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OP here, um.../tg/ what the fuck is with you and racism?

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Where? The one with Xzibit parodies the man himself, not his race. Have you never seen Pimp My Ride?

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>OP here, um...4chan what the fuck is with you and racism?


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If only i could find that copypasta about how some Loyalist and Heretic Marine chapter names seem kinda fucked up...

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>filenames of the first two


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Part 1.

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What's the name of the artist that did all of these comics?

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Part 2

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Beat me to it.

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go to deviant art and type in cultish chan

theres your answer you fug nugging shit whore

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Shit on a shingle! That's not very nice.

But thank you anyway.

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nah, i love you man...sorry for my agression....its just that i saw some heresy

also my personal fav

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>Maximum FUCK

That makes me laugh every time.

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>must not fall....to hursay
>the emperor is all i needthe emperor is all i needthe emperor is all i needthe emperor is all i needthe emperor is all i needthe emperor is all i needthe emperor is all i needthe emperor is all i needthe emperor is all i needthe emperor is all i needthe emperor is all i needthe emperor is all i needthe emperor is all i needthe emperor is all i needthe emperor is all i need

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I prefer this.

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This thread pleases the Emperor.

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I was in the process of posting that when you posted it.
Christ, there needs to be more funny 40k pics.

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Not funny, but just thought I'd give this story a bit more exposure.

Ave Gav.

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i own that piece. its under my bed atm. if i remember correctly its a police helicopter. man, the golden age of lego was the best age

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You have all proved your loyalty, but word has come in on the vox


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This is all I have.

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another from this set.

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Anyone else in here?

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Gotta love this guys face.

He's just so fucking stoked.

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I would watch the shit out of this.

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last from me, anyone else?

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OK I lied, two more.


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a fav of mine

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OP, back from the bathroom

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i wish i had more to contribute friends

i mean this ones not actually even funny

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It would be neat if a game of Magika could be modded to that pic.

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I would play the SHIT out of this.

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I need to model this dread

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i would watch the shit out of this

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anyone have that story about the Ogryn, his sergant and the potatoes?

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>full of retarded adviceguardsman

Yep, it's like every time I think guardfags can't get worse, they prove me wrong.

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Payin' it back.

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reading that in her voice is impossible after half way. It takes 100% of my cpu power

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Maybe you just need to work on your cultist voice.

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One of my favorites.

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some one forgot sigmar

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fuck your shit, i bet you play sm...I dont take kindly to your kind

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Like I give a fuzzy fuck what you don't take kindly, guardfag.

At least I can have sex/mastrubate without having to put a thousand men to death.

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you seem upset? I would be to if I was born with power armor instead of a penis

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>herpaderp u jelly, madfag?

Go make the commisar bolterpistol some poor schmuck in the head, that's about all you're good for.

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Thats silly poisoning houses does nothing, you should rape the houses poison the women and burn the water.

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fucking lol, I am not even trolling you and you are getting pissy....

I dont give a fuck what you play, but pardon but dumb bitch whore fuck shit ass for posting pics I genuinely found mildly amusing

>yf atm

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I really wish I had the one of the Tau getting his heart torn out by the Sister. I guess I didn't save it.

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>, but pardon but dumb bitch whore fuck shit ass for posting pics

Try that again, in something resembling sense.

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Because burning the water really does something...

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Yes it does, if you burn the water then then who ever you're attacking only has solid land to run across and is easier to shoot.

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But you can't burn water. Boil it at best.

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fine....I...I'm sorry for having opinions u~guuu

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one of my favs

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With enough heat anything will set on fire, does promethium float and how hot does it burn?

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>, but pardon but dumb bitch whore fuck shit ass for posting pics

wtf you trying to say boy?

PS: i drew you a reaction image

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and? if you recall, i never begged for contributions. I am just putting these on here incase anyone needs to expand on their 40k funny.

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also dat potential khorne reaction face

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non-guardfag translation as follows

I cannot argue with you, because i'm too stupid. Instead here's a collection of naughty words. Hopefully one will offend you. Good day.

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I've dumped all I have... please, sir, may I have another?

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the tyrannid and khorn racers are so cute

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what ever helps you sleep at night, I play guard and I am good with them. I am sure you are a decent player as well.

also, there are worse things than IG players----like those faggot anime mecha loving tau players

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This it?

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No, there's nothing worse then a guardfag. Except a orcfag who thinks talking like a hoarse cockney asshole is the hight of wit.

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Yes, thank you!

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this one always makes me tear up a little.

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players who try to talk like orks and shout WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH are the only ones who actually seem to enjoy playing the game

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I didn't post it in my dump. I didn't think it was funny.

