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Character portraits? I need a few more than I have...

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where is this pic from?

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OP, maybe you should specify *what* kind of characters you need. Saves us all a lot of guessing.

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No idea, got it here...
Have you tried tineye.com?

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I'm honestly just looking for ideas, man

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Eh, just randomly posting characters then.

One of my absolute favorites.

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One of these days I'm just going to compress my character art folder and upload it.
That'll be after I tag everything in picasa, though.

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Yes, but what setting and style? Medieval european fantasy? Oriental? Space? Cyberpunk? I've got a lot of stuff, so I'd rather post things that I know might help you.

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Well, our normal campaign is an AD&D campaign put basically in the Dark Ages, but I've been trying to convince evryone else to try different settings

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Norway: the Touristing. The players are all tourists in Norway, trying in vain to find anything more interesting than crawling into a giant troll's ass. Sorry, if you want rules for a Nice Boat, you will have to wait for the Hurtig-rutten expansion.

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Good, now we're getting somewhere. You want medieval fantasy, but preferably something that's somewhat out of the ordinary, or at least interesting?

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The entire party are based on Matataku's art. This is your monk.

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This is your druid.

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This is your mage.

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Some character Art.

Please take a look at if find these good. :)

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I love this image...

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This is your mage.

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this is your warforged

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And this is your ranger. Are you man enough for the Matataku party?

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Some more character Art.

Please take a look at >>14788544 if you find it good. :)

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Alternative ranger.

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Been working on my character portrait folder for about a month now. Have about a half-gig of pictures.

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What we are trying to say is that you should play an old man. Most systems have rules for them, but it's hardly anyone who plays them.

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if you play DnD4E this pic could pretty easily be used as a human/half-elf/elven Avenger

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halfling/gnome or very young human barbarian

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Uhm... Any creepy looking elves? Or Dark Eldar?

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only dark eldar pic i've got

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No, because I've yet to meet a dark elf character that didn't annoy me like hell. Just colour an elf blue or white or something in photoshop and paste on some random skulls and remove some clothing.

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You're not cool enough for this guy.

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Just imagine all the points you'll get after buying defects and disadvantages!

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I have no idea what class she is, but I want it!

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Got any ideas, OP?

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Didn't say Dark Elf.

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this could be an elf if you squint and tilt you head a bit...

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Post your dwarves, no one likes elfs.

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Any idea on source for this?

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Sure thing, bro.

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More Boletim. I never got to thank the drawfag who drew this, as I went to bed.

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Anyone got anything that could resemble an Elven Warblade for 3.5e?

I have some Knights/Paladins, but those are fairly common. I think I have a few swordsman type things.

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Half-Elven, sorry.

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My favorite dwarf

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Does anyone know of a program that does tagging(and as far as I care, only tagging) better than Picasa? I've tried a few and so far Picasa's been the best one, though I still don't like it very much.

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I think there's a program called iTag or something like that.

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Any good programs for deleting mages that you've already saved?

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Picasa detects duplicates. It's what I've been using to keep my pictures organized.

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I've heard of that and have the free version downloaded, but apparently it only allows three tags unless you upgrade.

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A program called VisiPics can also find duplicate images on your computer.

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you got to roll with the punches and get to what's real

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Why does that little girl have an erection?

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is she pregnant or something

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Maybe. I'm surprised that's what startles you, and not the flaming undead sheep.

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Eh, dark eldar, dark elves, same shit.

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spoiler: that's not a little girl

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This character is definitely a ranger. I can see where you'd get shaman from the picture, though

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bump for dwarven clerics plz

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L5R or any oriential adventure

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A very specific request, but does anyone have a few pictures of blind females wearing a veil? Preferably paladins, knights and that sort of thing, but anything would be appreciated.

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still looking for blind characters

(3rd attempt at posting this god dam you captcha)

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Thanks a ton! The one with the eyepatch is great.

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