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I see a lot of eye-rolling whenever someone mentions rape as a plot device but how many of you have actually used it or had DMs that used it?

If handled correctly, as in not "sexually stylized" or just for the sake of grimdark, can it actually make for good character development?

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No. It can't.

Seriously, it can't.

If you're going to say "But if-" the answer's still no. I'm not kidding.

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We have had this stupid thread so many times it's not even a good troll anymore.

some GMs do, some don't, it varies on player preference, often devolves into stupid hurrdurr moments, and generally is only a good idea with mature groups.

Anything beyind this post is troll.

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Rape is just another form of assault or torture, depending on the circumstance. It can give you a rather interesting mother-child relationship, but rape is rarely anything special.

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> and generally is only a good idea with mature groups

if you by "mature" you mean unanimous in social retardation then yeah.

fucking aspie.

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Rape is so last year.

Now genital mutilation as a form of torture on the other hand...

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It's a discussion that cannot be had on /tg/.

One side is too creepy, the other is too asspained.

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>fantasizes for hours and days about battles and all kinds of death and/or pain
>fuck rape that shit is immoral

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In grim fantasies of /tg/ necbeards there is only rape/

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I'm just quoting what gets said on every single topic like this has ever generated.


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Only subhuman social rejects would consider using rape when gaming with friends.

>discussions of this nature always take place in relation to larp/tabletop games where role playing is favored over roll playing

why am I not surprised. Whenever I've headed over to my FLGS the D&D players are the most unhygienic filth puddles.

As for Larpers....words cannot describe my revulsion

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If rape is 'role-playing', you can keep it.

Seriously, that's just goddamned creepy.

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Its not so much immoral as creepy. Technically, consuming feces by the handful is less immoral than murder, but you don't see any games involving that.

Well, no SANE games.

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Also a good way to make any female in your group run for the hills.

3D porn is so awesomely bad, lol.

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>Judge, you don't understand. It was just pretend! How was I supposed to know she wasn't a player?

Seems like a good premise for a Law and Order episode.

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Fuck you, I get a +5 AC bonus from rubbing shit all over my body.

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There's been a couple of instances of rape in the traveller game I playin, but they've all been "off screen", and usually in descriptions of "This is what the guys you're here to fight have done to the population"

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You are just not intelligent and mature enough to play highly accurate and realistic mature RPGs for smart people.

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Short answer, no. It almost never works.

Long answer, it almost never works because the number of groups that can handle it in a reasonable way without being creeped out (or turning it into fap-fuel, but that's not always a bad thing I guess, if the whole group's into that) and having it add any depth or realism to the story is absolutely tiny. Lots of things have an emotional or social impact out of proportion to their basic elements, rape is one of these things in most cases. It'd be like trying to add spiders to a game where a lot of the players are arachnaphobic, or trying to add furries to anything ever.

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I don't see why it can't. A character of mine has been, quite violently, almost twice (almost because the second time may or may not have been an exaggerated figment of her imagination) with the added bonus of being able to do fuck all about it because of magics beyond her as well, and she's... well, she's not doing just fine, but it's made her more aware of things. Like that not everyone just a misunderstood good guy, and evil is... EVIL.

Then again, the amount of time she has to sit around and pontificate the little trauma of being raped is really hampered by her efforts to combat the several dozens of people going missing a month in the town she resides in on account of some evil douchebag some "neutral" douchebag convinced her not to kill the last turn of the wheel. She's a goddamned hero, she aint got time to bleed.

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>Run a CoC game
>Talk about how some cultists are torturing and killing villagers
>PCs are too scared to handle it
>They leave the village to the demise of the cult
>The story later revisits the village and they heard about how some of the bastard children spawned from the rape are now street urchins, one is a monster murderer thing

Wait, so torture and murder is okay, but the moment rape comes up shit has crossed the line?

Note the PCs and I didn't even need to go through rape scenes or whatever, but it's a plot device that they found more abhorring and their characters would have stepped in then.