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well at least theres something worse, im curious though, what race do you play? I have no doubt its sm....and if it is then I must ask you this. You criticized my guard shit, and yet sm has the hurrrr for teh emprah...butt---i mean battle brothers, etc

just some food for thought

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join the club

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Isn't this by that neo-nazi artist?

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the guy got what he deserves for falling to chaos. in a world where demons are not real its sad but in 40k its a ok

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Yes and no
See, its picking jackboots or devils.
Or blue boys if you are a fag like that.
It is all shit.

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ok, that filename got me to laugh. I think I can one up that, or at least try

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Old Demonhunters, haven't yet picked up GK, Tau, Eldar, Deldar, a few flavors of SM, Sisters, and a tiiiiny collection of kroot/nids. But that doesn't matter, because if you'll notice, nothing i've posted goes HURF DURF GUARD IS DA BOMBDOGGITY! WE'RE SO MANLY AND AWESOME!

Ergo, even if I played guard (which I don't) I wouldn't be a guardfag.

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1 wants to kill you, the other thinks we have a better chance fighting together. I'm not saying the imperium is actually "good" in anyway tho

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Yeah, that guy. Has the gall to go on about other factions being Mary Sues when he has the most Sue-ish as fuck OC cultists.

But he does some nice art now and then, irrespective of personal, facist inclined ethos.

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hmmm, well what ever makes you feel superior

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you give a inkling of back story, or originality to a character and every one starts spouting "Mary Sue" "Mary Sue".

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I get what this guy's trying to say but it really doesn't work when you're dealing with Chaos.

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Mary Sue in this case means a cultist standing on a pile of dead Space Marines holding a bloody knife.

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As opposed to the relentless spamming of adviceguard in non guard threads?

You guardfags shit up 40k, with your relentless fucking spamming and 'Humanity! Fuck Yeah!' bullshit.

Anything slightly xeno related? You better believe guardfags are gonna show up. Space Marines, ooh, guard are incoming.

It. Is. Fucking. Obnoxious.

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I think all of you can expect a visit from the inquisition soon for the moral threat you pose.

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but i was agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing with what was happening D :
its fun to draw stuff like that at times, besides what most people don't understand is how much artists love their repetitive characters, its hard not to spoil them sometimes

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The whole point of the character is to be shown in these situations though. It isn't a some times thing.

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Anyone got the original of this?

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Just as planned...

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But it wasn't just some times, it was EVERY.DAMN.PICTURE. If he wan't killing space marines he was raping sisters of battle or carving Chaos symbols into dead commissars. It went far beyond indulging a little and straight into obsession.

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I wish I could pull some up as examples but his DA account was closed for obvious reasons.

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yea you are probably right. If you place a character in some one's universe then you have to play by their rules

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Well, it's more to the point that the entire portfolio of art was designed almost exclusively for the purposes of... whatever you call it when someone gets so butthurt by something that is mildly offensive at best and has no factual effect on their life that they develop a near-obsessional need to 'prove' their counter-point.

There has to be a word for that, since it comes up far too often these days. If not, we need to invent one.

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You posted this: >>14842467

You are no longer a human. Having given up your rights as a citizen of the imperium you are now the property of His holy inquisition, for the crime of corruption of the Emperor's servants.

By the decree of the Ordo Malleus there can be innocence of your crimes, only degrees of guilt, which shall be decided upon in due time. Until then you are no longer a citizen of the Imperium but a creature owned and disposed of by the Ordo Malleus. May the Emperor have mercy on you, for we will not.

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Do you wish to be free my friends?
Let me show you the way.

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you will never take me alive coper!


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Welllllllll actually i'd vote on the force commander with the power sword if he were already up in the face of a carnifex bogged down by a venom cannon.

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Why the hell can I not remember the name of this comic? I sohuld know this.

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In the witch hunter codex it states that heretics can be forgiven and can find forgiveness since they were not aware of the the emperors light while the traitor can never be forgiven since he was in the emperors light and turned to darkness.

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Does anyone have that Bjorn the fell-handed screencap where he's pissed off and then captured by Blood ravens?

>> No.14842852


Acording to your heresy level, forgiveness is earned through torture or death anyway.
But in that case ven if you die you're sitll forgiven.

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Would also like to know the name of said comic.

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Anyone got the original of this?

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Too long so I uploaded the full comic here.
Were a Korean meme actually.

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wat the shit

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I wish someone would give us more stories of Bjorn. He's one cool motherfucker.

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You know that there already is IA list that allows this, right?

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Oh hai thar!

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What's the name of this comic?

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saving bump

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Ya'll like heresy?

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bump for hilarity

>> No.14856194

I like my heresy more shiny, thanks.

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FLGS I go to has two cats. It is a house rule that anything the cats knock over are dead.

Pic unrelated.

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