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sup /tg/
may I please have some awesome space marines?
Im rather low, but I'll dump what I have.

also, if some one could explain to me the 'no arms' joke with Abaddon that'd be rad.

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Oh wait, wrong one.

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1d4chan explains it best.

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A few years back someone posted a work in progress Abaddon (I believe it was a limited Forge World Run). The arms had not been attached to facilitate easy access to the torso and such for painting.

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This would be a easier if not for captcha.

Do you have any specific marine stuff you like OP? There is an awful lot of artwork out there.

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Why's this Space Yiff Long Fang been hitting the Spice a little too hard?

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I don't know what that is. I guess you could say 'newfag lolololol' or something. I just never pay attention to that sorta shit.

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Would dump, but raiding atm.

have this instead

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I really like iron warriors both pre-heresy or not, and basically anything to do with mk2 or mk3 armor.
also, alpha legion seems pretty on ball.

for u

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Creed stole his arms...duh

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Dumping what I have

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It would take me forever to dump everything I have.

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why don't the tau just have titans already?

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OP here
Im running out of pictures but I appreciate all of this. also, I love the old art, please more!

pic related

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Going to pose this question here.

Where the FUCK is Dragonscale armor in Dark Heresy?

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Inquisitor's Handbook

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Have some crossover.

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I've been dumping everything I have that I consider "old"

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Hey OP I have to go after this image, busy day of finals tomorrow and I need sleep. Hope these images helped.

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I lol every time at this image.

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Okay, I must be retarded, because I still can't find that Dragonscale armor. Doesn't help that my pdf is just straight up scans, so I can't use the search function.

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My favorite.

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This counts. The Emperor is always related.
On that note, I would sell my grandmother for that guitar.

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Right after the weapons, next to the amulet of warding under forge world stuff

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Forgot mah pic

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pg 137 in the actual book.

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Listen but closely Brothers, for my life's breath is all but spent. There shall come a time far from now when our Chapter itself is dying, even as I am now dying, and our foes shall gather to destroy us. Then my children, I shall listen for your call in whatever realm of death holds me, and come I shall, no matter what the laws of life and death forbid. At the end I will be there. For the final battle. For the Wolftime.
--Last words of Leman Russ the Primarch of the Space Wolves Chapter of Space Marines

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No, I still love the SW, old fluff, that is.

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I'll start dumpin'

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Can't remember the name of this chapter, but I remember having a bunch of pictures of them before I had to wipe my harddrive a few months back.

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Storm Warden (I think?)

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Raven Guard

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Space Wolves (in their camo days)

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Mantis Warrior

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Space Shark and Mantis Warrior derping during Badab

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lol that flamer looks like a fire extinguisher.

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Deathstrike (aka, the Rainbow Warriors's cousins)

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Flesh Tearer

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What is that Marine doing? Making tea?

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Iron Knights

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Having a drink before purging The Emperor's enemies.

Cuz you know, it does get kinda hot underneath all that armor.

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>Wear huge back banner with 'COVERT' written on it

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Brazen Claws

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Generic Whirlwind

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Aurora Chapter.
From Lexicanum:
>The Chapter was involved in a conflict with the Knights of the Raven, a fellow Space Marine Chapter. The conflict was ended by the intervention of Marneus Calgar, Chapter Master of the Ultramarines.

Guess which of the chapters was the Ultramarines successor. Also guess which of the two chapters not only got soley punished, but as penace was forced to launch a campaign of hit-and-run attacks against Hive Fleet Kraken.

Calgar is a wanker.

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Oh that note; Ultramarines!

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Aspiring to join the Crimson Fists, apparantly.

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This just in: High authorities in the Imperium are blatantly corrupt in painfully obvious ways that weaken the nation as a whole. News at 11. Also, fire hot, water wet, air breathable.

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Rhinos? RHINOS!

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Nah, just training for his next infiltration role. Hydra dominatus!

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I usually hate the smurfs, but I really like this one. Its not often that you see pictures of... Well, anything that isn't grimdark fighting or preparing for grimdark fighting. I suppose its nice to have a change or something.

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Space Sharks now

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I like the dead Mantis Warrior in this one. Gives the picture some zazz.

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Spess Sharks > Carcharodons

Namely because I can actually remember how to spell the first one.

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Shit's on like Donkey Kong

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Fuck yeah, Lamenters

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More Lamenters

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And more Lamenters

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Last Lamenter picture

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Imperial Fists now

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Chinese Ninja Warrior!
With your heart soooooooooo cold!

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your life a mystery!

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I ain't no flood, dawg

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Annnnnd we've reached the image limit, apparantly.

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Why does image limit even exist anymore with Captcha around?

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May as well ask the same question about flood detection.

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