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So I would like to have a thread about the Black Templars. Im interested in starting an army of them, and with the rumors of them being released in the near future with an update, makes me feel more inclined to do so. What is their history and purpose in the 40k universe? Do they use land raiders alot? What makes them different then say, marines from the regular vanilla space marine codex.

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> buy the codex, you cheap cunt.

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Do we REALLY need yet another space marine thread? Seriously... look across every fucking page in /tg/! There's a fucking marine thread on each one, ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

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They hate psykers worse than Jesus hates communists.
They don't have scouts. Instead they toss initiates stark naked at a problem, which they are told to solve.
They used to have a unique Land Raider until Codex Spess Mehreens stole it.

Their purpose is to crusade, like an endless bar crawl of anger.

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They're an offshoot of the Imperial Fists, a fiercely loyal chapter of SPESS MEHREENS.

The Black Templars are in a state of permanent crusade. The chapter (more like a small legion) is split into several crusades, always on the move, always capturing new territory or recapturing old territory for the Imperium.

And yes, they love their Land Raiders.

They're very close-combat oriented, and tend to have more terminators than vanilla marines. Also, they don't have scouts. Instead, their younger members are mixed with full-blown marines.

Also, no psykers allowed.

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They created the Land Raider Crusader/use it extensively.

They don't have a scout company.

They don't use devestators.

They don't use Librarians.

With the current book, you HAVE to take an Emperor's Champion, and then allocate a vow to him. This is a global rule that affects most of your units short of vehicles. One of them adds preferred enemy, one gives you a permanent 6+ invuln save at the cost of not getting cover, one gives you +1 str/-1 init, etc. etc.

Compred to C:SM stuff, their wargear may be a little outdated although the errata/faq fixes this a bit. However, their base HQ unit has lower stats than a C:SM captain, but also costs less IIRC.

They are the largest fleet based chapter in all of 40k, and they have been on a constant crusade since the second founding because Sigismund told them to, and he was crazy/mad as hell/the angriest dude that isn't a World Eater.

They also operate at far above codex limits, and have their own navy in a way. They are everything the codex was written to stop, but they don't give a fuck.

Your base troops are crusader squads, which are a mix of Scouts and Power Armored marines.

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They can take pistols and CC weapons and run around in blobs of 20. They've also got the old Thunder Hammers. They have give their army phat bonuses like reroll all missed hits in melee, +1 to S at the cost of 1 init, a 6+ save against psychic powers etc.

In short. Black Templar run up and cut up.

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Also, read this.

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At the Horus Heresy, Rogal Dorn chose Sigismund to be the Emprah's Champion, and Sigismund went forward at the defense of the palace and slapped the shit of every Chaos Champion that stepped forth to meet him.

During the second Founding right after the Heresy, The Imperial Fists were split up into the Imperial Fists, Crimson Fists and Black Templars, with Sigismund as the High Marshal of the latter, with all the most zealous members of the Imperial Fists joining.

Sigismund swore and oath that his chapter would basically be on a permanent crusade all throughout their lifetime. So, the Chapter is fleet-based, and spread out all over the Imperium killing every xenos and heretic that moves.

They invented the Land Raider Crusader pattern, I think. And bascially, they're incredibly zealous and violent, they are all fleet-based, and there's roughly 6000 or more members, nobody able to keep an accurate account of their numbers due to all the fleets spread out around the Imperium.

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The cheat the imperial legal system thanks to being on crusade, and keeping shoddy paperwork they have more men than they are legally allowed.

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They also don't obey codex restrictions on the numbers of battle brothers allowed in a chapter. Instead every seperate crusade is like a splinter chapter. All told the BTs may number in the thousands, recruiting from world after world as they need, maintaining no fixed recruitment methods or recruitment grounds. Just kinda kicking arse here there and everywhere they see an arse to be kicked.

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initiates love to surf the dead bodies of their neophytes

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if there is any justice in the world when we get to the siege of the palace in the heresy book we'll have several chapters dedicated to sigismund wandering the parapets killing chapter champions. It is heavily suggested that he was the first person to "kill" kharne, leaving him broken to be carried off to heal.

