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So, failure at being a wizard's apprentice really carries harsh EXP penalties, huh.

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>He's actually dead

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All it says is Apprentice wanted!

....That could have been an arrow of promotion!

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What the fuck.




He was basically the only likeable character in the entire goddamn webcomic.

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Oh what, they actually killed the apprentice? That sucks.

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What does the arrow do, again? I can't find the comic they introduced it in.

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Ghost apprentice.
Calling it now.

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>They think he's actually dead

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At least it was just an arrow.

He didn't die from having fire shoved up his butt.

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rolled 80 = 80


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The page before it. Yup. He's fucked.

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>everyone forgets that the arrow moves to a different person when it hits a surface
>what could be regrettable about killing the apprentice?
>the arrow doesn't kill the apprentice and instead kills someone important, like the guy that sold the monster that the apprentice killed in the first place.

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Now she's going to REGRET using that arrow to kill him and not making sure he was dead.

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>The chameleon thing CLEARLY stating he's not dead
>Everyone still thinks he died

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The magical arrow moves on when you die or pull it out.
Once it's removed you have a moment to remove the curse, by passing it on to the instigator.
The Apprentice.

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>apprentice lives
>begins long quest of vengeance
>ends in hilarious fuckup
>still doesn't get to screw master

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It didn't even hit him in the heart.

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actually, if you see the arrow, it barely pierced his flesh, and not even in a vital spot.
also, even if he's dead, what makes you think death will stop us from seeing more from the apprentice?

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I'm sorry, but what comic is this from?

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Garfield and Friends.

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Yeah Ivan may be dead, but that undead thing in the Golden City clearly had a thing for him. She could bring him back.

>He was basically the only likeable character in the entire goddamn webcomic.
Krom. Krom was likable.

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in b4 victory at sea

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pic related, it's Garfield and Odie

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page 1 because why the fuck not

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rolled 98 = 98

And guessss who's still a virgin, alive, and back in the city!

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Shot in the right pectoral? Not necessarily a fatal wound. But whatever, we'll see how this plays out. I dun really care either way.

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And they got killed off, too.

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Hey they came back with that sleeping beauty rip off.

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They died doing what they loved.

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I assume he's in some body pile somewhere, and she'll come a-looking for him. Either way I wouldn't mind if we saw a short arc about one of the other characters; Krom, or that badass lesbian adventurer.

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At least he didn't go out like a bitch.

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Undead thing? What?

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I find oglaf's comics that aren't sex centered to be funnier.

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Also they made a sort of comeback.

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its funny that the comic is about oglaf the shepard boy of destny but hes only been in 2 comics.

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the vampire chick who kidnapped ivan and then did flang with him

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She was a vampire?

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The virginal vampire he encountered in the city, the one who doused him in "Felicia." When it came time to sacrifice Ivan she was suddenly very reluctant (possibly just because he was so good at sex which didn't count as sex) and last time we saw her she was inquiring after the Apprentice with apparent interest.

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thats not the inventors, tho. those are the rest of the dwarf race -- which in this universe apparently are utterly insane.

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Transplant the dwarfs in dwarf fortress with these dwarves. What the hell would happnen?

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He's not the apprentice anymore because she promoted him. Calling it.

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Probably better traps.

And fucking. Less carp, I imagine.

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I haven't decided yet whether Oglaf has some amazing overreaching story which has only just started to come to fruition; some epic story where Ivan The Apprentice, Kronar The Barbarian and that hardcore Lesbian Warrior all meet, band together and take on The Evil Mistress.

...or whether it's just all random and unconnected.

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Does it really matter? Its hilarious either way.

My guess is not, though.

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But what about shoes?

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The Apprentice is dead, technically.

He will become a vampire, because that is what the people who were after him were. Notice in every frame he has two puncture marks under his nipple.

He'll be back, don't worry.

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>But... I was just asking if you would kindly stop cutting down our trees...


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Well. It all takes place in the same universe. And we did have Krom and the King/wizard meet already. Wouldn't be too much of a stretch.
[spoilers don't work on /tg/]Except Grier (the adventurer) probably WORKS for the queen or something.[/derp]

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Yeah he met the Wizard.

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He wasent the first apprentice

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It is horribly bad luck to kill an Albatross, and he gets shot with the arrow of regrets. He has the fang marks under his nipple.

