mfw my gm ran a campaign where a wizard was making 'molds' for the cubes
>1000 foot x 1000 foot cube
>tarrasque jelly
>our face when

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In the end, we're all just one mimetic mutation away from immortality. Hell, 4chan is the modern memetic gene pool, if the mass media is to be believed.

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Like the saying goes, there's always 10 x 10 x 10ft room for Jell-O.

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You Jelly of my flood detection evasion skills.

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Jesus Christ, your DM is an evil genius.

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The super jellies were always neat as a sort of force of nature, though they were way to easy to defeat.

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One of my Halfling villains had a "thing" for jellies. She used baby jellies to slick down her hair and grew acidic oozes in small clay pots which she would load into her slingshot and fire at the PCs for various effects.

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Does anybody remember which book that 3.x Drow Cuberider amulet thing was in... the one that let you climb inside a Gelatinous Cube and ride like a jello warhorse?

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I would set fire to that salad. Such a thing should not exist in this world.

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>Gelatinous Cube
Was I the only one during "Monsters vs. Aliens" that screeched
"Oh mein gott! Gelatinous cubes wearing jetpacks!"

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I know.. I've got a bunch of them from a Food Gore thread on /ck/ a while back.

If you want turn your stomach permanently queasy at the thought of jello again, look up Aspic on an Google Image Search.

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1. Obtain Gelatinous Cubes
2. Feed Cubes bodies of dead adventurers, with potions of Fly or Cure X Wounds on their person.
3. Gelatinous Cubes that have dissolved a potion of fly.
4. MFW Flying Cube Army
5. ride of the valkyries.mp3

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I had a villian of sorts serve black oozes as his "special soup" to a dinner party involving himself and the PCs. The host and the insane king had illusionary spoons so they wouldn't actually eat the oozes. It was fun watching the players think of ways to get out of eating it (Or angering it) without ruining what was essentially a diplomatic dinner.

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Bitches got nothing on Darkness Given Hunger, the most pimpin ooze in the abyss.

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There's all kinds of jelly but these Blobs/Puddings/Flans from FF8, I would class them as jelly, and they are the worst.

Tough fucks, hard to hit with melee, see.

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Have you played FF4? The flan on the moon are the worst since no matter what physical or magical attack you do it always does 1 damage. And they have over 150 health. The only way to truly kill them easily is through summons that you have to spend hours obtaining.

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Only played 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, halfway through, 6, 10, 12.

FF is very bad JRPG compared to others, it's entry level shit and there's better JRPGs out there.

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you havent lived until youve played 4 and tactics. how DARE you?!

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You're arguing with Flee.

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Funny coincidence really, I heard someone mentioning 4 was really good a short while ago.

Tactics? Not my cup of tea, I'm afraid.

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Gelatinous Cube

Because there's always a 10x10x10' room for Jell-O.

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There is only one kind of acceptable jelly.

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im just saying, he/you havent even played the GOOD final fantasies except for like, 6, which pales in comparison to 4.

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you are one of those guys that claim that FF7 ruined the series, arent you
I grew up with it and it was awesome, thank you, I will now go and inbreed my chocobos some more.

The makers of this game either knew nothing or too much about animal breeding

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7 was fun, but it certainly wasnt as good as 4. i liked it better than 6, but its not as good as everyone makes it out to be.

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Oh hey, Spiral Knights. I like that game.

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I loved it because you had a game park. In a game. In which you could play an RPG. In an RPG.
Also, Chocobos and airships.

Eh, and maybe the fact that I played it with my brothers and was like 7 when we played it helped

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FF8 is highly underrated.

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Then... why have you played 9 of them?

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Anyone here like FF V? I admit a large part of my like comes from Gilgamesh, but still.

>aryound Institute

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11's a bit of a frankenstein; made for the PS2 primarily, but menu based so you'd need to use a keyboard/mouse, but using a KB/M has a slight lag compared to the PC, and the hardest stuff to solo requires precision timing because it's not a soloist-friendly game.

After a learning curve of a couple of hours I found it to be quite entertaining, moreso than WoW, though those are the only two MMORPGs I've played (and diablo II, but that's just ORPG, no MM).

