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It is saturday night /tg/

You know what it means?

/tg/ related women thread!

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Pretty sure /tg/ related women are heavier than that.

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>/tg/ related women thread.

Now that's something I can get behind, if you know what I mean.

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Wow bomb-diggity. I wonder what she looks like without make-up.

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Needs moar of this OP

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I do too....

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>/tg/ related women

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No land whales allowed.

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Am I /tg/ related, uguu~

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why is she so fat?

how can someone allow themselves to be so fucking fat?

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Welcome to traditional gaming! It comes with being a nerd.

If you have any other questions, such as "Why do you guys' dice look so funny?" we here at the /tg/ helpline will be more than happy to answer them!

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Fuck you. Like you get anything "better"...

Big chubby lover and this madam is beautiful!
Like a renaissence muse, or a greek nymph.

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>Welcome to traditional gaming! It comes with being a nerd.

Being a nerd doesn't excuse being a bloated bag of lard like she is.

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>good thing /tg/ never samefags

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Sir. Would you kindly remove yourself from the premises? Thank you.

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Fat fetishes go in /d/

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Wow! You really are new...

Here at the /tg/ helpline do not consider her a "bloated bag of lard" as you so crudely put it. In fact, she's quite petite compared to some of the other ladies that frequent our wonderful hobby.

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>she's quite petite compared to some of the other ladies that frequent our wonderful hobby.

This is what fatties and chubby chasers really believe

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No. We're comfortable here.

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Wizards, clerics, mages, artificers, wardens, giants, and cthulhu isn't tg related?

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Does not realize he is being trolled.


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Nope. But some emo musclehead with a sword that puts Cloud to shame is!

Aren't skewed standards wonderful?

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I'll roll you for the last handful of chips *snort*

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>sharp knees

go back to fark

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Well. . I'd test if her faith really shields her, if you know what I mean.

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/tg/ "REAL woman" thread? Do you know what that means? Do you know what a real woman is?

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You'll get over it.

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This chick is hot.


Is hideously fat

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What is the meaning of this?!
Who dares demand bitches without the consent of Thulsa Doom?!
On that note, Thulsa Doom is now demanding bitches.

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OP's post says related
take those cocks out of your eyesockets

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You've never set foot inside a Wal-Mart, have you?

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Don't tell me you'd prefer a +2 Lardwhale over this svelte beauty right here.

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I did a short writtefaggotery about a Loyal joygirl that was helping raise the moral of a platoon by making a small sect of imperial whores.
It's still a wip tho.
here, have more!

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I have. that is why I know she is a land whale

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I miss Thulsa Doom demands bitches threads.

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Does Thulsa Doom mayhem possess an enchantment or some witchery by which mine sanity may be restored after yonder sight?

A mountain walked... or stumbled...

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More bitches for you, Master Thulsa

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You guys seriously think she is fat?

she has a pretty hot body, IMO

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Can you touch that painting? Can you make love to it? Caress it as it sleeps and prepare it breakfast in bed? Can you raise a family with it?! Can you educate your children besides her caring and loving eyes?!

We are talking about love, feelings of the heart. Women that makes a man moan without pain.

Not a guy's dirty drawings.

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That's a nice smile.

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I saw this guy with around seven lip piercings, sunglasses, hipster haircut, and a one of those dreadknight baby carriers. Wal-mart is a silly place.

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People is retarded. They can't see a healthy childbearing muse even if it came and bit their virgin cocks off.

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To a certain extent, we can't do any of those things with any of the ladies in the thread anyway, real or fake. I mean it's physically possible to do so, but to actually track down someone like >>14931407 and sex her up is like winning the lottery on the date of your presidential inauguration after hearing Clone High is getting a new season.

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ITT: /tg/ proves how much knowledge it lacks of real women, and prefers twig-bodies to beautiful curves.

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You should see the face before making claims like that.

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>implying this is beautiful curves

Have some standards

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I demand face!

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She has nice curves, but horribly wide shoulders, and a huge neck that looks like you may be right about her face.
It's sad, really. She has nice legs and abdomen wasted by the upper quarter of her.

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Hey, you're the one with that pic saved, not me.

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Women of questionable virtue for Thulsa Doom!

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Funny thing is that
is definitely fatter than Elwood.

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Honestly, every time I find /tg/ whining and bitching about something it makes me like it more. For instance, /tg/ caused me to like the new Grey Knights, and now its making me like Elwood (which is spanish for The Erection)

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Please, kids. Go back to your fullphotoshop playboy magazine. Let the real adults handle the ladies.
And i've seen the face. I like big cheeks too. More to kiss and squeeze.

