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Last thread:

We're Quin Fuller Smithsson, the daughter of a renowned blacksmith (at least around these parts), and while we're in the mine digging metal and killing mineroaches for supplies we encounter the members of a party of adventurers which had succumbed to some lizardy beast in the mines. Armed with our heirloom pickaxe, we've krumped some bigger-than-usual mineroaches...
But now four of them block our path towards the last party member that needs rescuing, the paladin. You can hear clangs, battle clangs.
Roll 4d20 to beat these mineroaches!

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rolled 18, 13, 1, 15 = 47

Prepare to be dominated, mineroaches.

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Awesome. We managed to crush three in a single swing, but one skitters away. Anyhow, now there's six mineroach carapace pieces, but you already have five chalcopyrite rocks and 14 mineroach carapaces, which just leaves one item slot in your pockets. You did make a mental note to bring a bag next time going down here.
You still hear the paladin fighting something to the south. You've managed to save his comrades, which is an elf magician named Llywelyn and a human rogue. Can we save Hertzog the paladin as well?
Decisions, please!

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Wow, /tg/ is fast tonight. Bump to front page, if anyone's still willing to quest.

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Last bump, if there's nobody questing I'll try again another day.

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Why do all of the quest characters inevitably end up being chicks?

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We seem to be coming out ahead so far. Let's go ahead and rescue the guy. No sense leaving him down here.

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QUICK! Forge me a weapon worthy of the high priest of the gambler god!

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I dunno, /tg/ dice wills it.

As you follow the mine tunnels, you find Hertzog bathed in blood, kneeling all knightly-like. You thought he was dead, but a closer look at his surroundings reveal the source of the blood: the lizardlike beast, now decapitated. Hertzog is alive, but barely. "I have avenged you, Llywellyn and Kendall. The beast who killed both of you is dead."
"Um, sir Hertzog? They're alive."
The paladin seemed suprised, not expecting anyone to be in these mines.
"Ah, citizen, it is dangerous in these mines! Look at this beast, it must've crawled from the lower levels of the mine. It's killed my companions, two of them."
"But they're still alive-"
"Fear not, citizen, I, Hertzog, shall help you get back to the surface."
"But I-"
"So, are you a miner? I reckon a fine young man such as you would know how to wield a broadsword properly?"
Hertzog is more suprised than last time.

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Ho ho ho.

I thought it said shit quest. You can imagine my reaction to the OP pic during this period of confusion.

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made me double-take. Hah! I like the cut of your jib.

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bomp? It seems that the quester majority's going to Evil Quest?

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Might just be a bad night. I'd participate but I shouldn't even be on /tg/ at the moment. Way too much work to do right now. Damn procrastination...

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What this guy said. That said:
Convincing the others that they can help show gratitude by carrying back some carapaces for us might be okay. It's practical, though it should be offhand; no need to make them feel obligation.
And if the paladin is suffering from a concussion and not just surprised at things not being what he expected, maybe a bit more help his way. Leading him to the others seems the way to start.

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Face palm. Stupid overdramatic sonova....
"Look guy in the overly decorated and unpractical armor, your friends are up ahead, you follow me, and we'll get out of here, hopefully with nothing more then a few more squished bugs stopping us."

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If he is like that, maybe we can con him into carrying our loot for us :D

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Play the damsel in distress card?

>> No.14897074

Sounds like a good idea. That said, you might want to remind him to keep the dramatics on a hold until you are out of a potential combat zone.

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drag him out

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fucking captcha ate my noko and name :<

Captcha suggests tempting the man with tasty reganto lettuce.

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good luck with your work, man.

You look at Hertzog, and it's clear that the half-orc is okay in the head, to put it simply.
"Come on, let's go up. You can walk, can't you?"
"Yes, lassie. I'm fine. So you were saying, Llywelyn and Kendall are alive?"
"Yep. The elf is just unconscious, but the rogue was still a-ok when I found him."
"Kendall, you son of a- he pretended he was dead! I bet he's going to vandalize that mineforged we met earlier."
"Oh, you mean Jim?"
"Kendall had always have this... 'itch' when he sees mechanical things."
"By the way, if you could, could you please carry those mineroach carapaces? I'm running out of storage room here."
"I'm sorry, lassie, but my inventory's full, too. Now how about getting me back up?"
You lead Hertzog back, retracing your steps, and came to where Jim the mineforged is. You see something scrawled on his back with paint or ink... 'KICK ME'. Seems like Kendall's work.
Should we send Jim to lead Hertzog to level 2 so we can mine more stuff, or should we lead Hertzog ourself? Decisions?

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we're full up anyway, let's lead him up ourselves. We can always come back later.

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Well, Paladins tend to fall to the damsel-in-distress routine. Not that they cannot see past the ruse, but mostly because it panders to some reptilian instinct of their chivalric spine.

Of course, try to see if he has any concussion. And check the lizard beast for loot too.

