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>See sticky thread
Oh god, what is it now......?
>Read what it says
>Surprised to see fair and decent rules and warnings.
Been on this board for a while now, and still enjoy it.

Mods, you're okay in my book. Cheers.

Also, to make it /tg/ related, Imperial Guard image dump commencing. Feel free to contrib.

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I have to agree with OP. Good work, mods.

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Oh flood detection, you so crazy.

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Now for some random IG info.

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While I generally like this board sometimes, there was a thread a few days ago discussing whether or not it is morally wrong to cast/dupe GW minis. When I wanted to reply it said "thread specified does not exist" which I take to mean it was deleted. If that is the case, I am slightly disappointed seeing as there was no instruction in it whatsoever on actually casting stuff.

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My posts are going to rapidly descend into 40k related humor now.

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this mod is cool

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Here, have a Sister of Battle.

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Speaking of the sticky, 1 question. Is Mount and Blade and other rpg games still allowed

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Since this seems to be a pretty Imperial Guard thread, I guess I'll post this here...

I've been thinking about making my own special character for my IG army in house games (nothing to take to a game store). My thoughts is a standard Company Commander who's all about tactics, as per normal for IGs. So he'd have the usual orders, maybe some special twist on it like allowing regroups at less than 50% or having units that are falling back mesh with larger units behind them to create a new squad. Anyway, the thing that I really want is for him to have standard IG gear, only with a special, auxiliary grenade launcher on his lasgun.

M203 grenade launchers can use smoke rounds and flechette rounds that are like a shotgun on steroids. So this guy would have a bandoleer that would allow him to fire 4 different rounds, one of each for the game.
There's frag and krak at 12" range assault 1, like the Space Marine model.
A round that he can fire at his or a friendly unit within 12" which would give a 4+ cover save for one turn (like smoke launchers on a tank).
And lastly a Ripper Gun shell, at 12" range, str 5, AP -, assault 3. I was thinking maybe due to the Ripper shell being such a large round it'd use Gets Hot! rules where on a roll of 1 he takes a wound and the grenade launcher can't be used for the rest of the game.

What does /tg/ think of this idea, and does anyone make their own special characters?

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I'd scratch the 'can't be used for the rest of the game' part. Get's hot would be fine though.

There was a campaign at my LGS that had everyone take a HQ, add a special ability and then use Mordhien-style advancement for the rest of the campaign.

That was pretty fun. I had a Cannoness who's special ability was that her bionics worked on a 4+ rather than a 6. Dear god she was tough, ending the campain with T5 and the ability to give her squad FNP (Medic skill). Fluffed her as a cannoness with good Mechanicus relations to the extent they gave her a cybernetic resurection when she got killed defending a outpost of thiers.

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Best rule of thumb is; if they'd be happy to talk about it on /v/, post it in /v/.

That pretty much excludes every game that requires half a fucking brain to play (pic related.) Generally the games that are /tg/ related are all very traditional in one sense or another - for example, X-COM uses a turn-based battle system. Dwarf Fortress, though "new," is a "roguelike," sharing some features with Nethack and other games based on the ancient PC game "Rogue." The only people who play a lot of that game are lifeless autistic neckbeards, so that is definitely /tg/ related. Space Station 13 was/is a top-down, roleplay-ish heavy game that is very similar to many tabletop games in the vast variety of shenanigans and creativity it allows, and the horrid, miserable, vicious deaths players inflict on one another.

Basically, if most of /tg/ plays it, and those fuckheads on /v/ do not, it's /tg/ related. Not a very precise definition, but it's not hard to see what vidya is predominantly the fa/tg/uys demesne: threads about it will sprout organically, like weeds.

Of course, expect any such game's threads on /tg/ to be deleted and all posters banned for no fucking reason, because mods never bother to take the pulse of a board. They just stroke their e-peen while banhammering everything they don't personally like.

I used to say "these new mods look cool, I bet they'll be cool dudes!"

They have always proven me wrong.

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I was picturing the chamber pressure being too great for the barrel and it blowing out; fragging his hand and causing the wound. :P

I like the sound of using Mordheim advancement in 40k. I never played that game, but the unique traits you'd get in Necromunda were one of my favorite parts of the game. Wouldn't work for the whole army, but on a character that'd be great.

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We just used it for non-special character HQ choices. You havn't seen fear until you've seen an advanced hive tyrant. It was like the Vampire in mordhiem. I think my Cannoness was the only one to ever take it down, and even then she had to get up once with bionics.

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...reading the Mordheim rules pdfs on the GW website. >.<

On the topic of the sticky, I didn't know summer brings new neckbeards.

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But both /v/ and /tg/ plays Mount and Blade

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Try to talk about Mount and Blade on /v/. See where it gets you.

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It's a growing season. Neckbeards sprout out and clamber onto /tg/

Also, now I want to play both 40k and Mordhiem again. I really need to grab those rules for character advancement they made up at the local GW.

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save from pg 16

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My impression of you: "I'm a scrawny loser!"


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