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>>Star Destroyer one shots a Spess Mahreen Strike Cruiser

>>Adeptus Arbites with a Power Katana

>>Tau Force Users

how does /tg/ feel about this?

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sounds like Mary Sue shit to me, OP

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And not a single fuck was given.

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Fucking awesome.

In fact, I'd call this better than 40K's latest fluff. This is what 40K SHOULD be like.

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>>Star Destroyer one shots a Spess Mahreen Strike Cruiser

Well, it beats having the Strike Cruiser buckle under gravitational stresses like it would in our universe. But not by much. Now, if we got some Phelan Kell up in there, we could have BT versus Titan combat, and I'd love to see how Mary Sue that shit would get.

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I'd like to read fanfic about Chaos Jedi. That should be worth a few laughs.

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>>Implying Star Wars isn't even more BS than 40K

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>She guessed from what she had seen that the fighter would be able to defeat almost any counterpart that the powers of the region, the Imperium and the Tau, could throw at it.

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>>I gained some criticism that a Space Marine Strike Cruiser could not have possibly been crippled from a surprise attack from the thousands of guns of a Star Dreadnought and a taskforce of Star Destroyers at close range... Warhammer fanboys, they won't be happy until I have an Imperial Battleship survive a blast from the Death Stars Superlaser.

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Well, considering that the Imperium deals with firepower of equal or even greater magnitude as a matter of course as well, it's not hard to see why some 'fanboys' would be annoyed by such a grotesque oversight.

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The best way to put it would be, the 40K world was essentially made as a parody, with ridiculous everything dumped in.

Then fanboys made it serious, so all the funny retardation became "cool" fact, and Star Wars has always tried to be a decent story (whether or not is succeeded) and so crossovers need to contradict 40K fluff in order to work.

I mean, you'd think a Gurenn Lagann/ 40K crossover would be better, because then they could take turns one-upping each other in increasingly ludicrous penis-measuring. But yeah...

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If thats the writer replying, his/her writing standard is atrocious.

More reason to not even bother.

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>star wars mon'keigh don't know that fighting orks makes them stronger
>entire fanfic is a plot by the eldar to destroy the galactic alliance through a waaaagh

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Darth Enoby Potter Skywalker, used her powers of pure energy to blind the attacking Greyknights. As they howled their horror, writhing on the ground, a pack of giant gorillas with finger weapons shot at her.

But Enoby was ready and she deflected them with her light saber Katanas, Naruto and Sasuke. She did a backflip and killed all the Greyknights and giant gorillas in one move.

Landing, she cried black tears as her hair turning gold. It's not easy being a Sith/Jedi hybrid

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>Strike Cruiser buckle under gravitational stresses like it would in our universe
Ahaha what.

No, it would not.

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Was it actually written like that or is he just trying to cover his ass.

Because I could believe a Super and like... 10-20 fucking Star Destroyers "crippling" a Strike Cruiser. But a Star Destroyer (even if it's a Super Star Destroyer) one shoting a Strike Cruiser is utter bs.

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Well, this is incredibly dumb.

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Here's more from the author:

>>Thank you everyone who reviewed on the last chapter with their support and opinion, it means a lot. And to those who still come up with lame or overused excuses well it's a story, there is a plot which I am sticking too, so get over it.

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>>The cloaks around the Guardian and her taskforce fell just as a devastating mass of firepower was unleashed from thousands of Turbolaser and ion cannon batteries. With such an element of surprise, with such overwhelming firepower at such close range the Strike Cruisers had no chance. The first salvo of combined fire crippled the closest Cruiser and forced the other two to initiate a withdrawal, running even as their void shields failed and their heavy armour melted under the onslaught of sheer superior firepower.

The crippled Cruiser floated in space, shields gone and armoured hull opened up in several places. Her engines had been crippled and her main weapon batteries decimated before they could even lock onto the rising swarm of Gunships and fighters from the surface.

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ITT: I'm a dumbass and somehow get a Strike Cruiser and an Imperitor Titan mixed up.

Still, it would probably have some thrusting issues given the amount of force the guns put out would probably send if flying off hilariously in a direction.

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Eh... no, if the fire is being split at 3 ships I can't see the Strike Cruiser being basically destroyed from what I'd assume is 1/3 of the fire power of the fleet. Especially from a single salvo of fire.

Yes a SSD probably could take on and beat a lone Strike Cruiser... but it's not going to one shot it and it's not going to do it without taking a bit of damage.

Also why the hell do the fucking Star Destroyers have cloaks? Is it mentioned in some obscure EU book and was used on like... one Star Destroyer that was probably destroyed in the book?

I'd read this myself but I don't want to give the author another view... also don't want to risk contracting the stupid.

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Fuck! This guy's a flaming retard

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Cloaks aren't used much in the SW universe because they cost from 300k to tens of millions each. Can buy a corvette to a cruiser with that kind of money.

Course, star destroyers cost tens of billions each, so the relative price is negligible but on the other hand the point of a star destroyer is to be seen.

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It's fanfiction.net. It's all about the Mary Sues

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i'm not into much of either fandom, but aren't star destroyers called such because they can destroy stars?
or is that just more scary name = scary thing?

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No. It's probably a "destroyer" (as in, the ship class) but "in space". Or alternately "here's a scary sounding name for our spaceship".

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It's basically equivalent to a naval destroyer, only it flies between stars.

Star Destroyer. Like Starship or Star Frigate.

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It doesn't mean "Destroyer" as in Frigate-Destroyer-Cruiser-Battleship.
And it certainly can't destroy stars.
It CAN Base Delta Zero an entire star system in a given amount of time, alone if only lightly opposed.