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Lead him out ourselves. We can't carry anything else, and an adventuring party might be useful clients.
"Hey Jim! JIM you old sonovaclock- you alright? You happen to see some shifty looking human come by?"

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What can we use the roach parts for anyway?

>> No.14897274

jewelry and armour an' shit.

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Missed it. Well, lead him out. Then if neither needs immediate help, construct some kind of litter to carry loot (an array of tough branches lashed together over a pair of longer and stiff branches/saplings with green barks/saplings/roots/ropes), dump the carapaces, let Jim and Hertzhog look after them/rest, and go back to pick more loot.

I hope I am not late again.

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And commemorative plates depicting our heroic slaughter of mineroaches.

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and then we can make murals depicting the plates?

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Well, you decide you'd lead Hertzog to his friends. Jim told you that the miners have taken care of their injuries, but the elf is still unconscious. You reach level 2 of the mine, and sure enough, there are miners, Uncle Grum amidst them. You see to it that Hertzog meets with his friends back on the surface.
Back at the entrance of the mine, you see that the elf and the rogue are treated in a makeshift tent, the village doctor tending to them. Kendall sees you and Hertzog.
"Woah! Dude, you made it out! Didja kill the lizard-thingy?"
"It was a cave Bas youngling, Kendall, and yes, I killed it. How's Llywelyn?"
"She's still out cold, and trust me, I didn't do anything to her. Can't even move with these broken bones."
"Ugh.." Llywelyn stirs.
"Dude! She's awake!"
"What the bloody bollocks happened?"
"Well, Llywelyn, we almost got ourselves a one-way ticket to cross the river Styx, you might say, but I have managed to slay the beast."
"Oh quit yer drama, Hertzog. Say, who's the fine young lad with the fire-hair with ya? He's a handsome one, he is."
Oh boy, here we go again.
"I'm not a man, good lady, I'm the daughter of a blacksmith."
Llywelyn seemed dejected.
"Ah, don't worry about it, lassie. She's like that. Anyway, to who do we owe our gratitude to?"
"My name's Quin Fuller Smithsson, I have a shop in this village. Come visit it sometime!"
"We shall, Quin. I'm Hertzog Gobsmacks, paladin of Dunder. The rogue there is Kendall Slicks, and-"
"I can bloody introduce myself, thank you!" Llywelyn interjects. "Me name's Llywelyn MacAran. Ah, shame you're a woman, you would have made a bloody handsome lad, you are."
You are not sure to take this as a compliment or as a creepy advance.

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>> No.14897430

well as I remember we have some hematite already, so maybe smelt that up and head to the tavern for a pint, or we could continue mining for a bit...

Oh, we should prolly ask the adventurers why they're in town.

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Up for /tg/ to decide, yo. I leave it to the masses!

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Creepy, or awesome?

"It's understandable when people mistake me for a lad, since I work in a man's job and all. Don't worry about it. Was it just the infestation that brought you and your companions to the mine?

>> No.14897460

No, I meant that we burst out to the elf loudly, "ARE YOU GAY?" Because it sounds like if we was a boy, he'd be all over us.

Sorry, if I didn't make it clear.

>> No.14897465

Our only love is the forge. Strangely enough, the forge is a lady. So...

>> No.14897478


But Llywelyn is a girl-elf.

>> No.14897504

Llywelyn is a GIRL! BUt....but ...its a boy's name. Gweh, i gotta up my reading skills.

>> No.14897508

Why do all female main characters in quest threads end up lesbians?

>> No.14897510

. . . I am reminded of the comment by Alive of Wulfhammer: "It's not gay if it is an elf." (paraphrased)

Regardless, I am ambivalent. The forge is Quin's love, and on lonely nights, perhaps the hammer too...

Leave loot with Uncle, buy a couple more bags, then skin the Bas youngling?

>> No.14897532

> Alive

Also, if Quin indeed loot that lizard beast, would Hertzhog get a lion's share out of the profit?

>> No.14897569

I like this suggestion. forgot about the skin...that could make a nice grip for a weapon or tool!

>> No.14897592


Or cool leather armor.

>> No.14897597

the elf is a female elf...

We got 5 chalcopyrite, not hematite.

"It's understandable when people mistake me for a lad, since I work in a man's job and all. Don't worry about it. Was it just the infestation that brought you and your companions to the mine?"
Hertzog spoke first.
"Partly true, lassie, we were hired by the mine foreman to clear level 3. But what we didn't expect is the cave Bas youngling that crept from the lower levels."
Kendall continued. "Well, we also heard that there's an entrance to some ancient caves in the lower levels, filled with the rarest materials and treasure... of course, there's bigger monsters innit."
"I see... well, be sure to stop by my shop!"
"Yeah, maybe when we're healed enough. That means, we're gonna say at the inn for a while."
You wave goodbye to them, and went to the nearby smelter to extract the copper out of the chalcopyrite. It costs 5 copper to use the smelter, and you'll have to roll a 1d20 to see the resulting quality of the smelt.