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One thing I don't understand is how Black Templars can be NO PSYKERS and still have the largest fleet. Don't you need psykers to effectively navigate the warp?

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They pretend that navigators/astropaths don't count

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And all they ever get as a punishment for such blatant disregard of the Imperial Mandate, is a slap on he wrist and the Inquisition with it's hands on it's hips saying "oh, you guys...!"

BT are some of the worst cannon-sues, amongst a faction of canon god-mode sues. 2nd only to Jervis' favorite little space yiffs.

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Isn't the Emperor a psyker? If Sigismund was around during the Heresy he would know this, no? So why would his Chapter do that?

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This is pretty much all you need to know.

Also, Tankred Endures!

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and wouldnt getting visions from the emprah b4 battle constitute being psychic too lol

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He doesn't count.

Thats really it.

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What do Black Templars think of normal humans/civilians? Do they view them with contempt like the Marines Malevolent or are they just apathetic?

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No, that makes sense. Because the BT does more important work for the Imperium than almost all the other chapters put together because they don't accept arbitrary limitations and they just go and do shit that needs to be done. The inquisition aren't retarded and they appreciate this fact.

If you want mary sue take a look at the Ultramarines. The most pretentious space marine faggots who never achieve anything important.

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to be fair, the Codex Astartes isn't any kind of law, nor is it enforced as such, it's a set of guidelines marine chapters are free to pick and choose from (or ignore completely) as they see fit.

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That's because most of their crusades are only 500--200 men in size. And they keep shuffling shit around so no one knows how many there are, but it's between 3,000 and 10,000.

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Eh, the inquisition is suspicious of the numbers of templar out there but can't prove anything. The templar go out of their way to make sure there's never any evidence of their true numbers. It's not like the templar don't send guys to the deathwatch, and templar have the most hardcore chaplins around.

If anything would truely get them into trouble with the inquisition it'd be how they treat everyone else. In order to seek templar aid it's canon that you travel to helbrecht and "petition" for their aid. And he may tell you to go fuck yourself =P. They hold themselves outside of imperial command even further than most marines.
Yea, one of the really dumb things about templar fluff. Maybe we'll get lucky and it'll get retconned out next codex, it's a really really stupid bit of fluff.

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There was a really cool comic about an agri-world with medieval tech getting attacked by orks. The Black Templars came down and slaughtered them, but ended up ruining much of the farmland with their fury.

So at the end the agri-worlders were praying that the Emperor's Angels of Death would never have to visit their planet again.

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They think psykers are untrustworthy and should not be used in battle, but they don't hate there Navigators or Astropaths. But the Emperor is space Jesus, and such is a perfect psyker. He literally can't roll perils of the warp.

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They think psykers are untrustworthy and should not be used in battle, but they don't hate their Navigators or Astropaths. But the Emperor is space Jesus, and such is a perfect psyker. He literally can't roll perils of the warp.

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erm... yes... the codex astartes IS a set of laws... there have been small wars over codex astartes breaches. The only two chapters that completely ignore is are the space wolves and the templar. The wolves because investigating inquisitors just happen to crash a lot when heading to fenris, those icy headwinds sure are dangerous, and the templar becasue they're scattered all over the galaxy.

MIND YOU, the codex astartes is built to be easy to manipulate. The mary sue-ultras have many chapters that are entirely subordinate to them, basically extensions of their legion. Often the ultras great victories are built upon the backs of these sub-chapters. Think, these sub chapters do much of the grunt work for campaigns then the ultras do the "glory" missions. This IS canon. The mary-sue image of the ultramarines IS intentional and very tongue in cheek.

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no, they hate the pilots and the like and don't trust them but they "tolerate" sanctioned psykers AND grey knights. check yoru codex

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Speaking of which a cannonical war between GK and BT would be all kinds of awesome.

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fuck spess mahreens

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>hey guise I haet spess mehrens am I cool yet?

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>only two
And the Salamanders, and the various different chapters that don't...

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>I get mad at people hating the army I love, even though I endlessly cram my favorite down their throats just in case they don't get enough of it from GW.

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I dont have the codex, but I like the sword brethren models. How good are they in game terms?

