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low fantasy soilders, the sort that would fill in a lords army, not PCs/lord level themselves.

pic semi-related, I'd prefer art, but LARP pics will do

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Uhh, that isn't LARP

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whatever, I really dont care, LARP, historical reenactment, artwork, movie dudes all the same

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a PC! charge him!

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cus I'm a barbarian and I'm O-K
I waer old maille and fight all day

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what do ya need the pics for?

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"special" cavalry

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Not at all. Historical reenactors stay true to the period and fighting style used. Learning how to use different weapons, proper footwork and combat tactics as well as the various inticasies of history surrounding said period.

Movie actors doing something historical usually reference the appropriate period reenactors, but fights are properly coreographed.

The difference being reenactors will go for actual proper strikes (safely of course, otherwise it'd be illegal due to the fatal nature of that kind of combat if not trained properly) while actors are taught to strike for the opponents weapon for show.

LARPers just run around waving foam sticks at each other.

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Maybe where you live. I know quite a lot of Larpers that do reenactement at the same time and pretty much just exchange their weaponry depending on the event.
Also this was about pictures for low fantasy. So historical accuracy isn't really required, just good looks. And there are quite a few pics of good looking larp costumes.

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I'm GMing a small online RPG

basic plot is the PC's King has gone all out to fund a crusade on some really poor kingdom, but it goes wrong, ending up with the loss of his best general, most of the army and supplys. The PC's have to make it back to friendly lines, over 700 miles away.

It gives them a goal but lets them have alot of wiggle room, as it's play by text style so it could go on for ages.

it's my first time GMing a game so i'm hoping it goes well

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Yeah, I can see where it can cross over, LARPers could be interested in historical accuracy or reenactors could enjoy LARPing and taking their knowledge, experience and skill into the game.

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I like you.

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sorry, I know they're not the same, I meant for THIS, getting the pics, I'm not bothered about the difference

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A bit too form-fitting for a chain shirt but otherwise it gives me a boner by virtue of being different (try to look 'normal') than 95% of other female fantasy characters.

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yer GMing The Warriors?

OOOOOH, I wanna come out and plaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!

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Posting what I have.

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There's some here, of which I've recently (since last year) been training with http://aaf.org.au/gallery

and there's always the http://www.sca.org.au/ who are massive on getting it accurate as well as covering much more than just 800AD-1066AD

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So you are taking from Xenophon's Ten Thousand?

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you mean SCA using accurate armors?

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As far as I know, accurate down to the armour, fighting style, getting consulting from historians, body mechanics specialists etc

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most of the armors I see on SCA pics are not very accurate... and sometimes they use not very authentic materials too

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I Sekkira's defense I guess the same that goes for the historical accuracy of Larp costumes and armour goes for the SCA aswell. It just varies a lot from place to place

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We make armor out of modern materials because in the SCA we don't hit like little girls.

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also the fighting style in duels that I saw on youtube is everything but accurate...

second video for "sca duel"

I think the proper term for this is not "historically accurate" but "WTF am I watching?"

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This would sadden me, I pictured them, being a more organised association, they'd have their act together much more than we do. For us, it's more of a hobby, so there's a lot of tedious stuff that gets done more efficiently, such as buying machined chain because making it yourself is a real bitch. Or the craft side opting for sewing machines every now and then because hand stitching is retardedly boring.

More the whole "It's historically accurate enough, we know the difference, but most people aren't going to notice the difference between a handstiched tunic and a machine sewn one. Those that do, wont bother commenting because they understand why."

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thats strange because if you are not a little girl you can make armor out of historically accurate materials that can protect you from nearly all medieval weapons

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Fuck yeah chief.

Here's War of the Wings 4

I'm in here

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I can't say anything about the cloths but in the videos I see the armors nearly half the time are painfully inaccurate. And I'm not even an expert about this.

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We don't make it to resist bladed weapons, retard. You don't go around wearing full plate when every weapon is a mace.

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We do both

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so much for the authentic part...

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We're taught not to hit like little girls too. But things like aiming for the upper arm padding instead of neck or elbow, thighs instead of knees or hip is just really so we don't actually kill each other when not hitting like little girls.

The weapons may be completely blunt, but a kilo of pinpointed steel in the wrong place will still kill you.

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Accuracy varies a lot from kingdom to kingdom. In Calontir we've got a handful of extremely dedicated blacksmiths, one of whom I was fortunate enough to attend high school with. All of my armor is hand made, with the only modern tools used being metal shears to save time making goddamn leaf mail. Which takes fucking forever. Chain is even worse, as you can imagine.

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Inaccurate to which period exactly? You have to remember that some groups go for broad range, which could be anything from 800-1600 or BC onwards.

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I want to design a low(ish)-fantasy setting that has an aesthetic similar to real armours and civilizations from medieval Europe, except for the fact that some of the countries use basic gunpowder weapons. Ballistics would be considered an art in the same way magic is in other settings. Maybe a few steam things; so among a horde of thousands of knights in plate armour, there'd be steam tanks dotted about and guys in full plate wielding stuff like this.

