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You're going out together on a blind date

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Cap-toor dat ass fohr kay-ohss!

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Sandwich? Mite b cool.

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I saw the image before I read the first post... first character I thought of was LIIVI...

Well... it won't be the worst blind date I've had...

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I highlighted that...
I know better

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I couldn't think of anyone, so I told myself the first in my imagefolder...

Shit. He's wearing the pants.

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My mind literally just went completely blank, and I can't come up with jack shit.

Am I literally reflexively shielding my mind at this point from being on 4chan so long?

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I....I don't have any pictures of hagar.


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>Karzoug the Claimer, Runelord of Greed

Huh... Well, you look like a man of fine tastes. You say you want to turn flesh into gold? How about I show you how to cast a centralized Stone Skin?

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I wonder if he'll be a 'greatsword' in more ways than one

If ya know what I mean

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You don't need one. Hagar is within us all.

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Kromgol. Oscar the stoner. Wait, damn.

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Oh fuckety fuck.
2nd from the right.
I better not show up in a rhino.

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Well she seemed cute, didnt order much but didnt seem to mind when i offered to pay for everything. She was a wee bit highstrung, and by that i mean when the waiter offered to take her Flak coat for her while touching her shoulder from behind she broke his arm and shoulder in twelve places.

I was slightly aroused.

Other than that the date went well, walked her home to the Guard base on the edge of town. Pretty sure i'll call next morning.

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"Our date hides his penis in PLASTIC BAGS!


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rolled 1 = 1

The first /tg/ related character that came to mind was Female Thri-Kreen since that was the last one I saw :(

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A mistake has been made.

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I though cultist-chan. Maybe want?
>mfw when I read the text with cultist0chan on my mind. Yes, both faces.

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Damnit! I was blocking everything out so well... then Slaanesh happened.

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I'm more confused as to why Hercule Poirot struck me as a /tg/ character.
I mean I guess the food will be good. That's a plus.

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I hope its a woman!

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You gonna get raped! Forever!

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I'm more than okay with this.

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I thought of Castellan Crowe

So what happens? I go to have sex with him that evening only to break out into a berserker rage and attack him instead?

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is this win?

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An Adepta Sororita? This shoukld be interesting...

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Many things will change for you.

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I hope I don't fuck this one up.

If I do, try to learn from my mistakes. Try to hook up with Jubblowski or Cestree. Equally hnnng-worthy, and equally risky. One is the aunt of Little E, the other could potentially devour my soul.

I don't think that a Holstaurus or any of the monster girls count as a /tg/ character, so that's off the list, but would so be on the top of it, otherwise.

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Damn girl eats me outta house and home

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Mailee the default D&D character.

Ugh, do not want.

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I...I could probably do worse....

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Well yeah... I mean that helmet could have come off and revealed a sparkling man space elf underneath

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Eh, I could do worse, I guess.

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Hygine aside it was quite good.
And her dad is far more easy going then most others.

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Considering that this is her voice actress, yeah, you could have done worse

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holy. Shit. That is all I can say

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>First /tg/ related image.

She has a rather...


Fiery personality.

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Failbaddon the Despoiler. Fuck, I don't want to see his Slaaneshi side!

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Her name is Nicole Oliver, she's pretty damn hot.

right now she's doing the voice of Princess Celestia on the new my little pony show.... which Scott Mcneil is also ironically a voice actor for too

he plays a giant buffallo native american chieftan stereotype, and uses the same voice as he did for the daemon prince

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Fffff- I'll take it. Hope I don't get... enthralled.

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Some kind of female monk, I suppose?

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Yes, but with a tonsure

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I-i-im not sure if im ok with this.....

but maybe I am

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what is this I don't even...

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uh... duh!

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Boner achieved.

Hopefully she doesn't remember or know what a boner is.

But how do I seduced a schizophrenic taucron chick with nearly no cultural background and the mind of a 10-yr-old?

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Don't let her know you're seducing her?

"This is the traditional greeting of my culture. Now bend over."

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you're a genius. As long as I don't hurt Drone she won't make a fuss if I stick it into her phylactery.

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that is one stunning leia

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Oh, well... It'd be a shame to pass a bit more of her along...

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That means one can have her call him "O''Nii'Chan"

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lacks hairbuns.

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Ah, she reminds me of this other chick, I know...

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Hellsing? Reminiscent of Nazis? Perish the thought!

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I think this might end interestingly.

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I was more going for the haircut of Krieg-chan.

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i was too distracted with how good she looked to notice that little detail...
now i need to find a clip in SW were leia didnt have her hair up but still wore that outfit

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You're not the only one. Krieg-chan IS Seras in SPAAACE, except that she gets batshit insane when she sees a shovel/trench/trowel, not blood.

that is canon.

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What the fuck is it with the Japanese and their obsessive love of Nazi imagery?

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Fucken knew it.
Someone draw her wielding a mortar for extra semblance!