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oi... they're incredibly versatile, but god do you pay for it. I want to say their close brothers are the command squad, who gain access to the armory if you buy them terminator honors. But you want to talk about a unit jumping in cost...

Meanwhile, I've got about 7 or 8 of them painted and another 10 in a drawer in my game area waiting on a new codex so that I can convert them.

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>I click on a thread about space marines and then get mad at space marines. People should only talk about what I like.

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EVERY fucking 40k thread is about Space Marines.
Do we REALLY need another!?
Clicking on a /tg/ thread that's not some way involving marines, requires you to literally hunt down M:TG, Exalted, DnD, or Dwarf Fortress threads.

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Space Crusaders man. Fuck these aren't just Jehovas witnesses. They cram a landraider crusder down your throat and then burst out in a hail of frags and bolter fire, anything left? You bet your ass they're locking you in combat! What's that you think they might run if you shoot them? Fuck you. They run AT you if you shoot them. You think you can win in combat? Doubt it but they won't break and flee they're so fucking crazy they get fearless in CC. YEAH. That's right mother fucker.

tl;dr Black Templars are crazy neo-space 12th century crusders. And they don't give a fuck.

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rolled 86 = 86

BTs are bros.


Pic related.

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Stop liking what I don't liiiiiiiike.

Seriously, that's what you sound like.

On the front page there was this, 2 quest threads, 1 mtg thread, 1 character creation thread, and one campaign discussion thread.

1 thread out of 6 was about space marines, oh noes.

tldr: fuck off my /tg/

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Teutonic knights in space.

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It's not really all that shocking, how many times has a Christian group got together to smack the shit out of Jews while also worshiping one?
Same deal.

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Also OP- kudos on starting an army you like, not just latching onto the latest release.

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Also Calgar mentioned during the First Tyranid war that the Codex was intended to be a guide, not a written in stone rulebook. He mentioned something about hubris being their downfall while having all his limbs and an eye ripped out.
Now, Robot GirlyMan DID intend for the rules to be set in stone, but it's becoming increasingly outdated, Marines learned that adaptation is more important than tradition.

AND OP HAVE A VENERABLE DREAD NAMED TANKRED, I'll see if i can find the comic

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play eldar. Just think about it. In the next year or so they will be one of the first codex's tfor 6th edition. Prob written by phil kelly. Its going to make Space wolves and Mephiston look like children.

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I believe you mean this...

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anyone got the original, I only have like 2 of those and none are from the comic :(

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I have ALL OF THEM. I guess I could put it on megaupload... if I really wanted to...

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Please do, i found both of those quite lolsical

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On this subject, why can't GW work on more than one codex at once.

I mean, seriously, Eldar literally won't have a 5th edition codex. How many other armies are this far behind? Hell, Dark Eldar were pretty much thrown out for naught.

I really want to get into Warhammer and 40k, but I have to spend too much time thinking about "well, this codex is too far behind in updates" or "this codex only has another year of life left in it" instead of "this shit is awesome, those models are awesome, let's play"

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uploading now, be prepared for lolwtf storylines, awful dialog and great artwork

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All done

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hurray! onwards!

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People complain about space marines but they are the only codex that gets updated immediatly

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I feel like there are too many space marines, and I say that as a Vanilla player. I would be perfectly happy with one megadex that had Chapter options, as it is there's really no reason to stay vanilla other than I don't want to hop on the Space Wolf bus.

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why does it seem like theres missing pages!!

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It kind of sucks but it's not the huge problem people make it out to be. When I first got back into the hobby a year ago I started with CSM and I have no problems keeping up with my bros. Sure, it's a boring codex and I wish I'd get a new one, but it's not like I'm completely gimped playing my friends. Pick an army you like and try to play it as cleverly as possible. You'll do good and have fun.

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The problem with giving a codex alot more options is that it would throw the already shitty balance out the window.

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I noticed that too, I think that's just how it is- I could be wrong, though

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Yeah, I noticed that too, I think that's just how it is- I could be wrong though

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full version in publication order.

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Was the Space Wolf that reported the crash calling himself Inquisitor Wulf-Wulf and drapped in the flayed skin of the inspecting inquisitor whilst gnawing on a severed hand with a ring bearing an inquisitorial seal attached?


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