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Dark heresy General Go!

Give me your stories, characters, weird builds anything DH related I want to hear/steal it!

For the EMPRAH!

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I've played a psyker a couple of times. And once its ended without me dying horribly.

I seem to be naturally prone to perils of the warp, going so far as to have the party label me with a dead mans switch should shit hit the fan....

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Currently playing a Psyker who, due to her indoctrination, has the mind and behavioral traits of a child. She carries around a teddy bear, doesn't quite grasp complex/adult social situations and tries very hard to impress those around her and make them like her. She once bolstered a regiment of IG fighting on the front lines trenches with a rousing and extremely cheesy speech about how they are making their mommies and daddies proud with their bravery. In that same battle she also brought the fighting to a stalemate when she brought up a Fearful Aura and rolled high enough to make the entire enemy frontline cease their charge, not wanting to get any closer to her. Her Fear Rating was higher than The King in Rags and Tatters.

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That portrait is frighteningly sexy. The character just seems all d'aww-inspiring for me. Poor thing.

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impressive. I tend to end up santiconed and married to the throne...It makes for rather interesting role playing. Though it did save my life when we encountered a slaneshii cult in full swing of a mind rape orgy.

personally I want to have a khornate villain like pic related.

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Pure fellowship Confessor with a veritable harem of sisters reporting in!

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And thus do the acolytes have an 'OH SHIT'. moment as a man in a white suite with brass buttons walks into the room, smiling like he just got laid.

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Good confessor regal us with your tales of daring and purging of the unclean we are most interested to hear!

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Let me tell you a story of the most hilarious fifteen minutes of Dark Heresy I have ever endured. We were a fairly standard group, two guys heavy on firepower, an arbiter, and a techpriest. Within five seconds we made our first critical mistakes on a shuttle down to the surface of a planet.

The GM reminds us we didn't buckle in, except for one smart motherfucker.

Everybody who didn't buckle had to test toughness, or be so unsettled by the turbulence that they would vomit. Of course, everybody critfails right? So the entire party, save one guy sitting smugly in the corner, starts vomiting everywhere. Including the techpriest, who had critfailed so far it began spraying like a goddamn sprinkler.

So here we are, getting vomit everywhere, EVERYWHERE in this shuttle. And then the goddamn GM opens his mouth.

"Everybody roll to dodge."


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Of course, everybody fails this roll. Except for the one guy in the corner who just leans over and doesn't get a fucking speck of vomit on his armor. So now we're all covered in vomit, and still kind of vomiting. And then. AND THEN.

"Everybody who didn't buckle in... test agility."

Of course everybody fails this and falls into a mixture of oil and vomit, taking wounds as the techpriest critfails so hard something inside him dislodges.

At this point the pilot looks back to see what the fuck is going on back there, sees this grotesque display, fails a toughness save and starts vomiting all over the controls of the shuttle.

So when we finally land, they open the shuttle door, and this tangled mess of body and vomit and oil just kind of slides onto the landing pad. And to make matters worse, the guy the Inquisitor wanted us to meet up with is standing right there.

And then that one glorious bastard just kind of strides out like nothing ever happened.

And then, to top it off, the Techpriest gets up and checks his pocket to find his chrono has been smashed up. So he just kind of looks at it and goes "My watch is dead. I will speak at the funeral."

At this point I'm pretty sure we were all about to die from how much we laughed at this. In the grimderp future of the 41st century, there are no shuttles. Only drop pods.

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I'm sure the inquisitor had high hopes for his investigation after that.

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Reading that all reminded me of that scene from Team America: World Police where the guy just keeps throwing up.

It should have started a throw up chain to the point the hives became flooded.

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Not that we'll ever find out. The game fell apart shortly afterwards, though I still hold hopes that it might be ressurected some day this summer.

We did, however, have a slightly less hilarious but still kind of funny encounter with a gas grenade.

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What. The. Fuck ?

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>So he just kind of looks at it and goes "My watch is dead. I will speak at the funeral."

MFW someone quotes an advice techpriest that I wrote IRL.

>(And, better yet, people find it funny, which I stopped doing a day after)

I've actually had a similar incident in another RPG. Someone's leg was broken (by a T-Rex) and the shock caused them to vomit in a cramped elevator. Con checks all around to avoid vomiting. Some failures. Another round of con checks to avoid vomiting from the stench. Everyone fails by now.


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Shame it didn't take off, that's an awesome start to things.

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So I'm GMing for my group and they're doing some pretty standard stuff. They land on this volcanic planet and are looking around until they discover an undergroud mostly abandoned Mechanicus complex and decide to have a look around. They kill some defense servitors and start moving through the complex when they come to this manufacturing plant type room with machines and conveyor belts. They screw around with that when suddenly they are attacked by more defense servitors, this time equipped with Heavy Bolters.

What I had intended: This was supposed to be a point where they would get a type of side quest thing that would help them in the final battle later. They would meet the Captain of a nearly dead Astartes chapter, he would assist them, and in conquering the BBEG find the lost final container of his chapter's Gene-seed sparring him and what few battle brothers he had left from a humiliating end.


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What did happen: As they take cover behind the machinery to hide from the Bolter rounds exploding around them the crew hears what sounds like slashing and hacking through metal followed by the servitors gargling and exploding. Apparently they took this as a bad sign and they all booked it for the entrance, none of them even trying to investigate what was happening to the servitors, (It was the captain killing them with his power sword) They all get back to the main room and I guess they're mind-set was to bury their enemies behind them. They all take perception tests and find something to do just that. This Mechanicus facility had been made so that if there was ever a possibility of the building falling into enemy hands a Techpriest could activate a series of explosives that would annihilate the factory and bury the rubble beneath tons of rock and magma.... They found the activation runes. They passed some Tech-use tests and got the hell out as the facility explodes behind them. As they leave I reveal to them what they had done. They had killed the good captain, and by extension doomed his dying chapter.