>> No.14897603

So, we tell the elf female that "Elfy, you're a fine girl, what a good wife you'd be, but my life, my love, and my lady is the smithy."

>> No.14897623

rolled 7 = 7

Let's roll

>> No.14897627

rolled 2 = 2

I say smelt it, its not as if we can do anything else with the ore...

>> No.14897642

rolled 14 = 14

rolling to smelt, then we should stash our stuff and go mine a bit more before bed.

>> No.14897653

On a more serious reply:
- Ignore Llewelyn, be thankful that Quin's ruddy complexion hides blushes
- Ask Uncle and the party if the cave Bas can be harvested for anything remotely useful
- Loot it anyway for bones, skin (scales), and exotica (teeth, gullet, gut, tendon); they can be experimented for straps or other accessories perhaps
- Promise Hertzhog a lion's share of any profit Quin can get out of the Bas' harvested parts (60-40?)

>> No.14897674

Smelt, buy a bag! Mine and loot.

>> No.14897705

We give the smelter operator five copper. (wallet: 3 Gc, 10 Sc, 35 Cc) We load the 5 chalcopyrite, and wait for the smelting process to be done. When it is done, though, you get a good-quality bar of copper, ready to be shaped by your capable hands.
You walk back home to store today's loot, and return to the mine to mine some more (it's afternoon). We brought our bag now, and a knife to skin the Bas. (fast forward to the evening)
You exit the mine, earning a cave Bas hide, five hematite, two chalcopyrite, and ten mineroach carapace. Sweet.
Decisions? Should we go to the bar and have a good drink, or should we go home and sleep?

>> No.14897715

Bar, but try to weasel a commission of something copper out of someone instead of simply drinking.

>> No.14897724

We've earned a drink. Let's get a mug of ale and perhaps meet some traveller who might need the help of a smith.

>> No.14897727

bar, but on the lookout for >>14897715 something like that.

>> No.14897750

Not so much 'weasal' deal, but negotiate a fair deal with someone. Straight-laced and even-handed: that is the path to prosperity in a small town.

>> No.14897760

Ugh. It seems traditional to drink...
But I am not really that type. I'd prefer experimenting in the smithy, in fact.

But as a concession, go to tavern, take that rotgut swill most townsfolk avoid -Quin loves it, for reasons unknown, rumors persist of dwarven ancestry, or worse, fire giant ancestry in her bloodline (strong, redhead, ruddy complexion, love the flame of the forge, had a temper like a simmering volcano)- and listen to rumors of work and stuffs.

>> No.14897850

We decide to head to the bar, which is located below the only inn in the village. As you guessed, it's kinda empty, with only less than a dozen miners, one or two lumberjacks, and about the same number of travelers. But what's that small crowd of miners cheering about in the corner? You order a drink, the usual stuff, and then take a peek through the ruckus.
Llywelyn is drinking some of the miners under the table.
You can see Hertzog facepalming, and Kendall egging her on. Apparently Kendall's betting some of the miners that the elf can drink more than them.

>> No.14897862

We can totally outdrink an elf. We're a blacksmith.

>> No.14897903

A human blacksmith, and she has already consumed a whole bunch of liqour by the look of it. Not to mention she was knocked out cold earlier, so she can't be starting at 100%. I say we drink her under the table.

>> No.14897924


is she changing the booze to water? ahh what the hell, lets go say hi at least.

>> No.14897943

Try to drink her under the table like Indy and Marion.

>> No.14897992


>> No.14898066

How is Quin in the drinking department?
First, hail Hertzhog aside, and question him if the elf is using any kind of magical aid to outdrink the tavern patrons. Paladins should not tell a lie (if this is a D&D setting anyways).

>> No.14898082

bump for op

>> No.14898190

You down with OPP (Yeah you know me)
You down with OPP (Yeah you know me)
You down with OPP (Yeah you know me)
Who's down with OPP (Every last homie)

>> No.14898276

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer
You take one down, pass it around
98 bottles of beer on the wall.

>> No.14898376

No... not again! NOOO!

>> No.14898435

>the daughter of a renowned blacksmith (at least around these parts)

Is this a continuation of Deathwish Quest? Are we the half dwarf daughter of Charles Bronson !?

>> No.14898493

Herp, sorry about the delay, lunch break.
We decide we'll enter the 'tournament' of sorts, but first, we say hello to Hertzog. "Heya Hertzog! What's up with Llywelyn?"
"Ah, it's you, laddie. Kendall had dared her to out-drink these miners. I just hope Llywelyn doesn't end up naked and dancing on the table like last time, when she drunk enough to drown a horse in."
"Whoah. So that IS alcohol she's drinking?"
"None other, laddie."
"Hmmm... can I join?"
Hertzog's mouth dropped the second time today.
"Sure, ask Kendall. Just hope you walk out of here with your pants on."
So, you ask Kendall, and soon enough you put five copper in the pot. Llywelyn stares at you half-drunkenly, beer mugs strewn about. Kendall clears the table, put two mugs of regular ale, and shouts "GO!"
roll 1d20 for the first five mugs of ale!