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Ooh, and someone has taken a photo of the culprit with their camera phone, and they give it to that guy, and say 'Enchance!' and IT'S SUDDENLY HI RES!

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Using rape as a plot device is worse than the "parents are dead" or "captured maiden" or "I was evil all along" or "Find the secret treasure" or "Beat the evil tyrant" and I could go on forever.
Not only are you using a terrible plot device, you are also fueling your need to fap, which is an instant that guy to me.

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or 'Enhance!' depending on how spellchecky they feel.

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At this trajectory, we can see the velocity of the thrust at the time of rape.

Gentlemen, we have a suspect.

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I would assume it's because good people kill bad people. Good people, however, don't rape bad people.

Simple as that.

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Saged, reported, hidden.
I hope you all drown in shit.

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"He's just outside the edge of the photo."
"Decrop! There's your suspect"

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Actually now that I think about it they already have done that episode.

Dude sneaks in through and window and climbs ontop of this woman and tries to rape her, but then she slams a ceramic lamp upside his head and calls the cops.

He gets pissy and wants her arrested when they show up.

Apparently he went to a fetish site and her profile listed that she was into rape fantasies and "she" e-mailed him with her location, a time she'd be alone, and the layout of the house so he could find his way in.

Except she never e-mailed him at all and basically set it up for her to get a surprised dickings.

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>i was evil all along
wanna see that done right? play Soul Nomad.

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The villagers were just ignorant townsfolk who were superstitious and easy to manipulate. They were far, far from bad people and the players knew the score. Honest folk, honest labor, etc.

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>Good people, however, don't rape bad people.
Rape is just another one of mans evil. If a "good" person can kill someone while still being good can he not also rape someone?

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i dont understand

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I believe the guy is talking from moral relativity, but he's also being boring.

Let's talk more about Law and Order and them blowing shit out of proportion.

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Personally I'd say no. Mostly because of the purpose involved. You would kill a bad person for a reason, to stop them doing bad things in the future. The only reason for raping someone is for your own pleasure, or to cause them pain. Basically, nothing 'good' can come from rape.

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Why is killing justified but rape not? You say good people kill bad people. Is killing not as bad as rape to you?

That's what makes me really wonder about these threads is how fucked up you must be if you think murdering someone is less of a evil then rape.

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Maybe. Maybe if you first use castration as a plot device first. Then MAYBE.

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>rape as a plot device

Nope. You can have rape as flavor text or some sort of background thing, but as soon as you take rape into the playscape, you're just asking for trouble.

There are obvious exceptions, such as the stereotypical "The nobleman took your wife for the night! Avenge her honor!" or some shit, but if you ever find yourself saying "Your character gets raped" you're not only violating a sensitive area, you're completely invalidating the character's sense of control. Which is, essentially, the entire point of the game.

No, it does no make good character development. It kills characters.

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But it actually turns out to be the guy that took the photo, because it's never the person they first think it is! And he's a transvestite!

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A transvestite with a terrible past.

They play MMOs.

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I honestly don't care about this Discussion, but I desperately need source on this Picture

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And they have to log on to the MMO and chase him through the game world in a terrible cutscene, because his IP is scrambled!

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Agreed. This is a train wreck of a discussion.

So lets make this thread productive and get some picture source.

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Rape is not more or less morall wrong than torture. If you and your group are fine with bringing one up in your game then there probably isn't much of a problem involved with bringing up the other.

What -is- creepy however is if people get into too graphical descriptions of the whole thing (be it torture or rape) in a manner that hints that they aren't completely against it or even enjoying it, even more so if it is a player character committing the whole thing without any noticeavle IC justification.

(also what adds to the equation is that Americans and certain European countries have less of a problem with violence than they have with sex. This is a fact, so please don't derail the discussion because of it, but it is a fact that certainly adds to the attitude of some people here when it comes to rape in games and makes them see torture as 'less severe')

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I just want to go on record and say that I only opened this thread to Ctrl+F for "Source" to see if someone was enough of a cock to ask for it. Thanks for not disappointing me.