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Please be trolling.
If you want "authentic" armor, go to a reenactment.
If you want to not get your shit kicked in the SCA, suck it up and buy some padding for your armor.

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chain is easy if you don't want riveted chain. Otherwise it's just time consuming.
But a proper platemail even with authentic method can be done faster than a chainmail.

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One of the guys in our group (founding member iirc) rages so hard when anybody says this. Friendliest guy ever, but even at displays, he'll shout at random people asking questions: "CHAIN OR MAIL"

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This style of armour.

Is there a name for this style? The period/country/etc.

Any information would be great for me to look it up in greater detail. I don't know much about this stuff, but it interests me greatly.

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In fairness, there is a difference. No need to get all shouty about it, though.

You do want riveted chain. Trust me.

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don't know why the hatred. I just said that SCA not really authentic in the videos I see on youtube. Is that a problem for you or something? I didn't said that it's a bad thing.

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That style of armor is called a gun, it has proven quite effective, especially the later period varieties.

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well I'm not really good in the english terms

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How exactly do you know what a medieval duel really looked like?

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Nah, I'm okay with it. I think it's just funny that's what it reminds me of. Cool guy, never stops talking about fighting and really good at it, too.

He'll be training one guy, watching other few guys fight and telling somebody else what they're doing wrong, correcting them and such.

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He would fit in with some people I know. Always arguing whether Kettenhemd (chainshirt), Kettenr├╝stung (chainarmour), Ringpanzerhemd (ringarmourshirt) or just Panzerhemd (armourshirt) should be used. Sometimes I love the German language.....

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Beware an old man in a profession where one is expected to die young.

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I didn't said that I know how it looks looked like a duel (but I read a little about judicial duels) but on that video I linked they not really useng any fighting techniques. I see this kind of duels on larps

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I meant the one in the picture I posted.

Though I phrased it poorly, I'll admit.

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If you don't see any "fighting techniques" in that video, you don't know what you're looking at.

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then please enlighten me

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That armor is called Gothic

You can tell chiefly because of the sallet (style of helmet)

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Why do I find that pic so damn hot?

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because there is a female clad in realistic mail in it. And that's about two hundred times hotter than any chain bikini could ever be

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This is a Wisby coat-of-plates

And I want it hard.

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Not 100% relevant, but I love it

>Bacon erialle

Yes Captcha, like bacon, not entirely relevant, but I love it

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so you can't explain it?

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I don't know what you mean, I just linked everywhere someone was having an internet argument.

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Inadvertently, the Warriors slipped my mind
never read it

I was kinda thinking about the crusades when I was starting to write the intro

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Well, I'm dry, Thanks /tg/ you're a wonderful audience.

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Holy shit, you're right!

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I don't know what made you think I was arguing with anybody. I was trying to discuss the subject. I was/am also hoping somebody much more knowledgeable than me on this subject would step in and correct anything I say that's wrong as well as contribute some more to this discussion.

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german or italian gothic armor

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Although he's got spaulders instead of pauldrons (the shoulder-pieces don't extend over his armpits) which don't match the suit.

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I always felt bad cutting down female soldiers in Mount & Blade. Especially the camp followers who are basically just civilian women with knives or clubs.

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That is a couple of guys who take kendo lessons with sticks. Everything starts from the same guard position, and it's all those quick overhead whacking strikes that you do with blunt wooden weapons instead of blades.

Obviously we don't actually have footage or accurate pictures of historical combat, but we at least have a good idea of the variety of techniques involved.


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I might add to your post with two additional fencing links.


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While on the subject of LARP, does anyone know a good channel on Youtube with good, serious LARP videos that does not contain retarded 12-year olds?

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Search for Biccoline, worlds largest LARP iirc. They got a whole town.

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thats every LARP

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I'll check it out.

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Kingdom Under Fire was/is a pretty cool series.

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Search for "Avegost" if you're in the Southeast US. Hell, even if you aren't. We definitely are a mature game, if that's what you're looking for.
We don't have any recent event videos (cameras kill immersion!), but the most recent videos (X? Y? Avegost?) detail our outlook, among other things. All "action" videos you'll see are from a while back, and not representative of the current standards/viewpoint of the LARP.

Also, Bicolline FTW.

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Oh no, not gonna join any, I just wanna see people dressed in armour bashing the shit out of each other. In a mature way that is.

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Oic. While we still bash the shit out of each other, something more like a battle game might be your style. Try Dagorhir or Amtgard.

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I'll check it out, thanks.

Thanks brah!

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near the bottom of this source is a section called "fencing from the stances"

it was written in 1570 by Joachim Meyer. its not medieval, but it has very good descriptions of how a sword duel would look.


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Nice to see another KuF fan. I know I'm going to be flamed but I'm a total Vellond fan. Dark Elves are my bag baby, what can I say. Lucretia & Cirith are among my favorite characters. I have all games in the series, but both my Xbox's stopped workoing and I'm saving to buy a new original Xbox for the first two. When KuF2 drops on the PS3 I'll pick it up, but I wish it wasn't an MMO type of game, I want to see the story continue but oh well. What was your favorite entry/character/unit/campaign?

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