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So, ca/tg/irls or fa/tg/irls?

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sometimes it's one

sometimes it's another

in this case it's one


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Neither you fucktard.

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ca/tg/irls are MTF's fa/tg/uys

fa/tg/irls are biologically female /tg/ users

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For what I've seen, fa/tg/irls

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fa/tg/irl and happy.

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be honest now, fa/tg/irls

they wish they were cat girls
and guys saying otherwise are projecting

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Well, I like what I see so far. Any chance of getting a better shot of you? Like a full body pic

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I'd be happy if I had these too...

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Well, given how the guys are nondiscriminatorily fa/tg/uys, it would be unfair to assume anything different about our femanons.

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i honestly prefer the slightly chubby girls to the skinny ones.

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>Implying I am not a lean, mean, fullbearded machine.

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Sorry guys. Things don't look as good in full body.

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Oh yeah? Well let me ask you this.....
What is the best way to hook a shrimp in order to catch fish?

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Haha. Fair enough.

Not like we're giving ya anything back.

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Ok fa/tg/irls, don't be shy!

We like 'em big too!

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Hear, hear!

>> No.14851160

No we don't. Stop being fat and be healthy.

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okay, but I don't accept complains or requests for eye bleach later.

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Hey, us twigs are people, too.

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Well, either way, I'm pretty solid without /soc/ stuff on /tg/ even if it is more likely for them to be a nerd.

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Oh god no!

Stop please! Don't ruin our board!

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If you are a true fa/tg/irl you won't do this here. Respect the spirit of /tg/

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Despite the fact that I'm sure you only have good intentions and there are certainly people on /tg/ willing to see this, I'd advise you to start a thread on /soc/, perhaps even posting a link here or something.

But let's not camwhore here, girl.

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Why /soc/? /soc/ fucking sucks. Is like kindergarden /b/

Continued femanon! /tg/ needs sexy too!

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please no not here.

you might be pretty. you might be smoking. but not on /tg/.

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I think I want to throw up...

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Yeah, this is not a statement on your appearance, just don't do this here. Please.

Because the primary purpose of /soc/ is camwhoring.

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Sweet Fancy Moses, take me home.

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Sorry. I don't enjoy posting on /soc/. If I show off I want to show off for the people of my own hobby.

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Bring your bottle waggin' back, cause it will soon be summer time!

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Invite those people over there, ITT.

Also be aware if you share online, you are very likely already sharing with people beyond your choice of hobby.

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Then don't. You are a land whale.

So GTFO my /tg/. You taint it with your grease stench

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i like there this is going.

and the bitching of those who doesnt.

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>There isn't a healthy middle ground! Either you're a BBW or a fucking disgusting twig!


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I think what our dear fa/tg/irl mean is that /soc/ tend to be rather rude towards big girls.

>> No.14851319

I believe it is sardonic in saying that your standards are not my standards.

But either way, let's not do this.

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You look hot. Please one more? As long as you don't show nips or pussy you are safe to post here.

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Not true. You must be new here.

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There are threads for "chubby" or even "fat" girls.

But that is immaterial, because ITT. Whatever.

If you are saying that the only way to prevent a camwhoring thread from occuring on /tg/ is to be crueler to camgirls, then I am saddened by the fact that it requires needless trolling or mockery instead of reason.

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Well, here's a last one. I guess I should be kinda glad /tg/ stick to its principles, heh.

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Thanks for being understanding.

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Someone isn't wearing panties

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Didn't we just do this last night?

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Holy fuck /tg/, you are such a bunch of prudes. Between this and the thread about the flier giving ca/tg/irl I am surprised you are not a bunch of Amish

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I admittedly don't know of the flier one, but I feel as though there are enough ways to camwhore on 4chan that having a meta-thread on /tg/ shouldn't really be in the running as an option.

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Prudes doesn't mean what you think it does, if you think not wanting to see some chubby cam whore posting pics for attention, or second hand guys going "OMG FA/TG/URL!" shitposting.

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If you don't mind some copypasta

>A few months ago out ca/tg/irl asked us to make the game earlier, because she finally found a job but it was as a security guard during graveyard shift. We thought that was odd as hell because she doesn't look like the type that could be security, but we agree and the game goes on.

>But earlier this week I helped one of the guys to carry furniture to his parent's house and it took us a long time. So we are driving back and is night already and we pass through a street with several stripclubs and bars. In front of one of them there is a girl handing fliers, wearing a bikini top, some absurdly TINY shorts, a small jacker and high heel boots, all in metallic red color.

>And we inmediately notice is our friend. We drove away and we haven't told anyone, but it is bugging the hell out of me. I don't want her doing that sort of thing, but I can't just tell her that.

