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Heya! It's Me, Aerie!

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Mai Elf Waifu.

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Did anyone else ever imagine that all those times you reassured her about her wings and sadness built up into one night where she was finally okay and self-confident and she got all dolled up with lots of makeup and a fancy dress you bought and then culminated in a brutal rape where you just kept screaming 'I AM THE SON OF BHAAL, I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR FUCKING WINGS!' while thrusting in and out of her tight elven vagina?

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Has "waifu" ever been used except to troll? I mean ever, 2-3 years in of /a/ and the only times I've seen it used is either in trolls or sarcastically. I'm beginning to wonder if it's just one long meme joke.

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BRB making mod.

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Jeheira master race reporting
she fights monsters and isn't afraid of anything
all other waifus are small time

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She probably gets off on you cumming on the wing stumps.

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That was in the second expansion.

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This Shiva, a female Dwarf warrior.
She would kill you on sight.

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on /a/ it's a troll all the time. Elsewhere it's half or full sarcasm with the occasional troll, generally restricted to claiming that someone else has a waifu.

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I always thought Aerie might be a secret masochist.

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Aerie in a nutshell


Pic somewhat related.

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Look at what you're typing. no seriously, push aside your recognition of the word and look at the formation of letters.

Yes, it's only for trolling. It's hard coded into its DNA, like being a retard.

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>why does she need glasses if she's deaf?
Can't stop laughing; literally crying with laughter.

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I still read it in Imoen voice

Capthca: its aredin

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Where is her fucking beard?
That's just sick!

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Four words:
Shaved for Charisma Bonus

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How could she hear him say that?

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Signer in back.

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What's wrong with your face?

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This game has a ridiculous amount of famous voice talent.

Also Jaheira is the best romance.

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Go to /e/ and stay there long enough and you will see it used seriously. It is not just for trolling. There are waifu threads.

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I heard Imoen was raped by Irenicus

Can someone confirm that? Never got that impression

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Torture? Silly girl, you just don't understand what I'm doing, do you?

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...I don't think so. Only time rape is ever brought up is if you have that shitty Imoen romance mod.

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She had a special belt that Irenicus removed during Spellhold. Besides, he was raping dryads to remember what Ellesime felt like, so chances are he put it in Imoen's pooper.

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>only for trolling
>has never been to /tv/

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Doubt that. As we know he only gets a boner if Ellesime Clones are there to satisfy his ragesex-gurofetish.

On a sidenote I will totally use that as a name for my Next F.A.T.A.L -Character. The mighty Half-orc Barbarian Gurofetish Raigesecks.

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Playing through and realizing that all the romance options are damaged goods of some sort. Aerie is a cripple former slave circus performer, Viconia is a fucking Drow, and Jaheira is trying to come to terms with wanting to fuck what amounts to her nephew a couple weeks after her husband was tortured and brutally murdered. On the female romance end you have Anomen, the son of a drunk who constantly abuses him.

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>>You are now aware that every romance in RL also contains damaged goods, if you dig deep enough.

>>You'll never how it is dating a man or woman who doesnt have some kind of psychological baggage.

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I dunno. I felt rape was beneath him- He didn't seem the type. Frankly, he didn't even see you, or Imoen, as 'people' at all- Just walking meat with the tasty soulstuff inside.

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Viconia: The only character who is so awesome I reset my game back to before I fought Demogorgon just so I could finish the Romance with an alignment change.

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How would BG2 have played out if Irenicus had (for shits and giggles) surgically removed the brains of all the characters he captured and implanted them into Ellesime clones?

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don't mind me, just being a newb, but what game is this?

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Well for a start it would have been a shit game. Unless it took on the style of Sam and Max. Then it would have been awesome.

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A game of pretend

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>Implying that Korgan Bloodaxe was not in my party at all times, regardless of circumstances or character build

The only man I trust. Even if I only trust him to be Korgan fucking Bloodaxe.

