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You're an elite Tau Crisis Suit pilot.

You've just finished adjusting some rotary modules that were out of alignment when in the distance you see a firefight breaking out between an IG squad and some Eldar stragglers that didn't make it back into the Webway in time after the evacuation order was given.

After a few minutes, the battlefield falls silent. As the dust clears, it becomes apparent that the Gue'la were victorious, albeit after suffering heavy losses.

In the aftermath, you see the surviving Guardsmen descend upon the lone Eldar survivor.

Now what, Shas'vre?

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What was wrong with my rotary modules

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kill guardsmen, keep elf

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I report, and hide the thread.

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Join in.

I mean really, what else would i do?

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I obtain doubles

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I proceed with my mission, as any battlesuit pilot of my caliber should.

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I Donald Duck that shit

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i run a diagnostic. Often, a problem like unaligned rotary motors can cause other problems, or mask symptoms from a more serious condition I may have missed.

Got to keep my suit in peak condition.

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They are guardsmen. I engage in lose combat after deploying flamer.

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take out my Kukri and get to work.

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Depends on what the Greater Good here tells us is morally correct.

If I let the humans know I won't blast them and let them have some fun, they might view Tau more favorably. And the more humans we have on our side, the better.

If we help the eldar, we stand to gain the favour of a very ancient race. Although it's not guaranteed.


both options might result in the crisis suit being damaged so I think it's just best to leave them be.

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They were out of a alignment. Did you even read?

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>>I engage in lose combat
Heh, freudian slip?

It isn't exactly accurate though. Crisis suits are one of the few tau units that are half-way decent at close range.

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Let them kill the Eldar. Then engage Flamers.


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Fire on the armed guardsmen before using my jets to engage them in close combat. Don't use my flamer to avoid crisping the Eldar by accident.

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Going with helping the eldar purely because there is no need to rape the captured. Agressor or otherwise, that eldar is the victim here.

And Shas'vre translates roughly to "Fire Hero" Fire caste and hero.

Hero help those who can't help themselves. That eldar needs a hero.

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That is the best diorama ever, disturbing as it is. It's not as if that sort of thing wouldn't happen daily in the 41st millenium anyway.

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Kill the humans, help the Eldar.

The Imperial Guard consist of so many troops that a few soldiers won't make any difference in the big picture. Nobody will ever know that they were killed by a Tau, either.

Meanwhile, the Eldar are a dying breed of extreme potential, and the more allies we can get, the better.

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No. Wrong. You have an objective, you do it. That is for the Greater Good of your cadre. Engaging the guardsmen would be putting your own individual desire to play a hero above the good of all your cadre. Not even an option. This is the only course of reasoning you should go through, not fucking battle damage of all things.

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Jump in, kill the guardsmen. Tell the guardian (?) to hop in the suit with me, but to lose the wraithbone first since that won't fit in the cockpit. As her naked form is pressed up against me, I remind her that if she kills me the suit will shut down and lock her inside so she best behave herself.

Soon... pic very related. Just as planned.

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Consult my mission computer to discover my objectives. Neither the humans or the eldar appear to be going anywhere fast.

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It's just some measly guardsmen, what are they going to do?

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Report the situation to superiors and ask for orders/advice. I may be an elite pilot, but I'm not equipped to make choices which may affect the course of the war. Follow orders when given. If ordered to engage, do so with EXTREME prejudice.

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Commander Brightsword said the same thing. Didn't end that well for him, did it?

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Though you may be piloting a robot, you yourself are not a robot. What you would do is your choice and yours alone.

Personally, even if my objective is unrelated, four distracted guardsmen are hardly a threat to a warrior such as myself armed in a battlesuit. I don't really lose anything by saving the totally screwed eldar. In the event I am choosing between playing hero or the mission, no shit pick the mission. But four distracted poorly armed guardsmen are not really something that would stop my mission.

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You are Tau. You are part of the Fire Caste. You put the Greater Good above your own desires. From an early age you are taught nothing but war. You do what you are told and you are GLAD to be a part of a war machine of the size of the entire Empire.

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Because the angels of death never fall to chaos and petty desire.
And the hammer of the emperor ALWAYS holds the line, and never never breaks from combat.

The ideal is not the individual.

MFW I only have one decent piece of tau battlesuit art >>14898677

Anyone wanna help me out here?

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Holding up to the ideal is the best anyone can aspire to, you heretic faggot.

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On an unrelated note - is that diorama posted on CMON? It seems mighty interesting.

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Yeah, but stepping out slightly at no perceived consequence to either myself or the greater good, to help a sentient creature is not unreasonable.

Especially for someone for whom the word "Hero" is part of their name.

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There are no selfish members of the Empire. There have never been any selfish members of the Empire. Go back to your duty, citizen.

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Well, do I have something else to be doing? or am I standing by, waiting for orders? That's a pretty big one- mission comes first, after all.

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Yerp, I have a couple

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>for someone for whom the word "Hero" is part of their name

Too bad for Tau "vre" is not "whiteknight that saves damsels in distress" but "warrior that knows his place and fulfills his duty selflessly".

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leave them be, its not like a million other atrocities have not been comitted in this long war whats another among the foundations.

also 5 out of 6 people enjoy gangrape

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On second thought, elf slave thread

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>also 5 out of 6 people enjoy gangrape

The 6th is usually the one on the receiving end.