True. Doesn't dismerit the fact that with a drawing the chance IS zero.
Don't dream of simple sexual pleasure, friend. That's a whore's job and money esily buy that.
Dream of a love life, something really beautiful. THAT is good standards.

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Ack! Watch out for the Sol Ring!

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No, spanish for Erection is NOT Elwood. Elwood WOULD be spanish for The Wood...
If you are aiming for spanish, you should aim for Elpica

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>wasting Sol Ring on a Godsire

Shit bitch what are you doing?


I could see that happening. /tg/ has pretty much ruined me forever on Fantasy Craft and GURPS do to some of the players that support it. I wouldn't turn down an offer to play either system, but watching fans of both bust into perfectly good threads to stir up shit is annoying.

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This is embarassing for everyone, and is shitting up /tg/.

Please don't shit up /tg/.

FACT: most fa/tg/uys prefer /tg/ to not be shit.

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This would be less true if you mongoloids took a page from your RPGs and tried actually improving yourselves or somethin'. You know, work out, get yourself cleaned up, maybe take some speech classes so you don't sound like you got autism, right?

IRL sexy people are high-level, and you gotta be high-level to deal with em (unless you don't care and you just wanna dick around with folks your own level, that's balanced). Anime girls are "rocks fall, everyone dies", you don't even have a chance because the DM's just fuckin' with you.

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dem lusty halflings man

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>Don't dream of simple sexual pleasure, friend. That's a whore's job and money esily buy that.

While I prefer sex with someone I love, I have to fantasize about really sick stuff... even though my favorite is missionary for the purpose of procreation.

So yeah, don't try to sanitize people's fantasies, that's absurd.

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This is the only picture of a real woman I have on my PC.


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so /tg/ likes furfags if they are fat girls?

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So you basically proved how little you know of women.

Fat sucks.

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You know, I'm not a pile of smokin' abs or anything, but I do pretty well.

Your fuckers' problem is that you don't give a fuck about said women beyond as holes and they can tell this very easily.

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Neah, /tg/ just like bitching just to bitch. We know our own buttons to push and how to push them. I'd can't really say anything truly demeaning about it though because sometimes I like /tg/ debate club, even if it is over retarded things.

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pretty much

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Well Gelwood's stuff is the only furry I like. Probably because she doesn't give them freaky muzzles so I don't have to envision myself frenching a dawg.

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>this thread

>> No.14931936

Or you find different girls.

>> No.14931939


This is why I love /tg/.

>> No.14931943

Said the man that doesn't know me.
I'm pretty hardcore. I visit /d/ on a daily basis. Like all sort of stuff from bdsm to pissing and rape.
From my experience I can tell you, those fetishes are easy when you got to do them with someone you like, they will mostly be willing.

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I'm pretty sure it's the opposite problem, actually.

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Elwood is fatter. But she got tits just as big.

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>Lands in front of creatures

>> No.14931971

I can never forget Sol Ring. I got one in my first Magic starter deck back in 3rd edition.

>> No.14931976

>I'm pretty hardcore. I visit /d/

Stand back kids this guy is serious, he masturbates to cartoons on a daily basis and thinks that makes him a sex expert.

>> No.14931983


I just now noticed that. I knew something was wrong, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.


Master setup.

>> No.14931984

I've seen a set of the woman in the picture I've quoted... she's definitely fatter.

>> No.14931996


You're making me miss my old Sol Ring. Traded it away for one of these.

>> No.14931998

In real life, it doesn't fucking matter.

>> No.14932008

I will never understand card games

>> No.14932009


Besides, /d/ is for dickgirls, which isn't very entertaining honestly.

>> No.14932012

You forgot to imply the period between the two phrases, moron.
And no, I don't fap to /d/. Too inconsistent, too few in numbers for me.

Instead of making fun, why don't you tell us at /tg/ what you like? Normal stuff doesn't count.

Also, contributin image

>> No.14932015

I traded it an all my magic cards for store credit towards role playing game books at a comic shop. Only thing I regret is not keeping my granite gargoyle, as he was one of my favorite cards of all time.

>> No.14932018


What's hard to understand about them?

>> No.14932021

>not entertaining
I dunno, they make me laugh

>> No.14932036


The sad thing is I'd take Elwood's tits over this chick's tits.