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Does this mean I can construct Wand Golems?

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Undead Lizard of Guilt = best familiar ever.

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That would seriously mess things up in dwarf fortress.

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I'm right there with you.

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Oglaf is destined to be the only apprentice that doesn't fuck up, and leads to him fighting a powerful vampire Ivan who is hellbent on killing the Mistress.

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>People reading Oglaf for the plot

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>Stop liking what I like for reasons that are different than mine
This is what we have come to?

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Blame it on the Fountain of Doubt

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It's more that 4chan was build over the fountain of hate. /tg/ has a very special type of hate, but it's still there.

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The only one that is even slightly funny. The artist is good, the sexual content is nice, but damn, are these some unfunny comics.

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>I come from Backwards Land!

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I agree

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>backwards land
>artist is bad, sexual content is bad, funny comics

You are wrong as well.

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That's your opinion. And it's wrong.

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That's your opinion. And it's wrong.
We could do this arrrr day.

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You know, I've read that comic so many time but never noticed the dwarf has a vagina he probably drilled in his own arm.

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>"I punish you hoping that you'll improve next time."
>No next time for him, only another apprentice.

What the fuck is this shitty logic?

>> No.14946979

"you" meaning apprentices in general.
As was clearly explained in the comic.

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How is the next apprentice supposed to learn anygoddamnthing when he wasn't even aware of the previous apprentice(s)?

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maybe we should just relax and watch the show?

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The mistress is insane.

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I always thought the guy who drew this was the same guy who illustrated the "Horrible Histories" books.

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I thought it was a chick?

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You can be plural, too.

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>when he wasn't even aware of the previous apprentice(s)?

Is that ever said in the comic? How do you know that the first time he was ever disciplined, she didn't say something along the lines of "Do you ever wonder what happened to the last apprentice?"

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More than one person works on the comic.

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The arrow doesn't even leave a wound on Ivan

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The only point of that line was for her to get Ivan's hopes up. She's just bullshitting him. Also, she's a fucking evil sorceress who rules with an iron fist so she has the luxury of saying things that are flat out insane.

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Sorry you have no sense of humor

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And the lizard says he is still breathing.

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It's magic. DUH

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Death doesn't have to be instant. He could be bleeding to death while they're going to place the sign for a new apprentice.

Something else could have killed him.

>Arrow is shot at Ivan
>Arrow kills some more guards
>Guards stab Ivan and leave him to die
>Guards go to place sign
>Lizard asking why they're doing this, when he's still alive

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It got stuck in the other guards and left wounds, why not Ivan?

Either A) He healed between panels, which would imply he's a vampire and just passed out from the pain
or B) Him living would cause more regret for the Sorceress/guards

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>He healed between panels
But he doesn't even need to heal.
It didn't even scratch him. You can see his bare and unscratched skin where it hit him in the upper right panel of OP's pic.

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>Comic doesn't make sense.
>Make broad assumptions, assume it's smart.

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For anyone who cares, Ivan got bit right here: http://oglaf.com/nightfall/3/

>> No.14947132

It's even called Nightfall.
But at what fucking point were we supposed to notice that those guys were Vampires?

>> No.14947133

>Comic offers crystal clear explanation
>People pointing out that this is the case are "Make[ing] broad assumptions"
Sure thing, pal.

>> No.14947139

>For anyone who cares

Found your problem

>> No.14947148

Yeah, would have been nice to know tha-
>checks alt text

>> No.14947149

The arrow only kills people you'd regret killing.

>Shoot it at Ivan
>Arrow teleports and kills another guard.

It's not like I'm pulling this out of my ass, the comic clearly shows that's how the arrow works.

>> No.14947156

There wasn't even any blood, the arrow hit him and teleported!

>> No.14947159

Wishful thinking and denial.
You know how people say shit like that so they don't have to face shit they've done.

It could go either way at this point

>> No.14947164

answer? Ivan is a vampire now, not that he knows it
Hes already dead (technically) so the arrow teleports when it hits him.
he then just has to play dead, and presto! Ivan survives!

>> No.14947178

Well, there's the alt-text for that particular comic...

"Vampires love bodily fluids. You can just spit in their mouths and they're happy."

Then there's the fangs, of course.