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Ah, what the hell. I might as well recount the slightly less hilarious story of our gas grenade extravaganza, seeing as right after that the game fell apart.

So we're investigating some heresy, right? And we're being invited to a high class party, and shit's going okay so far. At this point a Psyker and another Techpriest have been introduced into the group, we'll get back to them later. Anyway we were all told not to bring weapons to the social gathering for this society of well to do hive city businessmen, but we didn't listen except for the Arbiter, because fuck their rules we're the goddamn Inquisition!

Anyway, at the grand climax of this event, he invites everybody into his gallery. As we look around, there's plenty of borderline heresy and tech heresy all over this private collection. I suggested we play it cool and find out why he invited us here in the first place knowing full well that we were of the inquisition.

The rest of the party flipped the fuck out.

The Arbiter runs back to his room and gears up, walking back and loading his shotgun in a dramatic means while reciting some scripture.

Meanwhile the two fireteam dudes and the psyker start a mexican standoff. Everybody in the room starts bugging the fuck out and tries to leave the building, only to have the arbiter shoot the ceiling and declare that everybody is under arrest.

So now everybody who's left in the room is in a mexican standoff. Apparently, the guy tries to convince us that the lady whose guard is involved in the standoff is somebody he was setting up for us to take down for heresy, using a supposedly fake chaos tome as bait to get her here. And then we hear a hissing noise as all but two of us fail a toughness test...

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You know what I would really enjoy seeing happen in a DH game?

I would love to see either a plot revolving around the making of a Daemon Host, or just to have the players have to deal with one.

Although I have a feeling that the players would have to be quite a high level (Or assisted quite a bunch by DMPCs) to take a Host on, unfortunate considering I've heard that DH takes quite a.. toll on characters.

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Nothing too exciting happened with him until he became a Judge.

>Become Judge, hate lawbreakers, love the emperor.
>Malfi revolts against Scintilla, wanting to be the Capitol of the Calixis sector.
>cant diffuse it through political means.
>receive experimental weapon from undercover techpriest NPC pretending to work for BBEG
>Convince party this is the best option for the Sector and the Emperor.
>Set bomb under the palace of Malfi's leader
>Come back to planet several months later, everyone is dead.
>bomb apparently altered the local Flora's ability to produce oxygen, slowly killing billions.
>Revolution destroyed, lawbreakers and heretics executed.
>Judge is happy. Inquisitor in my party is disgusted.
>Try to console him, saying "one death is a tragedy. But several billions? That is merely a statistic, my friend!"
>Inquisitor commits suicide.

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I'm thinking for a summer campaign having the Acolytes be on the hunt for some sort of artifact, getting only the barest hints of it in the first couple campaigns. Maybe some sort of small dataslate with a couple words encoded. The question is. What the hell are they hunting after I'm tempted to make it something like a power weapon used by one of the major saints or possibly even the remains of a Saint itself.

Viable idea? It was that or perhaps the data to a facility lost during the crusades maybe an area which once held sacred texts,weapons hell even something like a titan maintence facility.

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Black Templars character I use to replace my original.

I mentioned it earlier: Original BT character dies charging a big boss monster/kills it, team keeps his thunder hammer+recovers his body.

My new character is also a black templar, but I stole some stuff from rites of battle about the Imperial Fists for him.

Long and short of it: He served with some IFs and CFs, and took up the habit of scrimshawing because it seemed interesting to him. So now he has a chain with gold-plated fingerbones of old squadmates that he scrimshawed.

That's..really it. Trying to give more depth to a character that usually boils to PURGE KILL HERETICS MAIM.

We fought some orks that wanted to steal his necklace because it was shiny, and they seemed to like me RPing him losing his shit because an Ork grabbed the chain but couldn't pull it free.

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So, gas grenade. I'm pretty sure it went down like this.

The lady started trying to fly, and failing miserably, flailing her arms around. One of the fireteam dudes thought he had become a mutant with tentacle hands, and began begging for us to end his horrendous life as he could not pull his trigger himself with floppy tentacles. The other guy flies into a near Khornate rage at everything around him.

Meanwhile, one techpriest thinks he's dead, floating through a blackness as the warmth of the Omniessiah embraces him. The other believes he is invisible, and promptly shuffles off to the side as if nobody can see him.

The psyker and the arbiter, to the best of my memory, remained unaffected by this madness. Then they came through the windows, thugs with gas masks. At which point the raging hate machine instantly correlated them with Kreigers.

So now this firefight is breaking out, and most of the party is useless. The rage guy is screaming FUCKING KRIEGERS at the top of his lungs, the Psyker is doing his things and the arbiter is being pretty awesome with that shotgun. After a while some of the effects of the grenade wear off, and the tentacle guy suddenly realizes that he is not in fact a horrible mutant, and the invisible techpriest becomes startlingly aware of his lack of invisibility.

Then the psyker tries to use a power. Of course, he manages to land on the one number that requires him to roll on that dreaded table...

...And if the roll was one number higher it would have killed all of us for sure. Luckily it was fairly harmless, as all mirrors in the vicinity shattered and various glass surfaces warped and distorted.

The fight ended shortly after. And so ends the only other noteworthy event that happened during that session.

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The inquisitor would kill you not himself. >.>

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So the players have a space marine of the Iron Hawks accompanying them on a mission, but he's a bit of an asshole. The guardsman gives him the finger behind his back, but the space marine turns around and sees the gesture.
The space marine asks what it means, guardsmen stammers out an excuse that it's a salute of respect amongst the regiments of his home world
At the end of the mission, after the guardsman has earned the marine's respect, the Iron Hawk bids farewell with a flip of his superhuman bird and a solemn nod.
Later on, many months later in the war zone, it is mentioned to the players that relations between the Imperial Guard and Iron Hawks have been stressed by 'surprising and unexplained vulgar gestures from the Astartes'

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As a side note, the chaos tome wasn't fake at all, and got stolen during the fight.