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Goddomit, this took me completely by suprise.

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He trolls the shit out of Aerie at one point. In the Chloe mod (God preserve us), he also trolls the SHIT out of Chloe, the uber-sue, and gets away with it.

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SEXY pretend?

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>...and gets away with it.

I don't believe you.

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>Minsc, that tattoo on your face. Does it have tribal significance or did some nursery's fingerpainting class assault you with the blue pastels?

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Waifu Simulator 0

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Imoen romance was pretty good.

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"Har! I love a good challenge, ye blasted swaggerin' giant! But ye amuse me enough to let ye live a while longer. Are ye sure there's no dwarf in ye? There could be tonight if I kin imagine ye with a beard..."

Torn directly from the text files.

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>Mirabbo's Imoen romance

Son, reset your life and start over: clearly something's gone awfully wrong with you

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Baldur's Gate II

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Kogran is my spiritual liege.

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He also makes fun of her faggy high-dex fighting style, and pisses on the corpses of people he's killed while she's going through her little devotions.
The only person Korgan trolls harder than Chloe and Aerie is fucking Saerileth, who you shouldn't EVER play with. Ever.

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I agree, Saerileth totally sucked. With high CHA you instantly become the fated love of her life

But as soon as you do the slightest thing against her will/beliefs/anything she dumps you immediatly. Fuck that bitch.

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The imoen romance was at its height in that pic. Low key banters and funny interactions. It started falling apart when it started getting heavy, IE in Spellhold or the super srs romantic scenes post-underdark. Schizophrenic mod design, that sort of thing.

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The Saerileth mod is worth it if you get to the end of the expansion and tell her to fuck off, you're going God mode. Bam, embolism right there and she drops dead.

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It pays off if you keep the romance running right until the end of TOB.

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I disagree. To me it felt heartwarming and light, yet serious at times, exactly how i expected a romance with Imoen to be.

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Sounds like some women I´ve met

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I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Saerileth? Actually one of the best mods in BG II's history. If you talked her faggot admirer into killing himself, and then met Cyric with her, you'll know what I mean.

Aside from that, total garbage. But that one scene made it all worth it to me.

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The best thing about the Saerileth mod was the creator of the mod having a breakdown because ONE person criticized his mod for having no depth. The modder's "wife" stepped in to defend him, it was revealed that the only appropriate discussion on the forum was undying praise for the mod, the modder compared his work with Romeo and Juliet, and it culminated with the forum being closed off.

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Why the fuck are so many of these people crazy?

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Ahahaha, for real?

I can actually believe that. When one creates an NPC mod its only natural to put a bit of himself in it, and seeing how Saerileth was such of a pretentious faggot, i can really believe that.

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I'm thinking of playing a game of Baldur's Gate II that has all of my usual WeiDU mods attached, especially the ones that make combat thrice as hard, because I'm a masochist.


I'm also going to install NPC mods to have a party of CHARNAME, Chloe, Saerileth, Imoen (with the creepy, incest- and rape-focused Imoen Romance mod), Aerie, and Tsujatha ("I'M ANGSTY SO I'M EEEEEVUUUL" elf).

Whatever the case, I'll edit flags such that CHARNAME triggers all romances, creating the most insufferable love dodecahedron to ever arise in Baldur's Gate II. All of these romances brought together should be quite the treat.

Good idea, /tg/?

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>mfw i dont have face
I loved how that mod allowed you to pick choices ranging from every kind of alignment, even the most extreme one

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Truly, the legacy of Bhaal is a great evil.

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>>because I'm a masochist.
>>Chloe, Saerileth, Imoen (with the creepy, incest- and rape-focused Imoen Romance mod), Aerie, and Tsujatha
>>All of these romances brought together
>>Good idea, /tg/?

Not to spoil your fun, but wouldn' t it be easier to just put your dick in a blender? Or pour some battery acid in your eyes?

