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Afternoon /tg/

I have decided it is time for an eldar thread

>Fun eldar TT stories
>Cool/humorous Artwork
>Bitching about current ed codex and its problems
>Lists and strategies

First off, I'd like your opinion on my current 1750 eldar list, if I may (Next Post)

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See if Eldar women had really huge tits, do you think the army would be more popular?

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Its a bit of a wraith heavy army.

Avatar and Eldrad
5 Wraithguard with a spiritseer, and 5 firedragons with 1 exarch
5 rangers, 4 Dire Avengers with 1 exarch, and a 10 man guardian squad with starcannon platform and a warlock
>Fast Attack
4 spiders with 1 exarch
>Heavy Support
Wraithlord with brightlance missile launcher, wraithlord with starcannon scatterlaser and 2 warwalkers both with scatterlasers
Twinlinked Missile WaveSerpent

Its a bit of a shooty list, nothing in there is really very good at melee apart from the avatar.

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Hasn't seemed to help the Sisters.

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Fuck yeah

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Have you seen some of the guardian models? About 2 in every 10 guardian torso pieces are made with some dam huge tatty bojangles.

>> No.14855905

I mean bigger than the sisters... like head-sized tits are the absolute Eldar minimum.

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lol, elfdar

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Starcannon/Scatterlaser wraithlord? Its still going to suck against infantry, and really suck against armour.

Only five dire avengers? You want ten and bladestorm. 34 shots is where your anti-infantry comes from. Spiders are meh IMO. I personally wouldn't use the avatar, but thats just me. He can be used for good effect. I would put a bright lance on the wave serpent.

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>OP's face when

>> No.14855922

You mean like canonesses?

>> No.14855930

That just seems impractical.

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...I refuse to acknowledge the opinion of someone who cannot spell Admiral.

With regards to this list. You NEED some more melee. Wraithlords are ok in melee but unless they're given swords, they're better as big shooty deathplatforms.
You COULD get more wraithguard and dump them into a 10man troop squad, then you have an elites slot free for scorpions or harlequins.

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Nah, those breasts are under armour remember. I mean just Eldar have really enormous tits, like Lelith Hersperax's invulnerable save is now not because of dodging but because of her huge protective sacks of titflesh.

>> No.14855961

Armour would make your (I of course mean their. There are no girls here) breasts seem smaller, not larger. So, those are bigger than they look.

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Virtually nothing in the list has any sort of survivability. With only one vehicle with av AV higher than 12, your opponent will be able to concentrate his anti-tank weapons on your Wraithlords and bring them down pretty quickly. Your infantry squads aren't fast enough to reliably jump from cover to cover and aren't numerous enough to take a round of fire and remain useful. Not only that, you sort of lack any good hitting power. Other than the light smattering of Heavy Weapons on the Wraithlords, War Walkers, Serpent and Guardians, all of your shooting is in the 12"-18" bracket, which is close enough to get jumped on and assaulted by fast transports, Beasts, Jump Infantry, even regular Infantry who get a lucky Fleet roll, etc. You don't seem to have enough heavy firepower to thin down or otherwise halt aggressive enemy movements before they jump on you.

You only have twenty scoring models, all of which I presume are going to be on foot - the Serpent, I suppose, will be to get the Dragons into position to nail a tank? So trying to hold objectives is going to be a struggle.

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look, i asked 3 people if it was right, and they all said:
>(them)yeah, thats how you spell it. A-D-M-R-A-L
>(me) you sure?

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A big chunk of this is from my battleforce box, which only has 5.
I have supplies and kits around to build more of everything but jetbike related units, so any recommendations?

Also warp spiders seem to do well for me at killing heros. Managed to kill astorath the grim in 1 turn with tonnes of shots and a few 1s on his stupid 2+ armour save. Mae me smile when we both realised his best character on the table had died to a 5 man squad of spiders

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That Eldar list is all over the place, it seems to be having an identity crisis.
>Should I be monstrous core?
>But I like Dire Avengers!
>Let's get some wraithlords, but let's not decide what they should be doing.

I suggest:
Remove Eldrad, he's great, but overcosted. Replace him with a regular farseer.