That would be interesting if anything actually came from that game.

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I had a bunch of first level characters off a Daemonhost. They're really not all that tough. Was a really need setup as well- three psykers escorting a thrice-bound daemonhost. Eventually ends up with the party shooting two of the psykers and realize that THEY'RE part of the bindings. Cue "oh fuck we dun goof'd" faces.

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>>Inquisitor commits suicide.
This is the only part that I object to.

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i wish i could play this game ;_;

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>like a titan maintenance facility
Go big or go home right?

I guess if your players are all fans of Tech/priest sounds like a good idea! Besides, that sounds grossly epic and large scale; Which is something I think is always a 'cool/wow' factor.

As an alternative, it could be an artifact/tool for a different race;
Some lost Warp-gate for the Eldar, or an epic tome they have long lost. Something from almost any other race could be made up, some ancient Necron device that needs to be destroyed. Maybe not 'Nids though.

I guess it mostly depends on where you want the story to spiral into, huh?

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probably he should have, but I guess he just didn't want to live with the knowledge that he was at least partly responsible for exterminatus. And hey, when you're mostly fellowship based you're a pretty like able guy.

We decided to blame the deaths on the Super Evil Company, by the way.

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>really need setup

I totally meant neat. I AM SO SORRY. But yeah, around 6 Guardsmen versus one Daemonhost, it wasn't such a terribad fight. Most of them got smart. Or ballsy and rolled good.

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Why is red and gold so important to the Imperium?
I am thinking about painting my WHFB army those colors.

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Oh? The characters were all level one? I'm very 'Durp' on the understanding of general power-level in this game, only that I've heard anything can be brutal and kill a player. It sucks not having the experience to know what is or is not ok to throw at the players, that's always the part I hate most about getting into a new game ;c
I'd hate to accidentally kill my players and have it really just be my fault for judging the encounter poorly

I wish I could play too, right?!
Goddamn'd life, getting in the way.

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guy from the titan stuff. That or maybe they are out to locate some other sort of tech arcana. It varies really with their opinions but they may have to go out and try to locate and beat out a gang of heretics trying to capture something that could be easily used to bring a daemon through into the materium.

Could be something as simple as a Tank that happened to have been used to win a strategic victory but was lost in the process, not just a leman russ of course maybe a super heavy possibly a sacred text used to bolster troops during the crusade, an artifact of Saint drusus etc.

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That can go both ways.
I once did a tzeentch cult campaign with weaken veil all over the place because the ritual was nearing completion. This ended with two daemonhosts in a relatively small room. Mind that by this point they had already pretty much fucked the entire campaign up by murdering a guard for not letting them into a restricted area while they were undercover in the barracks.

I used weaken veil to make the psyker in their team to think twice about what he did, but no.
At first he got the "your face warps and you resemble a daemon" result. Then he was the daemon.

Then my own psyker turns. And the techpriest pretty much goes fuck this and makes a makeshift bomb out of a propane tank he brought along with some grenades if I remember correctly. Completely fucking up for the two guys who were about to successfully get the fuck out of the room he throws the bomb and kills everyone... except the daemonhosts. Why? "We can just burn a fatepoint"

This was my first time DM'ing and I don't know what to feel. Except that weaken veil is one hell of a drug.

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Hey, I mean. If the baddie starts utterly buttfucking your players, fudge some rolls. Be like AW MAN HAHA HE ROLLED A 99, HE HIT HIMSELF LOL. I usually play for just the roleplay, honestly- I think that session was like... at least half RP, half skill checks/combat.

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Because John Blanche.

>> No.14875377

Yes, I feel that 1st time DM'ing will go much like that;

Players do crazy/make shit up> DM goes along with it, or has no choice> World breaks> Durrrrppp

I have a feeling it will be an.. enlightening experience, either way; And maybe I'll even manage to run a campaign that won't fall to shambles and maybe even have people remember it fondly

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My favorite so far?
We were assaulting some cultist base, the usual, you know. My Redemptionist was burning some cultists with his beloved flamer, Lady. He gets injured pretty badly from bullets/lasbolts, meanwhile. Then they summon a Chaos Spawn which spits a ball of Warpstuff at his face. His face starts mutating.
Well, to make a long story short, he rolled a 7 on the Critical Hit table on his own head. No more face for him.
I actually refused to fix his face. He took it as a test of his faith, and so simply replaced his eyes with red lenses. Since he now has a charred skull with burned muscle stretched over it for a head along with his filed teeth, my GM gave him Fear (1) and a bonus to Intimidate.

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>fudge the rolls
Might as well play Star Wars RPG if you're not going to let your players die easily.

>> No.14875402

Yeah, I am starting to form the firm belief that, a game run by the dice gods only; might as well not be played, because if you allow your players to succumb to shitty rolling accidentally, or things just go south when it has otherwise been a good game... eeehh, that's kinda hax; I mean, not letting players be in danger is very different from letting the dice TPK, ya know?

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Atmosphere will help. I ran a couple sessions through a Hive City that was Obviously inspired by Metropolis. Every twelve hours the whole city would hear a catastrophic Horn ringing to signify the shift change.

At which point the entire city gets up, and switches over for the night/day shifts. The party not being Hive worlders didn't get this, and were caught in a crowd that literally could have trampled them to death if they were not quick on their feet.

They loved every minute of it.

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Red, black and gold are very gothic.