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If it doesn't mean any of those things, then what the fuck DOES it mean smartass?

Is it a Star Destroyer because it's so over-engineered and shitty that it destroyed the reputation of the guy who designed it forever and because it runs on miniature stars?

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It means it can kill every living thing in a star system alone given time read it again >>14915807
>It CAN Base Delta Zero an entire star system in a given amount of time, alone if only lightly opposed.

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Sorry, I didn't recognize "Base Delta Zero". My Extended Universe Fanon Jargon Meter must be empty again.

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>>Star Destroyer one shots a Spess Mahreen Strike Cruiser

Unless you're going to argue that a Strike Cruiser is more durable than a fucking planet, I see no issue with this.

The other bits though? Yeah that's some bullshit.

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Listen. You have to get out of the thread. WE have to get out of the thread. The EU levels are rising drastically and bullshit retcon justifications are increasing exponentially.

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thanks for filling me in /tg/.
i may be wrong again, but the impression i get from strike cruisers is they're more of a hit and run type over a prolonged battle type ship. kind of a 'hit hard enough and the enemy can't hit back' setup rather than a 'wade through the middle of it' type.

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You cannot escape. No one can. We will throw around Bullshit until we're dead

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>she deflected them with her light saber Katanas, Naruto and Sasuke
>light saber Katanas
>Naruto and Sasuke

>captcha: IH ficatiti

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Sith support human racism against stupid aliens and orgies with money and bad shit and are nazis

Jedi are for sexual freedom and are happy go lucky heroes with magic powers and are wwii americans

Also there are entire human subspecies/branch species which are "genetically 100% beautiful", and one of these has pink skin.

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While I had a fanfiction phrase during my torturous development, I gladdens my heart that not even in my most feverish, most depraved, most drunk and brain-addled dreams did I ever come up with something this terrible.

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Why? Why would you do that?

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SW rapes WH40k in space. WH40k rapes SW on the ground. (Even considering Jedi/Sith.) Pretty sure one tacticool spess muhreen squad could take on a legion of stormtroopers.

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Which one? the Sasuke and Naruto thing or the 40K SW crossover?

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FIY for all of you SW fans

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And since a mere cyborg like Grievous had sufficient speed to take multiple Jedi out, an Imperial assassin or an Archon could do the same.

Unless it's a super saiyan EU jedi of course.

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I was young and foolish.

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I am tempted to write a Counter Chapter to defeat this psyker witch
I'd like to see how to mary sue stand up to a Melta gun

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No. 40K rapes everything. This argument star warsies have about their planet destroying ships goes out the window when you remember how easy it is canonically to destroy those ships. 40K is just plain designed to be as big as possible.

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I love how that gif is so horribly out of scale. A star destroyer is 1.6km long, a Retribution class is maybe 10km long. Your .gif makes it look 200km long. The Star Destroyer is still the more effective warship, due to not being a converted merchant vessel crewed by slave gangs and retards, and instead a professionally crewed and designed warship. Hell it probably has more firepower too, unless you listen to those retards at SD.net who claim a Imperial battleship has "Petratons" of firepower in a single lance strike.

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>Converted merchant ship

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To be fair both SW and 40k kinda just throw massive numbers out to make up the firepower.

>vaimaili .dnd.
No captcha this is a 4ok/starwars thread, not a dnd thread.

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rolled 45 = 45


I actually read a 40k/Gurren Lagann crossover fic once. They had to severely handicap the TTGL characters to keep them from curbstomping everything.

I mean, when you can summon a giant unstoppable robot that can sling galaxies around like shurikens, simply from SHEER FORCE OF HOT-BLOODED WILL, you can pretty much curbstomp anything else in the Wh40k continuity.

The whole point of Gurren Lagann is that it is IMPOSSIBLE for the character to lose so long as they have the drive to succeed.

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Wouldn't 40k orks be par for the course?

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Quality Storytelling. Fuck tension, just throw in some superpowers.

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Aren't most if not all Imperial vessels designed with "RAMMING SPEED! BRACE FOR BOARDING ACTIONS!" in mind as a legitimate tactic.

Hence the 'fuck you' prow on the end of what looks like a unsettlingly phallic rapetrain?

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I'm a firm believer that if you are going to play in someones universe you have to abide by there rules, and in cross overs it almost impossible. Why did this guy even pick 40k? He clearly knows nothing about the universe.

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And yet fire fights at the Tens of Thousands of Kilometres range is the standard course of action.
Just because they can, doesn't mean they will.

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>ass pained star wars fan

40K is stupid, but so is star wars. And I like 40K more than star wars because lucas is a huge faggot. So no, your universe loses, 40K fans' universe wins.

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a legitimate but not often used tactic.

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Haters gonna hate.

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Nah. You're an idiot.

40k is a gigantic pile of shit from start to finish. And George Lucas has absolutely nothing on Matt Ward when it comes to being a prick

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Fuck this, I'll just read Tiger's Spring in the STALKER section if it's still there. Was surprisingly not shit.

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>And George Lucas has absolutely nothing on Matt Ward when it comes to being a prick

Thanks, anon, I needed that.

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Expanded Universe.

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Matt Ward is a goofy dude, but he isn't in charge of the IP or act like an asshole in interviews or blogs (unlike certain other GW devs).

No one cares about the GW suits, but they are behind every move fans hate, Ward is just a scapegoat hated because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

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The writing's about as good as the canon of either setting, so I'll say I don't give a fuck.

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Sure is butthurt in here

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Tom Kirby's name is nowhere on the GK codex. Matt Ward - the douche-nozzle fanboy in a place that should prohibit entry to his kind - is a name featured quite prominently there. He's not "misunderstood" at all.

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