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Sup, /tg/.

There's a cocky little 12-year-old in our LGS, who maintains he can beat any army with his Blood Angels. So I've tasked myself with making the cheesiest, beardiest army I possibly can to rub his nose in it. This may sound harsh, but I'm sick of the little cunt constantly talking shit.

My current idea is:


Company Command Squad
-2 Plasma Vets
-1 Missile Launcher
-Chimera w/ HF and ML


Veteran Squad
-3 Meltaguns
-Missile Launcher
-Sarge w/ PlasPistol & Power Fist
-Chimera w/ HF & ML

Veteran Squad
-3 Meltaguns
-Missile Launcher
-Sarge w/ PlasPistol & Power Fist
-Chimera w/ HF & ML

Veteran Squad
-3 Meltaguns
-Missile Launcher
-Sarge w/ PlasPistol & Power Fist
-Chimera w/ HF & ML

-Heavy Support-

Leman Russ Squadron
-2x LRBT w/ Hull HF + Sponson MM

Leman Russ Squadron
-2x LRBT w/ Hull HF + Sponson MM

4 Chimeras and 4 LRBTs in 1.5k points. Reckon this will wipe the smug look off that little asshole's face?

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>wants to beat 12 year old
>needs help of the entire internet to do it

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You are guard.

Make a colossal troops army.

Lasguns everywhere

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the task of "enlightening" this upstart falls on you. you must not fail or you will bring shame on yourself and all true neckbeards.

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All I know about 40k is that Orks are awesome and IG and Space Wolves are pretty cool, so I can't really help you.

My question is this: Is he good? Can he actually beat all/most armies? If he can is it through being smart or through cheese?

If he's actually good then let him do some trash talking.

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Are those LR squadrons + sponsons worth the points?

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You do realize that you're trying to curbstomp a TWELVE year old. He may be a tiny little shit, but still.

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Purely through cheese and luck. I took my CSM against him, and rolled terribly, so now he assumes he's better than me.


He had a Space Wolves army which he then painted red to make Blood Angels. Apparently he is now making a Grey Knights army too. A locally famous quote from him was "Why would anyone even want to play something that's not marines?" He is beyond redemption.

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I fully endorse you on your quest. However, as I don't play IG, all I can say is good luck, if you can to come to the internet for help on beating a 12 year old, you'll need it.

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Hey, fucker, how about you give us his list?

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Forget the sponsons and put lascannons on the tanks.
Blood angels move fast so your tanks are going to be moving quite alot.

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No. Do not take sponsons. You have to stay still to use them, meaning you get hit automatically in cc, against BAs (or anyone else) that is a bad idea. HB and MM aren't worth it, just keep moving and shooting. Plasma Cannons might work, but they're expensive, etc.

Does the kid take Death Company? If so, take a Valk to run them around the board.

Manticores are fun. So are Hydras (which will eat Stormravens alive, if he takes any of them).

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I don't have his list. All I know is that has lots of Sang Guard and Meph.

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Ah, gotcha.

Fuck his shit up, OP. Put a whole load of humble on his ass.

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Hydras. Hydras everywhere.

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Don't do shit against T4 AS3 FNP. 100 Lasguns kill to, maybe 3.
>Space Wolves
Aren't as awesome as they are made to be and get worse the more you know about them.

Drop the MM on the Russ. You want to be mobile with the thing. The cannon is more than enough, the sponsons are a waste of points.

You know what works great against Marines?
Rough Riders. RR make Terminators cry.
Also, where's your Vendetta, soldier?

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>4 Chimeras full of triple-melta vets

FTFY to emphasise why it'll stomp him. Dunno if I'd settle on plain old LRs, though; are they the most effective counter for the shit he uses? I expect that as a cocky 12 year old, he's likely to just use the same list ad nauseam and thus has particular weaknesses.

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Hydras don't do shit against Marines without transports. Russes do the job better.

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tell us stories, OP

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He's 12 years old? He's probably just talking shit in an effort to impress everyone else, who he probably can't relate to because of age difference. Be nicer.

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The plain old Russ is the best thing for whacking Blood Angels piloted by an idiot, since it ignores his armor and denies him FNP. Everything else is just a waste of points.

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What point value is the list.

If he has a bunch of Sanguinary Guard and Mephiston it'll be eating up a ton of points, which means you can win on controlling points unless he has dante with the sanguinary guard to make them troops.

If you want to table him, run leafblower.

The best bet you have is either drowning him in superior firepower while avoiding the sang guard/mephiston fucking you to death in melee, or just drowing him in bodies.

