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Awright ya gits, not seeing a drawthread down there.

pic took me a lot more time than expected, and I slept a lot.

as usual, all other drawfags should come in, rather than opening redundant threads.

as usual, fawty-kay, MtG, BLAM!, CoC, AdEva, the works. cool/scary/sexy stuff if possible.

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I'd like to request some griffons that've been bread with a variety of demons dredged from the abyss. Some might be more twisted than others or something. Like, just some cool looking sketchs.

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dunno what universe you're referring to, so I'll just try to sketch a weird-ass griffon.

important note: I don't know shit about DnD, so if you request something from this, provide ref pics and comlete explanations.

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that should be breed with various demons.

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An incredibly emaciated, sharp-faced mendicant (a begging monk) who serves demon masters in exchange for infernal power. He carries a staff of tarnished brass and green-tinged copper. He is lower body is transforming into silver sand being carried away on the wind. His face is leering and boastful.

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draw that

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That might be the word I am looking for, I'm having trouble spelling things today, I guess.

And a creepy griffon sketch is all that I ask; A bunch of wizards are mixing griffons with demons to create better mounts. I've only made one; a black one with vulture type features, really big, and has some creepy looking claws. Demonic looking, and breaths out poison.

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Any way I can get a trollin Dark Eldar face, for when I void mine deep striking terminators?

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>dat livery.

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drew one a long time ago, but it's not fitting anyway. trying this.

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A massive walking fortres city moving acros a desolate wasteland covered by silver sand. Weird crystaline formations emiting ligtning like bursts of energy can be seen in the backround.

It has six legs, massive cannons and weapon batteries everywhere, movable protective plates on its surface that conceal the city itself.
It rises into a mountain like stucture at the other end of the fortres, designed to gather water vapor, sunlight and wind energy ect. When neccecary, this structure is rectractable inside the fortres.

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I have a Tzimisce koldun that needs some art. So, a fairly fit mid 30s Irish guy, vaguely druid-ish, with a lightning/elemental magic motif.

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Technomancer. Your challenge is to create a drawing that includes..


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Many thanks, OP. It's all about the look spess mahrines players give me after I move clear across the board and say "ok, I'm dropping a blast template here, and it only scatters d6... oh, it's s9 ap2". They see me do it weekly, yet they still elect to deep strike against me.

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no, thanks.
I didn't understand properly. where's the structure? is it part of the fortress? make yourself clear and take your time.

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Hello, Technomancer. This pair of requests goes to any willing drawfag in the range of my words.

Could I get a (slightly plump) Milf Healer dressed in a corset dress, offering fresh pie to the viewer along with a bit of cleavage?

That or a warforged with armor add-ons that cause it to resemble a horned wolf? It glows slightly with blue energy (incarnium if anyone's familiar with it) from it's eyes and the pit in the center of it's chest (refer to Iron Man's Suit for placement...it's around that area)

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space marine who is ritually having his own left eye cut out and making a downwards scar across it.

failing that, my usual;

Space Marine Captain
-Bull pup combi melta (melta barrel on bottom) with plasma gun stock and reflex sight (think COD: Black Ops)
-skull helmet with hole/downward scar over left eye
-slighly armored up left arm
-chapter champion shoulder on left arm
-knife in sheath attached to right shoulder with hilt facing diagonally downwards towards the center of the body
-mark 4 armor otherwise cept with a tabard
-if you have space/inclination add grenades at the belt

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Would like a big knight (like a Brettonian, but Gregor Clegane sized) in really ornate, ornamented armour with a big crested greathelm on a warhorse with a couched lance in one hand and a shield in the other, with a guy impaled on the end of the lance, being lifted into the air.

He has a long sable cloak draped around his shoulders, and his heraldry is a cross (like the English flag) of red and white, with a helm decal in one quarter with a laurel wreathe on it, and swords on the other three quarters.

Thanks in advance if you choose to do it, bro.

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Hahaha, that's fucking awesome, thanks Technomancer!

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Cool, thanks.

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A Dark Eldar riding a Talos as if it was a bucking bronko, while his compatriots take bets on how long he can stay on it.

Alternatively, Chronos tentacle porn.

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A combination of those two ideas would really be better.

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trying both, might take time, but it's always fun to draw these thingies. If you have more ideas involving the Haemonculi's creations, tell them.

Also, in case you didn't notice because of the pose, the OP pic is a female talos.

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Ok, imagine this:

Two clerics standing in the middle of a room with floor covered in dead, burning cultists. At their feet are cultist robes (A set for each as they were disguised as cultists just moments before). Two servo-skulls fly over them, one of them with a speaker amplifying the noble playing "The Ring of Fire", the other is a bit larger than the first, in its mouth is a liquid sprayer (dripping) and under it is a tap (the skull is filled with whiskey and the sprayer is used to make heretics flammable, the tap is for the noble cleric who likes whiskey).

One of the clerics is a noble. His clothes resemble the clothes of King Louis XIV of France in this painting: http://superiorplatform.com/kings/kings/louis-XVI.jpg
However, the Aquila replaces the fleur-de-lis' on the robes and the crosses and star of the medallion.
He is wearing sunglasses (photo visors) and a lit cigar sits in the side of his mouth as he sings "The Ring of Fire" while playing a platinum ukulele (small guitar, looks like: http://www.biggerbids.com/members/images/5376/public/1825115_Nashville-Metal-Ukulele-Resonator-1.jpg
In his belt is a flintlock pistol, a power blade, a beautifully ornamented short sword and of course the imperial creed. He is also wearing a psy-jammer amulet and a large signet-ring.