Believe me, it will be the same experience, just way faster to achieve.

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You're just ducky and trying to cover the niggling suspicion that you'd propably rub one, or a dozen, off to playing the mods.

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So, what, does she just immolate you right there? Kind of a bitch way to go out. Getting snuffed by Imoen.

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Aww hell, that animu shit really makes me want to beat you to death with your own spine.

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I think it's hilarious, mainly because of reactions like that.

>> No.14855761

The author of the mod actually said:

"ok, so about the whole love-at-first-sight thing. please stop crucifying us about it.... we have literary precedent. go back a re-read the masque ball at the capulet's, and see how romeo and juliet react to each other. if you're still not convinced, then take a trip to straford-upon-avon and whine at shax's headstone."

Despite it being one of Shakespeare's worst plays, it really is fucking pretentious to compare your fantasy jailbait simulator mod to it.

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Haven't done that, can you tell me what happens?

>> No.14855770

I don't think that was so much them comparing as "It's been done before nad no one complained about it" type thing. I mean, it's still terrible, mind you.

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Could you please post more screenshots of Touhou's Gate?

I simply adore the ones with Mystia as Aerie~

>> No.14855773

>Good idea, /tg/?
Not so much. Saerileth sucks ass, Chloe had little depth, Tsujatha was not so interesting and kind of off-balanced in its fights and, FOR GOD'S SAKE, of all the possible original romances you pick AERIE ?

If you want a decent multi-romance experience do a female MC, pick up viconia, jaheira, swap saerileth with kelsey and tsujatha with Fade.
And also install the Romantic Encounters mod.
And the enhanced flirtpack.
Then set all the flags so that you can access everything (even if it turns out female-on-female and such).

Imoen romance, keep it. It's the only shining one in your list.

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Mods that let an NPC text-kill the PC, arbitrarily making them stronger and more important, are utter shit.

>> No.14855785


Tashia is best if you betray Tashia.

yours faithfully

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More likely because you're a weeaboo faggot who gives the rest of us touhou fans a bad name.

>> No.14855802

Arbitrarily? If you had the decency of playing the mod, you should know that imoen's bhaal side was kind of a plot point within that mod.
Nice way of showing how you talk out of your ass

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Well.. in the crappy Shadows of Amn novel she nearly snuffs CHARNAME out to, while in Ravager mode.

But the story in the novel was far more derp then in the game.

Irenicus messed with CHARNAMES and her Bhaal-Essence only to make them go RAVAGERMODE to create a distraction while attacking Suldanessalar and the stealing off to hump the magical faggot-tree. And Imeon & CHARNAME following him was a "Just as planned"-Moment.

Makes me think, that there are probably easier ways to crate a distraction then that..

Actually, the novels were so bad, they seem to be on par with all the shitty romance mods.

>> No.14855819


>Then set all the flags so that you can access everything (even if it turns out female-on-female and such).

"even" if it does?

>> No.14855836

I'm kind of interested now, could you please name the mods you've done? I'd love to play some higher tier masterpieces.

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BG 1 & 2 with addons was the best co-op game after SShock2

>> No.14855873

I kind of liked the novels.

>> No.14855877


I think you just went full retard. Do I have to be an expert cook, too, before I'm allowed to say that something tastes like shit?

>> No.14855886

>shitty romance mods.
more shittier than romance with Amoen or whatever it name was??

>> No.14855911

Woah, never though I'd actually see people using these.

>> No.14855915

...It's a fucking golden skull that wants it's body back.
Maybe it has has some good loot?

>> No.14855916

Holy shit, it's like im in '80 again. this has to be the oldest possible line when someone doesnt have the balls to stand up his own arguments

>> No.14855917

nethrin, is that you?

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>> No.14855927


It wants it is body back? What?

>> No.14855935


Yessssssss, Baby's Gate 2: Shadows of Mom

>> No.14855936

Y'know, just for fucking once, I'd love for the ancient lich like beast that we have to go through hell to reassemble could be a pretty decent guy who gives you some nice loot and invites you over for dinner.

