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Are there any drawfags willing to do a quick sketch? I need a picture of a character. He's a 13th Century Danish knight, wears chainmail, and has a eyepatch (over his left eye) and a scar on that side of his face. the picture is the sort of armor he wears, only no helmet, just a chainmail coif. Thanks.

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bump .In the meantime, I'll post medieval weapons and armor and such, and if anyone has questions about guns I'll do my best to answer.

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I gotcha man. I'll have a sketch in little while

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sweet, thanks.

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hope that fits yer requirements.

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Again, if there's anyone with questions about guns or their use, feel free to ask.

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Can I duct-tape a spare clip to my heartbeat sensor while dual-wielding?

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That'll do. A little older than what I had in mind, but that's fine. Thanks very much. In a littl ebit I'll post the Osprey book "Medieval scanidinavian Armies, once I convert it all to JPGs.
Fuck off.

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nice. i can always do with more medieval reference stuff

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No one has any gun questions? I'll be posting the Osprey bok in just a minute BTW.

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Page 1 of Medieval Scandinavian Armies (1) 1100-1300

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Page 2

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Page 3

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Page 4

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Page 5

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page 6

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I've been itching to put together a list of firearms for a home brew game. They should all be manufactured before 1970 in order to ensure the weapons retain the rugged, attractive nature of blued steel and wood stocks. There's a lot of really nifty firearms used by civilians and law enforcement alike, especially during the 20s and 30s. Problem is these weapons are obscure, and I really have no idea where to find stat references for them.

(And yes i'm aware this makes me a gun hipster)

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Page 7

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Well, for police, the Smith and Wesson model 10 in .38 special was popular from the 20's until as late as the 70's in some areas. Later on police might have .357 revolvers, these would also likely be S&Ws. If you're looking for 20's and 30's guns in particular, go on 4shared and search for GURPS pulp guns, there are two volumes and they're chock full of guns from the first 40 or so years of the 20th century.
Also, page 8

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I know you're not using gurps, but it would give you a good idea of how those guns compare to each other, and even then a lot of the information will transfer, such as weapon weight and so on. You said pre-70's, but can you narrow down the date a little?

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page 9

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page 10

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Page 11

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The setting for the campaign hasn't been hashed out beyond "generic post-apocalypse", but I did want to limit the cultural and technological range of weapons, armor, items and landscapes to the mid 60's. The firearms players and NPCs use run the gumut front pre-20th century up to the current time frame, so everything from revolvers, shotguns, repeater rifles to automatics and early assault rifles. Ammunition isn't such a valuable commodity, as there are certain places that manufacture it with old factory equipment. I also considered having my players purchase all equipment from a catalog, Sears-Robuck style.

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Okay. Here's a list of guns that I think you ought to include, starting with rifles and submachine-guns:
M16 (The early ones)
M1 Garand
M1 carbine
Mauser 98
Springfield 1903
Winchester Model 70 (Bolt-action hunting rifle)
Winchester model 94 (Lever action .30-30)
Thompson Gun
Sten, or sten-like guns (These will probably be common, they're very easy to make with very little in the way of tools, parts, or experience)

Also, page 12

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Honestly, I think M16s are just fuck ugly no matter how you good you trick them out. Coupled with the fact that they effectively replaced what has to be the most attractive US firearm (the m14) for bullshit reasons leads me to ignore their existence altogether.

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(Note that all of this is just off the top of my head, and I'm sure I'm missing stuff)
Smith and Wesson Model 10 (.38 special)
Smith and Wesson Model 27 (.357 Magnum)
Smith and Wesson Model 29 (.44 Magnum)
Smith and Wesson Model 36 (.38 Special) (A smaller gun, easily concealed)
M1917 (.45 ACP, a wartime revolver that uses the same ammo as the 1911, made by both colt and S&W)
Colt Official Police (.38 special, similar to the model 10)
Colt Detective Special (.38 Special, another snubnose similar to the Model 36)

Also, page 13

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No H&K G3? :(

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Fair enough.
Feel free to add it to your list
On to Semi-auto pistols.
Mauser c96 broomhandle
Walther p-38
Browning Hi-Power
Tokarev TT-33
Makarov PM
Stechkin APS
Walther PPK

Also, page 14

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Shotguns, well, you could get by wit ha generic 12 gauge pump, a generic 12 gauge side-by-side, cut down or not, and maybe the following specific guns:
Browning Auto-5
Winchester 1897 trench gun
Ithica Model 37

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page 15

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Page 16

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With the Osprey book, I'm goign to skip ahead and just post the color plates then go to bed. If this thread is alive tomorrow I'll post the rest.
here's my recommendation for MG's:

First color plate

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Second color plate
I hope I've given you a good list to get started with.

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third color plate

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Fourth color plate

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Fifth color plate

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sixth color plate

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Seventh color plate.