If you cannot realize why, you are a fag

>> No.14932037

Not for you, but I dated traps before.
I don't mind a dick if it comes with the rest of the "pretty girl pakage". It's even spicy.

>> No.14932039

Not the guy you're responding to, but I don't understand why people buy magic cards if they aren't going to play tournaments. You can just make proxies for a hell of a lot less.

>> No.14932043

Why are you guys talking about Elwood? That wasn't even her. Elwood was a dude pretending to be a chick and getting some camwhore to pose and take vid/pics for him.

>> No.14932046

That's only because you're a furry.

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>> No.14932049


I've been trying to downsize my collection since I only really play EDH anymore. Getting rid of those commons and dollar rares is gonna be a pain in the ass. I did have some luck on craigslist selling bulk commons for a while, though what I'd really like to do is to trade in a bunch of cards for a Warhammer/Infinity/Warmahordes/Malifaux army.

>> No.14932052

>You forgot to imply the period between the two phrases, moron

Do you even know what that word means?

>> No.14932056

A dick could be tolerable.
Nut sacks are fucking gay.

>> No.14932059


Welcome to summer 2010 brah.

Elwood was proved to be this chick. >>14931506

She got doxed and all

>> No.14932061

Somebody is mad. They couldn't even defend themselves.

>> No.14932068

Do you know what "attending to the point of the discussion" means? Do it.

>> No.14932071


Elwood is a mexican chick called Martha.

>> No.14932076


at least the camwhore was hotter

>> No.14932077

Nothing about the rules or the game itself, some of them are rather fun but I can never understand people paying a considerable amount of money for something which is just some text and a picture on small piece of paper.

>> No.14932084


I only really like to use proxies for stuff I'm going to get or if I am testing for a tournament. Proxies never quite feel "yours" and many groups don't allow them. Personally I don't care that much unless they are only proxying ridiculously expensive cards they never plan to buy.

>> No.14932086

Meh. I ain't that big on the "you gay baahaaw" thing. I have plenty of gay friends.
Our tastes aren't alike, I can tell. If I'm okay with my sexuality a bit of nuts doesn't phase me not even a little.

>> No.14932097


>at least the camwhore was hotter

It depends on what you consider "hotter"

>> No.14932099

Only because she was airbrushed and you couldn't see her face.

>> No.14932106

So you're saying you're gay and you're okay with it?

>> No.14932107

heh. You also don't understand 40k, right?

>> No.14932118

40k is a money pit and 3/4 of the players are kids and/or assholes

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>> No.14932123

It's a collecting thing, I suppose, and people collect all sorts of weird shit so cards don't really surprise me. I'm attached to some of mine, but yeah I could never see myself spending 50+ on just one. What really boggles my mind are the people who play mtg online and pay for digital cards. What the fuck man.

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is just me or Elwood's tits are noticeably bigger?

>> No.14932126

Apparently I do know you well enough, as you seem to be mad that not everyone wants to keep their fantasies to what is bound by the boring real world.

>> No.14932127


It's mainly a supply and demand thing in action. If you know how/when/where to get your cards it's not terribly expensive. The only cards that are genuinely worth their value are older cards popular in tournaments, due to being the perfect storm of hard to find, old, collectors item, and in demand.

>> No.14932133

Defend myself? I am not the one under question here, since you claim I am trying to defend myself, why don't you say what I am trying to hide? Also why the fuck do you browse /d/ every day if you don't get off to it?

>> No.14932135

No, I'm saying you are a moron and a homophobe. That could lead you to sociopathy, you should get treatment.

HEY! Cmom, ImperialGirl is fucking awesome. No badmouthing her.

>> No.14932147

What's funny is that /tg/ is still mad as hell about someone lying to them on the internet after all this time. I swear, the way you fags talk about her Elwood came and sacrificed your favorite pet to the dark gods while you were chained up and had to watch.

>> No.14932157

Apparently you're getting butthurt for no reason because I am not attacking you. And by your response, you pretty much destroyed your credit. Chances are you'd never date a trap and are just talking shit.

>> No.14932160

>No, I'm saying you are a moron and a homophobe. That could lead you to sociopathy, you should get treatment.
Actually, I think he just said you're homosexual. You're the one who took that as an insult. If I'm getting this right, you admitted to being okay with traps. What, then, do you object about the idea of being a homosexual, other than the inaccuracy of exclusivism?

>> No.14932168

There is any pic of Elwood's bare tits?