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do nothing,seconds later commisar steps out of shadows and blams the guardsmen for heresy,then blams the eldar,then ends up blamming me as well

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> thatsthejoke.jpg

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>implying my action would be in conflict with the Greater Good
>implying the Eldar won't be invaluable in the way of diplomacy/potential information
>implying I won't make Shas'o for my impressive display of initiative

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>implying my action would be in conflict with the Greater Good
A single individual saved or lost doesn't mean jack shit for the Greater Good
>implying the Eldar won't be invaluable in the way of diplomacy/potential information
Not your job. Not your concern.
>implying I won't make Shas'o for my impressive display of initiative
No you fucking won't. The only way to advance to the rank of Shas'o is dutifully serve eight more years. Which means, yeah, you guessed it - following only your orders instead of playing hero.

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Thanks everyone.

My thoughts exactly.

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Only shows that you know jack shit about Tau.

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for the greater wood

*porno music*

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I depart at once to resume my chase for the Trojan Horse.

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Post the whole thing, faggot.

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Name dropper.

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What type of Tau? Greater Good Tau, or Farsight Tau.

Because if I'm Farsight tau, I'd just go in and blast them all to hell. Screw working together.

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You prepare you battle suit for engagement just as you see one of the gue'la force his reproductive organ into the eldars mouth. With a soft hum your weapon systems activate. Engaging your jump pack you fly into the transport vehicle of the gue'la. As soon as you hear twisting metal underneath your suits feet you activate your targeting systems. The guardsman disappear into a red cloud before you. The eldar female remains where she was, clearly dumbfounded. The gue'la penis hangs limp in here mouth, now lacking an owner. What will be your next course of action?

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Leave them be. The Greater Good demands my presence elsewhere in an actual battle.
Never think about it again.
It is an Eldar and a few Gue'la, neither of which are commonly great allies to our cause.

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>she still has penis in mouth

Point and laugh

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This thread is bad and you should feel bad.

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The farsight tau have human soldiers with them. They don't object to working together. They object to thinking you can work with tyranids or necrons. Both things the regular tau have tried in the past.

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"Oh, don't mind me. Carry on."

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While I didn't make this thread, I am trying to make it better. Perhaps you can try to do the same?

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Kill her, of course. Why wouldn't I? She's an enemy combatant.

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Bad end time.

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My my, just look at the time...

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Line up the targeting reticules and gun down the IG squad, leaving one alive.

Drag the two subdued captives back to base for interrogation and mutual enlightenment.

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The sight of a gue'la reproductive organ in the mouth of a horrified and surprised eldar somehow seems entertaining to you. You laugh heartily at her awestruck face and the veiny sausage hanging from it. Luckily she doesn't hear you as your comms are offline. In a few seconds she regains her composure and spits the member from her mouth in disgust. She tries to rise, but her legs appear to be broken at the knee. She vomits from the sight of the organ that is now covered in mud at her feet. Through sobs of pain disgust and humiliation she speaks "thank you tau, I am called Sera. I owe you a great debt." She looks up at you with a glimmer of hope in her eyes. What is your next course if action?

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Farsight Enclave

All of the good parts of tau, without any of the shitty.

Bad ass mercenaries led by a Warrior Commander who advocates close-combat from a line of fortress worlds? yes please.

Disregard greater good, obtain bitches and currency.

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Engage flamers. Burn her.
Then get to the actual fuckin' battle.

>> No.14899326

I spot a faggot Crisis Suit interrupting our nice quiet raping.

Mildly irritated casually shoot it in the head with my bolter.

I then go back to being indifferent to an Eldar's suffering.

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Please let there be ERP.

Shut up.

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sir, I do not believe you are familiar with the 40k universe.

>> No.14899343


even with a bolter, ya gonna need a krak missle to one shot that sucka

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I tell her she can start by taking off any unnecessary armor and joining me in the safety of the suit so we can return to base.

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Pick her up gently, then throw her as far as you can. See if you can get a couple shots into her before she hits the ground.

>> No.14899355

Pop open the hatch and clamber down.

"Hey. You look like you could use a lift Elder one. And... probably some medical attention for those legs. Ah- I'm not exactly trained in first aide, but the front is just a few kliks behind."
I turned a little red faced at the idea of a debt. "Ah really, there's no need- it's just the way of the greater good."

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1. Guardsmen can use bolters.

2. Did you actually look at the picture?

>> No.14899360

Look at the guy holding the mute on the vox.

>> No.14899361


Drag her back to base for the Ethereals to interrogate.

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No you shut up. All /tg/ ever chooses is LOL KILL THE GIRL ROFL SO EDGY xD. That's boring you idiot.

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Pic related.

As >>14899087 stated, in the sceme of things it doesn't matter to the greater good. With no orders one way or the other, it is up to individual discretion.

And not all tau act the same way. Neither do humans eldar or even orks.

>> No.14899367

Break her arms, too.
Then take her to be, ah, debriefed would be the polite term. For the Greater Good.

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Right, instead we should have yet another snorefest of a fapfic. Go watch some real porn. Better yet, take a cold shower.

>> No.14899380


If she does tell us everything we want to know about the Webway and warp travel, no need for the rape and torture.

But she probably won't divulge delicious secrets without coercion, so.

>> No.14899383

We never have fapfic. We always choose kill. At least with the former, the plot advances. Don't like it, hide the thread and fuck off.

>> No.14899388

You ponder the idea of destroying this creature and returning to the battle at hand. As you target her a thought stops you. You had no orders to combat eldar in the area. The gue'la forces that remain in the distance are too dangerous to assault alone. The eldar female patiently awaits your next action. She has no means of escape and no allies to help her. She is still shaken and sobbing. Her eyes stare at you as if begging "please don't let this turn into another elf wat do thread".

>> No.14899396

She probably doesn't know anything about the webway. From the looks of it she's just a guardian. Trading her back to the eldar in good condition would earn the Tau some favors though

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do the logical thing


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>You're an elite Tau Crisis Suit pilot.
>You've just finished adjusting some rotary modules that were out of alignment when in the distance you see a firefight breaking out between an IG squad and some Eldar stragglers that didn't make it back into the Webway in time after the evacuation order was given.
>After a few minutes, the battlefield falls silent. As the dust clears, it becomes apparent that the Gue'la were victorious, albeit after suffering heavy losses.
>In the aftermath, you see the surviving Guardsmen descend upon the lone Eldar survivor.
Now what, Shas'vre?