>> No.14855939

Your post was far, far, FAR more retarded than his.

>> No.14855947

Amn, Docks, House with tomb in basement. requires to obtain golden torso and limbs,, later an Demilich buttrape

>> No.14855960

my what? it's the first time i write here, and i'm doing so only because i couldnt believe that in our glorious 2012 someone could still use that lame ass "LOL LIKE I HAVE TO BE A COOK NOT TO SHIT ON ANYTHING LIKE IM BETTER" kind of argument?

>> No.14855964

Chrono Cross' Skully.

>> No.14855979

The thing that impressed me the most about ToB was that one time when CHARNAME meets that lich and, for once and to my astonishment, said lich recognizes you as powerful enough not to mess with.

Fucking finally. By that point i could forge planes with my power, and yet everyone kept treating me like a little shit. Shit was so refreshing.

>> No.14855986

>>someone doesnt have the balls to stand up his own arguments
Holy shit, its like i'm 16 again, this has to be the oldest possible line when a retard who doesn't have any arguments of his own tries to point out someone else doesn't.

What the fuck is wrong with this thread? How did it manage to go straight into retardville?

>> No.14855999

You understand that that argument is not only entirely correct, but entirely appropriate contextually?

The alternative to this 80s reasoning that you condemn is that you cannot criticize ANYTHING unless you have already produced something of higher quality. I'd like you to just ponder that for a minute. Think about the implications of this reasoning.

>> No.14856005

I blame the Swedes. Poisonous people, they.

>> No.14856013

You can still name things you believe to be masterpieces, works the same.
Do so, or prove yourself a fag.

Case solved. Move along.

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>> No.14856030

You are so fucking wrong.
Sure, you can rephrase it like that and then argue against the strawman. But let's try from the other side:
>you have to be a cook to criticize someone's cooking
>you can't paint, so you can't say SHIT about paintings
>you have no legs, don't even think about saying turtles are slow
Just like with parenting - just because it's hard to bring up a good child, it doesn't mean you can't call rednecks retarded, even though you probably have no children on your own.
We can say things are shitty just by comparing them to other things that aren't.

>> No.14856033

BG1: first time playing,, Ooh' there is some old dude in red clothes. Kill him for looties.

Your party was mauled by Elminster

>> No.14856048

Such incredible news of yours those are. So new, so refreshing, surely i couldnt have conceived them by myself.

>> No.14856056

He's worth 18k experience I think.

>> No.14856058

Looks like you couldn't, because your own are pretty retarded.

>> No.14856065

If this had been about naming just any masterpiece, someone would've done it by now. Read before you post.

>> No.14856083

>implying he doesn't have invisible "NONHP" (or something near that (item code)) ring that makes him immortal

>> No.14856086

>You can still name things you believe to be masterpieces, works the same.
>We can say things are shitty just by comparing them to other things that aren't.

Way of insulting your own reasoning then

>> No.14856094

You're a shitty ally. Get out of here at let the real men argue.

>> No.14856096

Sure thing, broseph!

>> No.14856103

So, let me recap

>imoen romance is shit
>no, i dont need to make one to say it
>no, i cant even name one mod done good to compare

Conclusion: all the NPC mods are shit?

But, if that is true, how can they be shit if there's nothing better than that?
Something cant be "shit" without something else better to compare it to, hence the lower quality of one of the two.

I kind of suspected a logic derailment when >>14856058 basically insulted himself, but this is too much.

>> No.14856115

Reported, multiple times.

>> No.14856137

The self-insulting is because imbecile >>14856086
is incredibly obtuse, and it is unclear what arguments he represents.

>> No.14856140

Oh god damn it...
Explains why I was only attracted to Tali and Aerie

>> No.14856151

Yet he said one thing pretty clearly, the other anon said what is basically the same, but called the first, same statement, "retarded".
I dont know, seems like you guys have thrown logic out of the window for the sake of insulting one another.