>> No.14898511

rolled 10 = 10

Here we go.

>> No.14898521

rolled 19 = 19

Drink drink drink, drink till she's pretty

>> No.14898536

Nope, never heard of Deathwish quest before I started this. We're the daughter of Bjorn Smithsson, blacksmith extraordinaire (at least around these parts). Link it please?

>> No.14898549

ho yay

>> No.14898624

The first five mugs went by like nothing to you, who has been drinking these since you were ten (blame your father for it). It seems like Llywelyn is handling her drinks well too, maybe she's got more potent stuff in her homeland, maybe.
"Heysh Quiiinn! Lemme add someth*hic*ing to the bet! The lozher hafta sthrip 'till they're bloody nakhed, and danzhe on thiz bloody tabhle! Ya up for it, ya bloody handsome woman you!?" Llywelyn drunkenly asked. Kendall and the miners grew more racuous afterwards, and Hertzog now has his face in both of his palms.
Decision? Also, roll 1d20 for the next five mugs, whatever the decision for the extra bet is.

>> No.14898678

rolled 18 = 18

She so wants us...

>> No.14898683


Yes! We're not thinking too straight but why not!

>> No.14898688

Nice. She's going to need to try harder with a roll like that. And for the hell of it, I'm tempted to agree to the bet.

>> No.14898700


Just as well it didn't work, >>14898678 got a good roll there.

>> No.14898711

rolled 5 = 5

or we could up the ante and suggest <fade to black>

>Ale and Wenches

>> No.14898771

... Now I'm tempted to say we make the bet the loser has to do whatever the winner wants and then we make her work with us on the forge for a day. Heh.

>> No.14898781

"I see why not?" you reply, and then you proceed to chug five more mugs of ale. Llywelyn smiled- no, grimaced, laughing as she downed her five mugs.
Looks like you're about to win, and so Kendall declares the next five mugs to be the decisive battle. The ruckus is now joined by the other folks in the bar, and even the travelers are curious as to how this match will end.
And so, one more 1d20, to determine who will take the pot, and who will dance naked on the table!

>> No.14898789

Enchanted Horseshoes? ENCHANTED HORSESHOES!!!

>> No.14898809

rolled 4 = 4

Up the ante by saying the loser has to do whatever the winner wants.

OooooH, if the ocean were whiskey and I were a duck
I'd sink to the bottom and drink it all up

>> No.14898816

rolled 12 = 12


>> No.14898818

rolled 12 = 12


Up the ante again! Loser goes naked all of tomorrow too!

>> No.14898926

(average'd rolls: 9, I feel bad for the 4 dude)
Feeling a bit tipsy, you offer a bet, too. "How about the loser gets to do what the winner wants, just for the next day?"
"You khnow I would bloody *hic* take that offher up! C'mon Kendall, wherez mah next five bloody drinkhshes?"
You drink. Llywelyn drink. We stare at each other, grinning under the influence of the ale.
You drink. Llywelyn drink. The alcohol is getting into your system, but you know you can still handle it.
You drink. Llywelyn drink. She looks close to tipping over, but you're not faring well either. Both of you are leaning dangerously close to falling, but managed to regain footing.
You drink. Llywelyn drink. Last thing you remember was of Llywelyn falling under the table. But you're falling under the table, too.


>> No.14898967

Fast forward to next morning, you wake up with a mild hangover, in one of the inn's rooms. Hertzog greets you.
"Hello, laddie. How ya feeling?"
"Eh, having a bit of a hangover... what happened last night?"
Hertzog then says you won the contest, barely. After a bit later, he and Kendall then took you to their room, and Hertzog managed to prevent Kendall from getting away with the pot. You now have 10 Sc and 25 Cc added into your wallet!
Speaking of bets...
"What happened after I passed out?"
"You really want to hear it?" Hertzog said with a stare.

>> No.14898979

We definitely want to hear what happened and what shenanigans might have happened.

>> No.14898982

Ya, we probably need to know.

>> No.14898984


"I'll either hear about it from you, or in dribs and drabs from gossips. Let's hear it."

>> No.14899085

"Okay then. After you and Llywelyn took turns using the loo, Kendall here egged Llywelyn to strip and dance. So, she gets up on the table, but she tipped, and fell on you. You passed out, but Llywelyn didn't, and... well... long story short, last night's happenings is no different from the last time Llywelyn went into a bar. But, she kinda broke a few chairs, and maybe a table too, so we're going to be here longer than we thought we would."
"...oh my. Well, thanks for letting me sleep in your party's room, by the way."
"Oh, Llywelyn doesn't mind, and Kendall is more than ecstatic about it. I had to keep watch, even though Kendall's bones haven't healed yet."
You finally noticed something heavy clinging onto you. You look down, and Llywelyn's snoring visage comes to your field of vision. She's dressed in her traveler's pajamas.
Goosebumps were had. "Did I... she..." You fluster about.
"Oh, no worries, you both slept like a log. Well, a pair of logs. Nothing happened."
As you try to free yourself from Llywelyn's embrace, you hear her mumble in her sleep.
"Bloody... mm... handsome red-head..."
Goosebumps on your goosebumps now.
You thank Hertzog for guarding you, and hurries downstairs with your belongings. You order some mountain water to get rid of this hangover.
What now?