Farsight Enclave: Fall like death itself on the distracted and weak Gue'la. They deserve less, but this is an expedience that cannot be passed up. Then, capture the eldar for questioning as to why she was here.

Tau: Break their morale by jump-packing in then taking out their heavy weapons personnel with a burst cannon. When the rest retreat, bring the Eldar to base for a debriefing and medical treatment. Afterward, allow her to return to her people as a diplomatic effort.

>> No.14899429

I'd strongly disagree with any suggestions towards the interspecies erotica route (at least at this point) but if you kill/torture her, the plot is essentially dead in the water. Pretty sure you can find a better way.

>> No.14899431

... the hell is an Elf, I ask myself quietly, before disengaging the fire systems and opening the hatch, the cold air and stentch of blood sending a chill down my spine as I descend, medkit in hand.
"Elder one? Sera? You should come with me."

>> No.14899433


Well, she'd probably know the location of at least a few webway gates.

Which would be nice for our Earth Caste brothers to study for SCIENCE and the Greater Good.

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You're sending this in a direction as bad as the wat do threads.

>> No.14899452

>implying she'd tell us
Take her in for "questioning". Not our problem that will likely involves drugs and torture. Who are we to question the will of the Ethereals?

>> No.14899459

>Waaa waaa grimdark

>> No.14899461

I shoot them all in jealousy of their much better and more cost-effective skimmers

>> No.14899468


I agree, Shas'bro.

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Nudge her onto her back with a gentle kick, careful to do no damage. Pin one arm to the ground with the foot of my suit, again doing no damage. Lock the suit in position, jump out.
Smile politely.
>"Three reasons not to, Eldar."

>> No.14899493

>little red faced

what the fuck are you smoking

>> No.14899497

>waaa waaa I don't get poorly written porn
Wow, I can do it too!
That is the exact likely thought processes of a Fire Warrior. Take the alien in for interrogation, do not question the interrogation methods.

>> No.14899506

>Wow, I can do it too!
I'm proud of you son.

>> No.14899516

You call an evac team. In five minutes a transport is ready. Your suit and the prisoner are transported to the cadre headquarters. As you leave the vehicle you realize that the atmosphere around you is grim. A shas'la approaches and whispers that an eldar kill team murdered the ethereal in command. Sera is sent off to questioning. You will have to oversee the interrogation personally as the shas'o fell in combat against the kill team.
You are in a room with Sera. The walls glow softly . She is strapped to a chair naked. Her possessions are on a chair next to her. They are: one shuriken catapult, several amulets that glow and one that doesn't, the remains of her armor, a combat knife, a grenade. she seems to have regained much of her composure although there is still pain in her eyes. Here knees are bandaged and kept in a brace. There is a medical record next to her belongings. You are to obtain information from here. What do you do next?

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Shoot the Eldar and break engagement.

>> No.14899527

>Three reasons.

>> No.14899528

Call in a Water Caste member, because really who puts a Fire Caste in charge of interrogation. I'll watch what happens.

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Juggle the pretty amulets.

>> No.14899550

Well whatever I do, it better be (1) at least somewhat sexual, (2) conducive to gaining the information I need and (3) endearing enough to Sera to kick off a possible romantic arc. And yes, I'm serious. This has quest has potential, do not blow it.

>> No.14899556

Why is she naked.

>> No.14899561

...greater good?

>> No.14899563

Thanks, dad.
Pick up amulet. Smash it. See what happens.

>> No.14899565

If I was actually a Tau inside a crisis suit I'd be out there for some reason already and have a mission, and wouldn't let something like this interrupt my mission.

I wouldn't help the Eldar hoping for some kind of alliance, Eldar are treacherous liars.

If I was a human loyal to the Emperor in the 40K universe (with similar fighting power to the crisis battle suit) I would attempt to kill all of the guardsmen for heresy. Those men are future chaos cultists. I would then probably have to kill the Eldar.

If I was a human with the logic and character of an average human in the real universe, and had a crisis suit in my control, I would try to be a white knight and rescue the Eldar. She may betray me at the first chance she gets but a human in our universe wouldn't know about the lying Eldar.

The problem with this situation is that you expect us (humans in the real world) to think like a Tau of the fire caste. Most of us simply wont think that way.

>> No.14899567

No. We do not need another pathetic porn/romance quest. Go and read your own fapfictions elsewhere.

>> No.14899573

You think that while you have been given command of the forces in the area, you are not experienced with foreign cultures or interrogation. You call a water caste member. There appear to be none in the area as this colony world was not cooperative with the tau empire and the emissaries were withdrawn in favor of a cadre. This wont be easy or comfortable, you already feel awkward as the eldars piercing gaze meets your eyes. Perhaps you should attempt to ask a question.

>> No.14899575

Eldar are tricky things, I'm guessing. It's not like the Tau would be very interested in her body.

>> No.14899576

>No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to cave to railroading.

>> No.14899581

>Show me on yourself just where the gue'la touched you.

>> No.14899587

Why the fuck not.

>> No.14899590

"These amulets seem important to you." Break one.
"You will reveal your secrets. Or I will continue."

>> No.14899592

Oh fuck you. I knew you'd give me this excuse. Fine.
I ask her if there has been anything that would make her or the Eldar oppose the Tau.

>> No.14899594

I don't have any porn fiction, if you know any be my guest. Otherwise I'm putting all my eggs in this basket.