Remove your transport vehicle, as well as the fire dragons.
Remove the Dire Avengers. They are great in Mechdar, but you seem to want a walky list.
Also remove the wraithguard, because they are FUUUUUU expensive, both points and money wise.

Fix the Wraithlords. They should be carrying brightlances.

With all your remaining points, fill out that warwalker squad, and fill the rest with guardians.

Your Farseer moves up concealed in a squad of guardians, giving fortune to your avatar and guide to your heavy weapons teams. Your Guardians all move up in blobs, with your rangers chillin on an objective in the back 9.
Your Fortune'd avatar takes all the heat, your Guardians are behind it shooting, and your wraithlords (which should be in range of your guardian's warlocks) are behind them, shooting even more. The Warp spiders and war walkers can push a flank.

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Eldar really don't need melee to function. And Wraithlords SUCK at melee, even with swords. You just need close quarters counterfire to bring down enemy assault swarms, like guide/doom/bladestorm dire avengers, or seer councils

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anyone know if there was any progress on the Taldeer Wraithseer model?

>> No.14856020

I suppose that would make my army LOOK better as well as work better. Shit tons of wraith units doesnt make sense when theyre painted as ulthwe instead of iyanden.

So drop eldrad, dragons, wraithguard and avengers, replace with guardians, farseer, more guardians and more warwalkers.
I could make a list of all the stuff I have available to work with, if you like?

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Go to forgeworld, look at wraithseer model, buy greenstuff, buy model, sculpt tits, succeed.

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I am so drawing this.

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Evening DLFG.
Since you're here now, got any more cool eldar pics? Might as well make it a dump, if you please.

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Make sure the tits are enormous though. Like wraithlord-sized tits.

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Man, these threads make me glad I play Orks. Orks are pretty uncomplicated: You put a shit ton on the table, Nob-Squad with Powerclaws and the Warboss up front, And run then as fast as you can into close combat.
I uh... Play a Green Tide army.

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Go ahead, lets see what you've got, child.

>> No.14856062

...the size that would look proportional on a wraithlord, or physically as large as a wraithlord? Either way, that sounds slightly concerning.

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Ulthwe doesn't need anything else but a farseer and guardians. You have to decide whether you want a FUNCTIONING army or a FLUFFY army. Thats probably why yours is so all over the place, you're indecisive.

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I don't know man; I'm not down with the nuances of eldar tit theory.

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This is my fetish.jpg

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Now that I think about it, I've NEVER used any vehicles. I only have a few though:
2 Dethkoptas
1 Battle Wagon (I'll finish building it someday! Then the Warboss can go even faster!)
1 Looted wagon (I looted a Tau Piranha)
And a Zap Canon.
I have a Basilisk that I need to loot too...
The rest are just BOYS BOYS BOYS!

>> No.14856097

Ok, let me think now

I haaaaaave:
Eldrad, avatar, ordered asurmen and maugan ra, 10 wraithguard (5 built), 6 firedragons, 2 kits of harlequins with a shadowseer and deathjester, a pack of banshees, 2 packs of scorpions, about 4 or 5 boxes of guardians, 5 direavengers and 2 extra fullsize boxes of avengers, 10 rangers, 10 warp spiders, a pack of swooping hawks, 2 wave serpents, a falcon, 3 war walkers, 3 heavy weapon platforms, SIX wraithlords (2 unbuilt), 7 fireprisms (1 old one, 6 new kits, can make one into a nightspinner)

I've also ordered the wraithseer and 2 hornets from forgeworld, since I have 1 hornet and a scorpion superheavy already

.....I have too much spare cash.

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I don't care one bit if it sucks in competitive play, I love this list and will continue fielding it. Deal with it. It's for casual drunk and high games anyway.

HQ Avatar and farseer with guide/fortune, spirit stones and witnessing. Seer council of varying size. Sometimes Eldrad for being a dick.
Elites may include 10 banshees in a scatterlazorserpent. Not often.
Troops will be 20-30 wraithguard. Spiritseers have destructor and conceal.
FA is vypers with scatterlazors. If I feel like it.
Heavy support is 3 Wraithlords. One with lance/EML, one with EML/lazor, one with sword and laser.

