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How effective is a Defiler's flamer? Since its claws are in front of the flamer, I guess only the tip of the template touches enemies. Do you have to aim it diagonally downwards or can you place it inches above the enemies in front of the Defiler?

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It's shit. Swap it for CCW, you can leave Reaper Autocannon for transport popping when battlecannon fails or is too dangerous to shoot large blast.

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It's not great. An extra Close Combat Weapon - or a Havoc Launcher if you don't want to spend the points - is a better option.

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I was thinking lascannon.

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>on a BS3 combat walker


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S7 doesn't pop transports.

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That what he said.

In general, if you have to pay extra points for it (for Defiler) it's not worth it. Go with 1 or 2 CCW. Stay away from Dreadnoughts, your I3 hurts.

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Not Land Raiders silly. Everybody and their mom uses AV11 and 12 these days, and TL 2shot S7 has a descent chance for that.

Even immobilise is golden - then you can charge the tin can and autohit.

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Defilers are best when they are ridden by screaming madmen

pic related

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S7 needs a five for a penetrating hit against AV11.

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I used to run 2 Defiler w/ 1 CC and Heavy Flamer
Loved them
Yes, the extra CC weapon is great, but it removes cover saves, which is needed.
Reaper Autocannon never bothered with, since I'd always want to be fleeting/running otherwise if the Battlecannon shot wont work

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and it shoots twice.....and is twin linked so youll probably hit with both. good chance you'll roll a five. also most transports are av11 (rhinos) good chance youll do something.

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Truth. All my Defilers are ridden by Yosemite Sam-like Berzerkers.

(old picture though)

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>Yosemite Sam

Where is his mustache and cowboy hat?

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Under his Bunny Helmet

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Keep the Reaper autocannon for popping Rhinos and Chimeras, but lose the flamer and replace it with a CCW. Why? Becuase the Defiler's most effective weapon is its battlecannon. And you can't fire any other weapons if you fire the battlecannon. Therefore, if you are shooting with flamers, missile launchers or autocannons from your Defiler, you are wasting a turn of shooting the S8 AP3 Ordnance template that busts everything from Space Marines to Land Raiders. Also, the Defiler is S10. If you are trying to assault something, it should make vehicles its priority. Flamers are for infantry. If you are firing your flamer, you aren't charging at a vehicle, you didn't fire your battlecannon, and you are probably going to burn your way out of range of an assault, leaving you stranded in the open to be popped yourself.

I can ramble on and on, but the best setup is the RAC plus CCW. The RAC also gives you a hard hitting backup if your battlecannon is destroyed.

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Does anyone have that Daemonette Defiler pic? She's SO awesome.

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