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i'm looking to join a dark heresy group and maybe a couple of my friends we are in the UK (and one in sweden) however im not afraid of doing USA times neither

Dark Heresy search / recruit thread (also don't be shy to regale us in your epic stories)

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little hypothetical:
me and a few friends are playing rogue trader, we have a rogue trader, an explorator and a helmsman...dont remember his classes name exactly.
if we were to start recruiting, what would be the next class we need to look for?

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unfortunately i've never played rogue trader as i just dont have the books (although i do have the core .pdf)

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I've been on /tg for almost 7months now and still havent got to play a game.

I have a DH character all lined up and everything...

You can download them on the net somewhere...

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I live in Spain, so timezones wouldn't be a big deal.

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just a thought of remembering other people's stories you mgiht need a heretek / tech priest

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Just take someone else. Don't go HURRR WE NEED TO MINMAX.

When we run games, everyone has to make a class, put it in an envelope and throw it at the DM / GM at the start of the session. Many times has this lead to interesting setups like 4 psykers. Didn't last too long though.

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What game is this?

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i'm up for playing but for GM'ing i just dont have enough experience in the game to actually make a decent game out of it i have tried in the past and it sorta went nowhere because people couldn't make times and just weren't showing up and i couldn't continue on without them

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He already has an Explorator, those are RT's techpriests.

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dark heresy its a roleplay game where you play as an acolyte to the inquisition shoot xeno's expose heretics that kinda thing

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story time i suppose

not exactly brilliant but just to get the ball rolling

>first time playing DH
>roll an assassin
>good all round stats
>its a one on one session to get me used to the game mech's
>manage to successfully lock pick a door (we waved the security skill)
>it opens to a large room with a chair and table with a lamp
>seeing the obvious hint i get into cover
>nothing happens
>okay so i'll look around the room for a second time
>still a large room with said furniture
>move onto a room leading west
>guard comes right by my face but doesn't notice me
>looks at door and doesn't see anything wrong with it
>fail my agility roll for sneaking up behind him
>"as the would-be assassin closes for the kill he steps on a piece of glass alarming the thug"
>a few rounds later of combat and im really fucking up i kill him but with 3 wounds to spare

and throughout that short lived campaign glass has been my enemy

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are you a player or a GM ?

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I'm up for it. UKfag here, email in field.

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