The other Cleric is the man in the picture, now with a scar along his left temple and a mesh cowl.
He's pointing a nightfire-flamer (a flamer which spews fire and toxins) towards the cultists.
Around his neck hangs a Psy-jammer amulet and an Aquila Necklace.
As the other cleric he also has a cigar in his mouth, and a photo visor.

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Speaking of which, I don't suppose you've got a version without the text? My collection's a little short on Coven-related art.

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not gonna get it from me for at least two months, that's a very tricky and complex request that I'm not able to fulfill now, but it sounds interesting.

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A CoC character.
A Native American police officer/ detective who is investigating rumors of cultist taking over holy site in the reservation he works/lives on.
Basically the image in a policeman's uniform looking over a ledge at what maybe cultist.

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hi technomancer

I'd like to request an urban horror
don't know how to describe it
a monster I guess but no zombie, alien, mutant or beast kinda monster
I'm thinking parasite eve but more like a ghost

inside a train compartment would be cool
maybe with a long flowing organic robe thats part of the beeing
with a mask like face or something

I'd also prefer imposing over gory

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I can't properly articulate it ( english isn't my primary language), so I drew this crude siluet.

The idea is that this city is build like a moving bunker, harboring remnants of humanity, and defending them against abhorent horrors of the wastes.

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tgchan drawthread.

>> No.14904434

Speaking of which, I don't suppose you've got a version without the text? My collection's a little short on Coven-related art.

Also; a female Scourge, in mid-flight, tearing a guardsman's head off with her modified, claw-like feet. Possibly while shooting a second with her Shardcarbine, unless that would be too complex.

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Eugh, fuck, 4chan derped and I didn't know my first post had gone through. Sorry.

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too ambitious for now.
dunno what the parasite eve is, but otherwise, okay.
if I have enough time, and it won't be looking very female, since what I find cool about scourges is that they're highly modified.

now drawing some talos funtime.

>> No.14904614

chronos funtime, actually.

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First time drawfagging, but this idea made me smile. Here you go.

>> No.14904723


Also, I'm new to 40k, and especially Dark Eldar and the Talos was just based on a reference image, so if it's way off what they're supposed to look like, I apologise greatly.

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Haha, good first contribution!

I sincerely love this thread. Tons people going "character sketches", drawfags going "nah, bro, time to do some wacky DE art".

>> No.14904737

>if I have enough time, and it won't be looking very female, since what I find cool about scourges is that they're highly modified.

Sounds cool. It'll be interesting to see what you'll make of the Scourges, actually.

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looking good, man, but you know, since yesterday, the pictures of the new Talos miniatures are everywhere on this board.

Check out the GW website

>> No.14904785


They actually just released a new model, but your drawing looks like the old models all around, so it fits fine. The new model looks distinctly more monstrous, but fuck it, yours worked out good anyways.

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Godzilla versus the Imperial Guard.
I'll let you imagination take that where you will...

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A SoB on her back with her right arm shot off, her lower jaw as above, and a heretic of some kind poking (or is about to) her eyes out. She got red hair in typical SoB bob cut and pale skin.

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Nice. Say, your level of silly would be perfect for this...assuming you can do fantasy art as well.

A wizard, classic long robe, long white beard, wizard hat...Uppercutting a drider in the classic shoryuken pose, while several stunned drow look on in horror. The wizard's shouting something along the lines of "Booya!" but sounding more like a wizard.

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Oh yeah! I saw the pictures, but didn't check the topic out. I hope I can be forgiven for not realising it was a Dark Eldar model. Those new casts looks fucking cool.

Also, just for reference, I'm quite new to the whole drawing-with-a-graphics-tablet thing, so I figured this'd be a good place to practice. I normally just sketch out character designs in pen/marker (pic related).

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First attempt at drawfaggin'. It wasn't anything asked for here, just some sort of a construct. Warforged paladin maybe?
Oh and the file is huge, since i forgot to scale it down to 1500x1500 or something like that.

>> No.14905081

re-requesting this. I hope I didn't make it too vague, I guess I just expect whoever takes it to get crazy with the artistic license.

>> No.14905091

there we go, now trying the urban horror dude, and the harpy.

>> No.14905117

very nice, slightly caricatural, I like.

can I get your rendition of a sardaukar?

>> No.14905136

Ooh, nice. Thanks!

>> No.14905178

I'd like to make a request.

Basically, the picture to the left, but redrawn to look more slimy, if that makes any sense.

>> No.14905188


I only really had time for the one up there right now, though I'll draw one and post it later if this topic is still here in about 3-4 hours.

>> No.14905211

don't worry, drawthreads usually last at least 12 hours. especially when I'm in them, since I'm fucking slow.

>> No.14905227

Oh, and also: no need to base yourself off any pre-existing material, just make him look exotic, martial, oriental, classy, evil.

>> No.14905237

alright here is a slightly complicated request

a young male necromancer
who kinda looks like an adult female rogue/bandit/vagabond
(androgyn not transsexual, a bit tomboyish maybe)
but gets mistaken for a scholar/priest/monk all the time
he wears plain and dirty clothes (leather and cloth) small pouches, a knife and shortsword on his belt and carries a big foliant on a shoulder strap

he's pretty moody and gloomy but not really evil
low fantasy so no visible magic crap at all

the picture is how I picture his face and hair but its ok if you want to ignore it

>> No.14905301

Badass older knight who looks like he could still kick ass. Pic related, but make up your own armor design.

>> No.14905337


Didn't know what the hell is he wearing. So he's naked. Oh and druidic elements.

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>> No.14905412

providing ambient music to keep you waiting.