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Eighth color plate. Somehow I don;t think it's going to end well for the guy on skis.

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Alright, if this thread doesn't 404 overnight, I'll post the rest of the book in the morning. Goodnight, TG.

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Fucking War-Skis!

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I left off with page 17.

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Page 18

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page 19

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Page 20

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Page 21

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Page 22

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Page 23

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too busy working on schoolwork
Sounds fun tho'

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Page 24

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Page 25

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Page 26

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Pages 27 to 34 are the color plates. Here's page 35

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page 36

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Page 37

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Page 38

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Page 39

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Page 40

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gah! I wanna draw this...but I dont have the time...then again, I could maybe do it in me lunch break

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Page 41

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That'd be great. He's 25, and if you want to do facial that's fine, but it's not necessary. I'm just having a hard time finding a good character portrait because he's got an eyepatch.

Page 42

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Page 43

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yeah, theres alot of two-eyeism goin' around

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Page 44

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i know, right? you'd think that was the human norm or something.

page 45

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Page 46

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s' not fair for us diffrently-eye-numbered, I say.
also, keep dumping. Im saving these for later.

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Page 47

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I'm almost at the end, only a few more pages. It's nice to know they're appreciated.

Page 48

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Page 49

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Page 50

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Page 51 is the last, unless anyone really wants the back cover. I'll keep this thread going and continue to answer any /k/ related questions anyone might have.

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And now for some guns. This is an M1903, the American service rifle during WW1 and the beginning of WW2, before we used the Garand.

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Okay, time for my minigun hate-on.

As an infantry or vehicle weapon, miniguns are terrible. They're heavy, expensive, make noise even when you're not firing, require a powerful electrical generator to operate, and are abso-fucking-lutely guaranteed to waste more ammo than any other possible solution. They have a niche as aircraft/AA/antimissile weapons because the speeds involved create tiny target windows which you want to fill with as much lead as possible.

As a ground-based weapon against ground-based targets, they're useless. A conventional MG is better in every possible way, including its lower rate of fire. Using a minigun against infantry means burning through your entire ammo supply in seconds, and sending 99.9% of it through the spaces between your enemies, or in the space recently occupied by a dead enemy's chest cavity. Hitting a single enemy infantryman with 2 or 3 rounds from a SAW is preferable to hitting that enemy with 20 from a minigun.

No modern army uses miniguns as infantry weapons; a post-apocalyptic force would have even less reason to do so.

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I absolutely agree, and I almost didn't include them in my list, but I decided to go with rule of cool. If I had to take a machine gun in a post-apocalypse scenario (And it wouldn't be my first choice), I'd probably go with a FN MAG.

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Sorry I didn't have time to do a whole picture of him, but here's a quick portrait sketch, OP.

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That's pretty awesome, and a headshot is really all I needed. Thanks.

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Happy to help.

Thank you for all of the useful stuff posted in here, too.

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Things Miniguns are good for:

a) Shock & Awe
b) Being one of the few fully-automatic weapons that you can legally own

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It's my pleasure.

Pic is a STEN ,a 9mm SMG used by the British in WW2.

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Got any vintage, curio or homemade weapons?

As a person with a high interest in early firearms, I love them.

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Actually, in the US, you can own full-auto weapons (At least in most states), but only ones that were registered before 1986, and you have to pay a $200 dollar tax as well as at least a few grand for the gun itself, not to mention the cost of ammo. So you can, but it's wicked expensive.

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(in the US) you can own pretty much any fully-automatic weapon. as long has you have the necessary paperwork and pay for it.

hell, you CAN own autocannons. its just that you have to pay $200 a pop for the ammo. + the paperwork.

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I have a few, more crude homemade ones, but I'll see what I can do. Pic is Luger Carbine.

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I'll post a few, then.

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The Sten was an interesting, simple design. The simplicity is evident in that the variants produced in Denmark were built with the equipment of a bicycle repair shop.

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I'm not sure if it's just English bias, but I love the STEN. It's simplicity is fantastic.

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the STEN is ugly.

this one looks a lot better and is just as easy to make.

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forgot mah pic.

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right. I have a small break coming up soon, could draw some then

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>Looks a lot better

I will have to respectfully disagree.

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Just about every resistance movement made them. Pic related, it a Polish version.

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The Swedish M/45 is a good design, but it just wasn't as widespread as the sten. Though it's probably more reliable.
Pic unrelated, it's a Mauser broomhandle,

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Alright, I have stuff to do, but I'll be back.

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a very fine gun.

just like the P08.

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see this? this is why all your "math" and "common sense" is invalid

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If you want an excessive rate of fire without lugging around an electric motor and a battery, just grab an MG42.

Plus it has DAT SOUND.

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indeed. and it looks good too.

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had to rush this out cus I have work to do
how I wish these essays would write themself

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I have returned to answer your /K/ related questions!

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