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/tg/, I've seen those "cool vs realistic" way too many times.

How about we dump some ornate AND realistic weapons?

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Just a shot in the dark, before you dump pictures. Why not make it interesting, and try to describe the weapon you are about to post?

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The ottoman empire's weapons were always made of pure awesomeness.

Check this cannon!

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Er... how so?

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I just love ornate blades above anything else. I wish I could learn this kind of craft.

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You know what? It's a silly idea. Forget I brought it up.

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I have the book where this image came from. Feels good man.

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Sometimes, you find a weapon beautiful even if it doesn't really have these kinds of details.


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A Greek short sword. Curved for better balance between cutting and stabbing.

It's pretty too.

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Simple, and very deadly.

I think those barbs in a shiny new spear would look great.

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Everything in medieval Russia is summed up in this axe. It's crude, simplistic and effective. This very weapon was used to slaughter 60,000 citizens of Novgorod, during Ivan the Terrible's rule.

During the time, it had a chain at the handling end and was used like a flail by a horserider.

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...Angry Marines of Warhammer: Fantasy Battle?

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>decorated with obscene hand gestures
Fuck YES

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Why doesn't dwarf fortress have this?

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Well it has items decorated with rape.

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Cool story: I know the guy who made that falchion. He's freakin' awesome. One of th ebest custom bladesmiths in the industry.

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Fancier, perhaps, than some of your more utilitarian examples, but most of them had a lot of nice kit on them to fancy them up.

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That's awesome. I'd love to see the look on the face of the guys who killed/captured the owner.

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And here we have a Colt Dragoon.

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I was thinking the exact same thing.

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>This very weapon was used to slaughter 60,000 citizens of Novgorod

Was it just one guy, or did multiple people use it in shifts while the others slept?

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Fine dwarven craftsmanship.

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Even dwarven weapons have beards.

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Simple, yet pretty.

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>Was it just one guy, or did multiple people use it in shifts while the others slept?
It was multiple people who'd hand it off to one another in a fashion not wholly dissimilar to the "peasant railgun."

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Actual sword pulled up out of the ocean.

Seawater over time confirmed for making swords look badass as all hell (though probably brittle and shitty too)

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That reminds me, does anyone have some pics of ornate flacatas? I've only seen a few examples around.

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I have like, two, I think. Lemme see if I can't find them.

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Probably? That thing could break by sneezing on it.

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Here it is. Similar in style to the Kukri.

Also forward-curving blade master race.

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Spiffy handle. Only other Falcata I have. I need to find more. Oh well.

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Not as elegant as a sword, but this war club will fuck you up.

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/k/, reporting in.

This is a real weapon, but I could see it being the brainchild of some crazy gnome.

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I'm not quite sure what the guy does to the blade to get that look, but I love it.

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Swords are gay.

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This sword reminds me of a character I'd like the opinion of /tg/ if she would be atleast feasible, technically a knight but she is basically a courier for the generals. Her weapon is an arming sword, which would be of a normal size for a man but because she has smaller hands is able to wield it comfortably with two though still lacks the power of other trained knights. Sound right?

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Fine, then. Be that way.

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Eh. A woman's hands aren't THAT much smaller, and an arming sword is meant to fit snuggly in one hand.

A small sized race like a gnome or halfling might be able to pull that off, but a human woman would have to use an arming sword like a man does.

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Delicious indian weaponry.

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Fuck yes, the Khanda

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This is one of those weapons that you just know are going to shatter bone on every hit.

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I see then, perhaps mentioning of an extended grip or just make it a longsword. I just wanted something with a very subtle but knightly symbol like an arming sword, also silver.

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I love this thing's simple aesthetic

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This gun is superior to you.

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It is utterly beyond me what it is about liking realistic weapons that seems to bring out the "STOP HAVING FUN GUYS" crowd. I personally prefer more realistic weapons, especially when it comes to firearms, but I just don't see the need to look down my nose at other people for preferring different.

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Dat Zulu knife.

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Where do I strap the live viper?

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dude, sauce?

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cool hollow prop you got there, anon.