>> No.14856155

fuck you all.

Instead, /tg/... since i'm tempted to play BG2 again now, how about a list of *THE* worst mods to play? Not too many NPCs unless they are cross-mod banterpack friendly.

Not bad as in buggy and crashing to desktop, but... bad as in content. Retarded encounters, stupid weapons, NPCs like... well, Chloe. Also elaborate if it's relevant what race or gender I play.

I already know and have lined up Saerileth, Chloe and a few others.

PS: trollmods also welcome.

>pointed herverth

>> No.14856158

When you first meet him you can kill him. I mean, he's got 96 hp and a -9 AC, so he's a pain in the ass to hit. But it's possible. The other red robed guy in Candlekeep (Tethoril?) on the other hand, will fuck you up.

>> No.14856160

What, you want a good NPC mod? Those exist, but we're kind of working on more important shit right now, like the whole "Hurr you can't criticize unless you r Beethoven lol" stance.

>> No.14856173

>Such incredible news of yours those are. So new, so refreshing, surely i couldnt have conceived them by myself.


>> No.14856175

and after checking again, it seems that the ring is only in bg2's items list,, my bad

>> No.14856198

That reminds me of editing the assassins normal dagger to Blackblade of disaster. 9x backstab with critical was really an over 9000

>> No.14856212

Yet none of you fags can even take the second needed to name "one" ?
You're taking me for an idiot here.
Reality is, you neckbeards feel satisfaction in shitting on everything, and BG2 mods are no exception. I found mirabbo's imoen romance to be one of the best available, miles better than shit like saerileth, chloe or amber.

>> No.14856218

Seems simple irony, anon. What's so hard?

>> No.14856227

Which was retconned ages ago with >>14856013
I understand fixating over something you can criticize rather than something you cant, but dont overdo it when the thing has been settled.

>> No.14856241

It actually reads more like a condemnation of the arguments as derivative, which had been a repeating theme in this argument. Given that it was also written poorly, this was an easy mistake to make.

>> No.14856248

Wait in line, faggot, we're arguing about something else right now.

>> No.14856257

Dunno, looks like the usual sarcasm you see in thousands here.

>> No.14856270

Eehhh... Fade was awful, Tsujatha was awful, Solv... Solauf... Soufflé, he was alright. Tashia was alright.

No, actually, if you really hedge it down the only NPC mod that I'd say was considerably better than the Imoen romance would be like, the Edwin one. Mostly this speaks poorly of the BGII modding community.

>> No.14856293

Yeah? Well I disagree. Doesn't help that he was accusing unoriginality when the two arguments he compared were of dubious similarity to begin with.

Basically, if he had either written more clearly, or shut his goddamn mouth, this wouldn't have been a problem.

>> No.14856309

Oh Christ, what was it, Longest Road? The Irenicus mods read a bit purple, but still better than any of the romances. Jesus Christ but the romances all bit.

>> No.14856340

I'm mad dubious on the Irenicus mods. The beginning what with Rielev giving his melencholy spiel made me want to eat my own thumbs, but it got better. I never finished it because I fucking HATE the Watcher's Keep, but it looked like it was going alright, but could potentially fail hard.

>> No.14856348

did Longest Road have any romances?

>> No.14856368


Someone ,probably you, I think, asked for a NPC Mod masterpiece and the simple truth is, that there aren't any. Not one of the romance / NPC-Mods I would consider a good one. Thats just the way it is, you can rage and demand to point out the best one, but to me there just aren't any good ones.

Especially the ones who introduce new NPCs to the game are incredibad, because either the char is overpowered, useless, a mary sue, a retard or self-insert wish-fullfillment by the author and such things never can be good.