/tg/'s veredict?


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when you cant get any you adopt morals justifying not getting any.

>> No.14851456

Also, honestly, something about fa/tg/irls apparently gets me all white-knighty and really not want to have someone feel the need to do this just to feel better about themselves.

They feel a lot more human the camwhores elsewhere.

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Well, she prefer to get naked for strangers than look for a decent job.

>> No.14851472

>Dumbass wanna be alpha can't understand the different between not getting any and not wanting what's being offered

"Hurrr you too poor to play <insert shitty game> that's y u hate it, bcuz it's so good and you can't get it"

>> No.14851474


Okay, wow, despite posting this:

You are totally on the ball for calling some of us prudes. Damn, it is just a job, guys.

>> No.14851477


she was just handing fliers in a small outfit.

>> No.14851482


Nice way to hide the tummy rolls, but the arms and legs give it away.
I also do not care, and find it within the realm of acceptability.


>> No.14851491


I am just saying what most posters said on that thread.

>> No.14851494

Yeah. Not that I don't appreciate femanons showing some T&A now and then, but I tend to have more respect for the ones who don't feel the need to be a camwhore.

>> No.14851496

Some anon claimed that he saw a girl that he plays dnd with passing out fliers for a strip club.
Cue thread full of anons denouncing her as a whore and comparing her to a crack addict giving head.

>> No.14851518

Anyway, wow. Man, guys come on.

Now I feel bad for stomping on this thread.

>> No.14851519

i dont hate it.

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This is not what /tg/ was meant for.

>> No.14851542

>implying I am not well within the normal weight range
>implying you aren't a shitty troll

>> No.14851551


Please stop posting

This thread is not the /tg/ way

>> No.14851559

You are correct, brother. I am sorry. I find it harder and harder to resist the trolls these days. It fills me with a sort of perverse glee to respond to them.

>> No.14851563

You are right.
So, tg. The other day I was out with my legion and I saw that one of the cultists we use as human shields was passing out fliers for a strip club.
Should I be concerned about that or just let it slide?

>> No.14851564


Okay. If a single non fat ca/tg/irl posts a pic I'll shup up.

>> No.14851577

>file deleted
>thread not deleted


>> No.14851595


>mfw I like twigs despite being chubby guy myself


dude the twiggest /tg/ was a gay guy

it was pretty hilarious because he was totally my type

and i do not even like the dick

>> No.14851597

just needs to be 20% cooler.

>> No.14851612

Ahem, if I get your reference, do you really feel this is appropriate?

Eh, with how rare /tg/ girls are, it is unlikely we'll get even a fat on in this thread before the end of the evening. Also, hell, do we really need this?

>> No.14851635

Yes, we need this. Otherwise it would have been deleted.

>> No.14851642

pfft. screw appropriate.

its amusing, and thats enough.

>> No.14851668

.... yay.

>> No.14851677

I figured it wasn't because mods are asleep or something.

Oh you guys.

>> No.14851683


Twig here.

Please shut up.

>> No.14851696


For a second I thought that was a cigar and I was like OMG!!!

>> No.14851712


Just couldn't take a picture without something in your mouth, eh?

>> No.14851717

It is late night ina weekend. Most that likely the janitor is giving us some old /tg/ time

>> No.14851733

You're both beautiful and I'm glad you're here. But >>14851683 needs to show some pretty twiggy legs. :)

>> No.14851735

>My face when /tg/ has sexy chubs and not just obesity.
>It's like :D

>> No.14851748

Good. Made a solid point.

Don't think she's here to camwhore though. Which is good.

>> No.14851750


If hate could kill, I'd obliterate the countries you live in by flooding it with lava.

>> No.14851783

Don't know why the animosity, but it's all good. I'll welcome the flows of lava and the change of setting it brings.

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>> No.14851838


What's with ca/tg/irls and that sucking fixation?

>> No.14851839

I laughed.

I lost.

I played a traditional game.

>> No.14851846

Well thanks for your time, you've quieted at least one troll.

>> No.14851868


So ca/tg/irl

Tabletop, wargames or both?

>> No.14851894


what the hell is that cow print thing?

>> No.14851918

# Image Width = 400 pixels
# Image Length = 300 pixels
# Bits Per Sample = 8,8,8
# Photometric Interpretation = RGB (2)
# Picture Orientation = normal (1)
# Samples Per Pixel = 3
# X-Resolution = 750000/10000 ===> 75
# Y-Resolution = 750000/10000 ===> 75
# X/Y-Resolution Unit = inch (2)
# Software / Firmware Version = Camera Software
# Last Modified Date/Time = 2011:05:08 00:53:32
# Y/Cb/Cr Positioning (Subsampling) = centered / center of pixel array (1)
# Custom Rendered = normal process (0)
# Exposure Mode = auto exposure (0)
# White Balance = auto (0)
# Digital Zoom Ratio = 0/1 ===> 0
# Focal Length in 35mm Film = 34
# Scene Capture Type = standard (0)
# Gain Control = low gain up (1)
# Contrast = normal (0)
# Saturation = normal (0)
# Sharpness = normal (0)
# Subject Distance Range = macro (1)

Your friends from /bv/

>> No.14851930

And that is important, because?