>> No.14905456

Sorry, here let me write a 30,000 word description so you won't have to exercise your creative muscles.

He should be wearing: clothes. Could be modern clothes, could be victorian era royalty, could be dressed like the fucking Kurgen from Highlander. Your choice. He uses magic that is pseudo-druidic; nature, four classical elements (fire, water, air & earth) type thing.

Anything else that anyone wants to add is up to that person, i.e. they are free to use artistic license to make something that they would consider good.

>> No.14905473

I do not like that tone.

>> No.14905509


You gonna get stuck with a rapist then! >:(

>> No.14905511 [DELETED] 

hey technomancer
if you're fine with me I'd like to do a sardaukar too

>> No.14905527

Draw a very heroic looking Bretonnian knight on a Pegasus. He is carrying a lance and a shield. His heraldry is a lion rampant on a white background.

However, you can see huge, bulging, eyes beneath his great helm, and he is saying 'When I catch you, I'm going to fuck you.'

>> No.14905533


>> No.14905571

Requesting more Valkia the Bloody.

Despite being the consort of the blood god you see almost nothing on her.

>> No.14905582

Here's one for ya, drawfags.

Character Art for Scintilla Gunslinger Scum.

Essentially? Rule 63 Malcolm Reynolds. A hat might do her some good.

>> No.14905614

Can you blame him? Guy gives a rough description of a character an gives carte blanche to the artist to embellish as they want and he gets a 6 year old's crayon drawing from someone who has demonstrated they have, at the least, good pencil skills. It's rather rude to do that.

>> No.14905629


>get a free drawing.
>the right to complain about it.

Pick one.

>> No.14905635


>> No.14905645

That would work if it was an honest attempt at a drawing and not a 30 second MSPaint job done purely to be a cunt. But it wasn't, so you're wrong, and also a dipshit.

>> No.14905671


You must not have a lot of friends. You know, making a slight joke, and you throw a fit like this. Great job, man!

>> No.14905720


Samefag DEFENDING HIMSELF? My oh my.

Anyway, old request, open to anyone; a heavily musically/theatrically inclined 40k daemonette. Go nuts.

>> No.14905821

completely ditched out the whole "urban fantasy" thingie, but damn, that was fun to draw.

I should try to actually paint something similar with gold.

>> No.14905852

dude probably went off, and DLFG as well, drawing the scourge anyway.

seems like I'm in a good day.

>> No.14905914

I'm still here, just lurking. Was somewhat worried the little tantrum that guy threw earlier had derailed the thread.

>> No.14905918

right, who's still there?

>> No.14905921

I'm still about.

>> No.14905937

do you have other stuff to request or just lurking?

>> No.14905938

I drew this in 5 sec using paint. Am i getting the right vibe before i start drawing it in my book?

>> No.14905941

A compleated Nicol Bolas.

Or, for tits, a compleated Chandra.

>> No.14905950



>> No.14905966

Just lurking, there was a lot of awesome DE delivery before that temper tantrum. Though if you felt like drawing a Harlequin shadowseer or solitaire doing something goofy and dark city related, I'd be all in.

>> No.14905990

Talos vs. Phyrexian Canceller.

>> No.14906047

mite b cool
which one?

>> No.14906074


Preferably the tentacle-y one, but the roboscorp one would also be neat.

>> No.14906075

do you mind if I take your sardaukar request?

>> No.14906098

You know what? I do have something. When I got married, I had a warhammer themed groom's cake (I really like the paintjob on my Bretonnians), and I'd like to see some scene from the skirmish it depicted illustrated. I hadn't really thought about it in a while, but I asked the whfb guys about how brets do in the new edition and remembered the picture.

>> No.14906102

I'm hesitating a bit. ShouldI use colours, shading and shit like on the talos (which might require two good hours) or would a sketchy result suffice?

>> No.14906121

I like the motion that the sketchyness brings to that.

>> No.14906125

I don't mind, everyone requests what he wants, everyone draws what he wants.

I mean, which chancellor. I thought it was a 5-card cycle.

>> No.14906127

Hey, Technomancer.

I don't know if it's what you had in mind, but I went through so of the Sardaukar concepts and picked and chose bits that I liked of each.

I'm not too familiar with Dune, though. So my apologies again if I fucked up.

>> No.14906134

And for the dude that requested an "older knight". Sorry for the roughness.

>> No.14906142

If you don't mind spending the time on it, then by all means - it's looking great so far, and I'd love to see what it'd be like colours. I'm going to be here for the next four hours or so time isn't a problem. But if you want to move onto other requests, by all means - I'm not going to beg you to spend more time on something you're not into.

>> No.14906146


Ah, no. This thing. I forget if this was just the leaked rumor name or the real thing.

>> No.14906180

right, maybe.
I'll see what I can do quickly enough.
Moebius' concepts, right? always a good choice. Interesting bits in yours.

>> No.14906210


Not the requester, but I like it. Reminds me of a stained glass image.

>> No.14906252

Techno still around?

>> No.14906259

sorry techno
actually I was working on it since an hour ago
but my photoshop just crashed
I want to die ;_;

>> No.14906272

i'd like a 40k ork fighting an outlaw from stranger's wrath please

>> No.14906278


I can at least see it would have destroyed mine. Post something else of yours? Looks cool.

>> No.14906306


My drawthread at tgchan is open for you to post the result when it's finished.

>> No.14906320

I forgot to save at all ;_;

>> No.14906345

Tony Stark and a Jokaero chillin poolside on recliners.

Bonus if Tony is ordering another round of banana related drinks for his buddy.

>> No.14906352


That was the best thing I saw you drawing so far.

