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ONCE MORE, thanks to captcha. All text gone too. Thank you very much... NOT.

So you want to use a Nemesis Derpknight. Seriously, don't. If you want to have one, refluff it until it doesn't break canon seven times before breakfast. Unpossible, you say? Of course, if it's a Grey Knights unit. With my modifications, it isn't. It's a Knight, associated with the Inquisition through personal bonds. Could be a Baron Lakar, or a Seneschal of House Krast, who owes the inquisitor his life, or simply tagged along for the crusade. Bretonnian fluff applies to Imperial Knights up to a point, so he could be searching for the Chalice of St. Celestine, or something.

Now for the modeling part. Obviously, we want to lose babby termy and his TITAN diaper. Cut the parts out of the sprue, put them in the bitz box. We don't need them. The penisword and psylencer parts have to go too, a non-psyker has no use for them.

Next step: Build the model. We need the babby carrier harness, it's a great structural support for the cockpit. Don't add a crux terminatus. In fact, you can safely file off the crux embedded in the babby cart. Do so, that's not an Astartes unit.

Next step: Use kneadatite (green stuff before the rebrand and 300% markup) to fill in the text parts. They look stupid, and don't belong on a Knight suit. After that, break out the sheet styrene and build that cockpit. Get creative, you're pretty free there.

Weapon refluff: The daemonhammer can be declared an oversized thunder hammer. No change. The heavy incinerator can be refluffed as an inferno cannon, while the heavy psycannon already looks like a rapid fire battlecannon in its stats.

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is there tabletop stats for a pentiant engine? cuz that would make an awesome base for one.

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I'd just put a Warboss in it.

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And meanwhile Tau will probably get hosed with the Knarloc.

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Too large. The PE is roughly dreadnought size. Also, there are no SoB in the GK codex.

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Fluff compliant? Who the fuck made you fluff compliance officer?

Seriously, do whatever the fuck you want with the model, run your Grey Knights with your own homebrew fluff, I don't give a shit. Don't tell me I'm DOINITWRONG if I think your ideas are stupid.

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You lost me, sorry. I'm not exactly sure how this thing breaks canon when its just an exoskeleton for someone who already has an exoskeleton.

As much as I might not like the dreadknight, the model isn't horrible, its just a bit out of place is all.

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Yeah, that jerk! How dare he have correct opinions!

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>I think
>idiotic trolling

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Superior dreadknight that got posted in an earlier thread.

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go back to bed matt.

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who is the fluff compliance officer? i don't think their is anything that says i have to obey any fluff.

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Yeah, there kinda is. Under the entry for Warrior Acolyte it reads "Chambers Militant of the Ecclesiarchy," and guess who the only allowed chamber militant is.

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>derpknight babbyharness is awful
>zomg matt ward rapes fluff
>blah blah blah i'm a whiny 40kid

40kids are all the same, constantly bitching about how terrible their 'favorite' game is. Either shut the fuck up and play your shitty game or upgrade to a real wargame like warmahordes.

>inb4 "lol I just play 40k for fun, I don't really care, but I stll complain about fluff/rules/bullshit"

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That's just a plastic dread sarcophagus stuck to the front innit?

'cos I wanna do a very shooty GK list, but I hate the look of the dude hanging off the front of the dreadknight (which is essentially a walking heavy weapons battery that punches things, the way I see it). If I can just stick a dreadnaught bit to the front of it, I'm set.

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> one of the complaints is about bad aesthetics
> recommend a wargame with even worse aesthetics

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I might kill somebody if it meant a store near me would carry warmahordes and people would play it. Although I don't play 40k, fantasy here.

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My colleague bitches about work pretty much everyday yet still goes there.
Sometimes you hate it, but you don't hate it enough to quit, so you just bitch about it - it's part of human nature, they always complai about something / food, politics, job, hobby, other people, you name it ...

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>implying anything is more stupid looking than 40k.

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To illustrate my point, I just made a few shitty webcam pics of my version. Very WIP.

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Try gettin people into Mordheim. You should already have miniatures (well, depending on what exactly you play in WHF, but chances are you do) and it's also skirmish wargame.

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Get him katana and that funny looking helmet (kabuto?)

>efeces rope
No, feces won't make good rope, captcha. I'm not even going to try that, sorry.

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Awesome, definitely got a 3 day ban for telling OP off and my post was deleted. No trolling here, I personally dislike Matt Wards writing, but OP is fucking faggot homosexual. Get a damn life.

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Come on, stop tackling the trolls.

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What's so anti-canon about the DreadKnight?
For Christ's sake the Dreadnought is more unrealistic.

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Fact that it's Monstrous Creature.
Fact that is appeared out of nowhere by some strange retcon.

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1. It's an MC because it's designed to punch shit. Walkers suck for punching shit.
2. You use that word so much, but I don't think you know what it means. Guess what? This is the miraculous addition of New Units that /tg/ whines so much when its absent.

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Not really a retcon, as it states dreadknights are a new development and nobody knows where the fuck they come from.

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It counting as a MC makes it break canon...how?

Yes you can never add anything to 40k, because not only is the timeline set in stone but also every model in existence. New shit can never be added. Wheres the retcon? Was there a specific passage that said "No we will never use knights of dread" and then they shat all over it?

You keep using that word, I don't think you know what it means.

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newfag here.

there were knights in the epic 40k game titan legions. they were around the same size as a stompa.

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You are going to be disappoint when new cron dex arrives.

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Hello, new guy.

Those aren't quite the same thing. The Knights are more similar to the design of Titans, but on a smaller frame. The Dreadknight's construction looks more similar to a Penitent Engine.

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And that's exactly what I'm ttrying to emulate - just a smaller suit. Old fluff that doesn't need miraculously appearing units from out of nowhere.

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Those are called Titans. They are basically equivalent of Stompa (smaller ones) or Gargant (bigger ones).
Yes there were there since long time ago, but they are only used in large scale battles (Apocalypse games).

Knight-thing that people rage about here can be used 3x in 1000 pts game.

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So, why exactly do people dislike this thing?

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The Dreadknight would have been more grimmm if it was piloted by a grey knight initiate who failed the last tests or shown a lack of purity, but could be redeemed by having his carcass animate the machine.
The stats would have been reworked to show a strong, but suicidal and overall more fragile unit.

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Knights are smaller than titans. The warhound was the smallest class and the knights were smaller still, back when titan legions was still a current game.

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That one hit a little close to home didn't it? For those that missed it, mod/janitor is confirmed 40kid.

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We could call it an Engineered Penitent!

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