>> No.14932171

You misunderstood me. I ain't forcing you on the boring everyday life stuff.
I'm TELLING you that the thing you will cherish most are the everyday life stuff and that it can be boring or not, depending entirely on you.
"Make your life not boring by chasing the right things first" could basicaly resume what I tried to say.
My apologies.
And I ain't mad, just being my old meddler me.

That wasn't me, just so you know. My answer was >>14932068. And since you did, here:
Because I'm an artist and i like to draw really perverted stuff. I don't get off to it cause I see it all the times.
It's just my hobby.

>> No.14932175


Actually MTGO is a better idea than people give it credit for. Decently large casual room, nearly 24 drafts, online cards are much cheaper than paper ones due to near constant drafting, and if you're good enough you'll never have to pay for new cards again.

>> No.14932181

Maybe I am a newfag, but who is this Elwood person and why it makes some people rage?

>> No.14932195

godDAMN people, can't we all just get along and enjoy the tits? the hell is wrong with you guys?

Thulsa Doom would be ashamed.

>> No.14932196

>> No.14932199


Elwood is a mexican chick with a so so face and a hot body . She also draws furries and elfs and /tg/ has a love-hate relationship with her.

>> No.14932203

Oh. I'm sorry. Really.
I tend to get that the wrong way. Parents and family and friends never shut up about it, it tires.
Shouldn't be a jerk, tho. Sorry.

To answer the question truthfully now: No, I'm mostly straight. I don't mind guy's bits, but I loath men in general, sexually speaking.

>> No.14932209

You people are what made Old /tg/ bad. I sincerely hope you are all banned by the mod.

>> No.14932210


>massive tits
>animu uguu style

all of my hate

>> No.14932212

I ashamed

>> No.14932216


>> No.14932219


What's wrong with her boobs?...

>> No.14932222

She got some SERIOUS skill, I give her that.

>> No.14932223

Dammit, can we not at least try to keep our wenches /tg/ related?

>> No.14932226

Feel good about yourself now that you expressed your opinion on the internet?

Also, the fact that you differentiate between "old" and "new" /tg/ either makes you a newfag or a bootlicking promod faggot.

>> No.14932231

Why can't I ever come to /tg/ without seeing someone I know or someone RPing as an image I commissioned years and years ago?

>> No.14932237

cant really just felt like sharing

>> No.14932240

Ca/tg/ril shall post pics!

>> No.14932246


>implying drawing weaboo shit is a "skill"

She can't even draw breasts of different sizes. is always big.

>> No.14932248

yes please

>> No.14932253

That's the important part. Contribute more.

Massive sillicone, I guess... Have another image.

>> No.14932255


My heart is broken

plastic tits suck

>> No.14932258

do lolis count?


>> No.14932262

id still hit it regardless

>> No.14932264

Seriously guys, this kind of stupid infighting and pointless argument is what makes promod fagtards shit all over Bitches For Thulsa Doom. If we could just present a goddamn unified front and mutually post and enjoy /tg/-related women like the OP said, we could remind people of /tg/'s fundamental maturity and collectively organized personality.

>> No.14932271

She's copying herself, man. We tend to do that.
And you have NO IDEA how hard that lighting and shading she did is. If you don't want to give her credit, fine, but shut the fuck up if you are going to say bullshit like that knowing NOTHING of what you are talking about.

>> No.14932282


>She's copying herself, man. We tend to do that.

so she's an animu murry wolf?

>> No.14932286

Ask and ye shall receive, Imperial Citizen.

>> No.14932291

heaven forbid anyone on the internet found a woman attractive that you find unattractive.

clearly, the best thing to do in this circumstance would be to turn a thread full of people enjoying pictures into a thread full of nerds calling each other stupid.

>> No.14932301

No, she has big tits. Imbecile.

I did this image. Am I chubby and medium breasted with green hair?
No. I ain't even a lady.
Get over yourself man. Don't go full retard.

>> No.14932308

Pic is related

>> No.14932315

Are you following me?

>> No.14932320

Dude, I've seen people draw weeaboo shit and do it well. This chick can at best handle one expression and one body type. For a style that's supposed to be active, expressive and characterful, that's a huge fucking waste.

>> No.14932329


>No, she has big tits. Imbecile.

Citation needed

>> No.14932340

Drawing is of an ever-learning unending exercise.
She HAS serious skills, even beyond what petty hate filled eyes can see.
But she is learning like all of us. I expect it to get better in the future if she gets feedbacks like yours.
IN A POLITE MANNER, of course.