Ambivalent sage.

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They velocitize the IP and reroute it to ten meg pipes and a quad core.

Now all they have to do is wait and the rapist will walk right into their trap!

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And now it's time for the DA to royally fuck up all the work the detectives have done since they forgot to get a warrant for his IP and CPU helix.

Also he/she will plead insanity due to the fact that he/she believed she was logged into the game world when the crime was committed.

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Ahh, but I'm not the first person to ask for it, there was a request for the condiment "Sauce" several dozen replies above mine.

As for my taste in drawn sexual fetishes, why should they be a Concern to you? Am I hurting anyone with my preferences?

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And then the victim will throw the whole court room for a loop.

She was the rapist all along. She raped the transvestite mmo hacker.

And the episode closes with the 'victim' going to jail and the 'rapist' visiting her.

Another case closed.

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Your preference for terrible 3D porn amuses me.

>> No.14943226


If you think this is terrible 3D porn...

>> No.14943232


You my friend, have obviously not ventured very far into the world of 3D porn if you classify this as Terrible.

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Damn, we should write this down! We're mad SVU writers! Now we just need an episode involving 3D porn and we're set!

>> No.14943235

time to post the "Aliens" rip-off?

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I've had a character almost raped. Low level wfrp wizard, jumped by thugs. Ended up with the rest of the party running in at the last moment and helping fight them off. While the threat of death would have been a suitable alternative, as a player I'm too used to the threat of death. The rape added extra threat. That said, if it had actually gone further than it did, i think i'd have requested a fade to black. No need to get into the details.

>> No.14943239


It is terrible 3D porn. The fact that there is worse out there lends little support to this being quality work.

>> No.14943241

I honestly wouldn't classify having looked at a lot of 3D porn as something to be proud of.

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He enjoys real fetishes for real men like himself

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But, bro, we already have written it down.

>On next SVU

"Elliot, watch out! The 3D porn is designed to look like the real thing!"
"They're coming out of the computer!"
"Hit the off button!"

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Give me some group anal bukkake any day!

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Like that one X-Files episode where they're in this virtual reality game BUT IT BECOMES REAL

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Oh god that episode was pure hilarity. I especially liked the part where they brought in a Japanese "pro-gamer" named Daryl Musashi (!) to test the game and just watched without even lifting a finger as he was MURDERED by a computer projection.

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Days like this I wish I was billionaire. Then I could hire all of you guys and we would make the worst shows ever.

>> No.14943294

Why the hell do crime shows feel a need to explore subcultures/fetishes in a 'theme-of-the-week' manner and then do it without proper research and half-assedly? And SVU is so obviously pandering, they must've seen that ratings shot up on the regular L&O episodes or on CSI when it was a rape episode because people seem fascinated by rape for some reason.

...I just realized I fucking hate crime shows, thanks /tg/.

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I'd have to disagree. Torture, unless purely for the sake of itself/harming someone, is simply a means to an end. Rape, on the other hand, has too many implications IMO. Can it be used without making the character inherently evil/wrong/horrifying? Maybe. But I for one wouldn't allow it without copious amounts of fade to black. Torture can be graphic, but only as long as 1) people are okay with it and 2) it's not for the sake of some weird wish-fulfillment fantasy or somesuch.

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>it's not for the sake of some weird wish-fulfillment fantasy or somesuch.

I think there will be SLIGHT problems with this article here...

>> No.14943309


Because real crime is boring. I can't tell you the number of reports I've written up. It's about as exciting as watching paint dry. You need something racy to make it to prime-time TV.

Like, the CSI guys? They have no fucking right to leave the lab and get involved in all the shenigans. There's a thing call 'procedure'. I don't think anyone even sees them, usually.

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Nobody mentioned the Avenger and the Blackguard yet?

>> No.14943325

Really? I never had a problem with that. I played a game where my character went mental ad killed/tortured in some creative and nasty ways, and never got any boners.