>> No.14899120

this never happened

... to the smithy we feel the need to hit thing very hard

>> No.14899145

Sounds like a walk to the mines is in order. With a bag this time, because we are going to need a lot of ore to get a lot off metal, in order to do a lot of banging...

Okay, that might not have been the best choice of words.

>Captcha: the hintrout
Always useful when doing a crossword puzzle

>> No.14899174

We return to the smithy, feeling the need to put some irons in the fire and striking them. Well. Something like that.
But as we decide on putting which piece of pig iron, you have a customer. A lady asks if you could make a nice ring for her niece, she's getting married soon. She even brought a wooden ring which her niece used to wear, but it broke in half.
"Maybe if you could fix this, or make something out of this, I'll pay you three Sc for the pair."
So? Take the deal or not?

>> No.14899178


Are you kidding, this is awesome.

Let's invite Llywelyn home.

>> No.14899186


Copper is very pretty, we could use the decorations on the wood as inlay on a copper ring, perhaps.

>> No.14899217

We should wait and see how a sober elf responds to last night's events. Clearly having a connection to a wizard could prove useful down the road when we might want to start enchanting things.

>> No.14899223

"Sure ma'am! I'll be done in three days!"
You decide that using copper would work. The wooden ring also have good carving on it, and maybe... you could...
roll 2d20, once for time, and twice for quality!

>> No.14899230

rolled 15, 6 = 21


They see my rolling...

>> No.14899256

rolled 16, 19 = 35

Lord of the Rings!

>> No.14899304

You tried something, but the first prototype with copper got bent after an accidental hammerstrike. Damn. Oh well, we can re-use it, thankfully-
"Hey Quin! Yoohoo!"
You slowly turn around. There, in your shop awning, Llywelyn stood, cheeks blushing red like a baby's bottom.
"So, since I bloody lost to you last night, I'm here to... well... make good on the bet! Yeah."
"Well, you don't have to-"
"I insist! I am a proud Artheran elf, and I have some magical contracts that would be void if I don't follow the results of a bet, however trivial, or drunk I am!"
She's still blushing, sweating too now, and you're still goosebumping.
So, what do we do? We still have to fix the quality of the rings, and now we have an assistant that may or may not have... 'feelings' for us.

>> No.14899333


"I've got a little work, but it can wait. You look flushed. Want to come in the house? It's cooler there."

>> No.14899348

I say we just use >>14899256 this roll on the recast. As for the owed favour, see if she is willing to come over ever night while she is in town, after we are done smithing things, and maybe try and teach us a little enchanting.

"I don't know how much you could teach me, but even a touch could go a long way in this business..."

>> No.14899377


The bet was for the next day, so we should just table our work (we've got three days to make the ring) and close the shop for today. Might as well make the most of having exclusive access to a wizard today.

>> No.14899392


Bloody enchant the ring with some cheap glamor that would fascinate the minor nobility around here...

Maybe cheap is not the right word. Easy to enchant? Cantrips? Some kind of Dancing Lights on Command?

Be brusque, hope the flush can be construed as yesterday hangover, the heat of the forge, or any combinations thereof.

>> No.14899409

Ya, but she seems to like us and might be willing to let things slide. I doubt she'd mind spending more time with us, considering she is currently recouping from a failed dungeon crawl that we saved her from.

>> No.14899418

Practice enchanting stuff by working it on the ring!

>> No.14899432

"You look flushed, why don't you come in, first?"
"Y-yeah, the weather's a bit bloody hot today, isn't it?"
You serve her a nice cup of water.
"You know, I've always wanted to learn some enchanting, so... why don't you come here every evening, and teach me how to enchant metal? At least, while you're still here..."
She blushed again, but not as red as before. "Sure, it's bloody easy. Well, at least for me, that is. Um, thanks for the drink. I'll be back later."
She exits, hitting her head on an overhanging kettle pot your dad made. "Bloody bollocks!" She mumble-cursed a bit.
After regaining your focus, you recast the bent copper ring, and managed to get a good shape. That's for the prototype. You managed to fit it into one of the fragment of the wooden ring. Yeah, you can make this work, and finish it by tomorrow.
So, as you finish your work for today, Llywelyn shows up at your door in the evening. Roll 1d20 for learning comprehension, she's teaching you the basics now.

>> No.14899463

rolled 3 = 3


>> No.14899464

rolled 8 = 8

Got it bad got it bad got it bad
OoooH, hot for teacher.

>> No.14899474

rolled 8 = 8


As we wrap up the lesson, say, "Can you show me what you would have had me do if you had won?"

