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Sup /tg/, I'm pretty new to 40k and Blood Angels is how I roll but I'm not sure what to start with.
A friend of mine recommended to start with a Force Commander or a Space Marine Bike.
All I can spend on Warhams right now is nothing less than €20.
What advice can you elegan/tg/entleman give a new painter?

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Mechrite red is your friend.

>Force Commander or Bike
Paint a Librarian instead. You'll use him far more often.

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If you have trouble painting within the lines, do two things:
-Brace your wrists against the edge of the table.
-Eat something. If you're empty, your hands shake more. Don't snack on anything greasy while painting. Bad idea.

ALWAYS change your paint water after using metallics, and rinse the brush as well.
ALWAYS rinse the brush
ALWAYS use a spray primer
ALWAYS base your models
Try washes. It's worth it.
If you're just painting on flat, with no blending or washing, each color area should have three layers at least: a base, a shade, and a highlight. Unless it's an oddball like black or white, in which case you can get away with two or just one.

DON'T start with an HQ unit of any kind. Get a squad first. You want to learn skills on models that are less important, so that when you paint your HQs, you can paint them well.

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Buy Black Reach Tac Marines on ebay for $15.

... and if you don't have any money, you're in the wrong fuckin' hobby....

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Thanks captain obvious.

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