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It's always been a bit odd for me that /tg/ likes to whine about medieval weapons not being in a realistic design but never seems to bat an eye at questionable guns. The way I see it, a questionable sword can still conceivably kill someone, being that all you need towards that end is a sharp spot somewhere on the blade. Most fantastic firearms seem completely incapable of functioning mechanically, being that they're rather precise machines.

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>kill shark
>make pololu spears with shark teeth
>rinse and repeat

Hawaii confirmed for awesome.

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Well, the silly guns i see tend to be in sci fi, so it's future tech we don't know yet, while we have plenty examples about swords to compare against.

Also one could simplify guns like you did with swords too, as long as it has a tube where something can explode and send the bullet flying it can kill right?

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Hm...in my personal experience, I don't know much about melee weapon, and even less about firearms....

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No, not really. You need to have a functional trigger mechanism and in the case of repeating arms, a functional action. There's a great deal of precision engineering that requires to go into making just a functional firearm. While there are ways around this, firearms that don't generally meat a precise level of design and craftsmanship tend to be both highly ineffective and incredibly dangerous to their wielder.

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This. Guns are nowhere near as simple as many people assume

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break-open muzzleloading spring-loaded-pinfiring bolt actions.

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That's just a jumble of words designed to sound plausible to people who don't have a lot of knowledge of guns

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I guess this is a good place to post my cutleryguns.

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>You need to have a functional trigger mechanism
Or a hole and burning piece of knot. Modern firearms are precise (though not really complex, compared to even most basic engine) but you can hardly call the stuff from before industrial age "precise and complex". Besides, caseless and electric ignition, and suddenly even the most stupid weapon can work mechanically as long as it has straight barrel and anything to act as trigger.

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Wrong. I don't know much about guns, and it sounds like bullshit to me too.

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Axeguns too.

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Even relatively minor errors in the design of a firearm can have huge effects on performance. Rifling is a good example, to most people talking about the spin of rifling will go straight over their head as if you're talking Greek. However, choosing the wrong rifling for a specific bullet can be disastrous to the capabilities of the arm in question. Too fast a spin on too light a bullet, and it can actually cause the bullet to come apart in flight; too slow a spin on too heavy a bullet and it can cause the bullet to wobble or tumble in flight. Both of these are very bad things.

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Here's an authentic obsidian sacrificial knife. Not used in combat, but has probably taken more lives than any other weapon in this thread, barring the Ottoman cannon and the oprichniki axe.

Its called sacrifice 1 because there are two other images that must be posted.

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Not really.

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Yes, much like your shitty idea of what a sword is. My shitty gun that's just a tube can kill, your shitty sword that's just a spike can kill, they're both utter shit.

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you're overstating things just a wee bit.

not every firearm need to be perfectly tuned for sub-MOA extreme long distance shooting.

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>caseless and electric ignition

Still needs a working action. Aside from that, electric ignitions systems are still a very precise matter that can't just be bullshitted in whatever way you desire. I'm not saying that stupid swords aren't stupid, but they're far less stupid than 90% of fictional guns out there.

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Not really. The variety of gun you're posting there is a makeshift effort the only purpose of which is to have a weapon. Chances are it doesn't shoot worth half a damn, jams frequently, and will most likely shoot itself apart within the span of a few hundred rounds, with a good chance that it would do so violently and dramatically.

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I want this to happen to my skull when I die.

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>that can't just be bullshitted in whatever way you desire
Yes, but the beauty of guns is that you can put them into a pretty package, never touch on what they have inside in terms of mechanics, and (in SF) still have working weapon, even if it looks like it's been designed for crab-people who occasionally enjoy crosdressing and golden tassles. You only show your derp if you try to post cross-cut of the weapon or describe the mechanics. A dumb sword will look dumb right from the start.

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Additionally, it also appears to be already using a functional firearm mechanism. They appear to have just taken an already well used and damaged firearm and stuck some makeshift furniture on it.

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>Actual sword pulled up out of the ocean.

>Seawater over time confirmed for making swords look badass as all hell (though probably brittle and shitty too)

actually I seem to recall it was pulled out of a lake in switzerland. cant remember if it was lake constance, or lake lucerne.