>> No.14899494

rolled 18 = 18

Maybe if we spent more time focusing on the lesson, and less on our feminine libidos, we would be able to think straight...

>> No.14899511


>> No.14899546

Well, the concept of enchanting is kinda hard for you to grasp, but after a long and arduous Q&A session with Llywelyn (arduous only because of the awkward silence everywhere), you get the idea that enchanting metal is kinda like 'asking' the metal to do a favor, so to say. Even if this 'asking' requires saying the metal object's 'true name' and saying some mantra you can't recite just yet. Man, the ancient Artheran language is hard to grasp!
As an afterthought, you asked Llywelyn. "So, if I were to lose in yesterday's contest, what would you ask me to do?"
Again, she blushed like a cherry. "Well, I'd... I'd like you to go on a date with me, but after a gender-change spell... and just for a day."
"Eh... heh."
She then flushed, and hides her face behind a pillow.
"Well, actually, it's because us elves are hard to distinguish between males and females, and I didn't have any real friends due to me getting into an all-girl magician's academy... so I'm, you know, kinda curious about boys..." she twiddled her thumbs.
Oh. Explains all the awkwardness, I guess. Decisions?

>> No.14899560

Dayum, you are what your name field says. Doooo hohohoho!

>> No.14899566


"How many times can you cast that spell? I'm sort of curious about boys too. I never really dated or anything before."

>> No.14899601

"Boys aren't too special. They smell funny and drink too much and get other people killed. The only thing women like us can trust is our crafts and skills."

>> No.14899620


Cliche, but eh. Better than anything my sleep deprived brain can think off.

>> No.14899625

Ooh, we got one vote for a 'curious about boys' comment, and one for 'boys are icky' comment.

Seriously, I never imagined this quest to swing this way, but hey, /tg/ hivemind compels! And somehow, writing these, it feels good.

>> No.14899641

>"Well, actually, it's because us elves are hard to distinguish between males and females, and I didn't have any real friends due to me getting into an all-girl magician's academy... so I'm, you know, kinda curious about boys..." she twiddled her thumbs.

Ask her, "How would you have wanted that date to end?"

>> No.14899648

If we are gonna try out that spell, we need to go on a trip to another town. A place where no one recognizes us. A place at least a day away.

Other than that, I have no objections with trying out that spell. Oh and finish your job before having fun.

>> No.14899653

I vote against the "curious about boys" option, because it sounds like the elf wants us to be the boy, and that seems to be a stretch for us from an RP prespective. Sure, Quin can be a closted lesbian who is attached to her forge, but gender-bending might be more than a small town girl could get into.

It is up to the /tg/ hivemind though.

>> No.14899658


It's night now, and we're in Quin's home. It's just her and Llywelyn, and if they want to fool around (magical enhancements or not) that's their business isn't it?

>> No.14899665


Well if Llywelyn can cast the spell enough times, they can take turns.

>> No.14899669

I agree. Whatever happens is between them and Hephaestus.

And I doubt that old lecher would have too strong an objection.

>> No.14899679

. . .
Time to bring out that old headconker whiskey Da had been keeping for some years. Can't do it with a straight head.

Da! Tonight, your daughter becomes a man!

. . . Wait, there's something wrong with that sentence.

Also, my vote for: Boys are okay. But not that great either. A rather handsome wandering minstrel once charmed his way into Quin's pants, but left soon afterwards.

>> No.14899685


I never thought about it like that. Ask her about it, then, and we'll see how she takes the idea of it.

>> No.14899690

Oh boy, we're going that way again?
One second, moving on.
Thread hidden.

>> No.14899697

I have changed my mind and recind my objection. Nighttime is about taking chances; morning is made for regrets.

>it got weird, didn't it?

>> No.14899719

"Well, you did say you didn't have a real friend... how about we become real friends?"
"Oh, well, that's okay, I guess." She blushes. And then she leans close to you.
"WOAH, what are you doing?"
"In my culture, we need to kiss to be a real friend... So stay bloody still."
You both stared for what seemed like eternity, blushing. Then she closed her eyes and kissed you...

in the forehead. Oh well. You were expecting worse places.
"Ehm. Anyway, the rite of friendship is done. I'll be back tomorrow, friend!"
You led her out of the door, half-dazed by that weird elven tradition. As you close the door, you can see she's hopping and skipping to the inn.
And so, for the remainder of next day, you pour all your focus into making the pair of rings, and it ends up being a pair of beautiful rings, one half of the wooden ring fitting into the copper insets to form a whole ring. So, it looked as if the broken wooden ring had sprouted some copper tendrils out of the carvings, and became two rings. It's beautiful. And one day early, too!
Again, in the evening, Llywelyn arrived, bringing you some books and notes on enchanting. Roll 1d20 to see how far you've progressed!

>> No.14899731

rolled 5 = 5

Nat 20 for renewed focus!

>> No.14899735

Smith'an & study'an all day.

>> No.14899743

rolled 11 = 11

Fucking captcha. Rolling.