>> No.14906394

Could I get the BBEG of a Chinese themed DnD campaign I'm running? He's a Lich who keeps his body so well preserved and annointed with pleasent smellings herbs and spells that the only sign he's a walking corpse is his rather pallid skin tone.
In terms of appearance? Think Lo Pan, and you're thinking right. He's a Chessmaster type villain so some sort of nice finger-pyramid action for the picture might be nice since most of the campaign has been the party inadvertantly playing into his Just As Planned.

>> No.14906409

For the dude who requested Godzilla versus the Imperial Guard.

>> No.14906485

finally going for B&W for the scourge, colours don't work.

>> No.14906492

ok, here's my other dune piece

what's tgchan?

>> No.14906504


Enjoy your stay Summerfag.

>> No.14906521


Woah. Fuck, now I'm embarrassed for even posting mine.

>> No.14906545

Ah, that's cool. I look forward to it.

>> No.14906561

don't be, your style is pretty cool
I don't draw something like that in a day too
I'd take more requests if it didn't take so much time
I'm kinda slow actually and only using a mouse so far

>> No.14906589

I think I'll take another shot at him tomorrow
kinda wanted to do a sardaukar sometime anyhow

>> No.14906637

and now you're sounding even more skilled and stuff, nice job ruining some self-confidence.
you just called a drawfag who's been here for at least a year a "summerfag"?
I have to say: "NO U!"

>> No.14906661

In my defense, he didn't know what tgchan was.
And tgchan has been up for at least a year.

>> No.14906739

well, in the end photoshop does all the magic

>> No.14906874

there we go.
looks better in full view, but still meh.

>> No.14906907

Awesome! I quite like the little fan of tail feathers. It'd make a lovely design for a Solarite, since they're the most heavily modified. Unfortunately I don't think any of GW's kits include little loose feathers, so converting it would require careful use of green stuff...

>> No.14906930

I like how your art looks like portraiture. I mean, I could totally see that hanging over Baron Harkonnen's mantelpiece. If you ever decide to do some 40K stuff, you should try out the old metal Cadian lieutenant, he has an air of someone who should have a portrait done. I'll post a detail pic if you're interested.


That looks awesome. Again, thanks for all the cool DE art. I like how much excitement has come from the new DE models, they're completely worth the hype.

>> No.14906959

looks like I dun goof'd, because it's supposed to be a skin loincloth.

I don't know what's with GW sculptors and those weird ridiculous-looking loincloths you find on Wyches and scourges, so I tried to go for something less derpy.

well, a tail would be nice, I guess. i'm sure that there are a lot of things you could borrow from in the WFB range.

>> No.14906978

Ah, right, I see it now. The little vials breaking up the profile of the flayed skin made it look a little like feathers at first glance.

>> No.14907014

ah, any requesters still there?

gonna do a last one because I'm tired of waking up at 11 AM.

>> No.14907030


I'm still here: >>14904294

but if you wanna go for one of the others feel free to.

>> No.14907034

If you aren't too sick of Dark Eldar by now? A sexy female Deldar poledancing nude around a Dark Lance.

Because them Dark Eldar love their Lances.

>> No.14907039

Well, you seem to be pretty crazy for doing DE stuff. If you draw up a kabalite or wytch officer, I'll convert one over the next few weeks to match it. I'm hardly a master modeler, but I think I can churn out either of those.

>> No.14907058

A Heretech-reclamator in flayed robes with a rather large wind on his back. Augmented as you see fit, scavenging through scrapped machine parts and debris.

>> No.14907100

trying this, not promising anything.

>> No.14907137

Killer. Don't be afraid to go nuts, I have lots of bitz from both kits along with about 4 boxes of hellions worth of leftovers. Whichever you choose, I'll probably buy a new box of them and pick the choice bitz for minimum reposing, then greenstuff and convert the rest.

>> No.14907171

AWESOME you drew that Talos like you said you would

As for requests... how about a Mercykiller marine?

>> No.14907178

hellion bitz?

fine, I can go for a cybergoth look, then. Don't forget to post pics if you convert it.

>> No.14907192

Real Horror Show

>> No.14907259

Of course not! so here's a basic inventory of what's laying around in the DE dept...

Metal archon, beastmaster, and succubus
4 kits worth of leftovers from hellions (note, leftovers)
tons of kabalite and wytch leftovers
7 Raider/Ravager crews and hangers-on

So I have a lot of parts just hanging out for this, though don't feel too constrained to this bit or that bit, I am moderately capable with green stuff.

>> No.14907327

I meant that I wouldn't forget to post pictures, I went kinda derp there.

>> No.14907381

exactly what I need.

>> No.14907416

Repeating my request from the other day one more time.

Take this shoop and make it a badass drawing please

>> No.14907430


Awesome thanks.

>> No.14907757

stil drawing

>> No.14908029

I'm still hanging around. Did you ultimately decide on a Kabalite or a Wytch?

>> No.14908118


With hydra gauntlets (dunno if it's possible), performing some industrial dance on the battlefield, may sound faggy, but perfectly fits them.

>> No.14908235

You know, I should have told you my army's theme first...

Wytch Cult

and my personally preferred wytch weapon?

Hydra gauntlet

so well played, sir, well played. I like where this is going. I know I have a free pair of gauntlets laying around, and I know I have some chains that should add a nice element of movement, though posing them for movement will be... interesting. Will update after I scrounge for a bit and see what all I have.

>> No.14908309

also, the dreadlocks are important. Hope you have the right hellion head.

What's your colour scheme?