Wraith phalanx rules. I loved the face of an IG player when I announced his lasguns can't wound the Wraithlords. Had 2 of the buggers in front of his objective, he decided to "first rank fire second rank fire" them instead of tarpitting. Next round I assault and contest his objective.
Longfangfags that I have to sometimes fight ruin me, but meh, they're tourneyfags anyway.

>> No.14856117

And 2 packs of dark reapers that I forgot to put in that list.

Only things I'm missing are jetbikes, vypers and shining spears.

Although I AM working on a custom jetbike autarch for a bit

>> No.14856122

>You have to decide whether you want a FUNCTIONING army or a FLUFFY army.
Am I the only person who sees the problem with having these two things be entirely separate?

>> No.14856129

GW is getting better. Slowly, but still.

>> No.14856169

No, it's stupid, but it's true.
I sometimes have fantasies where GW holds a competition wherein they let fans write codices. I would not leave the house until the last day submissions were allowed, as I would be furiously working on an Eldar dex that was perfect in every way.

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Enough with the strat arguments. Dumping Eldar pics...

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>> No.14856214

No more DFC pics please.

>> No.14856217

>> No.14856228

Plenty. Sorry for the delay.

>> No.14856230

I don't even know what DFC is.

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>> No.14856236

Delicious Flat Chest.

>> No.14856238

I don't care one bit if it sucks in competitive play, I love this list and will continue fielding it. Deal with it. It's for casual drunk and high games anyway.

HQ Avatar and farseer with guide/fortune, spirit stones and witnessing. Seer council of varying size. Sometimes Eldrad for being a dick.
Elites may include 10 banshees in a scatterlazorserpent. Not often.
Troops will be 20-30 wraithguard. Spiritseers have destructor and conceal.
FA is vypers with scatterlazors. If I feel like it.
Heavy support is 3 Wraithlords. One with lance/EML, one with EML/lazor, one with sword and laser.

Wraith phalanx rules. I loved the face of an IG player when I announced his lasguns can't wound the Wraithlords. Had 2 of the buggers in front of his objective, he decided to "first rank fire second rank fire" them instead of tarpitting. Next round I assault and contest his objective.
Longfangfags that I have to sometimes fight ruin me, but meh, they're tourneyfags anyway.

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Delicious Flat Chest. I think, at least.

>> No.14856245

Deathleaper, when the hell do you sleep? You're on /tg/ almost as much as me!

>> No.14856252

I don't seem to have it anymore, but I had a picture of both a female Wraithguard and a Wraithlord. The Wraithlord even had a Banshee mask.

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Whut, double post? Submitted only once. Weird.

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Soon as I'm out of this Zul Gurub I'm gonna Eldar dump.

>> No.14856278

Normally only 5-6 hours a night. Less if I have to get up early for work in the morning.

>> No.14856282

What do you work as?

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A proton comes into a bar...

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I really like that one.

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Low-level office grunt. Administrative Assistant or something's the official term. Only around 20-24 hours a week.

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I need 7 hours or I'm braindead.
So you're a gofer? I work 35 hours a week at a bookstore myself.

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>> No.14856327

With regards to eldar melee ability

Which do people recommend?

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>Female Avatar

......alright, I'll bite

How the hell can there be a female avatar of khaine?

>> No.14856351

>So you're a gofer?

Pretty much, yea. I've tried looking for something else, something a bit more interesting, but nothing's come up.

>> No.14856362

Just someone's conversion. I think it was a scratch build too. I just posted it because the posture and work is done really well. I think I have more angles of it kicking around, they just gave him boobs and an hourglass figure.

>> No.14856366

Better then not having a job.

... Oh crap. I'm going to be late. Taking mom to Mother's Day lunch, talk to you later Deathleaper.

>> No.14856380

Oh yes, I like that. Do you have any more of the older ones?

>> No.14856386

Harlequins don't work terribly well in Craftworlder lists. They're decent in Dark Eldar lists where they can pop out of a Webway Portal, though.