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Fair enough, but many fictional guns don't even have enough room for a conceivable action and ergonomics that would make for an incredibly uncomfortable and difficult to use weapon.

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if things were really as bad as you say, the khyber pass would have exploded to bits centuries ago.

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And i'd say you're wrong, as most guns are at least vaguely gun shaped, and if somewhat big, still retain remotely usable size. With swords you get shit that nobody would be able to lift, much less fight with, even if the shape isn't such that there's no way to fight with in the first place.

Also you seem to be talking about relatively advanced guns. If things are on our Earth, most of what i've seen just uses real guns of the period (unless it's the future, which we can't predict, so we have less grounds to criticise than with things we actually have historical examples of). There's also the fact that the gun's complex mecanisms can be bullshitted as being inside so they aren't seen which helps them.

Now i'll admit errors are very common, and probably the biggest and most common is the weapons shooting whole cartridges instead of just the bullet.

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Well, it really is very precious.


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I'll happily agree to disagree, since I don't see either of us changing the other's mind. I say bullshit guns are stupider on the simple basis that you're talking about a weapon meant to contain violent explosive forces and direct them towards an enemy. Mistakes have much more dramatic and deadly consequences to their wielder.

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Thats called a hunga munga or something similar isn't it

>> No.14707828

Could you perhaps provide examples? Maybe i haven't seen the "right" ones.

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You do know that that particular weapon isn't a makeshift design, right? It appears to be a highly damage mosin nagant, which can maintain function well after its performance has dropped to sweet fuck all.

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It amazes me that someone took the time out of their day to do that. Some artist, perhaps an esteemed pillar of society, took some poor bastard's skull, filled it with knives and then just kind of left it. Even more incredible that no-one stopped him.

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No, I'd really rather not. That would require me fishing them up and I have better things to do with my time. I'm happy to leave it as a matter of opinion and personal bias. It may sound like a cop-out, but that's way it rolls.

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and a peasant in the desert can replicate it with an old furnace and some hand-me-down farm tools. complete with gibberish serial number.

these images are chechen, if you're curious.

>> No.14707884

I've seen them many times before. As to replicating a mosin nagant as a Afghani peasant: sure they can, but not all nuggets are equal.

>> No.14707917


you say that like a well made nugget is some insanely complicated ray gun that harnesses the powers of dying stars and only the most wizened of the cosmic elders knows the secret to its manufacture.

is a desert nugget going to be less accurate than a proper one? yes, that's obvious.

is it going to just not work because it wasn't precisely engineered by comrade superscientist in a state-owned cleanroom and put together by superslavs with coached OCD? no, stop being silly.

a firearm is an inherently simple device, it only gets complicated when you start tacking on bells and whistles.

>> No.14707929

Yeah, but all of them only stop working at a total collapse of component integrity; a nugget will take you to the gates of hell and back before it stops working. That said, I agree with you; many nuggets are fairly shitty, but they'll all keep working almost indefinitely.

>> No.14707948

I didn't say it wouldn't function. But even in the hands of that peasant, it's still a precisely built machine and a variance of even a few millimeters on a part can have serious detrimental and potentially disastrous effects on its performance. But if you really want to think that this isn't the case, I offer to allow you to grind off a few millimeters worth of material from the outside of a rifle's chamber and see how many rounds it lasts for.

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you give me an bare-minimum racegun to do that with, I have a glocknade in my hands.

you give me a sloppy flintlock, virtually no difference.

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A flintlock isn't exactly a fair comparison. We're talking about much easier to handle propellant. Try smokeless powder in a blackpowder arm and you'll have a grenade just as easily.

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funny, that's not what happened to the Boers.

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I think the point was that if you consider that "something with a spike" is an acceptable sword, something with a cannon is an acceptable firearm.

A few milimeters of thickness at the point and it goes from sword to useless steel slab. An error when heat treating the blade and you have a sword that will break or bend (not flex) the first time it finds some resistance.

>> No.14708073

The what?

The other thing to keep in mind with many black powder arms is that they frequently include a great deal of unnecessary material in their construction as a result of the limited manufacturing techniques of the time.

>> No.14708093

I didn't say it was an acceptable sword. I said it could conceivably kill. I then said that errors with firearms are going to be a great deal more disastrous than those with a sword.