>> No.14908380

I should, the hellion bitz aren't trimmed yet so give me a sec to root through them... As of right now, I've only mucked about with a couple of reavers, but it's looking like cult of strife.

Is that the finished image or do you want to work on it more?

>> No.14908466

No, it's finished, I was just wondering which way you'd paint the hair.

>> No.14908557

so, off for tonight, it's already far too late.

hopefully someone else comes in.

>> No.14908567

Sweet. Here's a picture of the bitz I scrounged up. The legs are easily the trickiest part. All I have in that department right now is kabalite legs (specifically the syrabite ones, with the little loincloth, which does look like your pic, but I think the movement is wrong... I also clipped two heads from the hellion sprue (they give you a shitload of heads on that sprue, 10 for a 5 man squad) the one with the closed facemask is the one from your picture, but I thought the other had good movement. As for the torso, all I have right now is kabalites, and then only heavy weapons and exarchs.

Matter of fact, the more I look at this, the more I decide that I'll just go grab a wytch box, I want this to look right and I don't think I can do that without some real wytch torsos. I'll catch you on your tgchan thread if this one dies.

>> No.14908634

or just beastmaster legs.

>> No.14908643

why a female torso?

>> No.14908648


From >14904666

>> No.14908654

FROM >>14904666

...damn you captcha...

>> No.14908683

May I request a WHFB Empire noble type air quoting and saying "AH YES, 'RAT-MEN'"?

>> No.14908687

coul you please sketch an insectile Eva face?

>> No.14908698

Pic related, except more belly dancer ish. Longer hair too.

>> No.14908830

Was playing a game of Annihilate in DoW2 with my brother, me as a Chaos Lord and him as a Force Commander against two 'nids, and as I was looking at the map after we won, I noticed our champions were for some reason in this awesome pose, back to back, my CL with his Daemon Maul and his FC with his Thunder Hammer and in the background was the last 'nid base getting orbital bombardment-ed and empyreal abyss-ed at the same time. It was fucking glorious.

>> No.14908858

I request a gunslinger tech-priest.

The air is dusty, and he is moving and shooting. He is wearing a hooded Mechanicus robe, an Opus Machina ganging from a thin chain around his neck, an Omnissian Axe strapped to his back, armoured boots, and a belt with two holsters (one containing a gun) and a double-headed eagle amulet and a half-dozen odd-looking grenades. In his left hand he carries a combi-pistol: melta and flamer complete with igniter. That is the gun he is firing, using the melta (not the flamer). The pistol has a scope, and a laser line from the scope to some off-screen target can be seen in the dust clouds. In his right hand, pointing upwards, is a very long large-calibre rifle with a scope and a bayonet. The rifle is twin-linked, that is, it has two barrels. On its stock is inscribed the phrase "Absit invidia". His right hand and arm is cybernetic. His face is free of the usual metal jaw and bulky augmetics. However, his eyes are telescoping out of their sockets, looking towards his target.

>> No.14908863


We have dismissed that claim FUCK YOU MADE ME SAY IT

>> No.14910304


>> No.14910856

A paladin in glorious, shining full-plate armour, standing over his fallen comrade, his mailed hands tapping at an incorporeal golden keyboard that connects to his ally's chest. Healing magic pours from the wire, as the paladin looks rather smug. Beneath it, a simple caption: "Lay On Hax."

Alternatively, the paladin is smiting a lich, while bellowing with a mighty cry, "404 MERCY NOT FOUND! "

>> No.14910937

>Alternatively, the paladin is smiting a lich, while bellowing with a mighty cry, "404 MERCY NOT FOUND! "
Seconding this with righteous fury

>> No.14912546

fuck yeah

>> No.14912571

Hey Techno... do you have a version of your OP image without the words?

>> No.14912605

Just on time
see here:

will soon be starting again.

>> No.14912653


Still /r/ing this >>14907416 to the bitter end

I've never seen Archaon fanart before

>> No.14912683

I tried to salvage what was left but it turned out pretty different
hope you like my sardaukar

>> No.14912687

durp. how I found tgchan drawthread?

>> No.14912698





>> No.14912700

Neat. How do you get all these shimmering metallic effects?
1google tgchan
2go /draw/

>> No.14912728

I dublicate the drawing and use many layer options
increase the contrasts in some of them
add textures and blur 'em
it's mostly just trial and error

>> No.14912745

Please draw an admech skink

>> No.14912886

yeah, I find it ~15 seconds after I posted that. *facepalm*

>> No.14913197

okay, fine, got some coffee to wash off my drowsiness, so I'm ready.

Who's got some requests? who's still there?

>> No.14913227 [DELETED] 

bah, more turrets

>> No.14913263

requesting those two idiots from highlander 2 brofisting or something
sorry I couldn't find any better image reference

>> No.14913270

okay. Ain't seen this movie, though.

>> No.14913290

you didn't miss anything, really

>> No.14913379

Technomancer, you ever make that rule 34 of Ashling the pilgrim?

>> No.14913391


Still here >>14912653

I'd really just like ANYTHING involving Archaon at all if you would be so kind

>> No.14913414

I've got a morrwind request, please
a badass ashlander dunmer who boots a khajit thats lying on the ground

>> No.14913435

so now we know where scourges come from.

>> No.14913447

I need ref pics, since I never played this game, but the concept art is awesome.

>> No.14913462

lelith hesparex. focus on sexy feet. if not that, her dueling some eldar chick. have her kicking the eldar chick in the crotch

>> No.14913487

Lelith Hesperax cuntpunting a farseer/howling banshee?

>> No.14913494

I'm okay with this as well.

sketching this while waiting for ref pics.