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It is MADE to be a meat grinder.
Play D&D or something.

>> No.14875423

i don't suppose anyone is running games of this over IRC? always been interested in playing it, and have a few games under my belt in terms of not being terrible. and i've read the rulebooks.

>> No.14875426

I guess, that is, unless the players are willing/enjoy the idea of their characters being expendable, as appose to growing attached to them?

I mean, I do only hear that DH brings death; I'd hate to disappoint.

>> No.14875449

Killing off one, maybe two acolytes is okay and expected from the system. TPKs end campaigns. It's something best saved for a suitably dramatic moment that will leave players saying "damn, that was awesome".

>> No.14875458

You can get attached to your character. Hell, your character can survive for a long time if you're careful.
But the whole point, the whole atmosphere, depends on the fact that your character can take a bullet to the head and die, just like that. If you can't cope with character death on a moment's notice you shouldn't be playing a grimdark game. That's like playing Dark Sun and whining about dying.

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>roll average stats on Arbite
>first fight, get killed in first exchange of gunfire
>burn faith to make me 0 and unconscious
>get back up in next round and heal myself to 4 with medkit.
>immediately charge nearest hostile exlaiming:
>proceed to kill 3 hostiles

later on, same night

>take shotgun to chest, die
>burn ANOTHER faith point
>get back up immediatly after going down
>charge guy who killed me
>kill him with my bare hands

next room

>take auto gun crit to chest, somehow live but take -20 to all physical tests/ws/str on top of 2 levels of fatigue, giving me -40
>2nd auto gun gets two shots off, have 1 health left.
>roll a 4 on dodge, dm allows a 2nd dodge since it was so good.
>roll 2

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You do realize there is little that will actually TPK if they're not stupid, unless you roll, I dunno, Unbound Daemonhost, which can instantly be undone by a Fate Point.

>> No.14875471

>not letting players be in danger is very different from letting the dice TPK, ya know?
Mean nothing?

A game that ends in TPK constantly doesn't sound much like a game at all to me; I don't expect to have no death, but a game ending situation at every corner?
I'd like to avoid it

>> No.14875475

For example,

Pysker Daemon hosted right as they were about to get ported off the planet. The end result was instead of being beamed a message to get their asses saved the astropath they were out to get ended up telling them to Lance their location as the party tried to fight the now 80 str, 70 dex 60 toughness unbound monster in the doorway that just blasted apart a 'nob like it was hardly a threat.

>> No.14875486

Then don't send them up against the Slaugth or something. Shit, it's not hard to balance enemies against your team. Hint: use cultists and/or gangers until they're a little stronger.

>> No.14875496

Fate points remind me of a question, for anyone who as GM'd a game;

Do you even award Fate Points?
If so how often, only for epic victories I assume?

>> No.14875510

for things that are truly epic I've seen one instance of them being given out. ANd I've played since it basically came out.

>> No.14875524

I believe it even says in the book that if you have to ask if it's Fate Point-worthy, it's not.

>> No.14875526

See, I agree with you there. Just because it's LOL GRIMDARK doesn't mean it has to kill everyone off. Will there be more chances at dying? Fuck yeah, and I let my players know this, just like with my WoD Mortals game. I told them there are consequnces to each and every action. But with DH, shit, it's sci-fi; there's hard shit to deal with, but if they're honestly having no fun and dying all the time, well, that's me failing as a DM.

I want fun. Not OMG TPK DM WINS LOLOLOL. If I have to bend the fluff of 40k just a tiny bit so that in the grim darkness of the far future, sometimes there are sunny days- that's my prerogative.

>> No.14875533

Basically. At the culmination of a campaign or due to a character doing something fuckawesome.

>> No.14875542

I don't care about that. But fudging rolls in a Warhammer game is wrong.

>> No.14875553


In that case

>Deathwatch game, clearing out and self-destructing a space hulk
>chaos marines present
>my auspex scans indicate that there is a heavy concentration of traitor marines in the deck above us, and one fuckhuge signature
>We get to the deck above that, blow open a hole on top of what we now learn is a daemonprince, and everyone throws a krak grenade at him
>Everyone gets righteous fury, and the daemon prince is sent back screaming back to the warp in a crater

>> No.14875561

One of my players was at 1 health. The party encountered a Carnosaur.

Before the Canonsaur showed they were all kicking around a dry lake bed which had huge piles of dired Carnosaur shit in it. The Psyker was frustrated cause they weren't finding anything so he vented his rage on the Scum (guy with 1 HP) and used touch of madness. Well the Scum gets unnatural phobia on his disorder roll and so for shits and giggles it was declared he was afraid of shit. The assassin PC is up on a cliff and spots the carnosaur coming and warns the others. Everyone climbs up on top of the cliff besides the Scum who is currently rolling around on the ground, too afraid of the shit piles to move. The Carnosaur shows and attacks the now helpless Scum. It super fudges it's roll and while this is happening the party on the cliff are taking pot-shots knocking down it's HP slowly. Well it succeeds on it's next roll and devours the Scum. He doesn't want to see his character die so he burns a fate point. I tell him to wait. The other players kill it after another round of good shooting and it falls to the ground dead.

When things die their muscles relax and the bowels are released. The Scum's unconscious and now handless body come rushing out in a wave of Carnosaur shit.

The party loots parts Monster Hunter style from the dead carnosaur before getting the Scum to a hospital.

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if you've played dark heresy for a while and you're not completely ignorant about the rules, it is nowhere near as deadly as people say it is

TPKs in games with people who know what theyre doing, such as using cover, not spamming psyker skills more than needed, etc are usually pretty rare

very low level characters have a higher chance of dying, but once you accrue some basic equipment and thrones and stay cautious, your survivability rises quickly, unless of course your gm throws something horrible at you like a lictor when youre like rank one or two, like my first game.