>> No.14899595

I sage, collapse and report the shit thread.

>> No.14899597

I don't get it, what's with all the lying Eldar stereotypes?

I thought Eldar valued honesty and integrity, except it was by necessity for the survival of the race that they did things that humans didn't like.

>> No.14899605

"How did it feel when the humans violated you? Was it... arousing?"

>> No.14899606

Hi, uh, Sera. You doing anything tonight?

>> No.14899607

Honour and integrity between people, yes. Do you think humans and tau count as people to them?

>> No.14899608

They lie all the fucking time if it suits their purposes. Its not like those values apply to mere animals.

>> No.14899610

Well first you should start looking for pornographic places. /tg/ isn't one of them, so quit shitting it up.

>> No.14899611

Since I'm in my formal armour rather than my piloting suit I remove my cape and cover her up. Then I go over to the gems and pick the inert gem.

"You call these 'spirit stones', yes? You believe that by energizing them with your personal electromagnetic aura, the one that that all living beings emit, that you are protecting your souls from some great evil, correct? I assume this one is broken?"

>> No.14899612

The guy with the bolter has a great give no fucks look

>> No.14899614


>> No.14899618

Shock the truth out of her. With an electrical current.

>> No.14899624

Destroy her orifices.

>> No.14899626


I did try fap to it but the ending really made it impossible for me to do so. I almost felt bad for the xenos.

>> No.14899633

fuck you

>> No.14899639

"The filthy mon'keigh attempted to defile me sexually" replies Sera. The question has clearly caught her off guard. She gives you a strange look, as if she just lost some respect for you. "I will not speak any more of this, I'm certain you understand. Even as is, I feel as if my mouth will never be clean again." Sera spits on the floor before her, a cleanup drone lunges to her feet to clean the fluid from the metal floor.
"Have your kin brought me here simply to catalog my feelings on the matter?" You feel somewhat more awkward.

>> No.14899642

I agree. This does have potential. I may haveto writefag this later.
Also this

>> No.14899646

This thread is a pearl.

>> No.14899652

My apologies, note that I only ask this because of the concern for your health. Our medical staff is not familiar with Eldar biology.
Now tell me Eldar, why are you here? And did you come here as an ally or enemy?

>> No.14899673

>Now tell me Eldar, why are you here? And did you come here as an ally or enemy?
>A shas'la approaches and whispers that an eldar kill team murdered the ethereal in command.

That question has already been anwsered, at least in part, and you don't seem to quite grasp what that would to to the rest of the Tau's morale.

>> No.14899675

The criss suit pilot sighs, rubbing her head slit, trying to clear her mind.
"Alright- Sera. You said you owe me a debt of gratitude? I wish to know why you are here, and whether your kin wish the greater good and it's allies harm."
She offers the woman her cloak to cover up in, and sits opposite.
"... if I cash in on that favor now- do you think you could help me?"

>> No.14899687

Its to see what her answer would be. I'm allowed to actually try and interrogate her right.

>> No.14899691

Thanks, that was pretty good.

>> No.14899693

Just fuck off from /tg/ already.

>> No.14899695

Noticing that the Eldar seems unimpressed with my knowledge of their 'highly secretive' culture I try to probe deeper.
"I can fetch for you a daily antiseptic rinse we use for oral hygene. My duty is to determine why your... colleagues have assassinated one of our... officers. Tell me, what do you know of our castes, our Greater Good?"

>> No.14899701

I grab my railgun and fire several shots at her head, causing her headless body to fall to the metal floor. I kick her body out of the back of my battlesuit, and laugh as I fly into the night sky.

>> No.14899707

Nope. The writefag is here to fap to his own guro and rape fapfiction.

>> No.14899718

You remove your cape and cover Seras naked body with it. She manages a slight smile. You now feel more comfortable in talking to her. You explain that the previous question was a lapse in judgement on your part and you merely wanted to see how she was holding up after the matter. You pick up the dataslate with the medical data on it. It contains much information on Seras body, but what catches your eye most is the cultural information that is included. Yu read the section on things called "Spirit Stones". You realize that they are the things on the table. You pick up the dim amulet from the table. It is cool against your hand unlike the warmth of the other stones. You speak. "
This is a spirit stone, yes? Your kind believe that they protect your "soul" from the influence of Slaanesh, don't they? What an interesting belief. Why does this one not glow?" Sera straightens up in the chair and replies. "They are. It is not a belief that they safeguard our kind from the touch of the Prince of Excess. This is the only hope we have to an afterlife. That one does not glow because I still live. I would be glad if you put it back on my neck." Perhaps you should inform her of how your caste slew Slaanesh when he acted on tau territory. Maybe you should comply to her request as well.

>> No.14899720

"One of your comrades just murdered out commander in cheif, are you here as an ally?"

Fucking really?

>> No.14899724

Do you even have basic interrogation skills?

>> No.14899739

Put it back on the table. I'm not giving her anything that I don't fully know about.

>> No.14899742

Well there are two kinds of eldar.
Rapey eldar and Dickish but not rape dickish eldar.
Maybe she's one of the dickish ones, and the rapey kind killed our commander?

>> No.14899756
File: 78 KB, 800x680, Tau_Rumours.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd probably move in with my battlesuit, my sheer presence alone would probably make the guardsmen run. I would call for back up, and try to capture those gue'la as well. All information would be valuable at this point of what was going on beforehand. If the situation proved to be quite hostile, might as well blow them all up with my deadly plasma weaponry.

>> No.14899765

Read his post again. He wants to see what HER answer would be. Its called being logical you know, interrogations are about trying to get any possible information.

>> No.14899784

No, no. You don't understand.
They didn't kill our commander, they killed our Aun.
Do you have any idea the gravity of that?
It is, at the very least, enough for any Tau who knew to hate ANY Eldar he saw for quite a long time afterwards.