>> No.14851955

Means he picture is legit.

>> No.14851973

You are a bizarre human being.

>> No.14851997

Presumably a dildo, for irony's sake.
The exif data (if authentic) indicates that the image was last modified (or generated) just before it was posted, in theory demonstrating that the poster is pictured.
Since this isn't /b/, no one is likely to care, one way or the other.
Also, why is this thread still going? C'mon people, move along.

>> No.14852004


>Means he picture is legit.

I've heard about this, and I'm calling bullshit.

here ya go, what camera am I using, shithead?

>> No.14852027


That's... err... wrapping paper.

>> No.14852041


>no exif data

U so clever.

>> No.14852045

Your camera doesn't have EXIF data or you took that off a social media site.

Handling APPx (0xe0) block.
Handling APPx (0xfe) block.
End of APPx data blocks reached.
Status = 0

Unable to extract some or all of the EXIF data, which may have been removed from the image file.
JPEG Comment

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 85

>> No.14852061

>Thread with actual ca/tg/irls

>No tits or anything

Why so much fail /tg/?

>> No.14852063

This just got got a lot more interesting...

I would not object to more...

>> No.14852071

Why does /tg/ care so much about female gamers?

There are plenty of nerd girls out there that are scifi, fantasy, comic book, or amine fans. You're being too narrow-minded by limiting yourself to only gamer girls.

>> No.14852074



You know, there's a button in the jpeg properties that actually does it all for you.

>> No.14852079

Not our deal.

>> No.14852081

Either you are horribly stupid and untelligent or you are trying some below-the-belt level troll.

>> No.14852086

>There are plenty of nerd girls out there that are amine fans.

Fixed that for yeah.

>> No.14852094

You are one handsome nerd. I'd do it in your butt.

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>> No.14852111

>cow print dildo


>> No.14852115

Because sharing our top hobby with an S.O. is a lovely we'd like to experience.

>> No.14852151

its not just anime.

Most of the female nerds I know are prety much exclusively scifi and fantasy fans.

>> No.14852152



>> No.14852155


microsoft lifecam, don't remember the model number, windows doesn't either apparently.

huh. last time I "right-click, properties"'d a jpeg waa probably back in 1996. So that's a new one on me.

No, just an idiot, sir.

>> No.14852181


Hey, you don't look like a furry. Where is your fursuit?

>> No.14852205

Haven't seen you in a while.

Sage for what is all this?

>> No.14852212

Dr. Who is popular with nerd girls I know. At least one is an avid comic fan. Anime rarely comes up in discussions.

>> No.14852218

Old-/tg/ style goof-off thread sans porn.

>> No.14852223

I lol'd. Not sure if troll or just very stupid, but hey.

>> No.14852251

There really hasn't been any good anime in the last 4-5 years, so the few non shut-in girls who like anime are into older stuff (thus not really chattable outside fandom circles) or are mildly ashamed that they are still watching Naruto.

>> No.14852271

Buffy, Firefly, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings as well if my local fan groups are anything to go by.

>> No.14852275 [DELETED] 


I thought you all hated camwhoring.

>> No.14852286

I do not recall you.
But hi.
Been busy with videogames and the times I was on /tg/ I just lurked. Bit more active now though.

>> No.14852295

We have tons of anime fanatics here.

Admittedly, my school is like 40% asian.

>> No.14852296



>> No.14852300

Its more of a love-hate relationshit. If this were the only active topic on the board, I think many of us would be anuspained. But its not, so we chillax.

>> No.14852307


I thought you all hated camwhoring.


Dark Eldar :D

>> No.14852317



>> No.14852318

It varies blondie, and then of course 'anonymous' doesnt speak for everyone on /tg/
The anonymous part is what helps them demand to see some skin, or call you a slut.
Because i'd love to see them try that in real life, because i hear mace burns for quite some time.

>> No.14852323


Bit too tired to argue and you don't seem to really need and/or want the attention, so I'm less whiteknight faggoty.

Still not /tg/ proper though.

>> No.14852325




>> No.14852336

If this turns you on then you don't spend enough time on /v/ or /b/.

