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Hey guys. I have seen Heroclix here and there, and was thinking about dipping into it. seeing them go for new properties gets me pretty excited as well.

What do you guys think?

Also, check subject. Post about board games, card games, etc. Just no 40k, mtg, etc.

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Time Traveling Games.

Seriously. We rarely get a thread on those.

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Like chrononauts?

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Here's another clix property that might be cool. Both it and the street fighter guys come out in august. I might try to grab a few at Gencon, if they're available.

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Or if Chrononauts is too complex, try the awesome 'lite' version.

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This board needs more Mutants and Masterminds

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I'm looking forward to Quarriors. It's basically Dominion, or any other of the recent deckbuilding games, but you have a bag of dice instead of a deck of cards, and you spend your mana points to reroll dice and summon some of your dice as creatures who attack other players. Seems pretty neat.

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Haha. It's a heroclix set, so it's compatible with all the marvel/dc stuff they've been releasing. 27 figures total, with a 6-figure starter set (rules, dice, map.) Heroclix uses a grid, so you don't have to dick with rulers.

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Fucking BESM, god dammit.

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sounds interesting but google ain't showing nothing. is it called quarriors?

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It is. The game's only been demoed at a few cons so far, I think it'll be coming out late this year.

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Anyone played Small World? It's a territory control game where you lead randomized races of monsters to take over the world, and when you think you've done all you can with that tribe, you abandon them and bid on the leader role in a different tribe. It's got some really cool mechanics, including a race/power system, that makes sure every tribe is wildly different every time you play.

It has a bunch of expansions, and a new, dwarf fortressy version of it called "underground" is coming out this year. I think I'm gonna pick it up.

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i'm sick and tired of my friends and their yu-gi-oh cards. i mean, i was just as much a fan and a card player as anyone when the series was at its best, but then 3 or 4 years passed and it suddenly came back and with new types and trap cards and stuff that i just never really drew me back to the game. but just the description of that quarriors got my attention. i shall be waiting for it

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Haha, forgot a picture.

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You will never see another person with Heroclix, usually means the booster boxes will be cheaper though, friend of mine got a whole box full of the 4 character packs for $50

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Someday I will stop sucking at Backgammon.

Guess playing it more often would help.

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This looks awesome. Is it going to be at gencon?

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That's the coolest sculpt I've ever seen on a HeroClix.

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When the hell are the Street Fighter Clix hitting stores, anyway? I want. I want a lot.

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Fuck yeah, I love that game so mu

>and a new, dwarf fortressy version of it called "underground"


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I want to see some Yomi on here but NOOOOOO, it always gets derailed into PTW trolling bullshit.


Or just plain dies. I am not sure which is worse.

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I think you just killed the thread.

Seriously though, is there anywhere in the UK that sells Yomi? Last time it appears in /tg/ I tried to find somewhere that sells it in the UK and had no luck.


I always wanted to play that, but never got around to buying it. Has anyone here actually played it?

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>Street Fighter Clix
>Gears of War Clix
Oh god! Those can't be real. Those are so awesome... I want those. I want those so much.

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I actually have some early Mage Knight and Mechwarrior Dark Age figs.

Never found anyone to play them with, but they look cool.

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Games I don't see on /tg/? Looking through my game closet...

Zombie Dice (with good reason - what's to talk about? It's incredibly fucking simple...).
Munchkin (used to, but haven't seen anything in a long while).
Risk! (Every once in a blue moon).
Axis and Allies (I'm guessing because there are just so many choices for WWII strategy/wargames, A&A just gets edged out).
Heroclix (as mentioned) - or the other clix games, if you want to get more obscure (Mageknight, (Halo) Actionclix, Horrorclix).
Pirates of the Spanish Main (or Cursed Seas). Pic fucking related. One of our favorite games through college (and I still have a SHITLOAD of these little boats).

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>Pirates of the Spanish Main

Oh hell, I thought I was the only one who remembered that game! I still have all my ships in fact.

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Recently started on something called "Song of Blades" system. We're using their Splintered Lands supplement to make 15mm armies of cute Redwall-ish critters to hack each other to death. It's a simple system and lots of fun.

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I have a billion of the little bastards too, yeah. It's a fun casual game - gets really, really screwy when people treat it as a "competitive" game.

And the true mark of a Pirates player: 10,000 fucking micro-dice. :-P (Pic related)

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.... I want to play that game! (o.0)

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rolled 15534 = 15534

I wanted to make a GCPD team led by commissioner Gordon and a bunch of those sweet SWAT figures they had.

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As far as RPGs go: Burning fucking Wheel. The game that started the whole 'indie' movement and led to the whole diversification of the industry we have today. As well as being the best system to play WFRP in ever.

If the author weren't such a jerk, I'd feel better talking about it.

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rolled 19398 = 19398


How is he a jerk? There is a story behind this.

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I've actually been on the lookout for some awesome solitare games. So far I've narrowed down DungeonQuest and Sorcerer's Cave (out of print it may be, that is) but if anyone knows any others, I'd love to hear them. I'm looking for fantasy stuff with little setup...some dice games would be great too.

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He raped a dog

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Yes, you -do-.

Don't get me wrong: the game had it's flaws.

But it -was- awesome. And a HELL of a lot of fun.

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He has a tendency to talk shit about people who give bad reviews of his games. Loudly and obnoxiously.

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Eh, Sorcerer was the one that started the indie movement. Amusingly enough, its author is even more obnoxious than Crane.

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Frankly, Horrorclix was the best -clix game.

It was a bit odd, and largely wasn't a licensed product (except for a few awesome boxed sets - Aliens, Predators, Hellboy+B.P.R.D., Freddy vs. Jason).

But it was built for better scenario play, with more interesting mechanics than the other -clix, and lots of fun units.

Also: Cthulhu.

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