>> No.14899794

Well now we're getting into what type of personality our character has.

>> No.14899819


>> No.14899825

You are wary of Sera. Her kind are known to be prone to trickery and manipulation. You put the amulet back on the table and say "If you answer my questions truthfully I will return your belongings. If not, we will have to kill you." You notice that Sera seems worried as she fidgets in the chair. There is fear in her eyes. It looks as if this will help you question her. You decide not to mention how your caste destroyed the Slaanesh cult and their leader so that she doesn't get comfortable. You decide to press on. "As it stands many of my warriors want you dead for killing our dear leader. If you do not tell the truth you will die without this stone." Seras left ear jerks slightly and she starts shaking. Your prisoner is vulnerable, it's time to start questioning.

>> No.14899846
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>> No.14899877 [DELETED] 

'Fiercly passionate but held in check by the now dead Etherial' I imagine. Captcha ate my fucking post.

I attach the spirit stone, tell her that the Greater Good allows it's citizens flexibility in their beliefs, that mine are more pragmatic and that what I contribute to the Greater Good and leave behind for others of the fire caste to continue to protect after I die are all that matters.
Remove the spirit stone.
State that the protection of our (she still hasn't seemed to understand how important Etherials are) officers is one of my foremost contributions as a member of the Fire Caste, and derilection of that duty is a grave matter.
Reattach the spirit stone.
State that neither the Greater Good nor the Eldar are spiteful by nature however, and a 'parting shot' as the Gue'la would call it is not the sort of thing the Eldar would typically indulge in, then ask her why.

>> No.14899889

You remember that the kin of this creature murdered both your beloved Aun and the cadres Shas'O. And animalistic thought enters your mind: do as the Gue'la did to her. You immediately snap out of it, you have no sexual interest in such beings, no matter how beautiful, and you still need information.
{META} Stop being a faggot. No rape. {\META}

>> No.14899890
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>> No.14899898

"Now tell me, were you aroused when the gue'la attacked you?"

>> No.14899900
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>> No.14899913

State that neither the Greater Good nor the Eldar are spiteful by nature however, and a 'parting shot' as the Gue'la would call it is not the sort of thing the Eldar would typically indulge in, then ask her why.

>> No.14899923

"You said you owed meadebt. I'm cashing in onit. Why is my leader dead? Who killed him?"

>> No.14899965

You bring in the lie detector. You ask yet another unpleasant and useless question. It has the desired effect. Sera blushes and lowers her head, the desire to kill you now shines in her eyes. Another such question will most likely completely ruin your chance of befriending the eldar female. Still, you are pleased that she is uncomfortable as this displeasure is a part of your revenge upon her for the deaths of your superiors. She casts a glance at the amulet beside her and the lie detector and whispers "yes". She is telling the truth. Now you must decide, revenge or kindness as you continue questioning.

>> No.14899990

Listen, if you're just going to pick the answers that'll just make this another forgettable and pathetic fapfiction, then the rest of us won't be enjoying this writefaggotry at all.

>> No.14900004
File: 33 KB, 500x500, 1303012133781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kindness. I don't care if that's predictable, this has potential.

>> No.14900005

While revenge will satisfy my personal feelings, greater good will demand that some useful info must be obtained.

some kindness and respect will earn an acceptance of the situation form the eldar and she will be more willing to answer questions.
questions about tactical info will be most useful at the start, as they are of least worry and secrecy and they will show what we are after. No need to pick on her, we need to show that Tau are better than gue'la.

>> No.14900006

The fuck is this? A lie detector? Don't tell me you just made this up.

>> No.14900016

Do not listen to this idiot. He knows not what he speaks.

>> No.14900021

I pick the first relevant answer after my post, and add elements of the other posts if possible. Keep in mind I'm not an experienced writefag and am trying to make this at least somewhat true to canon and interesting.

>> No.14900024

Typical ronnery faggot of /tg/. You all belong on /a/.

>> No.14900034

Its not relevant though. They're no better than troll replies.

>> No.14900036
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>> No.14900039

Alright, here's where you're going wrong. You need to pick the answer that has the most support/best fits the scenario, not who ever managed to slam home the submit button fastest
If you want the story to go in a direction that isn't herpderp employ a little discretion.

>> No.14900049

It's relevant as a test question. Now stop ruining the quest with your meta garbage. You want something ground-breaking, go start your own thread.

>> No.14900081

Someone actually made a rape diorama out of 40k models? Seriously, what the fuck? That's just a whole new dimension of creepy neckbeardiness.

>> No.14900085

You're either a troll, or just upset and acting childish.
Either way your post is relevant as the other shitty ones.

>> No.14900088

Protip: players that constantly bitch about the narrative are worse than the most awful railroading GMs. It's their game and your choices are either to roll with it or get out of Dodge.

>> No.14900092

it was made by some russian dude btw, if that somehow calms you down.

>> No.14900095

it was some girl whos made some other weird dioramas too
the dioramas themselves are pretty awesome looking though

>> No.14900099

So blame the writefag's faults on us. Good logic.

>> No.14900103


>> No.14900112

You're projecting, I'm not the one being a babby and constantly questioning everything.

>> No.14900128

Faults are a matter of opinion. Your opinion is not law. So if you don't like it, it's probably just not for you and you should leave.

>> No.14900132

Oh look whos being defensive.
To all the people complaining about the shitty writefag, just give up. Hes only writing here for the horny That Guys /tg/ is filled with.

>> No.14900147

Well yeah, I've been trying to tell you that. You should give up. And leave. By staying and being a whiner, you've brought the whole thing to a screeching halt and ruined everyone's fun. Just because you're a faggot.