>> No.14852347



>> No.14852377

To be frank I don't really see a lot of sexual appeal in women who enjoy the same hobbies I do, perhaps mainly because it ruins a lot of the mystique of a woman to know that she's just a geeky as you.

Relationship potential for sure, though. I've never met one who enjoyed roleplaying or tabletop gaming as much as I do, though.

>> No.14852391

OC spray hurts like a motherfucker. When I got certified with 10% OC Military grade I was down and out for a solid hour strait blinded. Then another 45 minutes after that my eyes burned and still hurt and my face stung. Just thought is share that bit of info for anyone unfortunate enough to be sprayed by the shit.

>> No.14852400

C'mon ca/tg/irls! Post something! There are few times when the janitor let us have threads like this!

For the Emperor! Or the ruinous powers or whatever you girls worship!

>> No.14852403

Camwhoring involves being a slut and posting nudity, or partial nudity. You haven't done that. I respect that. It shows class.

>> No.14852407

/tg/ is a hypocrite.

they decry it, yet still demand tits.

>Dark Eldar

okay folks, let's try to salvage this thread:

I only played 40k briefly, as I was more interested in the game and my friends only wanted to PAINT. And by "PAINT" I mean "have a women's knitting circle except with $300 of plastic army dudes." Okay, I'm going off on a tangent now...

So I never played against a Dark Eldar army, but the couple I saw were all "lots and lots of hover-skiffs with Hellraiser rejects on them" And to my understanding, it wasn't terribly effective.

So what's a common DE army, where is it strong, and what wrecks the hell out of it?

>> No.14852412

>Comprehend Languages

The breast is shown
When answering “to call is to be able”, The coming out [tsu] [te] go

"Tits or GTFO".

>> No.14852430


...mystique? Why would you date a woman for the myst -


oh right

>> No.14852439

>/tg/ is a hypocrite.

>they decry it, yet still demand tits.

/tg/ is a collective of different types of people. With different tastes, temperaments and opinions on what is /tg/.

>> No.14852462

I will treat an entire community as if it were of one mind, one body and one soul!
And I will get away with it.

>> No.14852473



there's usually a lot more "tits pls" and less "gtfo, sage, reported" if the girl is quite attractive.

Not that I would fault anyone on this, beauty is beauty.

>> No.14852485


>Oh boy, uninteresting camwhores are all around tg
>She plays Dark Eldar

Never before has an impression I've had been soo wrong. Get yourself a strong, alcoholic drink, then pretend like I gave it to you and asked what you do for a living. Dark Eldar are fukken cool.

>> No.14852488

>And by "PAINT" I mean "have a women's knitting circle except with $300 of plastic army dudes.

Ouch. That sucks.

I enjoy a nicely painted army as much as the next guy, but to form a painting circle? That seems kinda fucked up to me.

>> No.14852521


Ok, this is the first time I see this on /tg/ so I'll guess I'll bite.

I am not stepping in anyone's toes right?

>> No.14852526


You can step on my toes all you like, sweet lips.

>> No.14852533

I had 2000 points worth of Necrons, Tau, and Crimson Fists each.

I dumped A LOT of money into this. Maybe played each army two or three times. They'd just sit around all day saturday and sunday and paint. Usually I was constructing.

Had one friend who made an imperial fist army, watched him paint the whole fucking thing, get dissatisfied with it, and simple green the whole fucking lot.

This was 6-7 years ago and I'm STILL salty about it

>> No.14852548


>Camera: Logitech Webcam C200
> Date: May 8, 2011 1:48:37AM

Go ahead ca/tg/irl

>> No.14852565


Why don't you try playing at your FLGS? I got into the game playing in my friend's backyard all the time, but after I invested in my first army ('Nids) I started checking out some of the places in my area. Settled into a really cool place, and even snagged second place in the last round of the league.

As someone who either goes to school or works all of the time, the weekly game of 40k was a welcome addition to my life

>> No.14852583

Is it just me, or are short hair and glasses pretty much standard for nerdy femanons?

Not that I'm complaining. It just seems to be the overwhelming standard.

>> No.14852591

This has become a camwhore thread.

Please, take this to /soc/.

If not, I will have to shoot you in the face.

White Knights, pic related.

>> No.14852599

I dont mind eitherway, i really like the short hair glasses look.

>> No.14852603


I am not really good at this though.

>> No.14852621


GTFO you horribly ugly bitch! We don't want your defective tits here!

>> No.14852622

This is probably gonna cause a shitstorm.

I guess my friends and I are "elitist nerds" or some shit.

Don't get me wrong, I go to my FLGS, do my business almost exclusively with them. Love the employees.

But the players... the guys who just hang out there... dear god... the horror...

also, it's worth noting that I've played D&D with the same guys for the last 17 years. Yeah, we've lost a couple people, and I've wandered off into different groups and try games there, but I always go back to my guys.