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>piles of dired Carnosaur
Ooops. Meant dried

>> No.14875620

Hump and spikes. Got it.

>> No.14875626

I honestly would hate to fudge rolls; I feel that changing the dice is really kinda, hurrk =/, and most of the time, players can tell if a DM is fudging rolls. I would love if the game could flow beautifully and the dice create all the dramatic tension to go along with the RPing.
But I also feel that if I make a mistake, as a newer GM, that reserving the right to fudge rolls is a better option than letting my inexperience get the better of the party in question;
I have to start somewhere, and I would rather not just screw over my players if I happen to start my DMing on a bad foot.

Honestly, if a DM never even rolled dice, I would be just as happy; they should set the combat and scene as they choose, and be able to craft the experience to be the most fun, not let dice dictate who can and can not have fun =/

>> No.14875629

I resurrected my old character Mr. Roboto the Techpriest for a friend's game. This time, I knew what I was doing. I flew around with my grapnel, ye stick at the ready, introducing myself as Mr. Roboto of the Sollex Aegis corporation. I then gave people my business card.

>> No.14875650

I'd like to point out that Fate Points aren't meant to be "You're completely okay, it as if the injury never happened" when you burn them.

If you get mown down by an autogun and burn fate to avoid it, you'll be barely stable on the ground, with a fair pile of critical damage.

If you get killed in an explosion and burn fate - you bet you'll be left horrifically burned.

If someone dies, burning fate should NEVER let them just continue fighting next round.

At absolute minimum, they should be unconscious for the remainder of the fight.

>> No.14875661

These are my weapons in Rogue Trader.
I may only carry 2, which two do I take? Which have my covered in most situations?

Autogun 90m s/3/10 1d10+3i 0pen 30clip
Autopistol 30m s/-/6 1d10+2i 0pen 18clip
Beamer meltagun 40m s/-/- 2d10+6e 12pen 6clip
Carnodon pistol 35m s/3/- 1d10+4i 2pen 6clip
Grenade Launcher 60m s/-/- 6clip

>> No.14875663


and with that, I gotta pass out;
thanks for any help, it's been a ball

>> No.14875668

Then you'd simply love freeform RP.
There's no fucking danger without an element of randomness.

>> No.14875678


Beamer and Carnodon

>> No.14875681

When you burn a Fate Point, you're set to 0 wounds and unconscious.

>> No.14875695

Will I be fucked in long-range situations?

>> No.14875697

Except for the GM's ire! LOLOL

actually I see your point though, it'd be far too hard to ever decide who needs to take lethal damage, or who is being killed off if it was just free-form RP; Far more difficult that the guiltless blame of 'the dice say so'

I just hate the idea of dice conspiring against the players cruelly is all.

>> No.14875707


Get someone else to cover it. Perhaps an explorator or arch-militant specced for heavy weapons.

I also highly recommend the Ripper pistol. Pen 7 1d10+3 toxic. ITS.

As a RT you want to be close, because you can dual-wield like a boss.

>> No.14875711

I am an Explorator, I should have clarified that.

>> No.14875743
File: 129 KB, 775x800, Machine Techpriest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Okay. The point still stands. But an explorator actually makes a ballin' melee tank.

Acquire some Dragonscale, an Omnissiah power axe, and Muscle Implants, and you're looking at 2d10+God damage while protected by toughness and 9 armor (10 if best).

However, if you really do want to ranged, I advise the Beamer, the Crux Beam gun, or the Tau Pulse rifle.

Your call.

>> No.14875768

Sounds good.
Unfortunately, my WS is only 26, whereas my BS is somewhere around 55.

>> No.14875777
File: 21 KB, 272x299, Tau_Sympathizer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tau Pulse rifle
Not all of us are hereteks, Shas'O.

>> No.14875785


Wait, Rogue Trader is 2d10+25. How did you end up with 26? Did you hurt yourself with background choices?

Either way, look into those guns, as well as the rad cleanser. And get yourself some Dragonscale, no matter how many robodicks you need to suck.

>> No.14875796

Yes, my original WS was only 29 (rolled a 4 and a 1), I took false man so I had to -3 from my my WS.

>> No.14875797
File: 33 KB, 416x300, Ahmadinejad Shrug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh well, you can't win everyone over.

For the record, the Tau Pulse Rifle is one of the best ranged weapons out there. The only thing better in my opinion is the Exitus gun.

>> No.14875809


Mang, everyone picks False Man. It's THAT good.

That said, why didn't you decrease Fellowship? You ain't using that as a techpriest.

>> No.14875829

You WOULD say that.

>> No.14875853
File: 92 KB, 937x616, Tau Troll Spess Mehren.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


150m range, Gyrostabilization, 2d10+3 Pen 4 S/2/4 36 Round mag, Half reload

u mad imperium?

>> No.14875857

Because our RT is melee based, and we have an Ork with with a poweklaw who already desimates everything, he's our tank so-to-say.

>> No.14875883


Ah, I understand.

Similar thing happened in my campaign. The Seneschal made a deal with the Ork to fix his arm. Seneschal wakes up with a power klaw.

Seneschal then became melee beast.

>> No.14875902

Not really. I'll stick with my heavy bolter and Bulging Biceps. You can keep your Fisher Price guns.

>> No.14875928
File: 397 KB, 965x640, 1302570669416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Know the phrase "Fear not the psyker". Well. That is, a LIE.

The party consists of various ends and odds, arbiter, guardsman, tech-priest, ect.. And, lastly, a psyker.

Now, mind you, when that blasted psyker uses one round, to slap a greater daemon back to the warp, and then looks at the rest of the party, eyes burning with residual energy, "Quite, So, who's for tea?"