>> No.14913513

Fuegan (or any regular fire dragon) shooting a landspeeder out of the air

Make it as FUCK YEAH as possible please

>> No.14913611

Hey Technomancer, I'm still lurking about.

To answer your question about the hair: I really like the bright red that GW uses in the hellion pictures, so I'll probably go with something like that. I've done hair that red before and it came out really great.

>> No.14913687

Might be cool.

I'd say clean black armor, very pale skin.

>> No.14913697

dunmer are darkelves
khajiit are catpeople

>> No.14913745

I was pleasantly surprised to see the topic is still here.


Here you go.

>> No.14913782


still drawing the cunt kick.

>> No.14913806


>> No.14913810

you're becoming my favorite person

>> No.14913842

He is my favourite person. He, and Scriptarius.

>MFW when I found out that there was a guy who drew 40k amputees.

>> No.14913855

Request: kind of an air force patch for the "212th Test and Evaluation Squadron", with the emblem being a stylized shooting star.

>> No.14913857

Yes, Technomancer is good people, much like most of the other drawfags who are still here.

I'm still tickled pink that he took my landscape request for one of my planets I made in Dark heresy.

>> No.14913952

In reference to another thread, can one of you good gents draw a mix between a Predator from the movie/game/comic fame and a Noise Marine?

The clusterfuck thread in question if you're curious. >>14912932

>> No.14913960


How about this?

>> No.14913964

>Technomancer is good people

He's a fine drawfag. A good person, though? Not quite.

>> No.14913969


What makes you say that?

>> No.14913977

just a simple sketch, but I once tried to do something more elaborate on Lelith and it looked awful.

>> No.14913978

I think all /tg/ drawfags are pretty cool people excluding Darius. And Techno's a bro. I might not share his fetishes, but to each their own.

>> No.14913986


Wow, sweet. Thank you.

>> No.14913998

He's described himself as a "proud misogynist" and thinks an equal relationship is "sick and wrong." Or at least that's what he posted on /tg/ a few months back. It could also have been an imposter out to slander him, of course.

>> No.14914014

>He's described himself as a "proud misogynist"
Hitler described himself as a "proud racist"

>> No.14914024

Let's not.

>> No.14914041

If you're still there, I'd appreciate a clearer explanation, because that thread is too big fore me to spend time reading through it.

>> No.14914080

I don't know if anyone's still taking requests or if there are any drawfags left in this thread but here goes.

A medieval peasant girl in the middle of classic 80s action movie gear up scene complete with stripping off unimportant things in favor of camo paint, bowie knives, explosive and other weapons. However keep it medieval.

>> No.14914087

/r/ Chris-Tran as Buffalo Bill.

>> No.14914090

For the request I just want a mix-up of a Predator and a Noise marine, not like a Frankenstein monster mix up, like a hybrid.

Summary of the thread: OP was talking about how in a Rogue Trader game he was in, he made a servitor that used abandoned noise marine tech and had "long electrical wires on each side of the head".

Everyone at first thought it was Hatsune Miku, but OP revealed it was supposed to be a Cyborg Predator, which has nothing to do with noise marines in function, tech, or look (And he posted a Noise Marine pic for an appearance reference)

The thread has, and is, spiraled down into a cesspool of mindfuckery.

>> No.14914095

As part of their melee defensive training, a crisis suit is sparring against a Kroot. The Kroot is equipped with a simple form of power armor. Far from practical, this barbaric apparatus is designed to give the Kroot increased power and agility but little protection, a feeble recreation of space marine tech. The kroot makes a heavy swing with a glowing practice sword, which the crisis suit avoids by somersaulting away on vectored retro thrusters. Upside down, the suit bounces off of one arm while wildly firing its burst cannon with the other. The shots miss badly.

>> No.14914121

already been done.
uh, except for the upside-down derpy battlesuit, okay.
not convinced.

>> No.14914164

/r/ing a group of drunken space wolves tearing up town with their rhino... which they've been crashing into things

One of them should be mooning a pedestrian

>> No.14914269

khorne chaos marine riding on a juggernaut rodeo machine

>> No.14914295

A METAL BAWX with half a dozen monkey paws sticking out the hatch. The hands are covered in rings. Al the rings are firing 1-shot lascannon death directly at a warhound titan's leg, which vaporizes from the onslaught.

Many "ooh ooh aah aah!" are had.

>> No.14914298

So, huh, so far, it's looking more violent than a training fight, so can I go for an actual fight?

>> No.14914349

Heart rate is yellow line, breathing is at 3x capacity, mental state at 37-03h.
Don't worry, the combat stims are just kicking in. Let the training continue!

>> No.14914369

No, what I was asking was if you'd be okay with an actual fight, as in: a krrot mercenary working AGAINST the taus, with scrapped-up energetic armor, actually fighting a battlesuit, not for laughs.

>> No.14914418

Dunno if anyone's still taking requests, but I would love a picture of a 40k desperado type in a burgundy bolero jacket with two laspistols and a black cape draped over one shoulder all assassin's creed style. Has short, dark hair and a dissheveled appearance. Preferably smokin a lho-stick. Is a blank with an inhibitor if it matters

>> No.14914433

I like this one.

>> No.14914470

you made my week. i love you. no gay. ok maybe a little

>> No.14914472


>> No.14914502

Getting bored.
Back up later.

anon is there for you anyway.

>> No.14914519

A cybernetic Darth Sion type character with four robotic arms, holding blue-glowing daggers in each hand.

Has a glowing, armored power core in the center of his chest.

(phaenonite inquisitor for my DH campaign)

pic is darth sion

>> No.14914553


This guy here, was here last night, went to bed, went to uni, came back, thread still here.

