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/tg/! What are the upper limits of power for Rogue Traders? Could one own baneblades? Titans? Assassins? Planets? Forge worlds?

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Baneblades? maybe, if one could bribe/steal/scavenge one. But not a forge world, remember that the imperium wants its worlds and hardware for itselves. Rogue traders are not meant to own things the empire need, the yare meant to go beyond the borders of the imperium. If the rogue trader has something extremely desireable to the empire, then make no mistake, the empire will try to take it, and the empire will succeed.

So no titans.

Then again, its your game, you can play it however you like.

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Now, a Rogue Trader might be able to request the usage of a Titan in conquering a world if he has amazing relations with the Adeptus Mechanicus as a whole and more than a few Magi owe him significant favors. It's not something that he'd actually own, though.

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What about the guard regiments given to rogue traders? Are there limits on size there?

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Never mind that! My ship needs Sexy heretic.

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They don't have Guard regiments. They have Armsmen, which are private soldiers. They're limited mostly by how much funding the RT wants to give them and equipment availability, which varies.

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once given over to a rogue trader they arnt under guard command. That is unless the particular trader is offering to move them for the munitorium.

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In one of the later Heresy novels, there is a canon case of a Rogue Trader who personally owns at least his own moon. That said, he's also one of the most successful Traders in the Imperium, so take that with a grain of salt.

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Titans and baneblades are optional given your wealth and/or connections. Or just you know, do a an insane hit and run on a Titan Legion ship or something.

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Has it really been so long since we've had a Cultistchan dump?

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It's been two days, max.

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more like two months.

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No, two days. I just saw one not less than a week ago.

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Incoming heresy, prepare your bodies

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More like two long

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Offically? Nope.
Does this stop you from practically owning them? Nope.

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Here you are. Now with more pixels for your viewing pleasure.

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you can go party with this guy

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>ionfingu species

captcha: creating new monsters for RPGs since 2010

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>Is a rogue Trader legally allowed by the Imperium to own:
>A baneblade. Nope
>A titan. Nope
>Assassins. Yes
>Planets. Nope
>Forgeworld. Nope

>Can a rogue trader own these things?
>Yep, some easier than others of course, you don't just trip over titans.

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Shhh. No time for other people. Dumping pictures. No need for approval. It is its own reward.

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Call the cops, I don't give a fuck.

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i would like a waffles

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When I was a little bitty cultist
Papa would rock me in the cradle
In that old Eye of Terror back home

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It's been a long time since anyone made new Cultist art, though.

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It was down in the Well of Fate
Just about a light year from the Cadian Gate
In that old Eye of Terror back home

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Oh when the Black Crusade gets rollin
You couldn't get very much goin
In that old Eye of Terror back home

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RTs can own worlds if they pay tithes.

Can't own Forge Worlds though, to be a forge world it has to be owned by the Admech, par of hte definition and all that.

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Sadly true. Maybe the newer drawfags think she's too set in stone to do their own thing with her?

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Rogue traders can own planets, and if they happen to industrialize that far, then, yes, they can own forge worlds.

The imperium misplaces planets shuffling note cards before meetings.

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I'm bored now, going to go looking for a Battletech thread...

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here you go friend


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that makes me sad

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