>> No.14875943

that's fuckin awesome, exotic right? if my friend ever picks up his rogue trader he'll have to grab one

>> No.14876141

You know, I think the perfect party would be a sister of battle, a psyker, a mad scientist techpriest, and a pariah assassin. Only question is how to keep them from killing one another.

>> No.14876539


Our GM hands out temporary fate points as a reward for doing cool stuff in downtimes like writefagging or drawfagging or doing something unexpected that enhances the game. Not as huge an edge as a full-on fate point, but they can still come in useful when you really, really need a re-roll.

Otherwise we only get awarded fate points at the successful conclusion of an adventure arc or defeat of an enemy boss. We usually break even and have a couple of fate points each, aside from one guy who has the luck of the devil and never seems to need to spend them. Possibly because he's a sniper, so if he's close enough for his foes to hit him back it means he's doing it wrong.

>> No.14876628


It's... beautiful...



>> No.14876735

How the fuck orc is fighting for you? Also, get a friendly necron then.

>> No.14876810


One of the Rogue Trader supplements ("Into the Storm"?) has rules for including Kroot mercenaries and Ork freebooterz as PCs.

>> No.14876860

I ran the beginning module in the DH core rulebook once and our guardsman did something that went beyond his control. During the combat where you get jumped by some mooks in a dark alley, our guardsman decides to stroll out of cover and semiautomatic lasgun this poor guy in the face. After some pretty high rolls, he totally obliterates this guys head. Strolling down the critical hit table, a -10 or lower for a head shot with energy weapons means the mook is lit /on fire/ and runs in a random direction. Rolling, the mook ran away from the party, which was good. However, what they didn't know is that he ran directly into the NPC's the book sends to arrive if gunshots are heard, and then they all die of fire within about 2 turns.

They left that scene as quick as possible.

>> No.14877735



>> No.14877846

I'm running a group via Skype for people who've never played an RPG before. They completed their first mission, to silence a cult leader without martyring her.

Their reasoning was that, if everyone was dead, nobody would ensure the cult survived. So they levelled a church atop them during a ceremony.

>> No.14877916

Sometimes you need a simple surgical cut. Someones you need a ten tonne hammer.

>> No.14878020

I had presented other alternatives, but they decided mass collateral was more appropriate. Fair game.

>> No.14879052

Go big or go home?

>> No.14879106

So it would seem.

>> No.14879137
File: 142 KB, 1000x849, 1262589762121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the story of Chaplain Azrael, the former cyclops of the Blood Angels.

In my first game of DW, I and my battle brothers were sent in with two squads of Blood Angels, and an additional 4 squads of Death Company, to help the Death Korps defend an outpost against a large Ork force.
We arrive, and upon arriving, watch in helplessness as one of the drop pods carrying a Death Squad is taken out while falling, and the other crashes to the ground. I am sent with two other marines to check out the damaged one, while the rest of the squad is sent to look for the other two drop pods.

We find the drop pod, and discover that only one of the marines inside has survived. We subdue him, and the chaplain (I had not reached chaplaincy yet) calmed him down, and we just barely make it back to the outpost before the assault begins.

The assault begins as a massacre against the Orks, as we rack up kills. It is simple slaughter, as the Orks bunch up at the base of the 100ft walls of the outpoust, and we gun them down. As we're laughing and shooting, the warboss tears down the middle of the Ork force on his Warbike. I aim my bolter at the tires on the bike, and manage to shoot the front one out, causing him to fly off of it. I and my battle brothers then throw grenades at him, however due to the distance, only my grenade lands near him, and blows out a good chunk of his leg.

At this point, our attention was diverted to the warboss, as we had been instructed to "sever the head, and let the body fall". We were so focused that nobody noticed the other two warbikes approaching, who manage to let off two rockets, striking near my position.

>> No.14879141

those face masks look great, I wonder if I could convert a few guardsmen to have them.

>> No.14879192
File: 755 KB, 1600x1200, wallpaper-349288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fall from where I'm standing, and land only meters away from the Warboss. He lets out a mighty "WAAAAGHHH" and begins to charge at me, attempting to fire at me, but missing every shot. I drop to a knee, and fire five shots at him, punching a hole in his chest, two in his left arm, and taking out the same leg I hit with my grenade.

Moments before the warboss reaches me, I draw my chainsword, and clash against him. He swipes at me with his power claw and misses, which I follow with a slash, completely removing that arm. He roars in agony, firing his bolter and hitting me in the chest, knocking me back. I charge forward once more, getting his leg with my sword, removing it.

At this point not only has the table gone silent, watching this battle, but several of the other groups around us have tuned into our game.

The warboss roars again, and fires several shots at me. All miss...except for one. A headshot is rolled, hitting the eye on my helmet. The GM informs me that I have two moves remaining before I am rendered unconscious. With a mighty "FOR SANGUINIUS, AND FOR THE EMPEROR" I unload the last eight shots in my bolter.
First shot-miss
Second shot-miss
Third shot-leg
Fourth shot-leg
Fifth shot-chest
Sixth shot-chest
Seventh shot-miss
Eighth shot- triple zero, critical head shot.

Everyone around me roars in triumph as I explode the bosses head, and promptly fall unconscious. I am thunderhawked to our flagship, to be worked on by the apothecaries. My eye is fixed without augmentics, and I am given a new helmet.

Part 3 coming up.

>> No.14879205

Good job.

Priest didn't have action for the whole session and decides to stroll out of the last bastion of Imperial citizenry in Tenebra. Beyond this bastion, there is only dark, uninhabited ruins.
He strolls out anyway, looking for some ass to rip open.