>> No.14900151

You look at Sera and consider your approach to the situation. She is ashamed and upset. You decide to not pursue such actions in the future for the sake of kindness and the gathering of information. You return to the topic at hand. "Why are you here?" "We are here to wipe out the Tau forces in the region" Sera looks into your eyes again. Looking back you see only defiance and contempt. "Why did you kill our commanders? Why do you want to destroy our cadre? This land is of no interest to your kind." "We have our reasons, primitive, we shall act as we wish" "That is not an answer." You draw your pulse pistol. A slight tinge of fear returns to Seras eyes. She speaks quickly. "We were ordered to remove your influence from the area so that the mon'keigh may return." "Why did you want us replaced by the gue'la?" "Our farseer predicted that a powerful cult of chaos will rise here if the tau remain in power. You are a naive people and will not be able to deal with them like the mon'keigh can." This worries you. You don't want to give up the planet but a chaos incursion is a true threat to the tau'va, a threat your forces are ill prepared to face. You ponder your next action.

>> No.14900155

Just like your opinions? I'm complaining because of the writefag's flaws in which choice he picks and goes with, since those are made by trolls/neckbeards. If you don't like what I say, you can also leave.

>> No.14900164

It always baffles me why people decide to shit up a shit thread even worse instead of just hiding, reporting and ignoring. Why? What do you gain from it? Is it pride?

>> No.14900166

"Why didn't you just, you know- tell us?"

>> No.14900174

Its you whos ruining the fun by trying to hamfist fapction shit into this and attacking anyone who disagrees with you. Go google fapfiction, theres thousands of stories that can satisfy your pathetic needs.

>> No.14900183

Except that's not how it works. The writefag is the authority, if you don't like it, you can go start your own thread and write it however you want. I support it so why should I leave? You're only staying because your petty pride refuses to just admit this isn't for you.

You can say it's for neckbeards/trolls/roneryfags until you're blue in the face. Fact remains, it's not for you. So you should go. No. Don't argue, just go.

>> No.14900191

Cancer killing /tg/

>> No.14900206

I'm not the writer. In fact I haven't given any of the replies or taken part whatsoever in the narrative. I've just been reading along and from what I can tell, you've been shitting up this thread with your incessant bitching instead of just going along for the ride (or leaving).

>> No.14900213

Would you all shut up and play? Before The mod baleets the thread I want to have a touching moment of interspecies romance

>> No.14900228

The writefag himself admitted hes still new to writing. I'm only trying to get him to use some common sense in which choices he picks. Thats my aim here. Yours is just trying to get some forced story that you can fap to.
I'm not going to reply to anything else you say, since you're basically a That Guy/a troll.

>> No.14900229

And your opinion is somehow above theirs? Everyone has a right to contribute, not just you.
You reflect on the conversation and this new information. If you could see yourself at this time, you would notice that you bear a resemblance to your past Shas'O when you contemplate so. You see a glaring flaw in this logic. "Why didn't you just inform us of such a prediction?" "It was considered. We foresaw that your ethical ideas would not stop them. You would capture them, question them as you are questioning me and you would achieve nothing. The mon'keigh would slaughter them without such a bother. It was more efficient." Perhaps you should ask another question, why do they care what happens here?

>> No.14900231

This. Everyone who wants to take part in this shameless fapfic/romance, stay. Everyone who hates it and thinks it's cancer, leave, report, whatever. Just fuck off already.

>> No.14900234


>> No.14900243

>I'm just fapping along

>> No.14900244

I'm defending his artistic choice, his God-given right. You wanna give pointers, go start a thread about writing on /lit/ or something. I'm sure it'll get a lot of replies. You may leave now.

>> No.14900245

If she speaks truth, then a tactical retreat would be advisable.
but gue'la showed their weakness and a thought that they will be better equipped to defeat the unnatural chaos manifestations is an absurd to someone who has nothing to fear from it to a level that gue'la have.
Well, unless they bring with them their power armoured maniacs, then that would be different...

No. orders we clear, this information has no bearing on the mission at hand. Eradication of any gue'la, be it a civilian or soldier is a preferable course of action, if we were by accident to remove these cultists during the "pacification".
Make a note of it and proceed with questions of more sensitive, strategic nature. don't forget to be nice.

>> No.14900264

And? What are you gonna do about it? Come at me.

>> No.14900265

good diorama, bad fiction for retarded faggots posting middle school quality "writing" about it.

You can type stupid stuff like you have an imaginary friend WITHOUT posting it online to shit up the rest of the world more.

>> No.14900269

Over the ones who only want to fap to this? Yes, since I'm actually trying to help you.

>> No.14900276

Why? It gets replies. It certainly got yours.

>> No.14900279

>I'm a pathetic fuck, what are you gonna do about?

>> No.14900290
File: 78 KB, 360x267, 1304099858551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Delicious tears.

>> No.14900294

>Oh shit, I have nothing to say. Better call him mad.

>> No.14900296

>I'm trying to help you, now watch me bitch and moan like a woman.

>> No.14900300

fuck off already. don't like it, leave the thread alone.
others are interested, and so far it has been clean, if you were to pay attention to the progress of the story.
the assumption that this will degenerate to a erp is a disgusting and insulting one.

>> No.14900307
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>oh shit i have nothing to say, better greentext

Difference between you and me is that I'm enjoying myself either way.

>> No.14900312

>Only thing I can say now is I'm still fapping.

>> No.14900313

The decision comes quickly and without much contemplation. You will not give up this world. The light of tau'va will shine in this place as your fire warriors fight for it at any cost. At all costs. You will request support from the nearest fleet and gather your forces. You must act now. If there is any other question you wish to ask of Sera, do so now. The desicion must be made: will she be of use or must she die?