I always find Banshees accompanied by a Farseer a total pain in the ass to deal with. Doom mitigates their st3, and Fortune helps their survivability. Combine that with almost always striking first and unless their Serpent gets shot down early, they're going to cause headaches.

Scorpions are probably *better* because they don't need to be babysat by a Farseer, but they've never given me as much problems.

>> No.14856391


Sheeeit. The flame effects alone on that model are just amazingly done. I would love to play against that thing.

>> No.14856395

Laters. Have a good one.

A few bits and bobs.

>> No.14856407

>> No.14856410

Depends what you're going against. Low number of high armour save characters (Terminators, plague marines) go with Banshees for the power weapons.

Going against Orkz, Tyranids or other swarms? Scorpions, they get more attacks and the extra point of strength and armour save helps their survivability.

Perosnally I like scorpions better as you can give an exarch a power klaw, they survive more, and the more attacks the better, and they can infltrate and move through cover.

Haven't used harlequins...not sure what to use them for.

>> No.14856417

If the host is a female Eldar?

>> No.14856418

Scorpions are more independent; but aren't all that spectacular due to lack of power weapons

really wish rending would be an exarch power for them. It would make them a pretty great choice

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>> No.14856424

>> No.14856436

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I think the problem is, giving them Rending would sort of make Harlequins and Banshees obsolete.

The gender of the Young King is irrelevant, the Avatar is always the vaguely masculine but mostly asexual form it is. It's probably just artistic licence, and when the model's that good, who cares?

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>> No.14856462

well yes, but banshees and harlequins need some fixing as well

>> No.14856467

>> No.14856476

Eldar in general need fixing.

Alot of their best stuff is kinda worthless now.

Harlqeuins are a good piece of evidence. One of the better units in the CWE codex is one of the worst in the DE codex. That should show you how bad they're becoming in comparison to the other codeces

>> No.14856478

I think that's all of my older-generation Eldar art.

>> No.14856485

>> No.14856501

I don't mean in terms of power, but in terms of role. Banshees and Harlequins fill the anti-heavy infantry niche; giving Scorpions Rending means they aren't just anti-light infantry, but anti-heavy infantry as well.

>> No.14856507

>> No.14856517

>> No.14856523

>> No.14856529

>> No.14856539

>> No.14856545

I will never understand why they left hair metal art themes for just bland vaguely eastern art.

>> No.14856547

>> No.14856556

This is all your fault.
I know I suck, heres to popping my drawfag cherry.

>> No.14856561

So what do the Eldar need, then?
Cheaper lances? Increased BS on vehicles? Special rules like FNP for wraith units(they're ridiculously squishy now)? New units? Buffed Avatars?

And new plastics probably?

>> No.14856567

Because "hair metal art themes" would become horribly dated, very quickly? Most people in new generations of players would look at the Eldar and have no idea what they were referencing or drawing inspiration from.

>> No.14856585

>> No.14856595

>> No.14856601

>> No.14856607

>> No.14856608

Make avatar more like the god-incarnate its supposed to be
Give wraith units some form of invuln save
Sort out the aspect exarch powers, because some just dont work as well as they should.
Generally stat updates and improvements to make it so that they can do their job alot better. Even the best eldar player can suffer heavy casualties and still call it a win.
Eldar can't afford to suffer casualties and there should be some way in game to make battles involving the eldar less of an elf bloodbath.

>> No.14856610

So what is everyone's take on the new Necron Codex rumors that the Laughing God is really just the Deceiver?
Oh ho ho, that was a good joke Deceiver.

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>> No.14856624

>> No.14856625


>> No.14856628

Didn't start collecting Eldar (or any Warhammer) properly till third edition and I still prefer the art in my brothers 2nd ed codex.

>> No.14856638

>> No.14856643

>> No.14856645

Which would be why I said "most people", not "all people."

>> No.14856648

Is it possible to make an eldar army to play against deldar, that isn't guardian jetbikes, warwalkers and holo-field vehicles?
Been playing my deldar against my friends eldar, and every match is the same: fuckloads of scatter lasers and shuriken cannons on vehicles killing my poor little soldiers.