Not because "it's comfortable", but because "there are some creepy fuckers out there"

>> No.14852623

1. not much cam WHOREing going on.
2. not much White Knighting
3. who are you?
4. why should I care?

>> No.14852626


You seem to be posting tits like a pro. 'z it make you feel excited?

>> No.14852629



>> No.14852637

I like what I'm seeing. You're cute, and I'm NOT just saying that because of the boobs.

>> No.14852638

All boards that default to the Yotsuba B or Burichan (blue) theme are to be considered "work safe". Violators may be temporarily banned and their posts removed.


>> No.14852640

All right, you got my attention dammit.

>> No.14852643

I'd let you have my babies.

>> No.14852654

hey, gits and gals, or boys .... shit, there isn't a git level reference to females. DAMN BITCH THE WORD FOR BEING MORE NEGATIVE THEN GIT.

can you post images of yourselves with /tg/ related materials?

>> No.14852663

>worrying about "worksafe" at 3am on a Sunday morning.

>> No.14852667


Thanks! :)

>> No.14852668

thread supporter here.

Mister Janitorman, delete this image and request ban plz.

>> No.14852674

>mfw I like bigger women anyway
>bigger as in there isn't a too big

fa/tg/irls are awesome. It's mostly chubbies though, you so rarely ever meet a real heavy weight gal. :(

>> No.14852676


Well, I don't think it should cause a shitstorm because the only people who haven't encountered a group of creepy fuckers at the FLGS ARE the creepy fuckers at the FLGS.

If you've only got one and the people are shitty, then that sucks. I'd still encourage you to go out and check around a little, especially if you've got 3 armies collecting dust.

Maybe just organize games amongst your friends/try and get more people you know to play?

>> No.14852679

what was op's pic anyway?

>> No.14852682

If this thread gets deleted will you post more in /s/?

>> No.14852683




Thanks, lmao

>> No.14852687


/r/ing a big, sexy smile. Tits not required in shot

>> No.14852691

You're welcome, You are pretty cute, though wish you hadnt gone out and out by positng bare tits though.
They're nice too, just not worth a ban.

>> No.14852694


please post pics with /tg/ related materials.

.... girls with interests make me horny/huurrrrrggggggggghhhh.

depending on stuff.

>> No.14852695



>> No.14852698


Hey girl, clean your room.

>short hair and/or glasses

love 'em.

damn shame I'm not big on nerd girls.

>> No.14852713

I like her breasts. She should be proud of them.

>> No.14852727

Meaning more in the way in what's worth getting banned? Showing skin, meta threads, Wakfu?
More nerd girls for me then!

>> No.14852729

Cute /tg/-interested girl sense was tingling.

Hot shit, it works!

Miss, you are quite cute, in that "girl next door / normal girl" kind of way.

The -best- kind of way.

>> No.14852735


I was going to have the smile there, blah.


Sorry, I only play tabletop and all my stuff is downstairs.

>> No.14852744


>short hair and/or glasses

that's my mom

that either makes me subliminally more attracted to them, or not attracted to them (because you know, mom)

probably the former

>> No.14852746

This thread is bad. This thread is horribad.

Why are you so horribad, /tg/? Women are just people you want to fuck.

>> No.14852749


Another one of your boobs please. They are rather adorable.

>> No.14852752

As long as she deletes them before she goes to bed (assuming she's in the US) then she won't have a reason to get banned, and we get to enjoy the sight of her.
The mod is never really active until after midnight/later then that. She probably has an hour or two left.

>> No.14852753


Appreciate the effort, but I added the "tits not required" part because I wanted the focus to be on your cute face O:

>> No.14852754

>cute nerdy girl
>nice smile
>nice tits
>almost have a fucking winner

>> No.14852759

Doesnt mean you cant put some back on and head down to show us, or just a robe works.

Though, i'm more of an ass man myself.

>> No.14852762

Hey, you do realize you're only reinforcing the vicious cycle of "girls are only good for sex, lol", right?

>> No.14852775

OOH, SO CLOSE to getting a little peek at that vagoo.

>> No.14852781



>> No.14852785


only immature twats act like that and they aren't worth anyone's time

it's not my cup of tea but i don't have a problem with this sort of thing myself

though i can't quite see the appeal

>> No.14852790

I don't suppose you live anywhere in Europe do you? I think I'm in love.

>> No.14852799

This is the type of shit that has made /v/ insufferable.

>> No.14852802


Well ca/tg/irl, since you are here you may better go the whole way before this thread gets deleted. We don't know when the janitor will see it.