>> No.14899744

rolled 8 = 8



Although this turned out slightly differently from what I expected!

>> No.14899751

rolled 6 = 6


"Is it hot in here? I feel kinda warm tonight."

>> No.14899752

rolled 11 = 11

Ya, it did.I'm just glad shit didn't get weird.

>> No.14899753

rolled 12 = 12

Eh, as long as it's "fade to black", who gives a shit? I say the elf is exotic enough and the fact that she's a wizard to boot is possibly a bit intimidating. After all, the most powerful items are certainly enchanted but someone has to make them first.

The gender-bending may be a bit much we already are pretty manly in a sense. I say go for it.

>> No.14899759

rolled 8 = 8

Guide my roll.

>> No.14899781

Yet, the confusion we get from people thinking Quin is a boy has been a bone of contention. Playing Quin's character to be a little sore around that point might be more believable.

>> No.14899811


Quin's so far shown herself to believe in fair play. If they took turns I bet she'd be completely ok with it.

>> No.14899835

Lly wasn't talking about sex though, not entirely at least. She wanted a date, a proper date, with a man. That would mean walking around town as a man. No matter, that moment has passed for now.

>> No.14899864

Dice consensus says that our studying got along further than before. We now know how to coax metal objects to tell their true name, at least the ones you forged. But progress on that ancient Artheran tongue is kinda hampered by the fact that Kendall came to check. You're guessing he just wanted to peep on... well, whatever his dirty mind can conjure. Today's meeting ended by Llywelyn dragging Kendall by his ear, spouting threats which include turning him into a frog.
All in all, you've gained a funny friend, one that teaches you how to enchant metals.
The next day, the lady who ordered the rings were so impressed by your handiwork, that she gave you two more Sc for the rings.
"My niece would absolutely love these, the original wooden ring was given to her by her husband-to-be. Thank you."
Wallet is now 3Gc, 25 Sc and 65 Cc. Not bad! Looking back, we have about two pig iron bars and 3/4 copper bar now. Should we hit the mines again? or should we go to the bar?

>> No.14899875

Mine. Maybe check inon how things are going on the third level.

>> No.14899884

and don't forget the bag

>> No.14899892

rolled 19 = 19


Bar, maybe see if we can get the adventurers to help us get down to the crystal levels.

>> No.14899915


Yeah let's team up with them for this next mining venture.

>> No.14899941

rolled 15 = 15

Yeah, If they aren't in the bar maybe grab a little something then off to the mines.

>> No.14899951 [DELETED] 

Cancer thread.

>> No.14899954

Actually, something we can do is make a token of friendship for Lly, like a locket or a bracelet.

>> No.14899955

You decide to visit the bar before going to the mine. Bringing your pick and bag, you find the three adventurers working for the barman, Hertzog being the assistant barman, Kendall mopping the floor lazily, and Llywelyn working as a barmaid. She blushed a bit when she saw you looking at her.
You ask Hertzog. "Hey, could you guys help me with clearing out the third level?"
"Well, we would, but our shift's not over in an hour. We did get the job with the mayor, so why don't you go there first? Maybe mine on level two or so, and we'll meet up with you."

>> No.14899985

rolled 19 = 19

Sounds good, let's check on the smelting and see if we can get some good iron. Do we know how to forge steel or is this too advanced for us?

>> No.14899986

Mine a bit, and then meet up with them. And make sure we have a bag this time.

>> No.14899995


Sounds fine to me. We've got our pick and our bags. Do we need anything else for the mine?

>> No.14900032

Our mining in level 2 managed to strike a new vein of hematite, and some coal, as well. We gain 23 hematite rocks, and some 10 pieces of coal. Not bad! Our bag can hold 50 items, by the way.
We don't know how to forge steel... yet. Maybe with a little more learning, we could find out.
As expected, after an hour, Hertzog and team arrived at the stairs leading to level 3.
"So, you ready? I hear we need to find the mineroach queen and slay it. Now, judging by the amount of mineroaches in level 3, there may be only one mineroach queen."

>> No.14900045


"Off with her head!"

>> No.14900047

It is clobbering time.

>> No.14900062

rolled 4 = 4

Can we drop off the rocks and then venture forth? Other wise once more into the breach I suppose.

>> No.14900074

rolled 20 = 20

How far away is the top, and can Quin stash what ore she got right now with Uncle?

Whether or not it is possible to stash, in the end, go clear that level.

>> No.14900108

Woot! Nat 20!
Off with her head, indeed.

Also, in regard of the character itself, can we have some skill levels, and what skills that Quin might have hidden away from us, or if we can spend some skill points on non-mining, non-smithing, non-combat skills (woo-curious-elf skill! or making moonshine)?