>> No.14947180

No, thats only for the ORIGINAL shooter. After pulling the arrow out, you have a couple seconds to shoot the ORIGINAL shooter of the arrow, at which point the curse breaks.

>> No.14947183

But he is unscratched.
Look at the upper right panel.

>> No.14947197

I totally did not see the alt text. It makes way more sense now.

>> No.14947216

And that's why we have his hair covering the spot, even if it is off by a few.
Like i said, it could go both ways.

>> No.14947232

The hair is not covering the spot where he was hit. The hair is a bit too far to the right by our perspective.

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Okay. Lets say you are playing 3.5.

Your game wraps up. Everythings done. New campaign is starting.

Your GM says he is using the Book of Erotic Fantasy for the next game. Before anyone can object, he mentions that it will NOT be a game centered on sex, or some kind of fap fantasy. It will be very tongue in cheek, and light hearted.

He says he will be running a game in the Oglaf universe. Elves are gay, Dwarves are insane, and batshit insane sex magic is the norm.

What is your reaction?

>> No.14947238

Did I miss something? When was that said?

>> No.14947252

As i said, even if it is off by a few.
We'll have to wait and see.

>> No.14947258

what web comic is this from?

>> No.14947266

My normal IRL group? FUCK NO. Those guys are insane.
My online Skype group where all of us are already pretty open with our sexuality with each other?
Mite b cool. I think my (female) GM could actually run it REALLY WELL. As long as we got rid our THAT GUY, yeah. I would be up for at least TRYING it.

>> No.14947272


oglaf, the best webcomic

>> No.14947274

Depends WILDLY on the DM.

>> No.14947282

Why the fuck are we playing 3.5?

>> No.14947285

The Arrow of Regret is... Regretting the fact that it got the apprentice killed and is trying to shift the blame so it is not consumed by its own guilt.

It has turned into an infinite loop of regret.

>> No.14947297

Because it has rules for sex?

The alternative is the OTHER sex RPG. Would you rather play that? No? 3.5 it is.

>> No.14947305

Who needs rules for sex?
Do we also need rules for walking, or eating?

>> No.14947311

You need...... rules for sex?

>> No.14947314

You realize ALL dnd versions have that right?

>> No.14947318

A few comics back, when the guards explain the situation to the mistress.

>> No.14947319

Why do I need rules for sex? the post said it's tongue in cheek and not centered on sex.

>> No.14947327

Maybe i'm saying dnd is retarded enough as is.
I dunno.

>> No.14947333

Given that Weapon of the Gods has rules for being so awesome that buttfucking a dude can turn him into a girl so you remain lolnohomo, no.

Oh wait, you meant that OTHER RPG.

>> No.14947334

Rules for the consequences of sex would be useful then.

>> No.14947336

Some people NEED dice rolls in order to role play.
Somehow describing your character's actions aren't enough.

>> No.14947340


You DO need rules for Flanging though.

>> No.14947347

>Weapon of the Gods has rules for being so awesome that buttfucking a dude can turn him into a girl so you remain lolnohomo
The fuck am I reading?

>> No.14947354

I want more Krona, it's been a while since last saw him.

>> No.14947355

More precisely, it['s the page just after >>14947110.

>> No.14947359

To be fair, that rpg is pretty damn mature about it.
But still... diplomacy via rape.

>> No.14947361

>Somehow describing your character's actions aren't enough.
Sounds like a free former who can't roll with the idea of his precious snowflake failing.

>> No.14947381

Went back to read that comic. It says you have to return it to them to break the curse. Does shooting the arrow at them count as returning the arrow?

>> No.14947391

Sounds like a troll or a rollplayer.

>> No.14947393

>diplomacy via rape.
But I prefer consensual sex.

>> No.14947398

Describing your character's actions is easy. Describing how they affect other characters without having OOC debates with the GM or other players is not.

>> No.14947411

Eh, rolling diplomacy to roll diplomacy.
Some people like them redundant i guess.

>> No.14947420

Actually, I'm betting that they misinterpreted that. Bet you have to HAND it to the original guy.

>> No.14947424

As has been noted, it vanished when it touched his skin. I don't see why shooting it would be any different then just handing it too him.

Especially cause you have a time limit when pulling it out, shooting it is probably the BEST way to get it to them.