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They know they better, cooler and more damn cruel than their own fascists.
Also they had the coolest iconography and a tough of myticism.

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Did a graduate course on it. Seriously, you don't want to know. Lets just say it involves a lot of Japanese cultural issues that when married with other issues creates something for them.

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Leia... but no slave 'kini? WTF, dudes?

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I suppose it's something like America's fascination with the British royals. Once your ally keeps doing something both gaudy and retarded, you start to become obsessed with it.

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Is it because they hate Jews as much as /new/ and /k/ combined?

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We want to know.

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First one that came to mind. I am most pleased. Neeshka's awesome.

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>mfw I completely blanked the fuck out but then I had to see this muthafucker and realized what the thread was about

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I started thinking about That Girl from disarmed policeman's threads and I have no fucking idea why.


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I think I need psychcological help.

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I would say, it's about tiny dicks and exaltation ofthe genius. Plus maybe some NTR-related thing about them being jelly for German soldiers got all the hoawt French chicks.

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These threads only work if there's spoilers involved.

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I don't have any Ribbon pictures.
also, I probably shouldn't mention Ribbon.

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Vampires are /tg/ related, right?

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this does not solve my desire to see a leia with non-pinned up hair in a white dress... but its also nice

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>What the fuck is it with the Japanese and their obsessive love of Nazi imagery?

Its fly as fuck

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If you keep your dignity and rape her it's awright.

oh, sorry, it's not rape if it's an elf.

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We have weeaboos, they have naziboos. It's the circle of life.

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The Japanese notorious xenophobia combined with what could have happened had they won the second world war. Additionally there is a cultural taboo/fetish involved. The idealized Germany is all blue eyed and black haired, something that Japan doesn't see much in house. It represents something exotic and intriguing. Then there is the whole fact that Germany and Japan have a lot in common culturally besides the great war, their work ethic their distaste for Jews and Russians the glorious past.

For example you go into a gameshop in say a country you know very little about, but you see someone playing your favorite game. That is similar to what Germany and Japan have in a lot of aspects. Not too mention the whole fetish the Japanese have for exotic stuff that is not too exotic. That was according to my studies however, there could be different reasons I am sure that also complicate matters.

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Oh, okay then. I thought it was blue-eyes and blonde-hair, though.

>> No.14831496

Wasn't all that complicated, was it?
Also you mean blonde. Black hair they have themselves.
Also Germany speaking: Not really many blonde people 'round here.

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Why can't we have Naziboos in America, and the Japanese just have normal Japan-loving nationalists?

>mfw contemporary culture

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Do you see any blond hair here?

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Because 'naziboos' in the US (Britain first) are called Skinheads. Or Klansman.

>> No.14831511

Also it is not a circle.
That would require Germany to love America.

>> No.14831530


What the Japanese believe in is not representative of reality.

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But skinheads keep all the shitty parts of Nazism (racist rhetoric) but lose all the good parts (awesome style, militant imperialism).

I want a political party that issues badass uniforms with red armbands and leather trench coats, goddammit.

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I do not think the Badass Party has yet been founded.

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My first thought was CREEEEEEED.
Can I reroll for Sandwich or something?

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Bah, Skinheads are just prole punks, some just adhere to the populist aspect of national-socialism.

"they be stealin our jobs"

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Consider it founded.

Brothers! Today is a glorious day! Today marks the first day of the Badass Party's rise to power!

Superfluous gas maks and anachronistic attire for everyone! Now go forth and conquer in the name of fashionable evil!

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Can at least keep out those incompetent Helghast faggots? Making everyone with a kick ass gas mask look bad.

>> No.14831752

It won't make any difference.

History shows that the more stylish you uniforms, the more doomed to failure you are.

>> No.14831753

Everyone has a distaste for Russians

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Helghats aren't incompetent, they just suffer from the worst case of plotarmoured enemyssince Star Wars.

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Surely you jest?

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I think i'm about to get BLAMed...

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>mfw all the future games will have their main characters degenerate into clones based on that Soap faggot from Call of Duty while all the enemies will look significantly more badass

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Can we get a sauce on that white dress Leia, please?

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It's Horo.
Discussing Apples, and Economics over Dinner yay!

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I'm going out with Abbadon! Oh, he's so dreamy!

>> No.14832335

I'd love to see the reaction to that from the Fourth Reich motorcycle club who were out for a ride when I drove home from work. Colours, knives and chains.

Fuck me.>>14831774

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i'm ok with this

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Apparently I'm in queue behind you.
I'm kind of grateful, the second /tg/ character I thought of was ol' Ragin' Johnny Fuklaw.

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This was my first thought, but since I've never seen /tg/ talk about Sakura Wars I guess its Cata-chan instead

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I'm going to be kaptoored for kayoss. And I'm OK with it.

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Mmmm, bacon.

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this this and more this

>> No.14832965


Not true.... I love the hammer sickle It looks way more awesome than the swastika.

>> No.14832972


One of those swastikas is the mark of Ukko... its his hammer in action.

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