>> No.14900315

It is, however, an entirely logical deduction to make.

>> No.14900318

This. All I see are babies crying about a fapfic that hasn't happened and probably isn't going to happen. But apparently that's enough to send /tg/ into a frenzy of butthurt.

>> No.14900322

I shoot myself in the head.

>> No.14900334
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And it feels gooooooooood.

>> No.14900338 [DELETED] 

For the fiftieth time, you swore an oath that would make any water caste blush a bright turqoise as you dived towards the nearest pile of debris and wreckage, landing roughly beside one of the burnt out fortifications. Your shoulder didn't appreciate the haphazard leap but the rest of you did as another blistering salvo of human gunfire swooped across your head. It was bright blue and left a sizzling tang of ozone in the air as it passed. Human lascannon fire, if you remembered your shas'ui's briefings correctly. Capable of critically damaging even Devilfish transports and had more than enough heat energy to burn through all currently issued personal protective equipment. More gunfire followed, snapping you out of your little reverie into statistics and battle briefings.

You risked a small peek from the corner of the wall of sandbags and razor wire and glimpsed one of the human tactical infantry squads slowly closing in with their crude but horribly effective melee weapons attached to their firearms. More lascannon fire raked your position and this time it was unerringly accurate, burning through the sandbags that covered you and flinging globules of molten sand and burning hessian cloth at you. You pulled your head back into cover by reflex and a second sooner, a deluge of stinging red lasers shot through where your head had been. This wasn't good, you were pinned down and you were alone. You didn't even know where the fuck the rest of your squad had gone (to die).

>> No.14900341

You're trying to make it a fapfic, look at all the replies.
Oh wait, I'm arguing with a That Guy.

>> No.14900345

Cancerous niggers

>> No.14900347

logical to someone who can't think of anything else.
if you want to fap, you have whole internet at your disposal. Just let this progress, it has been fine so far. the pic OP chose was simply to start off the story, and it didn't go bad so far.

>> No.14900353

She will be of use. I refuse to give up on her, even if I have to defy the Ethereals themselves. This just feels right. Nothing has ever felt more right for the Greater Good than this.

>> No.14900362


>> No.14900375

>implying I've done anything

Whatever the writefag chooses, I'll defend it. If he wants to play it straight, I'll defend that too. What I won't defend are people trying to steer it towards their own ends.

>> No.14900390

Typical /tg/ thread. Shitty writefag who will be forgotten, ronnery manchildren who want to romance their Eldar waifus, story that'll never pass Deviantart quality.

>> No.14900394

"…Cloud…." Right after she said that everyone was in shock that Vincent spit out his drink, Cid swallowed his smoke and started to choke, Barret fell back with his seat while Yuffie accidentally dropped all her materia.
"You did "it"?" Vincent shouted
"That's it! I quit smoking!" He said while smashing the box of cigarette.
"Tifa! You should never promise anything like that! Anyone can have sex at any moment without control!" Barret shouted.
"Not you too." Tifa said.
"Did you apologize?" Yuffie asked.
"She wouldn't forgive me."
"We're doomed." Yuffie said.
"It's mostly my fault but… I checked on Marlene… since when did she had a boom box?" Cloud said. "All you can hear is that loud hard rock music that's coming from her room."
"..I'm gonna talk to Marlene." Barret said. He walked to the door. "Marlene? It's me, your father. Open this door." He said but there was no answer.
"Marlene? Open this door!"
"Go… away."
"Open this F door or I'll destroy it!" Barret said while aiming at the door
"I don't think that violence is the answer." Vincent says. "…For a little girl at least."
"Then you talk to her." Barret said in an upsetting tone. Vincent slowly opened the door and got inside Marlene's room. The place was like a haunted house. Almost everything was covered in black, even herself. She looked at Vincent and smiled. Let's just say she dressed up as a goth. "Hello Vincent."

"…Marlene… what happened here?" Vincent asked trying to keep calm.
"I decided to change my room with my allowance." She said. Vincent noticed a book that was on the floor and picked it up.
"Is that a book for voodoo?"
"Yep." She said. Vincent saw her holding a spoon which had a face and a fake wig making it look like Tifa. She put it in a jar of water and started to shake it. (Sorta like in Lilo and Stitch) "Tifa needs to be punished."

>> No.14900402

although eldar walk paths which they reveal to no one, she knows more of the threat at hand than anyone else on this forsaken rock.
If she is willing to cooperate and help us out, then she will live. if not, then she outlived her usefulness.
unlike gue'la we do not mean eldar direct harm, and that should be enough for now to sway her to help us out.

>> No.14900405

In case you didn't know, there are multiple people in this thread who have stated you are faggots and op is picking all of your choices.

>> No.14900416

Contemplating what is to happen on this world you raise your pulse pistol to your head. Sera looks at you in surprise. You return her gaze and she sees fear in your eyes. You have fought chaos before. As much as you supress these memories they do not leave you. Then in a split second you lower your weapon. In horror you think: How could you even think about abandoning your people?
You put away the pistol and walk to the table and take the amulet. After a short pause you place it on Seras neck. She smiles again. a smile that flees as soon as you speak. "The Tau will fight for this world till the last fire warrior. Your kind will fight with us." You call a fire warrior squad and order them to escort Sera to the communication array. perhaps the eldar will fight with you. You walk slowly to your quarters, lost in thought.

>> No.14900424

I jump into my crisis suit.

>> No.14900432

stop talking out of your ass and let others be.
no one stops you from having a thread about your figurines or lore or whatever. so far this thread has been ok and the only problem is the fags who keep crying retarded stuff which didn't happen.

>> No.14900436

"I'd like to see where this is going. I'm not going to interfere, just going to read along and maybe it'll go somewhere interesting."