Also, yeah, it looks like he just passed out from shock. Just "HOLY SHIT THE JUST FIRED AN ARROW AT ME."

They probably didn't bother to check if he ACTUALLY died. Next page is probably going to be him waking up, with someone cleaning out the dungeon, and being asked to be let down.

>> No.14947429


Says the douche who has to have every movement mapped out to the square micrometer so he can 'fluff' it in his own special snowflake manner.

>> No.14947444


...no you don't. What the hell?

>> No.14947446

>Next page is probably going to be him waking up, with someone cleaning out the dungeon, and being asked to be let down.


Next page is going to be waking up in the dungeon, still tied up and looking around in confusion.

Then, off panel somebody will say "My, isn't THIS interesting."

The Apprentice will look up in hope for one panel, then immediately look horror struck.

Last panel will have the Duke/Prince/Whateverthefuck who tried to rape him leaning in the doorway, checking his nails and smirking.

>> No.14947452

>combat ejaculation

My Fighter may not have many skill ranks to spend, but I know where they're all going now.

>> No.14947461

That gay elf will return?
Sounds about right.

>> No.14947465

Combat Ejaculation is a Fighter Bonus feat, not a skill. Needs a BaB of +4, Weapon Finesse, and Constitution 16+

>> No.14947470

And then everything was poison, rape and fursuits.

>> No.14947478

I supposed, since it disappear without hurting Ivan (or anyone else that we know of) and without making the usual sound.

>> No.14947504

>Also, yeah, it looks like he just passed out from shock.
Maybe he just thought his best option was to fake death.

>> No.14947533

Fighter bonus feat ? Does that mean that the apprentice has some fighter levels ?

I would have guessed he was a commoner.

>> No.14947541


>> No.14947553

i really wouldn't call that elf gay, he seemed to not care what he fucked as long as he enjoyed it

>> No.14947555

He's neither quick, nor smart enough to do that.

>> No.14947565

Has that elf ever showed interest in a woman?
I feel justified by calling him 'that gay elf' since all he does is lust after, or have get blow jobs from, Ivan.

>> No.14947575

>Does that mean that the apprentice has some fighter levels ?

A feat can be a Fighter Bonus feat without being fighter exclusive.

>> No.14947590

I dunno. Hes been getting more and more clever lately. Gets stressed out easily, and still makes bad desicions, but isn't as dumb as when the comic started.

He was able to form a decent plan to replace the monster he killed without Mistress knowing. It failed horribly, but the plan itself wasn't too bad.

He was also quick enough to shift the blame for the arrow, and explain the disappearance of the monster, on it killing the guards and running away.

>> No.14947610

Ah.. true, i'm a little hazy on 3.x rules.

>> No.14947635

Vampires don't breathe.
And the lizard was pointing out they are just going to let him die a slow and painful death, he is the lizard of regret after all. Maybe they should have killed him quick and mercifully?

>> No.14947663

Now That's A Warcry

>> No.14947674

>Vampires don't breathe.
That's untrue. They just don't need to breathe.
But since they have a liquid blood, it means that their hearts beat, which means that other automatic movements probably remain functional too.

>> No.14947701

>Vampires don't breathe.

ehhhhhhhh. There's a few too many flavours of "vampire" to worry about that, let alone excuses that could be made for apparent breathing.
I'm still in the doubting he vamped from that side, but I'm sure I'll be amused regardless of what he is.

>> No.14947714

the one with oglaf and the devil bear is the best one ever

>> No.14947715

Just read it again...

If they put irons to heat, it probably means they weren't trying to kill him with the arrow, which explains that they shot it in his right shoulder.
There might have been a timeskip on him being tortured to death between the two hlaves of OP's pic.

>> No.14947717

I bet the sorceress is dead and the apprentice is now a wizard looking for an apprentice.

>> No.14947724

Excuse me for asking this, but...

what is "flang"?

>> No.14947732

A nonsense word.
Those virgins are making stuff up.
Same thing with the crunt-knockling.

>> No.14947733

>i'm 12 and what is this
Go away you virgin.

>> No.14947735

They must be from /a/, which makes sense if they're the guards of the City of Virgins.

>> No.14947739

>Oglaf comic
>158 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

oh tg

>> No.14947742

You just dont know how to read, right? Read my name, motherfucker.