I think most of the romance in BG2 were actually good, and if not, then they were at least entertaining, because at least to me they looked kind of.. naturally.
The NPC-Mods on the other hand, look like a really bad case of trying too fucking hard.

That said, I am aware that it is hard to write a character who is not only likeable, but also not annoying or who has at least a good amount of goddamn common sense. This doesnt change the fact, however that there is not one NPC Mod who did manage that.

>> No.14856456


You know something? The idea of an Imoen romance would've worked fine in BGI- I mean, the childhood friend is usually viable love interest. I do think, however, that BGII was stronger without one.

Come to think of it, all the girls were really damaged goods. I went with Aerie, but I never actually finished her romance; I played through the entire game as a two-handed sword Fighter, and wielded Saverok's blade before I upgraded to the silver sword.


My second runthrough was a kensai, and I left fucking tornadoes of blood in my wake. Seriously, I killed things so fast I didn't even get a chance to watch them die.

>> No.14856463

>everything is shit

I see.

>> No.14856491

>everything is shit

>I think most of the romance in BG2 were actually good, and if not, then they were at least entertaining, because at least to me they looked kind of.. naturally.

Not that anon, but that's some nice reading comprehension you've got there.

>> No.14856505

>not berserker

Faggot. I bet you used swords as well, rather than halberds.

>> No.14856520

Did you notice that we were speaking of the mods community here? Right, now try doing 2+2

>> No.14856524

>> Here you go anon
>> BAWWWWW! Tl;dr!

You either are a troll, a retard, or a retarded troll. I feel kind today, so I'll just assume you are a troll.

>> No.14856537

Its kind of hard to take seriously a "Yes nothing good out there, everything is bad" attitude. Just my 2 cents.

>> No.14856553

Are you seriously claiming you can't judge mod content by comparing it to vanilla or by comparing it to... well... any other form of entertainment?

>> No.14856588

I'm claiming that an adult judgement should give credit where credit is due, and maybe not expect fan works to be on par with fully integrated, voiced and developed romances.
You can set a too high standard and even explain why you're doing so, but it doesnt change the fact that you're simply asking too much out of some fans production.

>> No.14856590

Except when you're talking about fanwankery the likes of BG2 romance mods.
Ranks right up there with Oblivion sex mods in terms of godawful:

The only good mods the modding community from BG2 put out was the bugfixes and restoration mods.

>> No.14856657

Sad for you then, i've found quite many good mods out there. I just not expect them to be on par with the original.

>> No.14856684

Yeah good for you bud, some people just have a higher tolerance for shlock and shitty writing than others.
Heck, some people enjoy WH40K novels.

>> No.14856705


It's a total conversion mod. Takes a bunch of old modules from the 70's-80's and strings them together. It's not quite complete, but there's still quite a bit of content in them. There's also some bugs, but that's to be expected.

I had a lot of fun with it after years of playing vanilla BG2/ToB.

>> No.14856719

Main difference is that, unlike you, i dont feel the need to post extremes like "fanwankery""shlock and shitty" and other detrimental remarks about what i find to be inferior.
Enjoy your lawn.. i prefer mine though, bit wider and open-minded.

>> No.14856743

>Enjoy your lawn.. i prefer mine though, bit wider and open-minded.

I will, thank you! Less maintenance and not completely filled with dog crap.

>> No.14856800

Alright, alright, you can stop being an assassaulted cunt now. I've watched you two bicker back and forth and, frankly, you're coming off as infinitely more whiny and shitty than the other guy. You don't need to bitch and moan about every little thing that you don't like. Nobody cares.

>> No.14856808

It must be so much harder having to rationalize and constantly be apologetic about low quality writing.
I don't envy you one bit.

>> No.14856859

Ey, we're trying to have a nice bickering here.
We don't care that no-one cares.

>> No.14856933

>We don't care that no-one cares.

I dig.

>> No.14857054

Actually i do, that's why >>14856719 was my last statement on the matter. Well, aside of this.

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