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I recently got into rifts, and i have talked to my GM. I am going to play a cosmo-knight on a mission to earth.

ITT:Comments and general Rifts experiences

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My advice, don't try too hard. Rifts is silly.

I played a Crazy who was basically deadpool and stabbed a tank to death once with my vibroswords.

The group fell apart shortly afterwards.

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sounds like the gm didn't do a very good job there.

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To be fair about it I did kill it by stabbing the crew through the roof of the tank.

We just weren't interested anymore sinc ethe game's balance approach is to not be balanced.

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what does balanced mean exactly? its the game master's job to handle a glitterboy accordingly. Everyone has a role, if the gm does a good job.

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I say balanced in the loosest sense of the term.

The game is more about fluff than anything else, and the fluff is nonsensical at best.

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now that makes sense. Yeah fluff sounds a bit chaotic, there basically is everything everywhere and you never know enough...but thats kind of what the game is all about isn't it?

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What's a cosmo-knight? Is it better than a cyber-knight?

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>fluff is nonsensical at best

I don't get that. The epic scope of the fluff is the best part. You can get mind-bogglingly creative.

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A knight with integrated vodka and cranberry juice instead of cybernetics.

Before anyone laughs, Krazy Kevin would totally make this.

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comso-knight= silver surfer in rifts

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To be fair sometimes the crunch is nonsensical as well. I love the rules lawyery definition of running water in this shot.

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I always liked Rifts.

Super amount of lore. One of the only games ive ever seen where you can quite literally be whatever the hell you want.

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