>> No.14947745

>he's not dead

>> No.14947755

And you made a mistake while typing it.

>> No.14947766

>Now That's A Warcry

I like this one, too.

>> No.14947770

READ the goddamn name, moron! Honestly, you're hilarious.

>> No.14947778

Being a virgin isn't shameful, no need for you to pretend. Just go away. Virgin.

>> No.14947782

yeah its awesome

>> No.14947784

>I bet the sorceress is dead and the apprentice is now a wizard looking for an apprentice.

>> No.14947822

I am so going to use the 'You have no concept of justice!' line from now on.

>> No.14947881

He's a vampire. The alt text for this one is "Vampires love body fluids."

>> No.14947920

Ordinarily, to become a vampire you have to be bit by a vampire, drink a vampire's blood, and then die.
He missed step two.

But maybe those vampires don't work like that.

>> No.14947986

well if you change "blood" to "bodily fluid" he accomplished all steps . . . technically

maybe not drinking, but at least coming into contact with

>> No.14947990

okay, so the vampires outside the city.... where they just gunna eat ivan or what? Were tehy gunna turn him into a vampire anyway?
Does he have to be a virgin to become a vampire? Theres a city of virgins there, is that what the vampires are doing there, recruiting? Or do virgins just taste better...

>> No.14947999

He DID drink a vampires bodily fluids though... Top left panel.

>> No.14948021

Well, virgin blood DOES make for more powerful magic, so probably.

>mfw I just realized Mistress just keeps Ivan and other apprentices so that she can have a fresh supply of virgin blood, making herself more powerful

>> No.14948022

I could write correctly my first and second languages, and have some problems with english, the third language I know. As you will understand, is normal to make some mistakes, including the ones I do to type faster (as forgeting to capitalize I, wich I usually do). Also, I still dont know what "flang" means so instead of bitching about do something useful and explain it or shut up.

>> No.14948042

Seeing how they treated the guards, I think they just wanted virgins for the taste.

>> No.14948048

You've been found guilty on the following charges:

-Unfounded claims of literacy
-Being rude
-Being bloody stupid

Please follow the constable.

>> No.14948062

Flang does not have a sexual meaning.

>Your head

>> No.14948076

FLANG IS A JOKE. The author made it up, as has already been pointed out in this thread.

Flanging isn't a real thing.

Also, fucking google, how does it work?

>> No.14948087

it's a euphemism synonymous with "fuck" or "to have sex" or "copulation" or "fornication" pick your poison

>> No.14948171


>> No.14948202


Thing is, in google I found some meanings for it, in "slang" or whateber you call it, and I couldnt figure wich I needed, because i dont know the jargon. Thats why I ask you.

Vorás, fill de puta, jo puc parlar mes llengües de les que tu penses, i així es com puc dir-te a tu illetrat de merda. Asi que deja de hacerte el gilipollas y habla como las personas normales. Ser gordo y hacerte el listo de forma anonima solo te hace mas patético.

You are either a troll, or stupid. I think both options are true.


Thank you, I tought it was something more complicated. I barely know more expresions related to sex, and are usually learned from porn, and I have learned some strange things.

>> No.14948209

Flang is not a word, much less a sexual act.

We were pretending it was for comedic effect, and mocking you for further comedic effect.

You ruined it like a goddamn idiot because you couldn't take a joke. I hope you're happy, summerfriend.

>> No.14948243

He didn't ruin it. >>14948202 was pretty funny, as far as unfounded claims of literacy, rudeness and bloody stupidity go.

>> No.14948276

Yes, Im now happy because someone explained it. It was so difficult? And about that, half the words used here in 4chan arent properly words and I have to use http://www.urbandictionary.com to translate, in wich flang exists but none of the meanings fit. So yes, I wanted my goddamned explanation. If I wanted trolling, I would post in /b/. Oh, and waiting for summer to call everyone who dont agree with you "summerfag" is just a way to prove you are as child as the aspies who believe they are oldfags, or worse, that being here since years is something to be proud of. Its the same cancer on /b/, just here. Fuck you. I like /tg/ how it is. First time in years /tg/ bitches around instead of providing actual help. Im dissapointed with my former "best board".

I cant lie, /tg/ is still the best board. But im dissapointed.