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the Boers? dutch settlers in africa? famous for holding off the british empire with guerilla tactics and smokeless powders?


>> No.14708119

Colonial history was never my strong suit. This isn't exactly like not knowing who Stalin was.

>> No.14708144


My bad then. Still cool.

>> No.14708149

I'd also like to add that I don't consider stupid swords anything but stupid. I just consider stupid firearms more stupid.

>> No.14708164


surely you must have heard of them somewhere in between pacific war and abandoned architectural projects of nazi germany on the hitler channel, even if only in passing.

>> No.14708169

My stupid is more stupid than your stupid!

I think we can agree that stupid weapons are stupid, those who design them are stupider, and those who like them are the stupidest.

>> No.14708174

I've most certainly heard the name before, but I've never looked into the particulars. You'll have to excuse me.

>> No.14708185


An extended grip on an arming sword would be interest-


That'be almost a bastard sword.

>> No.14708188

I'll agree on the first point, but not the second or the final. It's a stylistic choice, and I don't see much need to look down on people for designing or enjoying such weapons. I'll stick with realistic swords and a conservative approach to future guns, but I'm not gonna look down on people that enjoy different. Until they try something silly like arguing that bolters make good logistical sense.

>> No.14708204

Hello again India, what do you have for us today?

Oh, what's this? A gauntlet-sword hybrid you say? Don't mind if I do.

>> No.14708265

Those lovely oversized gyrojets... that get used at short range. When the one saving grace of the gyrojets was range.

>> No.14708270

Some of the Anima swords that actually look reasonable, yet still stylish.

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>> No.14708291

You can never go wrong with a good old plane but beautiful norse axe

>> No.14708322

>> No.14708329

Has anyone posted the Ram Dao? Who cares, I'll do it anyway!

I know nothing about this sword, but something about the shape of the blade just makes me think that it's totally fucking awesome.

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>> No.14708392

Ran through all my swords and sword-like weapons. And it turns out I don't really have any ornate polearms or crossbows or anything else fantasy-ish. Woops~

So, I'll continue with on with ornate-but-functional guns now.

>> No.14708406

Of course, this somewhat ignores the fact that caseless ammunition and electronic ignition both require some very high tech to achieve, as well as great precision.

The former requires proper materials engineering, as its far more complex, even if the result is "simple", than just stacking shit in a cartridge. Moreso if environmental factors are to be a worry (which for anything other than an interior-only in-box-till-used dueling weapon, it is).

The latter requires electronics. We could go into the precision details of electron lithography in semiconductor assembly, but that might be a little above your head.

This is not to say you couldn't use a 12v battery to ignite certain primer charges, but if you want something other than a manually cleaned and reloaded weapon, you'll need to cover the action, and that will mean some chips for timing.

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What gets me about bolters is that these were picked for use as the primary arm of the astartes over a technology that makes good logistical sense:las weapons. Laser weaponry is a technology that not only does the Imperium understand fairly but actually somewhat excels at. Sure, the basic las-gun of the IG wouldn't be sufficient for the needs of the space marines, but I'm sure the Imperium could easily design a mini las cannon that only the astartes could use that would be quite deadily. As to bolters being horrible and scary: so is watching superheated flesh explode in a cloud of gore and water vapor. So you get a scary fucking weapon with rechargeable ammunition.

>> No.14708548


but why would space marines fight cosmic horrors with flashlights?

>> No.14708587

can I ignite black powder with a small electrical charge?
can i keep said black powder in a paper cartrig that ges burned up and expelled with the shot.
can my flashpan be replaced with a more reliable push switch to fire system [also removing some of the smoke in face problem with black powder weapons]
does this require anyting more complex than a switch and a battery or leyden jar.

>> No.14708704


Who says a killing device can't be cute?

>> No.14708714

Wood furniture may be heavy and in some ways less durable than synthetics, but damned if it isn't classy~

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>> No.14708757

>> No.14708774

Punch dagger ftw.

>> No.14708776

It's like they say: put the cute in execute!

>> No.14708779

>Can I put oil in a pot and light it on fire? Can I then blow into the pot to make hot air come out faster? It makes no sense claiming that you need industrial and technological foundation to make jet engines.