>> No.14852810


Lets take a look at that vag

>> No.14852814

Can we get a little peek at your shaved vagina?
I feel like a creep for asking that...

>> No.14852820

I'd plow you in every hole you have.

>> No.14852826

Miss, you are quite attractive, and an excellent sport. I appreciate your willingness to objectify yourself, though I don't really understand it.

That said...

>> No.14852834

Hm... Is the other one still here or did this ca/tg/irl steal the show?

>> No.14852843


Let us see your vagina, you are hot

>> No.14852849

Jesus christ, guys, nude pictures of girls are available ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Just fire up some porn, jack off, and be done with it.

And you, camwhore--what the fuck are you doing? Seriously, if you give a single fuck about /tg/, why are you helping ruin it?

>> No.14852854


Lol No. USA


I'll show ass too.


I guess that makes sense.

>> No.14852859

>More nerd girls for me then!

I like me a hard-drinkin shit kicker - One part party girl, one part outdoorsy chick, one part intense smartass.

my mexican cooks call me "negro" short for "gato negro" - bad shit happens AROUND me constantly. I need a chick who's tougher than me, and has a good sense of humor about it.

as for similar interests, I prefer girls who have interests different than mine, gives me a chance to learn something new.

>> No.14852861

This is what all of you pathetic fucks' interactions with women ever boil down to.

>> No.14852862

Federal regulations require me to warn you that you...

are looking pretty good.

>> No.14852866

yes, but we aren't talking to those girls. Besides, the people thinking this stuff is 'ruining' /tg/ seem to be the minority.
But you're a flat chested woman.

>> No.14852873

I'll bite, what state.

>> No.14852874

Dyke Seal of Approval.

>> No.14852875


>hates the idea that people are having fun

>> No.14852878

C'mon why?

I mean really? Was this necessary? You realize now that these pics are posted they are out here FOREVER and will probably be re posted quite a bit. You can't take it back.

Yes you're attractive, but you shouldn't need or even want us to tell you that.

Some days /tg/s desperation for MOAR TITS absolutely disgusts me.

>> No.14852879

>yes, but we aren't talking to those girls.
WHO CARES? Seriously, how does this even remotely matter? Are you so pathetic that talking to a REAL GIRL OMG over the internet is the highlight of your fucking day?

>> No.14852880

Where in the US? maybe I can plow you after all.

>> No.14852887


Enjoy your ban, camwhore

>> No.14852892


Get out of here

>> No.14852893

>hates the idea that people are shitting up /tg/, an imageboard that's good when people aren't busily using it as their /b/.

>> No.14852894

Who on 4chan hates camwhores? Keep going

>> No.14852897

I think it's the part where she shares this willingly instead of being paid to do it.

>> No.14852900

Well, I gave up on this because it really only amounts to whiteknighting. I'd prefer they didn't.

Hey, if this counts as talking then whatever. Go to /soc/, please?

>> No.14852902

>Oh, man! Some girl posted naked pictures of herself! Maybe she'll meet me IRL and bang me!

This is what pathetic ronery virgins ACTUALLY BELIEVE.

>> No.14852906

Talking to someone adds a level of intimacy to the whole thing. A sense of connection.
And, while not a total shut in, I can't just walk up to any woman on the street and get them to strip for me.

>> No.14852907



>> No.14852911


Not telling!

>> No.14852914


Hey, remember earlier when I said

>/tg/ is a hypocrite.

>they decry it, yet still demand tits.

I love being right.

>> No.14852919

Alright... stop teasing us!

>> No.14852920


>> No.14852923

Shame, I was kinda thinking Cali...

But since I'm in NY

>> No.14852924

She's not stripping for you.
She's stripping for the generic attention of a safely anonymous imageboard.

There is no real connection beyond what you invent.

Acknowledging it is step 1.

>> No.14852933


Spread pussy please! Make this thread epic!

>> No.14852935

YOU get the fuck out. You obviously don't want to talk about Traditional Games, so why are you even here? Go to /soc/, see camwhores, get them to record sexy vocaroos.

>> No.14852943

Not for me personally, no. But shes just like me. In that she's just an average person.
Sometimes you just want to see that there's a person behind the tits, while ogling said tits.

>> No.14852945


>> No.14852947

Camwhore: you'd get more fun and positive attention out of finding a single non-douchebag guy who knows what he's doing to be a cybersex/cam/phonesex/whatever buddy and sticking with him (or a couple of them or w/e) consistently, than from shitting up /tg/.

Just some advice.