>> No.14856654

>> No.14856664

>> No.14856665

All good ideas.
Then how about making Swooping hawks useful? They cost ridiculously much and can barely hurt guardsmen. They do have those haywire grenades. How about giving them either haywire blasters (like scourges) or a more shooty shoota?

>> No.14856667

I'm not sure their role would change much. They'd still rely on a large amount of attacks to get the job done.

What rending would do would give them some.. lethality? In the current game environment, feel no pain and 3+ saves are handed out like candy, which makes scorpions much less dangerous. Banshees and Harlequins don't really mind; but for scorpions it cuts their effectiveness (literally) in half

I can't really see another way to bring scorpions up a notch.

>> No.14856675

You speak for Most people do you?

>> No.14856676

>> No.14856681


>> No.14856706

I think Eldar should always have helmets. Not just because I think it's utterly retarded for someone to be running around a battlefield with lasers and rockets and hellfire flying around without a helmet on, but because I think it gives them a more mysterious alien vibe. Makes them slightly more creepy. There's a piece of art from Rogue Trader with a Striking Scorpion taking something from a guy and he looks creepy as hell. Now imagine him without the helmet and suddenly it's just an Elf.

>> No.14856725

>In the new fluff it sounds like the C'Tan were mainly killed off by the Necrons (or something like that), so the C'Tan that you field in the game are just remaining shards of their power. They're naturally still a really mean Monstrous Creature who rocks in combat, but you can also purchase a bunch of different abilities. These abilities are in line with a lot of the things we've seen in the last few codexes, things like: messing around with Deep Striking enemy units, making enemies moving through terrain differently, and allowing the Necron player to change some of his deployment, etc. So it sounds like you have a lot of different options with the C'Tan that really mess with the enemy army and/or supplement your own. And they are not one per army (so you can have 3 if you want to use up all your Elites on them, although it sounds like the other Elites choices are pretty awesome as well).

>> No.14856726

I agree with you.

>> No.14856730

Frankly, as time goes on, the 80's hair metal look is only going to become more and more obscure and out of place. Because it's so distinctive of that era, it will rapidly lose relevence, and future generations won't share the sort of connection that people from the previous one have with it. So in order to make the Eldar aesthetic attractive to future generations the more dated elements needed to be redesigned, reduced, or removed. There will always be a few people for whom an older aesthetic style will just click perfectly, but I struggle to see how these people would be anything other than a minority.

>> No.14856738

>> No.14856739

also because their helmets look boss as fuck

Good Win indeed

>> No.14856742

>> No.14856745

"Fear nothing. Your ancestors are here"

>> No.14856750


>> No.14856751

>> No.14856762

>> No.14856765

>> No.14856772

>> No.14856776

the only thing I dont like about the old art is the unhelmeted ones. Aside from that they all look good, and being most of them were art on a Craftworld.

Then again with most of the modern stuff there isnt much you can do about combat art to make it look exotic when it isnt on a craftworld....

>> No.14856780

But today's bland 00s look is also to become more and more obscure and out of place in the future.

80s designs like Space Marines are still strong, and other successes (like the SC marine) is a derivative of it.

The 80s designed Gundam is recognised today, and designers still base giant robots on it.

The Goodwin designs aren't really 80s really, compared with their contemporaries. They would be better described as Timeless; they took more from historical culture and put in context.

>> No.14856781

The C'tan were already mainly killed off in this edition, it was just by other C'tan. In fact the four great C'tans consumed more of their own kind than any others.
The Nightbringer has always been one of the foremost simply because he devoured a shit ton. He isn't "the most powerful" however. He has a ship imbuled with his power though, very much a Sauron charater.
The Void Dragon is stated to be the most forwardly powerful.
The Deciever is the weakest of the great four, but arguably the strongest with his manipulative nature.
The Outsider has consumed more C'tan by far than any other, courtasy of the Deciver. So many, in fact, it has driven him insane.
Not much written on this guy, but we do know he's surrounded by an aura of insanity, and the hive fleet actually flew AROUND the world he resides on.
Eldrad belived this world to be a Culexus homeworld based on the great void around it, and sought to destroy it, but then he had a vision that doing so would result in the destruction of his Craft World.
The more you know.