Anyway,he strides the dark alleys when suddenly hundreds of glowing eyes in the empty windows on the street every where before him.
He quickdraws his flamer, shooting his flames into their ranks. The heretics opposing him shriek in agony while their nighvision overloads.
Due to this delay, he manages to run for the gates, hundreds of raving Khornate cultists on his heels. He barely managed to escape due to him informing the others via micro-bead, enabeling him to pass the gates before the tide would swallow him.

>> No.14879287
File: 42 KB, 500x346, do-want.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Moar, plz. Your tales of valor help me to find motivation to study while depriving me of the time to do so.

>> No.14879303
File: 447 KB, 2560x2048, 1304577760460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Our next mission is given to us: We are to board the Eyes of the Emperor, purge the Ork infestation, and deliver those reinforcements to the planet we were just on. After receiving this briefing, I was in the armory, preparing my brothers and myself, when the ship falls under heavy fire by surrounding Ork ships. The techmarine is placed in charge after the on-board captain is killed by shrapnel, and he tells us to remember their sacrifice as they provide us the cover we need to board the ship.

We depart, and crash land into the Eye of the Emperor. Upon checking to see how many marines survived, we discover we're left with 20 out of the original 30. We begin our floor by floor purge, without any real difficulty, until the second floor.
Our devestator marine was firing mercilessly into a horde, when he is struck in the shoulder, He falls to one knee in pain, and fires three shots in return. All three are headshots.

Upon reaching the second to last floor, we discover a heavily defended corridor. The Orks have set up a big shoota, and are continuously sending boys down the hallway towards us, to keep us distracted. I instruct the dev marine to set up behind us, and I begin to provide cover as we do this. I don't even get off a chance to let off a shot before the Ork fires, and hits me. Headshot. Same eye. I fall back to the apothecary, who promptly removes my eye. We clear the hallway, and reach the lifts. I place charge of the mission on Brother Barthus, and grab a heavy flamer, saying I will stay behind to make sure no Orks come from this floor. The marines proceed up the lift, take the hangar, and the day is won.

>> No.14879421
File: 111 KB, 720x576, Primarch_Sanguinius.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Upon reaching our flagship, I have my face restructured with an augmentic eye.

I am shuttled back down the planet, and given a jetpack, as I am a part of an assault squad for this particular mission. We have received the aid of not only some Dark Angels, but also Novamarines and have had 4 Deathwatch kill teams transported down with an Inquisitor to aid us. We also have the Sanguinary Guard, and several Krieg armored units. A majority of the planet has fallen to Ork infestation already, and we now defend the power plant. Should this fall to Ork hands, the Hive City will fall within days.

All assault marines prepare and depart, to set up a pincer assault on the Ork infantry forces. As the pincer begins to close, the Orks begin to flee, as it is just a slaughter. We are ordered by our captain to pursue and exterminate, and as we are doing so, the Orks begin to assault us using their Death Moons. Asteroid after asteroid begin to plummet into the planet, taking out the power plant. All units are ordered to retreat to the Hive City, to begin our final stand.

That was eight months ago, game time.

Since that day, the city has been in a constant state of defence, as the orks are using the sewer tunnels to employ geurilla tactics. Astartes forces are dwindling, the Deathwatch kill teams have not been seen since that day eight months ago, and the Inquisitor was declared KIA.

While on patrol, we find nothing, so we check into the nearest outpost. I am pulled aside(at this point I have been promoted to Sergeant) and told that the Inquisitor in fact lives, and has declared the planet Terminatus. He desires to meet with me, and only me, not the three brothers I was with.

More coming.

>> No.14879501
File: 107 KB, 655x763, 1262298930673.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I travel to meet the Inquisitor, and find not only the Deathwatch astartes there, but several others as well. Various marines from the chapters that have aided this planet, as well as several of my brothers. The Inquisitor then begins a speech, telling us that we have one final mission. We are to assist him and his kill teams on the roof of this building, and extract an artifact from a thunderhawk up there. I speak out against him, and make remarks towards his cowardice. The Inquisitor does nothing but chuckle, and begins to lead us towards the lift.

When we arrive on the roof, we find no Orks. Nothing but debris, and an intact Thunderhawk. The Deathwatch seem to be corralling us, as they have us surrounded. We approach the thunderhawk, and the Inquisitor turns on us, telling us that our gene seed is too valuable to be lost to this planet, and that he requests us to join his Deathwatch, and aid him in doing the Emperor's work. Only the Blood Angels speak out against this, as our chapter is small. After an argument, Sgt. Lucian of the Blood Angels charges at the Inquisitor with his chainsword, only to be struck down by the Inquisitor's power sword. The Inquisitor then turns his back, as he begins to board the Thunderhawk. I cry "FOR SANGUINIUS!" and fire four shots at the Inquisitor. Two of the shots hit him in the torso, and pop him in half.

A black templar that was with the Deathwatch turns toward me, and places a hand on my pauldron. "Brother," he says, "I understand your motivation in doing this. And it is with regret that I place you under arrest. Deathwatch, remove his weapons." Not only my chainsword and bolter are removed, but also all of my purity seals that I had earned from the first battle against the warboss. The Templar then powers up his power fist, and punches me square in the jaw, knocking me unsconscious. I am taken aboard the Thunderhawk, and arrested.

More coming!

>> No.14879533

Must've been Ork Snipers that killed that Inquisitor.
F***'n ork snipers everytime

>> No.14879558

Deathwatch doesn't really appeal to me, since I imagine roleplaying Mary Space Marine Sues would be boring. Am I just being prejudiced?