>> No.14852950

ITT: /b/ comes to /tg/

I'll see the true fa/tg/guys Nd ca/tg/girls this fall

>> No.14852952


Okay <3

>> No.14852953


>> No.14852954


chill bro

no need to get your panties in a twist over this

always found camwhoring interesting

people get all up in arms over it

and there are people who like it

i always wonder what the motivation on both sides is

please tell me about your father

did he have a good relationship with your mother

please tell me about it

>> No.14852958

You're not seeing that there's a person behind the tits. You're seeing generic cam shots.

It's not like getting naked with someone you've actually known. It's a pathetic attempt at fooling yourself INTO that feeling, and it will leave you more, not less, ronery.

>I want /tg/ to be /b/ and/or /soc/
>but YOU're the sheep!!!
GTFO, heterosexual.

>> No.14852963

EXCELLENT! can we get a full body shot? No need to spread, the normal look is just fine with me.

>> No.14852966


>> No.14852967


Fuck yes! Ass please! wrap everything up!

>> No.14852969

How was that worth begging for? It's just a freaking glimpse of pink. Why is this such a huge deal?

>> No.14852974


if you want to talk to and about camwhores /tg/ is not the place.

ITT: Summer, summer everywhere.

Fuck it's too fucking early for this to be happening already.

>> No.14852975


>> No.14852979


>> No.14852980

Guys.....you don't realize, this is wrong.

She has no timestamp. You could all be being trolled.

>> No.14852982

Well, lost that bet, lol.
Tagging out, thanks miss, for the pleasant jaunt.

>> No.14852986


>> No.14852988

Nothing can replicate that level of intimacy, but this comes... not really close, but it's along the same vein.
We men are but simple creatures, and simple things please us.

>> No.14852989


>> No.14852990

Camwhores on /tg/. Emperors light...

Can't you fools see the camwhore is just an agent of Slaanesh!

>> No.14852992

>You could all be being trolled.

this is especially why I'm enjoying this thread.

Dear god, they're falling over themselves.

>> No.14852997

>>14852854 I'll show ass too.

So do it

>> No.14852998


>> No.14852999



>> No.14853001


>> No.14853004

"You're disgusting, GO AWAY!"

>> No.14853006


That is why I am taking notice of every picture's EXIF. So far everything is in order.

>> No.14853009

Slaanesh is as welcome here as any other deity I've seen.

But seriously, what is going on. I am tired slightly tipsy and confused.

Huzzah for no mods I guess.

>> No.14853012

Prove it

>> No.14853013

Fuck it spread those cheeks let us see it all

>> No.14853016



>> No.14853020


if it's a troll thread somehow that's even worse I think. it means there's someone out there with enough pics of one specific girl in order to provide enough and the right shots to seem to be complying with /tg/s requests. And if so, it's a masterful troll. 'Course I'm less annoyed at the camwhore/troll then the people encouraging it.

>> No.14853021


>> No.14853024

You have a very messy room, you should clean it.

>> No.14853028


You are now the only camwhore ever whose post I have enjoyed. Well done.

>> No.14853033

Man... I'd be such a whore if I was a woman.

>> No.14853042



>> No.14853044

Well, this was fun.

Thanks for the help popping my camwhore cherry /tg/!

>> No.14853051




Just one more with cheeks spread!

>> No.14853053



>> No.14853055


>> No.14853058

>Well, this was fun.

>> No.14853059

So would I, but only for women.
And probably Neil Patrick Harris.

Captcha: among nnewsh
Captcha seems to think there's OC going on here.

>> No.14853060

you are a humorous lesbian.
arnt many of those.

>> No.14853061

/tg/ is legitimately the worst board. Worse than any of Somethingawful's worst boards, and they're awful,

>> No.14853067

Because she, or he, trolled you all.

>> No.14853069



>it's fucking may

>> No.14853071

I don't think you quite understand what trolling is.

>> No.14853078

didnt feel like making a new butt sign. so sue me. i was just trying to make a point.

>> No.14853085


Ok, last one. Good night fa/tg/uys!

>> No.14853086

Thanks. I hope that was not sarcasm.

>> No.14853088

>you are a humorous lesbian.
>Aren't many of those
What? There's as many of those as of anything else humorous. That's a retarded statement.

Also, posting a generic meme isn't "humorous".

>> No.14853091


>> No.14853094

Nono. It's the Februarith day of the 5th month. See?

>> No.14853100

If you want to make a point, don't use copypaste images.
Glad I did one last round.

>> No.14853101

I meant spread your asscheeks!

>> No.14853106

you should direct your energy towards making the ugly beast feel bad about herself

>> No.14853115


We are not too bright aren't we? Or Maybe I spend too much time in /g/

Ok broseph. Pictures have something called exif data that has the date, camera make and other stuff hidden in the image.

So, take a picture, paste the URL here http://regex.info/exif.cgi and you will get the exif.