>> No.14948292

/tg/ hates stupid foreigners


>> No.14948314

In fact /tg/ has always helped me with lots of problem, specially translation ones. Nice and kind. I think its not that /tg/ hates stupid foreigners, is more like some stupids fa/tg/uys in this thread are jerks. Dont you agree?

>> No.14948331

Hey you, yeah you, Stop getting trolled and derailing threads.

>> No.14948349

Yes, I do. Hope you bring something nice here and take something nice with you when you leave. Now, can we go back to trolling?

>> No.14948372

Summer has clearly arrived.
On /tg/ I would ask that you stop being such a ginormous faggot.

>> No.14948392

I´ll give you a curiosity and we could continue. In my language, the word for moustache, "mostacho" is commonly "bigote". "Bigote" is probably derivated from the germans seeing the enormous spaniard´s moustaches and yelling BEI GOTT! (By God!)

Some drawfag found it funny and made pic related.

>> No.14948421

Does anyone remember that Evil Sorcerer Man from a short panel a long time back? I think he may have been a previous apprentice of the Mistress.

>> No.14948423

Sounds like Germans alright.

>> No.14948441



"So how did you become a creature of the night?"


>> No.14948498


Grats. I loled.

>> No.14948499

I'd love to see how much of a badass Krom's daughter becomes.

>> No.14948514

The Falcon needs his own story...or perhaps a back story.

>> No.14948519

I'm sorry, but do draw it would involve her coming to life and ripping the artist in twain.

>> No.14948688

Wait just a fucking minute, that first panel wasn't like that when I first looked!

>> No.14948726

I remember it like that.
That's quite awesome.

>> No.14948758

WHAT COMIC IS THIS>?????????????????????????

>> No.14948770

About 2 - 3 hours ago, I saw her gripping his cock between her thighs.

And no, I'm not confusing that with the first panel of the first Potion of Girlfriend comic.

>> No.14948815

God I love the Oglaf artstyle... I really would like if it had less sex in it, though.

Don't get me wrong, there are quite a few nice jokes about sexuality, but a lot of them are just ... well...
I'd like to see a non-sex version of this...

>> No.14948818

Its called Oglaf.

>> No.14948827

No one tell him.
Let's see if he can figure it out.

>> No.14948829

No, that would make it too easy to loose her virginity.

>> No.14948839

Wait, no, now I'm goddamn confused.


>> No.14948860

At first glance it DOES look like she is just leaning forward. Easy mistake to make.

>> No.14948933

They were going to bleed him try.

>> No.14948954

rolled 12 = 12

anyone else notice the bite mark on her leg?

>> No.14948968

... dry.
Thats IVAN'S leg bro.

>> No.14949040

Wow... up until this thread, I never noticed that the girl in the city, and the mob outside the city wanting to bleed him dry, were vampires...

>> No.14949075

You mean his ? That's from the monster he put in a linen bag a while before.

>> No.14949102

I, too, though they'd be mere hottentots

>> No.14949125


>> No.14949194

>> No.14949214

Yeah... I admit I failed my perception check.

I only noticed the tits.

>> No.14949268

Don't worry, Ivan didn't notice either and he's been bitten.

>> No.14949292

Don't worry, tits give a -20 enviromental penalty to spot checks that aren't targeted at tits.

>> No.14949310

I wonder why the lizard of guilt became a ghost, and if he's concerned about Ivan just because he has no one else to haunt.

>> No.14949314

The arrow always disappears when it's about to hit something and instead, hits something that would be rather unfortunate to hit. hence "arrow of regret". They were aiming at ivan and it disappeared just as it hit his chest. If they were actually aiming for him, the arrow probably went off and killed someone else, probably those vampires.

not to mention the lizard keeps telling them he's alive. Even though he's a dick he always tells the truth.

>> No.14949327

The vampires are all virgins, they are from the city.
They are vampires and desire blood, they are going to drain him outside the city. Why? Cause the townguard virgins would capture or kill the slut on sight and that means no blood for them. That being said that vampire chick is the shit. I would mind turning for that piece of ass...

>> No.14949347

I think it disappeared for good for the reasons explained earlier.

>> No.14949350


only the girl is the virgin. that's why she has to send them out of the city.

>> No.14949393

Only the girl is a virgin, that's why she's been sent in the city capturing other virgins (an acquired taste) for her non-virginal associates. That's why they would kill her if she lost her virginity. They don't need a slut, "it can be some other virgin" as she said.