I did a case brief and list of charges for FF6 in Law 12 for my semester project. We were supposed to do the original versions of a fairy tail (Jimney Cricket and Ariel both die, spoiler alert), but my classmates vouched that FF6 would be good enough. Only went up to the infiltration of the Empire, but still got an A.

FFXI puddings are the worst, the slimes aren't so bad, but the goddamned puddings and their goddamned magic... ugh.

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But Final Fantasy in general is very overrated so it all evens out.

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I think FFXI is a wonderful demonstration of cross-format gaming, at the very least.

Personally, I think it has a more interesting story than other MMOs, but I suppose the very nature of being an MMO leaves the majority of interactions very slightly disjointed.

Chains of Promathia was the best, though, although ToAU had its moments, and was an interesting change from the mostly serious CoP with a combination between light and funny and the darker side of that humour. And Naji got his day in the limelight finally, and no-one knows.

I can't speak much of WotG - it starts out strong, but the lack of linkshell and the onset of Abussea sort of killed any form of progress for me.

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Hey, don't be jelly cause I'm styling.

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FF5 is awesome, jobs everywhere and no one giving a fuck about the plot.

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any XII fans out there? I found it to be a refreshing little game and filled with awesome airships

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Shame, I found WotG to be the best. CoP was a good story, but the missions themselves were a crapshoot sometimes. I just realized I am no longer waiting for the 16th so I can get the three pack of abyssea expansions, I just need to get ahold of the guy whose credit card I use.

Stuck on ToAU though, it's the big fight after this cutscene.

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FFXI is one of those older MMORPGs they just keep polishing up, and improving, and tweaking...it's definitely a different animal now in a lot of good ways than when I first started playing it, back in the bad-fuck-you-all RMT days.

And flans? Black Mage bait. Because wow, are they a pain in the rear otherwise, but you'd see BLM's soloing those things all over the place.

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OP did everything to "subtly" promote the game, hah.

I wish we could discuss it a bit. It's really good.

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Spiral bump?

Auction House and Training Hall are being added around now.

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I agree with this, 8 is probably my favorite, all told.

I love 4, 7, and 6, of course and I would probably say Tactics was my favorite but I don't count it as being the same type of game despite being in the same "family." I also played 3 and 5 and got to the end of 9 and 10 without actually beating them. They're all pretty damn good. I played 7 first like most fags so it will never lose its sentimental charm but technically I think 8 is superior in terms of story, mechanics, and graphics. The only things 7 really has cornered over all in my opinion is music, and that's iffy against some (like Tactics and 6, even 4 though it had a very limited selection).
Speaking of FF4's music, a gift:

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Actually, 8 and 4 are both pretty close, and share a lot of similarities in my opinion. The main character for both is pretty dark, though one is genuinely dark while the other's just brooding (and a little whiney hahah) but both draw a great deal of significance from the moon, both have settings rife with international strife, both have a militaristic feel during the beginning, both have a heavy romantic theme, and they even share some music. The ending theme to FF4 is the same as FF8 when they show everyone together in the credits. Both also focus a lot on friendships, which I think isn't quite as true for a lot of the other FF's -they do focus on friendships just not as strongly. Anyway, just thinking out loud.

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It's like I'm in some bizarro world where people appreciate FF sincerely (eventhough I still maintain that they are 90% mediocre games, but at least it's no the mindless appreciation of a fanboy).

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I remember way back in the first days I was on /tg/ there were regualr threads devoted to what a perfect enemy the Gelatinious cube was, how it was the epitome of 'evil monster' describing in detail how horrible and monstrous it was to encounter. How the very sight of it would break the will of even the hardiest adventurer.

I wish those threads were on suptg. :/

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Fuck yeah, good taste up in this thread.

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Did anyone ever play Progress Quest? There was a Porn Elemental that i always imagined was something like a big astroglide jelly

>thatti horizontal

Hell yeah. Thatti is one hot momma.

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>final fantasy

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Shit.. I had no idea /tg/ liked Spiral Knights. Awesome.

Anyone know why Wolver Alphas hit like a bus on steroids?

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I played the shit out of Progress Quest!
My favorite character was a Demi-Canadian Birdrider. For some reason he kept getting wisdom increases though, and ignoring dex.

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