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For Kay-Oos

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vess is all about taht kinda stuff.

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That's what Jack would look like if she had hair.

And tits.

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Oh hey, I didn't know Storefront 8 browsed /tg/. Cool.

Love the guys work. It's some nice stuff.

I just got off a ban, so I'm just gonna post SFW stuff.

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This is a sfw board.
Porn can be linked to but not posted

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4chan is nsfw by default. Only an idiot would surf this site and not expect reaction.

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You're new, aren't you?

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Anyone know where fuckingliar went off to?

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Is it just me, or does the bend of her spine look just a tad off? Not to say its a bad piece. The soft shading is quite nice. The angle just seems weird.

People that say hands and eyes are the hardest things about art are idiots. Its perspective.

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Go back to school summerfag
Blue = sfw
Read the rules
While going on 4chan at work is indeed exceedingly stupid some of us enjoy not being bombarded by such things as you will find on other boards.

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I can confirm he's still kicking, he's just not often in a drawing mood.

He used to practice with those little avatars but got banned for "Avatarfagging."

He won't say it but I think that's part of the reason.

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take this shit to /h/
Boards like that exist for a reason

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Guys! ( . Y . )

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>baaw why can't /tg/ be my personal hugbox

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You are obviously new. These boards are a community. yes its sfw meaning we don't have dicks and shit on every page (this is debatable at times)

As a community, however, promotions do pop up from time to time for the lulz.

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I say again: You're new, aren't you?

For 99% of /tg/'s existence, /tg/ did not have mods. Porn IS a /tg/ tradition. Whenever the mods are asleep, you can expect the board to be flooded.

Actually, you can expect it whenever they're awake, too. It's just that it gets deleted more quickly.

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but /h/ don't know about Cultist...

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And I bet you've both been here all summer

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fucking summer
/tg/ getting flooded by 15 year olds with raging boners

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Shota Primaris Psyker disapproves.

What? No, I will not try on that dress you Slaaneshi twit! What are you doing? Get away...get away...nonononooh crap...

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/tg/ always had it's own brand of nsfw that isn't welcome on the other boards. The occasional /tg/ related porndump was a good part of /this place.

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Summer's a myth.

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I've been here since the board started, son.

You don't even seem to know who cultist chan is.

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Perspective is skewed on this one too a little. Mainly the dark eldar's left arm. This may be due to the unfinishedness of the piece.

Does anyone know if it was ever finished?

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That dude has a massive fucking nose.

Just saying.

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Oh god damn it, it's summer already?

Thank god there are no touhou fags yet...

anyway, saged,reported,celled the cops, burned down my computer,reported to FBI

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Because idiots like this got the mods involved and ruined /tg/ for 8 months.

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"Bawwww western"

We really need an "All non real porn" board, /h/ /d/ and Western.

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Fuccking summer faggots

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That indeed was the case. Back in the sorta good old days when we didn't have mods or Janitors.

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I love these threads... Not for the promotions. I dont give a fuck either way.

The nefaggotry rage though... So much fun!

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You are so cool
Please tell me how big your dick is

God I fucking hate 12 year olds

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Looks like summer starts early this year.

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This happened at every other board at the same time too, see green oval reports for example.
Must be the captcha.

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Yep. More or less.

What happened is that we got a lot of new people that summer. This happened to coincide with Moot deciding more moderation was needed on the boards, primarily due to /b/.

The result is a lot of new people who thought /tg/ was somehow fixed by the mods, or that this is how things always have been. This is far from the case.

I wish I had the money; I'd start a new board that would try to regain the good aspects of old /tg/.

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dude look no.

Cultist was at peak of her popularity during last summer, Last fucking summer, i bet you learned about her at that time. And because of her and retards like you we were given a mod that reaped and sawed until there were only threads that were strictly /tg/.

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Yes, Cultist Chan is our mascot still, whatever the mods say.

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Because splinter boards always work out so well.

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God please don't let this summer be like the one before it.

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I know he had some accounts somewhere. I heard them here before.

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We didn't have a mascot before her, really.

You can't count Love Can Bloom. Maybe Lofn. Soooorta. For a while.

We just had the vague idea of a neckbeard.

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Last summer? Hell no shit I barely saw much of her after june.all the cultist stuff I saw was oooooold by then and I cam in last February

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I always love it when people critique porn instead of jerking off to it. It's like they're totally missing the point!

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Yeah, well, I wouldn't let it turn out like /tg/chan. Dear god no.

Nah. There are no elf-slave wat do threads here.

And what are you people talking about, summer? It just snowed a foot where I live yesterday!

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So make a thread on /h/ and link to it here with the preface of "This is cultist porn dump, don't go here unless you want cultist porn"

Anyone but a summerfag would know how to do this.

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I may not have been here for the dawn of /tg/ my good sir but I was here before Cultist.

I also must state that you may have misinterpreted my meaning. I find it amusing how the newfags rage over porn threads.

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She was considered a kind of cancer by then due to overposting.

But since the mods more or less seem to have banned her, she's gotten a new lease on life.

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>/tg/ has always been worksafe and has never ever in history had NSFW material posted
>All is well under the watchful gaze of glorious commissar mod

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I wish, fervently, that our mods were more active in banning the shit out of people. A commissar mod would be wonderful.

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How about let's not and say we did?

Chill out dude. The no fun police will surely be here soon, and you will be able to enjoy your fun free zone to your hearts content.

In the mean while, the rest of us get to enjoy some fine artwork.

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No, poster. You are the cancer that is killing /tg/.

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heh ah yes... flare... Those were truly wonderous times.

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Such is the life on the chaos infested planet Kro- I mean /tg/

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I'm sure he'll ban you along with me and everybody else in this thread. Can't let the heresy spread and all that.

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Oh sweet, permabans for not being tg related.

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Flare was never a mascot, nor was she anythign other than one sad little fucks attempt as e-fame before he became cynder obsessed, and switched to MLP.

He's still in every MLP thread and has even tried to make MLP into the new furry fandom.

Also, flare came after cultist.

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Yes please.

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If you try that then /h/ will tell you to "get this western shit out of here"

/tg/ is the only place for cultist.

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Oh god, Flare. I tried so hard to forget.

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doesn't feel like summer


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does anyone have that sister chaos muffin picture?

have a pudding sister in exchange

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I remember the last mods did that.

Why does /tg/ always end up with nazi moderation? Seriously. I hated the "Why is /tg/ an athiest" threads and the "Elf Slave Wat Do" threads, but they were just another shitstorm that would pass, as so many before them did. We really were better off without moderation.

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/h/ is for manga styled images, cultist chan does not belong there and never will.

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Anyone got any Cata-Chan? I never did collect her, but these threads don't feel complete without that gap-toothed harlot.

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Here you go.

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Shitstorms don't pass unless you execute a bunch of people. I for one welcome the mod gestappo.

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a little moderation can be good though. Keep the board tidy.

its when it crosses into nofunallowed...

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Pic of what it will be like under the ss of mods.

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And /tg/s godly habit of turning a boring/troll/moronic discussion off topic and into something bizarre and amazing.

By the way, Illustrious comrad Mod WILL ban you for bumping this thread, so everybody who posted without sage I guess we'll see you in a few weeks time.

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Yeah, well, we don't have /co/s moderation. They seem to allow a lot more, but that might just be because they have spoiler tags.

Moot has said we'll never get any, because when he asked if we needed them for legit reasons, some dumbass said no.

Newsflash: We do. We discuss new media all the time, as a part of integrating it into games. The fact that it would cover up porn is actually only of secondary benefit.

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