>> No.14949411

There were two very similar panels. The one you're thinking of is later.


>> No.14949439

so the way I'm seeing it, 'felicia' is a potion that takes your virginity (hence everyone whos hit with it fades out the city into the open ground where the city should be)
So Ivans not a virgin anymore?

>> No.14949442

maybe but here claim that shed get killed by them if she looses her virginity is a make me believe otherwise

>> No.14949451

oh shit moment

>> No.14949471

I can't understand why you would think this.
The city is intangible to the vampires. They are not virgins.
The girl is.

>> No.14949496

I think you get a save against it, basically. If you succeed your roll to disbelieve, you're still a virgin. That's why the vampires were holding him down and putting boobs on his face. They were going to lose him if they didn't convince him that Felicia was real.

>> No.14949517

What, no, they ran/were carried out.

>> No.14949518

I guess it only has some sort of 'makes your thoughts impure enough to fade to the real world' or some shit... Ivan was always kinda half-see-through when he was with the vampires and I think once almost faded back, so I guess it only has a temporal component.

Heck, maybe it works two fold:
1) It alters your aura in a way that makes you seem like a non-virgin for the magic that hides the city
2) Conveys the Felicia Illusion (with the burning wish to be with her for sweet sweet love) to ensure that you run up to the guy with the knives.

Where do the guys in the Virgin City come from anyway? How dothey procreate?
Maybe there is some sort of non-penetrating artificial impregnation or some shit...

>> No.14949520


Run! The Virginity is loose!

>> No.14949591

Er, no. Check the comic where he appears outside the city again. He's slightly transparent when the guards arrive, then in the next panel disappears without removing his bindings.

>> No.14949624

Why the fuck has no one realized that the lizard is not in fact saying he is actually alive, he's obviously trying to reassure himself. He grows increasingly desperate as he tries to convince himself that he has not in fact directly led to the apprentice's (the only person able to hear him so far) death. He even goddamn ends by crying out that it is all his fault! The apprentice is death, period.

Now whether he is gonna be a vampire who knows.

>> No.14949637


I think I laughed too hard about the Lizard of Regret.

God damn, favorite "joke" of the series.

>> No.14949651

>The apprentice is death, period
I'll believe it until I see it. Until then, this is Schrodinger's Apprentice.

>> No.14949667

Fuck, I meant WHEN I see it.

The rest still applies.

>> No.14949672

>The apprentice is death, period.
On second thought I take that back. The apprentice isn't pierced by the arrow at all. He doesn't have a scratch on him.
Perhaps next week this will be cleared up.

>> No.14949692

It's the potion taking effect/ wearing off.

>> No.14949698


No, they intended to torture him, until Oglaf exploded at the lizard and the Mistress thought he was talking to her.

>> No.14949703


>> No.14949719

Something does happen to him though. Not sure what, but it's apparent from the pupil-less eyes.

Also, £20 says next week is an intermission.

>> No.14949722

without the apprentice as a foil the evil female overlord is kinda boring.

>> No.14949762

I was going to add 'unless there is a week or two of random joke comics'.
There probably will be. Not that I'll mind.

>> No.14949802

it wasa fun run but I guess Oglaf is done.

>> No.14949804

This filthy thinling is an imposter who I swear I will literally devour through the internet, possibly via a straw and great suction.

>> No.14949815

Though I should note that other than his original assertion I do not disagree with him. The apprentice is dead but I do doubt he is gone.

>> No.14949836

rolled 13 = 13

Ivan. His name is Ivan.

NOW it might be Count Oglaf.

But it's Ivan.

>> No.14949847

In a sense, yes. The whole gimmick of the Virgin City is that you can't see it, or interact with it if you're not a virgin. If you could still feel your way in, I'd think that the Evil Sorceress would have noticed there was a secret city right at her doorstep this whole time. So, effectively, if you're not a virgin, it's as if the city was on a whole other plane of existence.

With that in mind, it's not a huge stretch of the imagination to assume that, should someone have sex within the city, they effectively fade out of it, as they can no longer see or interact with it. So, the way the potion works is that it tricks your brain into believing that you're no longer a virgin, thus for a period of time, you can't get back in. It is possible to see through the trickery of the potion, however, hence why there were a couple of times where Ivan was fading away again. They were still technically within the city, and his brain was starting to say "Nope, still a virgin".