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Still no sauce on OP's pic? Tin-eye came up with nothing.

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I have no idea why but I lost my shit laughing at that

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Well probably I should state that the type of 'torture' I was talking about meant heavy physical torture, meaning actual mutilation of the victim, not just hitting someone into the face a few times as part of an interrogation.

And whether you slowly and severly (and likely permanently) damage someones body with the aim to inflict maximum pain or you rape someone is morally wrong, no matter the ends it is done to and also in both cases will severely scar the victim for all times to come.

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I must admit, I did once use rape in a campaign.

..Admittedly, it was a retarded oneshot.

Admittedly, it was to traumatize That Guy.

The point still stands that for half the session, they were being chased by an ogre prison guard called 'Bubba' who kept yelling 'COME BACK PRINCESS' at the male half-orc.

Good times, good times.

The orc then ended up killing himself by trying to sparta kick the already falling ogre off a tower.

Ogre grabbed his foot, both fell to their death.

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>mfw this thread again

fuck you humans and your fucking rape fetish

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and that's definetely the end of this thread.

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Well, there was some of that. It was in a hunter game, and my kindly, soft-spoken doctor character, after several friends/loved ones/comrades-in-arm get killed, he finally snapped. Went into Terminator/Punisher mode, and destroyed half of the city's supernatural population and drove out the rest. Torture was only for easy info gathering, though, if he could, he simply shot them dead.

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>I would assume it's because good people kill bad people. Good people, however, don't rape bad people.

Rance disagrees

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...Wat the shit?
JUST HOW MUCH STUBBLE DOES THAT GUY HAVE? He could stop shaving and make a new face out of beard!
Pic somewhat related.

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File: 14 KB, 185x185, Unrapable by Rance - Ranmaru.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's because Rance is a retard.

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Bastard knows his 3d porn


>> No.14943466

I know that one. Pretty hot for 3d, and she ends up pregnant at the end.

So uh, as far as elves go, happy end.

>> No.14943475

yeah but that's clearly the point where he turned from 'good' to at least 'grey' if not 'somewhat evil'. Sometimes this happens to people. All I am arguing is that the varying degrees of sexual assault aren't really 'more evil' than the varying degrees of torture. They are both morally wrong, especially if you get to the extreme cases, meaning rape and torture involving permanent mutilation of the body, and thus they are both acceptable in games if a) the group is fine with 'crimes' of that extent and b) isn't described to graphically (because I don't want to hear how you slowly peel of someones fingernails while he screams in horror and then you feed him his own testicles, just as I don't want to hear how you drive your penis into that woman while she wails in disgust and protest) and finally, related to the last point, c) it isn't an excuse to live out a fetish inside the game (which always ruins a game, regardless of what that fetish may be).

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Saging because this thread has enough viewers.

Need thoughts on this:
I took over a game from a DM who was using company-produced dungeons and settings and all that.

The party had to rescue the villagers who had been kidnapped by Bandits. One hostage was a young priestess of Purity or Healing or something and the bandits had taken a particular enjoyment in distressing her.

-I took over DMing here-

The setting wasn't mature or anything, it just gave a description of how the hostage situation had effected her and what her state of mind (shell-shocked) and dress (ripped) were. I pretty much used the description as it was and with her actions as an NPC I implied that she was severely emotionally damaged from whatever her ordeals had been and that she had always been confident and strong when they knew her from the village.

So, they rescue this hostage, and several other hostages who have been treated pretty bad. And then take out most of the rogues. The setting had the Bandits as mindless mooks but I made the Head Honcho end up demanding that he is treated as a prisoner of war, then tries to strike a deal that he will take his band out of the area if he is set free otherwise the rest of the bandits will come to rescue him. He also states that the other bandits in the dungeon will get told to stand down and will be hostages for the party to take back to town as a sign of good faith.

Rape could have easily been inferred as happening to the priestess (I intentionally left the situation open).