>> No.14856787

>> No.14856789

Yes, that's the one. Can't believe I didn't see that before posting.
Yeah, I really dig their designs.

>> No.14856797

I always love seeing the power-brush in that picture.

>> No.14856815

>> No.14856822

What is in style is dictated by eras not what is aesthetically pleasing to a particular person's eye. Because they are old and generally the style is no longer built Westminister, Notre Dame and so forth are not automatically ugly. How exactly are Space Marines linked to the modern day style?

>> No.14856828

>> No.14856837

>> No.14856869

>> No.14856876

>> No.14856886

>> No.14856904

>How exactly are Space Marines linked to the modern day style?

They aren't. They aren't connected to *any* particular style or era - they've lost most of the silliness that plagued them back in Rogue Trader's days, as have the Eldar. Both retain small elements of that old aesthetic, as well as cues from others that have been introduced to replace it, but nothing dominates in the same way the "Hair metal aesthetic" did. As such they're more likely to appeal to a wider range of people, because they don't seem to be only marketed at people interested in that single, narrow aesthetic.

I've got to vanish off for an hour or so. If the thread's still around, I'll post some more.

>> No.14856905

Make Phoenix Lords unlock their aspect as a troops choice. Allow them a retinue of Exarchs (0-4). Give the Phonix Lords a 2+/3++ save (including Drazhar).

Change the Slow and Purposeful rule for Wraithguard, TSons, etc to allow them to use their ranged weapons in assault instead of their close combat attacks.

Change all Eldar platforms, vehicles, and walkers to BS4 to reflect their guardian pilots having on board systems to improve their value.

furious charge and a 5++ for banshees.
Rending for scorpions with stealth base.
Remove the penalty for spider jumps.
Improve Hawk weapons.

Exarchs no longer have stupid weapons, they just improve their squads abilities. Examples being +2 str on charge for banshees. Rending 5+ on scorps. Missiles are assault 1 or heavy2 for reapers.

An assault craft.

Wraithlords given better lances (S9 or AP1).

>> No.14856928

My 2000pt casual/slightly competitive list that I played the other night, did really well.
Autarch w/ wings, p sword, fusion gun
10 guardians, missile
10 guardians, missile
10 DAs w/ shimmershield exarch
10 DAs w/ shimmershield exarch
6 fire dragons
4 wave serpents, all scatter lasers and stones
3 groups of 5 swooping hawks
3 war walkers, all SLs

rolled dawn of war, 5 objective game vs a Space Wolf player and I controlled the game fairly well the entire time. Swooping Hawks are a lot of fun even if they're sub-optimal. Second turn, Autarch landed by a dread a popped it, warwalkers outflanked and wiped a long fangs squad, a bladestorm wiped out a grey hunters squad, and the dragons got a land raider.

a second Autarch would be better than Yriel but I had the model and wanted to play it.

>> No.14857022

Nightspinners. Good? Bad? Stop using that "official" PDF addition?

>> No.14857052

>> No.14857090


>> No.14857098

>> No.14857109

>> No.14857133

>> No.14857144

>> No.14857156

>> No.14857165

>> No.14857180

>> No.14857192

>> No.14857225


We allowed here too?

>> No.14857255

>> No.14857276

I should write a story about how a battle hardened Biel Tan exarch conservative and a womanizing hotshot ace pilot from Saim Hain team up and fight crime throughout the galaxy.

They can report into a grizzled old human Commissar who gives them assignments to investigate throughout a segmentum. And while he can be a mean racist ass he secretly is a good guy and constantly covers for the two Eldars hijinks from his superiors (the inquisition) above.

I could call it Hive World Blue

Good idea? Bad idea?

>> No.14857282

>> No.14857299


You call that a jetbike? THIS is a jetbike.

>> No.14857344

>> No.14857405

>> No.14857419

>> No.14857433

>> No.14857439

>> No.14857461

This is a pimp mother fucker right here. BAMF if there ever was one.

>> No.14857629

Hmmm so Space Marines are 'era-less' as a strength, and Hair Metal is now sufficiently obscure and unknown to new players that it can be counted as 'era-less' ...you see my point?

I would dispute that the Space Marine design has lost any of its silliness.

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