"What the fuck is this, it's obviously fapfiction pr0n based on the way the Eldar batted an eye or how the Tau adjusted his armor. Oh shit, someone's pointing out how retarded I'm acting, I'll accuse him of wanting to masturbate for no reason."

Multiple people have pointed out how much of a faggot you are.

>> No.14900454

>Typical /tg/ faggot, someone's doing something that doesn't affect him in any way, he'll make it a reason to soapbox anyway.


>> No.14900466

Summerfag cancer.

>> No.14900468

Out of all the sages, this is the most spot on.

>> No.14900471

sorry bro, I gotta go to work.

I'd rather leave you guys in furious suspense rather than write up something shit in a short amount of time.

>> No.14900479

You walk up to your quarters. You are tired and more worried than you would admit. You want to rest but now is not the time. With determination you leave your door alone and walk toward the hangar. your suit is there, freshly cleaned and maintained. You climb in. You don't know where you will go. All you do know is that you're too restless to stay.

{META} Please don't spam "stop liking what I don't like". I get it, I'm a shitty writefag and all that. Leave the the thread if you don't like it. my only ambition in this was to do what /tg/ wanted. Some people like it others don't. also keep in mind that I choose the first relevant post because I can't monitor them all and type at the same time.

>> No.14900484

some rest will be useful, this has been a long day after all. besides, preparations need to be made, as it is doubtful that we will lea e this place any time soon.
then, the prisoner needs to be prepared to help us out: maps, tactical info (only where necessary) and pointers for us what to use in case x,y or z happens.

>> No.14900487

Fly into space.

>> No.14900489

Jesus christ. Summerfags. Summerfags and perma-virgins EVERYWHERE ITT.

>> No.14900501

>i'm a retard who contributes nothing and criticizes others for something they didn't do.

glad you helped out.

>> No.14900521

Show me the evidence of summer cancer. Go ahead, link the exact post or posts that don't include the retarded meta shit swirling around. I'll wait.

>> No.14900523


Truth is ugly isn't it, faggot?

>> No.14900529

Butthurt tripfags. Butthurt tripfags everywhere.

>> No.14900530

You are on edge. You always liked the endless expanse of stars and planets that is space. It always calmed you down. You wish you could be back at your ship but you can't. You leave the hangar and stare up at the stars. Then is hits you. Stars, it must be night time. You return to your quarters, leaving Sera to your Shas'la. You hope they don't defy orders and kill her. You fall asleep.

>> No.14900534

Become intoxicated.

>> No.14900535


If you have to ask that, you're obviously a summerfag yourself and you need to an hero now.

>> No.14900547

you are the typical tripfag cancer whoring for attention. gtfo.

>> No.14900549

>Cancerous tripfag accusing others of shitposting
Haha, oh wow.

>> No.14900555

So you have nothing then. Ok thanks. I'd seriously take infinity summerfags over your useless ass, tripfaggot.

>> No.14900556

>I'm a really important guy on 4chan. What I say, goes. Yeah.
You reek of self-tan, even through the internet. Go to bed, Snooki worshiper.

>> No.14900562


Whatever you say, nigger.

>> No.14900570


Protip: just because school let out, doesn't mean you should act like a dipshit.

>> No.14900582

>lol so edgy
You also reek of mad.

>> No.14900588


no answer, no reply, nothing witty to say?
seriously gtfo.

>> No.14900591

I like the way you think mister.

>> No.14900596

I've seen a Crisis suit step on a Vindicare assassin before.

I'd wait a bit to see what happens, and when the Eldar breaks the neck of the first man to come close, I'd step in and gun down the other two as they go to attack her.

>> No.14900604

Implying that situation would ever be possible. One eldar warrior should be more deadly than at least a dozen well armed guardsmen. Second, if it were a female eldar, most chances are she wouldn't cover her breasts - remember they are a free society, not full of shitty taboos.

>> No.14900608

Three even, didn't notice the one leaning over the side of the vehicle at first.

>> No.14900609



That's a Guardian.

They are PEASANTS WITH GUNS in Eldar society.

I'd say five equivalent PEASANTS WITH GUNS are enough of a match.

>> No.14900614

>no fun allowed

>> No.14900618

/tg/ what happened to you? :/

>> No.14900619

>remember they are a free society, not full of shitty taboos.

Oh dear god, even Imperium looks like sexually relaxed society of hedonists compared to the Eldar, you know that?

>> No.14900629

Well no they're still a bit better than your average guardsman, that's a point which is made clear in the codex, however yes the previous guy did exaggerate ridiculously.

>> No.14900636

>They are PEASANTS WITH GUNS in Eldar society.

again, this is not a correct assessment. One has inherent advantage in speed, agility and hundreds of years of militia training. The other fell out of his mother's vagina twenty years earlier, and is given basic rifle and training and sent to die.

>> No.14900652

You can't sleep. You decide to get intoxicated. This is probably against protocol but as you press the bottle to your lips you stop caring. You fall unconsious after a substantial amount of drink. You begin to hallucinate. You see a page. A blue page with writing on it at the top is a line of gue'la letters. The pages title seems to be "/tg/ - Traditional Games". You don't know what this means. Below the title is a boxthat says "posting mode:reply" Still below is a picture. It's Sera. She is being raped again. You aren't there this time. The text below details your day and it's events. Some of the writing is in an angry tone. they suggest you should have raped the girl. They keep repeating the word "sage".
Then you wake up. you are in bed. Sera is standing over you. She is naked and stroking your sexual organ. You do not resist. She slowly climbs onto you and eases herself down on your member. Then drop pods fall and everybody dies.

{meta} If a competent writefag wants to redo this story/ continue it, I would be very glad. Frankly there is no more room for anything good in this thread.

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