Would explicitly or strong implying that rape had happened been a good thing or a bad thing in this case?

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It was fine as it is. If the PCs actually cared to ask then you could have told them.

Show don't tell, etc.

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If rape ever occurs it is generally either a circumstance that might be implied due to the nature of human/creatures. We never actually say anyone was raped, the scene just usually says some terrible deeds were done here. Other than that one time one of my characters did in fact get raped. Let me mention that he was a Lawful/Good Knight and a female Neutral/Evil demi-god had done it.

Why did it happen? Well from what I can remember we needed said evil lady's help. There was another force threatening our reality and we needed the help of all the good and evil gods/demi-gods. These weren't your average D&D deities it was off of a home brew setting where we lived in a type of "dream world". Anyways we lost some gambit for her aid. She was still willing to help, however it would cost us. And since I was the most pious and good of our lot she felt instead of killing me it would bring her more joy to tarnish me. Needless to say our DM didn't describe the scene, but the effect of it was still powerful. My character felt a blight on himself that he could never wash away. The only way he could move on was look ahead and remember the denizens of the world were relying on him and the party and his sacrifice will not be in vein.

Despite it being a usual hurrdurr rape it can be done right. However I do agree 99% of groups cannot handle it.

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Also not OP I forgot to delete that.

>> No.14943569

It actually *can* be done with a first class GM.
In one game I was in the GM actually managed to turn it into character developement. Although the rape was implied as part of the torture etc.
But in general it can't be pulled off.
Best you'll get away with is offhand comment about a bad guy...

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The "discussions" on this matter are generally futile bickering. There is no right answer, though stories of rape "working" in a game are decidedly rare.

On an "unrelated" note. I found that "quotation marks" are fun when "sleep deprived" and "mildly intoxicated".

That "is" all.

That last one "was" even more fun.

>Captcha: igherfu growth
Oh shit, its growing, whatever it is.

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It's not rape if it's an elf.

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Sex anything can cause problems really quick.

Guide to rape as a plot device:
(1) Never to the players. Attempted rape, maybe, but it'll depend on your player.
(2) Ideally it will be out of sight and in earshot. Because describing the visuals will probably either creep or fap-decend.
(3) Never without good reason. Period. It's supposed to be creepy and evil and BAD. If you use it often or without appropriate prep, you will ruin it.
(4) Always leave at least a few sessions between when you decide to use it and when you use it.

Following these rules, I've used rape maybe twice, both effectively. First time was a cleric in the alley as a way to get the PCs involved and aware things happened on a time scale (it progressed because they dawdled, pretty much, and they got there after) and once as a setup to a BBEG my play group called "really fuckin disturbing". (the BBEG was not the rapist)

Generally, though, rape doesn't work well.

>> No.14944811

As a player I secretly raped a cultist's virgin sacrifice in order to cause his ritual to completely backfire. Worked well as a plot device but going beyond that (especially if it is a pc being raped) generally goes no where good. If they really want rape have it be part of a dark back story so no one has to get into the details of it, more of just a haunting event for that character that is reason for a certain mannerism.

>> No.14944822

That's one hell of a pic, OP. Is that YOUR character?

>> No.14944826

Eh, closest I got to rape was that in one of my character's backstory she raped her bestfriend

>> No.14944895

Well, let's not forget that a great many nerds have been bullied throughout their lives and have a hardcore Vengeance fetish. They like to fantasize about murdering and torturing "bad" people. Why do you think the Punisher is so popular?

Rape is kind of a "justify anything, no matter how repugnant" card for Vengeance fetishists. Once you make a target a rapist, you designate him as an absolutely inhuman monster and justify any form or retribution, no matter how violent or humiliating.

So this is something else that will likely come up of you involve rape.

>> No.14944918

Come to the Slave Emporium! We've currently got rare drows in our stocks... in our stocks!

>> No.14944972

Oh, u.

>Captcha: polymorph oureor

Oh, so the wizard Oureor polymorphed himself into a drow on purpose? How /d/evious.

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