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I need pictures of Slaanesh Space Marines. I googled for a bit and it was all crap. You guys have the GOOD pics :) Lemme see some Slaanesh Space Marines!

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many of the pictures of slaanesh marines are NSFW and will result in the thread being deleted. however there are a few on hentai foundry that are ok (if you like the cartoony sort of style).

I will look through what I have give me a moment.

also are you looking for drawn art or do miniatures count too?

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Not p, but im interested in seeing some miniatures

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Will this do?

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Sorry for the misunderstanding, this is OP. I was hoping for miniatures for inspiration.

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<--- OP. Nice marine. I like green.

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ugh my entire folder is all mixed up....god I hate this disorganization. still looking please hold.

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>>many of the pictures of slaanesh marines are NSFW and will result in the thread being deleted.

I don't know what NSFW means.

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not safe for work

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<-- OP. I love seeing Guard getting messed with.

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...gracias. Luckily I work for myself, so what happens at work is rarely in the public eye.

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I'll start with a daemon princess I found online, see if I can dig up more while posting these

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Now Show Friends & Workmates

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Killing time, waiting for pics.. I bought these online to use as marine heads in a specialized army full of conversions. Just vanilla marines, but cool conversions and ideas. Thoughts?

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granted but not everyone does hence, since this is a blue board no porn/ naughty bits unless it's OC that somehow doesn't get reported.

ah well here is a good doomrider conversion.

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I'm not a fan but more power to you if thats what you like.

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sorry man I g2g real world stuff calls, need to finish a breif for government class.

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Nice start...

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Ummm, maybe on Tau? I could see them on Necrons as well, if you can pull it off with SMs then you must have an amazing theme.

I can't find my The Most Horrendous Noise Marine Ever picture. It honestly had every colour under the rainbow and fluro shades thereof.

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Here are some by one of the studio artists.

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would probably be better as Skitarii heads

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that tank has seen alot of action

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i liek pretty tanks

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