All of this ca/tg/irls pics match the time of her posts, the date of today and so.

So, is most that likely legit.

>> No.14853123

Oh you can keep going... just slip a little finger up that asshole, do it for /tg/

>> No.14853136

>slip a little finger up that asshole


>> No.14853139

She'll do it, we're watching :)

>> No.14853140


While interestly so, the pictures here >>14853055
and here got no EXif, which happens whe you save the pictures from the internet.

So this poster is certainly a troll (besides the fact they are posting pictures with long number filenames, so these were saved from here at 4chan)

>> No.14853145

enjoy your ban

>> No.14853150

not a torll, have to take the pix on my webcam because i cant take pix hands free. then i screen shot.

>> No.14853153

I wish Blondie had gotten naked. She looked cute

>> No.14853156

as in, via a video.

>> No.14853160


Still troll bro. Besides your pics are photoshopped as fuck.

>> No.14853163



>> No.14853166


I don't know much about technology but even I know that is bullshit. All webcams can take snapshots

>> No.14853167

alright, bye. enjoy your ugly and fat camwhore.

>> No.14853173


Bye troll.

>> No.14853178

Prove it then. Spread YOUR asscheeks and show us that asshole.

>> No.14853179


well I checked the exif tool thing and your photos have no data.

>> No.14853191

Roll for anal circumference?

>> No.14853193


What shall be your new name?


>> No.14853198

>/soc/ camwhoring bullshit on /tg/

It's times like this I miss the janitor. He was an aspie, yes, but he was an aspie who got shit done.

/tg/ - Traditional Games is supposed to be just that. Traditional Games, not "/tg/ meet-up who wants to get laid ;)" or "RONERY I KNOW THAT FEEL BRO". We're not /b/. We're not fucking /soc/. It's /tg/, where we discuss traditional games and, if the situation calls for it, the people who play them.

It's a niche board, yes. Some people may crave a bit more "personal" social interaction with others. A picture with thinly veiled masturbatory bullshit is probably the closest thing most people will get to that shit on 4chan. Is it a bad thing we don't have "LOL FA/tg/IRLS THREAD POST PICS" thread daily? Fuck no, that's the reason we're one of the better boards. At least we can discuss /tg/-related shit whenever we want to. You know why? Because this is fucking /tg/. Do you want us to be /v/? Do you want some sort of neckbeard scented /b/? A "FAT GIRLS ALL DAY ERRY DAY" /soc/ with a "im such a geek X3" flair to it? Go to fucking /soc/, it's already filled with ronery aspies and nothing but landwhales. Go to fucking /b/ with your image macro bullshit and your "WE WANT MOAR PICS" faggotry. Go to goddamn /v/ and be saged with relentless posts of "sage for not vidya" and "PC IS DYING PS3 HAS NOGAEMS XBOX360 HAS NOEXCLUSIVES WAGGLAN SHIT".

For now, it's just this one thread. But there was another last night. And another before that. And another before that. Eventually, it'll be coming on every night. Daytime /tg/, nighttime /tg/, all day erry day, cries of "POST TITS", "I WANT TO SEE MOAR", and "FA/tg/IRL APPRECIATION THREAD :3" will rock the board. We've brought this upon ourselves.

tl;dr Go back to /soc/ because it's already "FAT GIRLS ONLY", or /b/ because it's already "JEWS DID 9/11 POST TITS EPIC WIN", or even /v/ because... fuck, it's goddamn /b/-lite.

And yes, you're goddamn fucking right I mad.

>> No.14853200

>enjoy your ugly and fat camwhore.
You fail at tricking.
If you ever want to get close to appearing female online, absorb the female state of mind first.
Now you just appear like a complete jerk.

>> No.14853202

I think you just described half the women here, myself included. Perhaps you should be more original?

>> No.14853213


Until you don't post pics you can't have a chan title

>> No.14853214


>mfw when he posts long, drawn out paragraphs about how much he hates this shit while still bumping the thread

lol newfag

>> No.14853218


This guy got mad

>> No.14853220



Next time don't take pictures off the internet

>> No.14853225

I don't want one. But what you suggested was akin to calling one Marine in a vidya game, "The one with the helmet."

>> No.14853230

Can't decide if summer or /b/tard.

>> No.14853247

You still mad?

>> No.14853256

So back to the real camwhore, are you going to put a finger up your ass or not?

>> No.14853270


She seems to be gone for good. Also I'm glad she followed our suggestion of deleting the pics after she was done with the camwhoring. I'd hate to see her banned.

>> No.14853370

Best laid plans. I don't normally follow camwhore threads but for some reason tonight I just wanted to see a camwhore play with her ass.

>> No.14853403

any other camwhores out there interested in fulfilling anons request

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