>> No.14932353

>She can't even draw breasts of different sizes. is always big.

PS: contributin

>> No.14932354


My idea of being polite would be telling her to draw all of the characters in my game while she rides my cock.

>> No.14932362

Why do you ask?

Art thou guilty of heresy? Because ye can be burned.

>> No.14932365


Once more, citation needed. I see a lot of posts but no proof of the supposedly huge tits.

>> No.14932367

>> No.14932376


That dudes looks like a douche.

So that chick must be a ca/tg/irl.

>> No.14932379

Your idea of being polite is incorrect.

Note: Again comes contribution.

>> No.14932396


ca/tg/irls love the cock

way more than normal girls.

>> No.14932411

>Is actually an Eldar shennaniganer
>Is guilty of heresy
>Is runing
Thou shall never catch me female Mon'Kheigh

>> No.14932428


My Eldar Farseer costume is on the list of WIP. I shall get you one day...

>TFTG uxisch
Indeed, Captcha

>> No.14932432

Can't disagree with you there, but you are just being rude.
I was talking the "drawing my characters" bullshit, tho.
If you did that, you are an asshole without reddeming qualities.

>> No.14932445

Yeah, you told me. I'm following your work on Obsucurus Crusade too. :3
I bounce a lot between Imperium and common Xenos (Ork, Dark Eldar and Eldar)

>> No.14932449

anon delivers

>> No.14932455

Why wasn't this posted yet?

>> No.14932457


I stand corrected.

these are indeed huge

>> No.14932466


Because her pussy looks like she gets fucked three times a day, 360 days a year.

Not how a paladin pussy should look like,

>> No.14932474

Or this?

>> No.14932477


she looks uncomfortable and pissed as fuck

>> No.14932482


I'm sorry, but what?

>> No.14932485

I don't know what is weirder about this picture, the mask, or the emphasis placed upon the collars when there are big tits involved.

>> No.14932492


I guess she didn't wanted people to stare at her tits instead that looking at her collars

>> No.14932496

>have a small fixation for skulls
>have my own skull bandit masks
>occasionally depict myself with the masks or as a skeleton
>see this

God fucking damn it.

>> No.14932498

wouldn't you be pissed if you were forced to go into combat half (or more) naked

>> No.14932500

Since when did a large labia indicate constant fucking?

>> No.14932507

Who says she's a paladin, maybe she's a blackguard?

>> No.14932510


Do you have big tits too?

>> No.14932518

you would be correct as the pic was meant to show of the collars, it also happened to show off her rack

too lazy to crop image

>> No.14932519

Shhh! He's a virgin.

>> No.14932522

So infact, YOU are following ME.

>> No.14932542

Or just a fighter. Plate isn't paladin exclusive.

>> No.14932551


Blackguards get a lot of cock then?

>> No.14932569

I imagine that they go through mates fairly often

>> No.14932570

Since...always? While some girls are "outies", a large percentage of overlarge labia is due to a large amount of sex. Even in women with otherwise "innies" an increase in the amount of labia can be seen over exposure to penetrative sex.
Which makes sense. Sex is nothing but friction and the vagina, while a capable lubricator is not perfect, especially if the man isn't very good. And you may not know this but excessive friction kills cells and leaves scar tissue. and what is the labia partially made of? Scar tissue. So an increase in vaginal scar tissue almost always leads to an increase in labia size.

>> No.14932575

hell, even a ranger depending on the edition

I used to roll in plate when i was expecting srs shit to go down.

>> No.14932590

I'm ashamed you found me on this thread. It's so full of completely manchildren and the worst side of men that I feel really ashamed.

But hey, I guess following you isn't that bad, is it? If I'm being polite and not, let's say, knocking at your door with a pic of you in macarone and proclaiming our eternal love to Cthullu then it's okay, right?

Also, note you are worth following. your art is incredible.

>> No.14932594


That still doesn't prove anything, aside from [citation needed]. Not really, I don't care one way or the other; exterior labia are just as hot as interior.

>> No.14932631


bullshit. Exterior labia is disgusting

>> No.14932640

But that's like
your opinion, man.

>> No.14932649

> "Please provide further evidence indicating outies are caused by excessive sex"


>> No.14932669

I was here too. Adding some clothed hotness to this thread too.

Fear not. I am flattered!

>And off to sleep. So that my breast will be perky in the morning and fresh for my bikini.

>gesoft responeses
Yes, yes they are captcha

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