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>> No.14708792

what is that?? I must have two of them!

>> No.14708822

Dose engravings.

>> No.14708855


It's an AR-15 (the civilian version of the M16 used by the US Military) cut down and re-chambered to fire 9mm pistol rounds from pistol mags.

Probably wouldn't be too hard to find a place that sells them online.

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>> No.14708889

>> No.14708925

that is awesome. now if they could only rechamber a mac 10 to fire .17s

>> No.14708969

You're probably not here anymore, but for everyone else this is pattern-welded Damascus Steel.

>> No.14709194


I don't get it. A LeMat is both cool, realistic, and practical.

>> No.14709390

shooty-puff jr.

>> No.14709409

Argh, I keep getting distracted, sorry thread.

As penance, have a Black Lagoon-styled Beretta. You too can now be a crazy mercenary bitch!

>> No.14709414

I fucking love katars.
so friggin cool, mang.

>> No.14709446

Can't forget the obligatory DEAGLE BRAND DEAGLE.


Thanks. The more you know, heh.

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>> No.14709533

the Apache knuckle duster.... just encase you want to shoot someone while punching them, while also stabbing them

>> No.14709536

As an amateur machinist, I can tell you that ANYTHING with moving parts, especially moving parts at the scale of a gun, requires precise machining. Making a hinged box requires tolerances of less than half a millimeter. Making a gun would be a lot more fiddly than that.

>> No.14709537

Delicious Nambu~

>> No.14709563

The man with the golden gun~

>> No.14709584

In case you ever forget your rights, you can whip out this 'lil beauty.

Preferably not in public.

>> No.14709607

>Making a hinged box requires tolerances of less than half a millimeter.

or, y'know, just use a strip of leather.

>> No.14709628

>> No.14709645

>> No.14709647

Leather's tedious to work with, and you'd probably end up with a shitty floppy lid that doesn't open properly.

Besides, even doing something like that isn't terribly easy, if you want to do it nicely. You'd probably have to custom-make all the fixings, otherwise it'd look hella ugly.

>> No.14709670


function over form, dawg.

you're over-complicating things needlessly.

>> No.14709700

Yes, it is as filename suggests. Some /k/ommando forged a railroad spike into a functional knife.

And it's pretty, too.

>> No.14709733

>> No.14709747

Dat peacemaker.

>> No.14709765

>some /k/ommando

somehow I doubt Lyle Brunckhorst is a channer.

>> No.14709810

rolled 55 = 55

>> No.14709832

Stormbolter composed of AK's

>> No.14709907


Those are wheel-locks, not flintlocks.

>> No.14709909


>> No.14709922

I have the dakka.

All the dakka.

>> No.14709935

This one totally needs a sling. Terribly heavy, I bet.

But jesus christ all the bullets.

>> No.14710003

Load only one bullet when you work the bolt? Don't be silly m'boy! I load TWO bullets from TWO magazines when I use the action! And then I fire BOTH.

>> No.14710083

The M14 doesn't even need gold and silver and other shit to look pretty.

It's the definition of gunporn.

>> No.14710096

>> No.14710113

Classy, yet deadly.

For the prepared gentleman.

>> No.14710118

rolled 35 = 35


>> No.14710124


'course, the $800 JAE stock doesn't hurt.

>> No.14710175

On a mission from God.

>> No.14710213

Oh hey, look, I found some swords in my /k/ folder. What were you doing in there, swords? That is my gunporn. Go be ornate yet reasonable in the thread.

>> No.14710239

>> No.14710254

And it seems I'm out of guns as well. Enjoy a last weapon from me, and good luck thread.

>> No.14710268

I present to you this, /tg/.

>> No.14710332

>> No.14710395

I proud, /tg/.

>> No.14710522

I approve of axe-gun

>> No.14710569

The P08 is amazing. It had a massive magazine capacity, rapid reload, and a robust cartridge. I say the only bigger leap in sidearms was the Colt Navy 1851.

>> No.14711345

rolled 4 = 4


>> No.14711416

rolled 6 = 6

>> No.14711447

rolled 9 = 9

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