>> No.14879590
File: 487 KB, 803x1200, 1269148119219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In our next game, I was flashing backwards and forwards in history. To sum it up: for 18 years I was held in custody. I had had my armor removed, and was restrained against a sheet of marble in total darkness. Everyday I was punished for my crime by an astarted clad in all black terminator armor. Every day I was asked what my name was, and upon telling him, I was told that I have no name. I was undeserving of such.
Finally, I had my augmentic eye replaced to a smaller model, built into my skull so that I could wear a helmet. I was indoctrinated into a new chapter, the Emperor's Tears, where I was removed of my name and individuality, as this was a monastic chapter. I was given new armor, painted all black except for a silver knee guard, and silver lining on my pauldrons. I was given the rank of "Watchmaster", which was the equivalent of a captain. I was also given the chapters signature black and red cowl, reserved for Watchers and the Watchmaster. The chapter has no psykers nor techmarines, and instead of companies had "orders". The astartes are always lead by an individual known as the "Confessor Chaplain" who is garbed in terminator armor. There are first company terminators, however they are not called veterans, but as the Death Shroud.

Anyway, we are shuttled down to the planet called "Solace" where we are to retake it in the name of our chapter, before we begin our first crusade. We are deployed to a village, where we are ambushed by Dark Eldar. We exterminate them, and find that the population has dwindled down from 10,000 to 50.

We liberate them, and I discover a 12 year old boy who manages to hit me several times with a pipe before I can catch him. He is taken by a Confessor Chaplain to begin the trials, to see if he is able to become an Astartes. I am also offered a chance to begin the Chaplain program, which I accept.

>> No.14879595

I ran a Space Station 13 style Dark Heresy game a while back. Well, a one shot where each character had a secret objective. Three characters had to steal a relic, one character was trying to kill one of the thieves and help another, and there was a Tzeentchian cultist trying to blow up xenos ruins and a brainwashed cleric trying to revive the xenos ruins.

In the end the Sister of Battle working under the Sector Synod stole the artefact and escaped. Lucky for her since the xenos cultist managed to activate the Necron tombs deep under the town. Another xenos race landed on the planet as well in the closing phases of the game (very SS13-style - there were random GM events) and started to tear the place up.

Three players saw the problem and, realising that the Sister of Battle had outwitted them, teamed up to escape the planet. They got away, the Necron cultist was liquidated by the awakened tomb lord and boiled for parts, and the Tzeentchian cultist stumbled into a secret research observation room and was shot by Ultramarines who were obviously not really ultramarines.

Highlights include one cultist misleading all the other players by starting a huge row with pimps and leading everyone through the town in a convoluted chase, and the Sister of Battle basically being Codename 47 and taking down the combat monster PC with a syringe to the neck (and successfully pinning the blame on another PC).

>> No.14879640

I killed the entire experienced party of my fellow players first time I GM, just to show them the new BBEG wasn't some shitty faggot. When their inquistor recruited new first level acolytes they were forbidden to use the same class as their former character.
It turned out to be a nice investigation about the way their former characters were trapped and gruesomely killed, before fleeing the BBEG and his cult, but alive this time and with vital information for their master. They're now eager to come back with an entire strike fleet for a revenge.
Was fun :)

>> No.14879662


Don't you wish there was actually a 40K themed SS13 game?

>> No.14879683
File: 665 KB, 1440x900, 1304491707863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was I that took out the Inquisitor, in revenge not only for my battle brother that was killed before me, but for all the Angels that were about to be destroyed with the planet.

Continuing on, I go through the Chaplain program, and I am ordained as a Chaplain, however I still retain my rank of Watchmaster. I am then sent to the source of a distress signal from one of our Rhinos that had gone out on patrol. I am accompanied by 4 intiates, 4 watchers, the confessor chaplain, and some IG units. I order the IG to investigate the town, while I go to check out the signal. The Confessor takes some units with him to patrol the town.

Upon arriving at the signal we discover a destroyed Rhino, and the sole survivor of the units within it. At this moment we are hailed over vox by the IG, who have encountered resistance. We sprint towards the village while the Confessor takes his unit, and approaches from the opposite end. Upon arriving we discover heretics, heretics everywhere. I order the devestators up on the roofs, while the rest of my marines begin aiding the IG. I spot a single man, who is carrying a sword large enough for an Astartes, that is wreathed in purple flames. I take shots at him, however the flames deflect my bullets. Over my vox I hear a daemonic voice, telling me to fight him as a warrior. Without hesitation I raise my chainsword (only confessor chaplains use the Crozius) and rush towards him. The battle is short, and the man was beheaded.

>> No.14879702
File: 410 KB, 1727x1000, 1304571882709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The heretics were slaughtered, and along the treeline, Eldar appear. They also have rangers set up, their guns pointed at my brothers. Their wytch pulls me aside, and asks for my aid, by turning a blind eye as they seek to recover the Chaos artefact buried within the planet. After much argument and threatening, we agree, and part our ways. Upon arriving at the village once more, the Confessor Chaplain pulls me aside, and shows me the sword which the heretic was using.

Engraved on the sword is the insignia of the Blood Ravens, with a "V" on the other side.

This is where we are currently at. In our next game I will be investigating the Eldar crash site and a Chapel, and then will find out if we have orders to purge the Blood Ravens.

>> No.14879708

You actually need to be knowledgeable on the chapters of space marines, their temperaments and beliefs to rp them well.
It requires more than a cursory knowledge of 40k to get RIGHT, rather than FER DA EMPRAH. Done well, it's great, especially because the different views will have a subtle effect on what people do in game when it comes to each other.

>> No.14879817

I know, i was referencing something.

>> No.14880057

Oh god yes, that would be amazing.

>> No.14880335

It's only boring if you make it boring.

D&D is primarily a combat game. Is D&D boring just because the rules support dungeon crawls?

>> No.14880783


>> No.14881073

investigating a hulk one of the acolytes fails a fear check and pukes in his voidsuit... the poor guy spent the entire mission with his own vomit floating round his head

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