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so how, exactly is Khorne supposed to be pronounced?

For the longest time, my dyslexic ass used to pronounce it "Krone" and I was incredibly unhappy when I was told my mistake

So please, /tg/, tell me pic isn't related

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Or at least that's how everyone I know pronounces it.

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Pretty much this.
I like to pronounce it more K'horne to make sound more barbaric and evul.

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You might like to pronounce it that way, but nobody else does.
It's 'corn'. Why are you upset, OP? Were you taking Warhammer seriously? A beginners mistake.

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sounds better

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k'horne, like, "ka-horn"?

'cause I like that

well, Warhammer Fantasy seems to be considerably less "we don't really make any sort of sense so we're not going to bother" as 40k

although, the vampires from fantasy are from "Sylvania", so I guess it's not meant to be taken too seriously either

I just hate the name CORN, goddammit

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>mfw I used to also call it "Krone"

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This thread isn't very Khorne-y

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weren't those the days?

then you actually take the time to REALLY look at the spelling

then you're unhappy

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why the fuck is calling him "crone" better than calling him "corn"

why is an old lady somehow a better option

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At least you didn't call Tzeentch Tee-zinch

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It's not Corn (hyukhyuk). You exhale as you say the kh, emphasising the 'H' and filling the word's presence with dread.

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fills it with you not knowing how to say "corn", you mean?

"crone" is a far less common and, in my opinion, more menacing sounding name

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My name is pronounced crone...

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But you're not saying "corn" as in the plant. You're saying "khorn". It's a different sound.

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My friend used to pronounce Tzeentch "Tenetzchee"
He stopped after a while, but still calls a natural 20 a "neutral 20".

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>neutral 20
It's not great, but it's not terrible.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fYJRoTZypQ&feature=related you pronounce it like this.

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>the chosen of Khorne
>heard the children of Khorne the first time
>made me even unhappier

I'm still liking "ka-horn" more than anything else

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Like "corn," but with a slightly harsher emphasis on the initial sound.

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>neutral twenty

Mistakes like that are a diamond dozen

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I am so making this a DH game.

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his name sounds like corn
do you think an ageless, timeless embodiment of carnal hatred and warfare gives a shit?

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forgot to add
Who was arguably the bloodiest nation in the world to ever exist?
The Aztecs
What was the main ingredient for an Aztec diet?

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For the blood god?

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Was it delicious yams?

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>k'horne, like, "ka-horn"?
What? That's not how apostrophies work. They seemlessly blend words together. You don't say "don tuh".

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but I'm not sure what else he was trying to imply with the added apostrophe

it's not like adding it would somehow change what it would have been without it

>gives a shit

not your next WFRP animal trainer?

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I could care less.

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How do you pronounce


I always said Wahg, pronouncing the G. One of my friends says WAAAA

It drives me nuts... he sounds like a baby. You should hear him reading out the ork rulebooks, 'The waa this, the waa that."

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Well, since WAAAGH is a slurred form of "war" and "war" doesn't contain anything that sounds like a "g"...

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I don't pronounce "gh" specifically, I just let throaty noises replace the "a" noise at the end

I always assumed that's what it's supposed to be

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The throaty sound at the end is not included when my friend says it. Just sounds like a baby crying. The throaty sound at the end is closer at least to a G.

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