>> No.14900137

"Well, I'm ready! Let's go clear a mine!"
As usual, you've paid your five coppers to enter the mine, and the path branches to the north, east, and west. The party is also being lent mining helmets (made with copper and mineroach carapace fragments, with a light magic crystal inset into it), and the standard teleportation scrolls. Each one of you gets one of these in addition of their usual equipment. Hertzog brought his armor (some red stains still there, must've missed while cleaning) and his broadsword, Kendall his cape and long knife, and Llywelyn her magic wand and silver circlet. Dayum, them engravings and jewel insets give you a smithboner.
You can hear skittering from the west and north.

>> No.14900157

Stick with the party and memorize ever inch of that silver circlet, for later.

>> No.14900167


Tell the party what you hear, so no one is surprised.

>> No.14900177 [DELETED] 

Quest threads are one of the many cancers killing /tg/.

>> No.14900194


Troll thread winding down so you decided to spread your shit here?

>> No.14900202 [DELETED] 


Truth sucks, doesn't it faggot?

>> No.14900211

Start cleaning, room by room.
Vote west.
Also, check on that circlet later. Don't want getting a mineroach to the face.

>> No.14900225

Hmm, skill levels eh?
Okay, lemme write them up, this'll take a while though. And be warned that some may be fictional (as in, no reference to any tabletop game skills)
Basic smithing - 5/5: You know smithing by heart, because your dad taught you to the best of his abilities.
Metalsmithing - 5/5
Weaponsmithing - 4/5: you learned some weapon making from your dad, but haven't actually used said weapons enough to get the right feel for them.
Alcohol tolerance - 4/5: you first drank ale when you were ten, but well, time (and volume) would still get you.
Hammerwielding - 3/5: well, you know how to use a hammer properly, but not as a weapon.
Pickwielding - 4/5: apparently you know how to use picks as a tool and a weapon.
Axewielding - 3/5: you know how to chop wood, but not how to chop enemies.
Mining - 3/5: thanks to Uncle Grum, you know how to look for metal ores yourself.
Enchanting - 1/5: you just learned the basics with Llywelyn.
Drawing - 3/5: sometimes, in your off time, you like to doodle. Sometimes an order needs some careful planning. You're no Da Vinci, though.

>> No.14900288

You tell the adventurers, while trying to memorize the silver circlet. You're sure they're enchanted. So, the party goes west, and found some mineroaches (10 of them) on a junction going north and south. A clanging sound can be heard north, maybe it's Jim the mineforged.

>> No.14900310

rolled 9, 12, 19, 2, 13, 4, 8, 16, 10, 4 = 97

1d10 for our combat rolls vs the roaches.

I say we should head towards the sound.

>> No.14900346

You and the team make quick work of the mineroaches, only sparing three, which immediately skitter the fuck out of the junction. Going north, you indeed find Jim the mineforged, mining away. He still has that 'kick me' Kendall wrote.
The path goes north and west.

>> No.14900352 [DELETED] 

The cancer killing /tg/

>> No.14900358

Ask Jim for his advice. He seems pretty in touch with these mines so he might know.

>> No.14900372

rolled 19 = 19

Ask him if he's seen or heard anything interesting.
Rolling dice for directions, even = north, uneven = west.

>> No.14900376

rolled 77 = 77


This is a SMITH quest!
Not a adventure-in-a-cave-quest or bi-curious-quest or mining-and-beating-shit-up-with-a-pickaxe-quest!

We should me SMITHING, making shit. Making better shit, and then making even better shit!

We shouldn't waste time mining, imo. I really don't think smiths are supposed to mine ... but eh

By the way, I think it is best that skills get learned "naturally", in other words, you don't have to gain XP or skill points and then decide what to level up. It's better when skills go up as they are trained, learned and exercised (like how Quin is learning enchanting)

>> No.14900380

Let Kendall go in front of you . Take "kick me" note off golem. Stick it on his back while saying "Lets' go north."

Really go north

>> No.14900383 [DELETED] 


>> No.14900407 [DELETED] 

This is the cancer killing /tg/.

>> No.14900423

Eh, just rolling on smith object X would get tiring very quickly. So, we go smash a bug, get better ore, and then roll to smith object X! And after, we learn enchanting from a sexually conflicted elf in order to enchant object X and sell it for more!

Smithing, ho!

>> No.14900444

One vote for north and a dice-determined west.
Let's go west.
But first, let's ask Jim. Poor Jim, that kick me sign in magic ink is gonna be hard to wipe.
"Anything unusual, eh? As I told you before, mineroaches steer clear out of where my location is, so I can't tell you much."
Oh well, you thank him for the info, and head west.

Welp, that's it for today, thanks for participating! Office hours is over and I have to go home.
By the way, archived:
You guys are a cool bunch, even the troll. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. (except the troll, he can just deal with it) See you next time around!

>> No.14900476 [DELETED] 

Cancerous summerfags killing /tg/

>> No.14900496 [DELETED] 

Obvious samefag is obvious

>> No.14900518 [DELETED] 


Questfags run all year round. Calling this summer is just a sign you're asspained.

>> No.14900540 [DELETED] 

I can't fathom why the mods allow this cancer to be posted.

>> No.14900551 [DELETED] 

>Office hours

nice, see ya next time

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