>> No.14949851

That's it. I'm using a secure tripcode from now on to distinguish me from the impostor.
Look at my name, that is the secure code of the real Tyrant Bludgut Kineater from now on.

>> No.14949857

the comic I mean....

>> No.14949882

so long ass he has sweet sweet anal with that other vampire i dont mind

>> No.14949886

We don't know that he is dead.
He doesn't have even one scratch on him.
Let's see how this turns out.

>> No.14949888

I guess there must be a potion of apprehension and forgetfulness to see the city if you aren't a virgin.

>> No.14949891

As the original poster I will not use a trip because fuck trips.

And why, imposter, am I a tyrant and why is the name Kineater likely to be called?

>> No.14949915

And yes, yes he is dead, the fucking Lizard would not be lamenting the entire time if he was not.

>> No.14949930

I thought she meant all the OTHER times he was punished it was to teach him, but he failed to learn so he had to die.

>> No.14949937

rolled 61 = 61

No. The Lizard is lamenting because he's still "alive" and the curse was broken. He no longer haunts the only person that can hear him.

>> No.14949945

So what would the stats be in D&D for the Arrow of Regret, Potion of Felicia and the Lizard of Guilt?

>> No.14949984

"Guys? Guys! Guuuys!"
"You all saw him breathing right? He was still breathing!"
"Oh my god! This is all my FAAAAULT!"

Sounds alot like he is lamenting/desperately denying having caused the apprentice to stop breathing (aka dying).

Also tripcode because I changed my mind (and I feel lonely being the only tyrant without one)

>> No.14949998


So did I, like 20 minutes ago at most.

It's like the twilight zone of "Sex that isn't sex"

>> No.14950011

/tg/ - Detailed analysis on the workings of sex magic

>> No.14950018

I already told you that I don't use tripcodes impostor.
And let's wait a week or two before announcing with certainty whether the apprentice is dead or not.
This is a pretty ambiguous comic.

>> No.14950020

>people keep calling Ivan, Oglaf



>> No.14950031

It may temporarily make you register to the city as a non-virgin.

>> No.14950046

She'll probably do some random unrelated comic next week, just to screw with people. Maybe about the ice queen or something.

>> No.14950055


>> No.14950064

>>14948860 is right.

>> No.14950073

the vampire bit ivan, the arrow couldn't kill him because he's now undead so it teleported and he only felt the shockwave of the curse taking effect at that moment.

>> No.14950076

I dislike you. Well not really.

Why has Oglaf appeared so infrequently anyway? Given that he gives the comic its name one would think he would show up more often than he has.

>> No.14950160

Can someone shop the apprentice's death into a miscarriage comic?

>> No.14950196

[spoilers don't work on /tg/ but i'm using them anyway because you seem to think you are on /v/] Because he isn't dead. [/herpderp]

Also, it would look completely out of place and stupid.

>> No.14950213

>why no spelling words with swimmers?
Probably because there wasn't much interesting that could be done with that story arc.

>> No.14950288

True, but I'm still surprised he was used so little, or at least that the name was put on such a minor character.

It's probably an injoke of some sort.

>> No.14950396

Naw. Oglaf is just NAMED for that illiterate one-note shit. For the longest it's been about Ivan.

>> No.14950448

Shark (I am assuming thats his name) x Mistress OTP

>> No.14951311

You know, I'm starting to wonder if that's a future look at Ivan...

>> No.14951378

>shark looks like Ivan
>the chick hes fighting looks like Greir (adventurer chick)


>> No.14951606

He doesn't look like ivan at all...

>> No.14951733


>> No.14951853

A little bit.... if it wasn't for the nose, I'd have agreed with them about it.

>> No.14951885

I could see it being him in about 10-15 years. And I don't think anyone is arguing that the chick is Greir.

>> No.14951911

quite funny, but the grrl-power vibe is annoying

>> No.14952167

That isn't a bite mark on his leg. It's from a hand.
4 marks on top, one on the bottom.

>> No.14952234

The eyes, the eyebrows, the cheeks, the mouth, the chin and the general shape of the face are all different. The nose is actually the least solid difference, as it could have been broken.

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