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read this, thought of you

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What manga is that?

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Asshole delinquent is such an asshole the Demon King's infant son gets attached to him.
When he grows up, he'll destroy the world.
Watch and laugh as said asshole delinquent attempts to get out of doing shit.

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i could beat people to death with a ocean. not that it would actually do any damage but i would still be beating them with it.

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Shame the coating ability isn't permanent.

I would love to load a Gavaleer up with a ton of land.

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>> target becomes an artifact in addition to its other types
>>Its other types
>>Each noncreature, non-equipment artifact

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No see what you do is you turn a PLANESWALKER into an artifact (tons of ways) and THEN use it as a bludgeon. Yes, You can swing using the Jace the emosculpter as a weapon. And then brainstorm.

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Liquimetal their land.
then destroy it cheaply! :D

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