Shoving my request back out there.

>> No.14914609

Kroot mercs are dangerous enemies of the greater good. They should be taught the error of their ways wherever they are found!

>> No.14914648


Hi Technomancer, sorry about the long respond time! Internet has been down for a few days here, my router died...
I'm the one that posted the request for the two clerics burning heretics with flamers and whiskey-spraying servoskull while playing songs while they burn.
I know that it is a very complex request, and i didn't expect it would be finished in a single thread. So that's why i thought that if i provided you with an email adress, would you be able to send it to me there, or at least give a notice when you are done making the picture?

>> No.14914741

there's no e-mail there.

>> No.14914754

If any of you want me not to touch your ideas just give me a shout.

>> No.14914814

I'm still here if you're up for it with the desperado. One detail I did leave out is an heraldic crest on the cape, perhaps like a clasp.

>> No.14914855

Sadly, it won't be anything near Technomancer quality.
Hope that is okay.

>> No.14914886

Eee! Eee!

>> No.14914897


If I could get a dwarf riding a rhino, I'd love you forever.

As long as it's a dwarf on a rhino, you can do what you like.

>> No.14914946

pretty cool

how about a flagellant but 40k?

>> No.14914987

As soon as I am finished with the desperado picture, WE WILL MARRY AT DAWN UPON THE ALPHA RHINO.

> conflict heresta

>> No.14915012

I have a good one, if you're still up for requests later. How about a 40K Birth of Venus?

>> No.14915044

can we have a Emp's Nightmare doing a ceiling cat maneuver over a unsuspecting cultist?

>> No.14915181

OOOOH. You all have such tempting requests.
Gotta work faster.

>> No.14915188

I'd like to request an elven monk I've been thinking of lately.

Lithe fem-elf, typical wizardly robes--elegant cut or sexy cut, your choice. Sleeveless, hands bound in martial arts wraps and lifted up in a fighting stance. Loose hair, two scars on side cheek.

>> No.14915277

A friend has been playing a sort of cross between Zorro and Kamen Rider in a DnD RP, who makes for an awesome character, and she's been feeling pretty down lately. I'd like to request a pic of her Duelist, maybe it'd help cheer her up.

Curvy and tall woman, hair in a ponytail.
Waist in a corset, elaborate jacket under the corset, ribbon around the neck, leather gauntlets to the elbows.
Metallic fauld over her hips and mask over her eyes, with tight pants with slits on the sides. Heeled boots up to the knees.

If anyone would consider it, I'd deeply appreciate it.

>> No.14915395

>cross between Zorro and Kamen Rider

your lady friend has either the best or worst character concept ever, and i'm not sure which.

>> No.14915424

Sorry everyone, will get back on track now. (first a five minute dinner).
Meanwhile, can I get a "WOO" from everyone that's still here and what they requested?

>> No.14915493

Woo. Still here. Though I just posted, so.

>> No.14915512

woo from the flagellants

>> No.14915544


I'm still here as well. Though I also just posted.

>> No.14915562

Checking in

>> No.14915587


>> No.14915606


>> No.14915631

Hey, if anyone would be up for it, I'd like to ask for a sort of modern-pirate thing. He's a recurring npc I've got in mind for a campaign, so a portrait would help the players out.
Bulky and hairy dude, bandanna around the head and around the mouth, eyepatch over one eye. Striped t-shirt with a shoulderpad on one side, held in place by belt around the chest. Leather gloves to the elbows.
Belt with a skull buckle on it, baggy pants.

>> No.14915642

That's pretty cool, thanks man. I should hone my drawfaggin' skills more. I'm getting a kind of hybrid Han Solo/Lando Calrissian badass feel from him.

>> No.14915676

Somewhat in this order. Don't hate me, wish I had more hands for drawing.

>> No.14915702

Don't we all?

>> No.14915725

i don't know if i can request, but whatahell.

Could you please draw, a knight wearing a more Technologic Armour, on a mechanical horse, carrying a Jousting lance with a cannon on it's end

>> No.14915729

Hey, thanks. Wish you luck with the drawing!
Haha, agree on the Solo/Calrissian part, but, it didn't really feel like what you asked for, sorry. Hope that it'll do for now.

>> No.14915757

Thank you! I can't wait to see it!

>> No.14915780


>> No.14915782


>> No.14915860

Tbh, that's pretty close to how I imagine him.

>> No.14915865

UH, as in flayed robes, are you thinking just very ragged cloth, or skin robes?

>> No.14915899

I would think tattered cloth would be alright.
Also I imagined him/her to be somewhat lanky, abit like a marionette.

>> No.14916115

Please do it

>> No.14916142

Right! Hope this didn't turn out all too confusing.
Moving on to >>14915512

>> No.14916165

Thanks a lot.

>> No.14916207

One phrase I've always wanted to see illustrated -

"Oh god, the tornado is about to hit the shuriken factory!"

>has dsmagen

>> No.14916253

HAH. I'll see if we can make it happen!

> spiral nyTrea

I think we're onto something.

>> No.14916260

/r/ing something for my Henshin! char.

Pretty korean girl with a black t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and a scarf wrapped tight around her neck. Fingerless glove on one hand and a fedora atop her head.

>> No.14916371

okay, being bored bores me to death, i'm back.

who's still there, who has stuff to request.

cool or sexy stuff as usual, no generic character portrait, no funny scribbles, sorry.

>> No.14916406

Kamen Rider as a DnD paladin.

>> No.14916416

Navigator. Robes. Small. Trying to be sexy, failing miserably. But wanting oh so bad for it to work.

>> No.14916418

requesting this

>> No.14916419

The Doom Guy sitting behind a DM sheet, looking at his players--imps, barons, and other demons.
"The door squawks its eerie metallic groan as it raises high into the ceiling above you. Laying on the ground in front of you is a shotgun, splattered with gore and entirely empty..."

>> No.14916440

Now, >>14915188, if you're still here.
Hm, who is still here?

>> No.14916442

Oh God this please. But with other old-time FPS heroes instead of the demons.
I, for one, think the Doom Guy would be a great DM.

>> No.14916448

That could be interesting, even quite challenging. Trying to be sexy while having robes on AND a skinny body? I don't even know how that can be recognizable, so I don't promise anything.

>> No.14916453

Ugh, forgot picture.

>> No.14916457

I'm still here, yes. Thank you very much, I can't wait to see it!

>> No.14916470

A Sigmarite Warrior Priest duking it out with a Chaos Chosen of Khorne and winning.

>> No.14916483

No way. Clearly Corvus would be the best GM of choice.

Pic related: He just saw your character sheet.

>> No.14916489

>Trying to be sexy while having robes on

Robes that are hanging open in such a way as to show her body? Or just ones that are relatively figure-hugging and not just an ugly mass of cloth.

>> No.14916491


That is the most fucking ugly elf I've ever seen in my life.

Points for originality.

>> No.14916587


>> No.14916616


Skinny body with skin showing. Robes that would probably look good on a voluptuous body, but just show how freaking sticklike she is.
Same with the pose.
Go nuts.

>FLOW rslycya

>> No.14916634

maybe an expansion of the lelith cuntpunt pic? have the farseer in pain on her knees and lelith behind her looking all smug/sexy?

>> No.14916656


>> No.14916735

Thanks, TM. Can't wait to see it.

>Victoriano tateneso
Sounds like a menu item with a huge price tag in a fancy-ass restaurant.

>> No.14916815

I fail to see the future references but that aside
totally badass!
thanks you!

>> No.14916817


>> No.14916854

Sorry about that, but as I recall, even in the future that's about how they look. Well, could have added some bionic gubbinz.. Hm, could try that, will you be here for another five minutes?
And thank you!

>> No.14916892

Oh my God.
This is absolutely amazing.

This is the single best piece of work I have ever seen on /tg/ in my entire life.

You fucking rock.

>> No.14916932




>> No.14916952

I am fucking making a Doom questthread sometime.
And I am fucking making this the quest pic in the OP.

>> No.14916963

Damn, thanks!
But don't forget, without your idea, it would never have happened. So thank you for being so creative!

>> No.14916968

sure, I'm here
maybe a cybernetic eye or some cables might do the trick
biker gloves or military boots could work too
though it's already pretty awsome

>> No.14916990

two crude hive world shotguns, please
one break-action the other lever-action

>> No.14917009

oh hey, drawthread.

A Dark Eldar archon wearing ghostplate armour (scourge stuff) with a whip in one hand and a pistol in the other. She has an expression of rage at the world on her face, and sticking out of her armour are a pair of long-tattered Scourge wings, shredded into uselessness.

>> No.14917060

Didn't change much, but it got a little bit more futuristic.
Cybernetic eyes makes everything more futuristic!

>> No.14917122


I know someone already has his hands on the request, but i liked it too ;_; But y'know, you can never have enough right?

Here's my try. I hope it won't stir as much tantrum as it did yesterday ;o

>> No.14917129

sorry for the delays and the shitty quality, but as I was drawing this, I was wondering all along "what the fuck am I drawing?"

>> No.14917130

Could I please request a noir superhero in a dark blue and black pinstripe suit, a grappling hook in one hand. His mask is black, with a white magnifying glass symbol over one eye.

If you do this you have no idea how much sweet, slow manlove I will give you on demand.
Or just a healthy level of gratitude and respect. Whatever's your thing, y'know?

>> No.14917146

... holy shit on a stick ...
That is horrifying. I love it. Thanks, TM.

>> No.14917203

Here's one i've requested before.

If anyone's interested i need a good picture for a race of fire breathing vikings. Might be a little much, though.

Nothing fancy. A male of the species next to a female. Physically a very large humanoid with dark skin, thick braided beards (on the male, of course), and two big red fire glands on each side of the neck beneath the jaw.

The Male is dressed in a combination of furs and leather, held together with plate and chains. The weapon (if you want to add one) would be a long metal spear where the sharpened bone of an animal makes up the head, adorned with small animal bits (feathers, bones, etc.)

The female wears full animal hides. Claws as clasps and the head as a hood, you get the idea. Tribal markings and tattoos decorate exposed flesh- though not excessively. The hair's decorated with feathers braided in. Weapon would be a bone dagger with stylized flames carved into the blade.

If anyone actually decides to tackle this you don't have to incorporate them actually breathing fire, but if it's at all possible feel free.

>> No.14917231



>> No.14917287


>> No.14917354


I'm sorry, have to punch out now.
If there's another drawthread this weekend, I'd be more than happy to finish the rest of the pictures.
Might start one too if that's the case.

>> No.14917360

Oh, wow, she's going to love this. Thank you! Thank you a lot!

>> No.14917375

Aw, man.

What about e-mail? Is there an e-mail I can reach you at?

>> No.14917515

Still no AH YES RAT MEN?
I'm sad, now.

>> No.14917625

[email protected]

>> No.14917941

Hi technomancer
The one that posted the request for the two clerics burning heretics with flamers and whiskey-spraying servoskull while playing songs while they burn.

Please read this post:

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