Good thing IG does both of those.

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>He had a Space Wolves army which he then painted red to make Blood Angels. Apparently he is now making a Grey Knights army too. A locally famous quote from him was "Why would anyone even want to play something that's not marines?"

And so he has sealed his fate.

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Wait wait wait. Four Russes in two squadrons? Bad plan, squadrons make them easier to kill.

Try running a Demolisher, a normal russ, and a squadron of 2 hydras. Gives you flexibility and good firepower.

Take some Vendettas for Dorn's sake. You need the mobility and anti-tank.

I'm not sure about the Veterans, though. Plasma guns might be better than Meltas. Maybe run 2 squads with plasmas and 1 with the meltas. Plas squads take on the marines while the melta boys hunt tanks.

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Someone should totally use ms paint to draw up a picture of OP and his neckbeard floating above a crowd of fa/tg/guys all lending him their beard strength. I would but i suck with that shit.

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> Beating a 12-year-old

Just out of curiosity, how are you, OP? I mean if you're +30, then I might have something against your plan. If you're under 20, then go for it. Clearly your ego can't take beating and trash talking from a 12-year old. I know mine wouldn't. If you're something between, I don't really know should I agree with your plan or not.

I understand that this little dreptwat thinks that the marines are the coolest thing evar, but by crushing him, you might crush his love for the hobby. I'm not sure if it's worth a petty vengeance.

Tell you what, when you actually get around a good list and start playing against this whippersnapper, do it professionally, ok? When he starts whining and groaning and complaining, don't get agitated, always keep your cool. Always. Even if he starts throwing models at you, still, keep your cool. State him why he lost and make some valid arguments. That way there might be a way for him to learn something in the future.

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Plasma is shit against Blood Angels. FNP trolls all the way through.

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Why is it that the IG seem to have everything?

I play IG myself, but I've only played 6-7 games and lost once against a list of Nob bikers and kill-kans.
I've crushed anything besides that.
The OP will probably bitch slapthe BA player, but there's probably no merit in playing an overpowered faction, anyway.

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We've tried. When he first came, we tried to include him, involved him in some campaigns etc. but he is just the absolute stereotypical cocky 40kid.


Well, as I said earlier, the first time he came to the store he had Space Wolves. The typical netlist longfang spam. My main army is actually Iron Warrior CSM, and I tabled him fairly reliably. As soon as the Sang Guard models hit, the next time he came into the store, his SW minis were basecoated red, and he had the Blood Angel codex.

He also got a good friend of mine DQed from a tourney by accusing him of stealing a model he convieniently "found" after the game. This friend plays Dark Eldar at a national tournament level and could table him without much effort at all. He then "lost" his Commander Dante model for just long enough to accuse my DEldar playing friend of stealing it, then AS SOON AS DELDARFRIEND PACKS UP, he pulls the model from nowhere and continues. This DEldarbro is now concocting the BAkilling-iest list he possibly can too.

He also plays WHFB. WoC. Warrior spam. Won a local tourney by whining about the final that he originally lost to get a rematch where he list-tailored against the list he lost against to begin with.

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I've got no clue.

I play MAHREENS and we have no IG players here, just people who like getting counter-charged by purifiers while falling for Castellan Crowe bait.

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What? Read up what Ap2 does to FNP

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>you might crush his love for the hobby

Yeah, because bratty tweens who jerk it to Space Marines and talk shit are so hard to come by these days.

>> No.14693807


FNP doesn't function vs AP 1 and AP 2 weapons. Hence plasma removes FNP.

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Actually, just get another 12 year old to beat the shit out of him.

This kid sounds like he needs a good beatdown.

>> No.14693820

No FNP roll vs. AP1/2, bro.

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>He also plays WHFB. WoC. Warrior spam. Won a local tourney by whining about the final that he originally lost to get a rematch where he list-tailored against the list he lost against to begin with.


More of these stories, OP, and for the sweet love of God, Jesus, and Mary you MUST let us know how this turns out. I wonder if he'll cry.

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OP, you are doing it wrong.

Study his army list, proceed to make the weakest army as possible...But it completely RAPES the kids list.

THIS is how you put him in his place, not powergaming like a little wussy girl.

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hey faggot OP!
just drag his 12 years old ass out of the fucking store and beat his ass in the old school way ... with your fucking fists you fucking idiot .
or just slap his shit .

recaptia : conflict ideresti

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Fuck, I can pass for a 12 yr old. What state you in?

>> No.14693836


You better be asian, or Justin Beiber.

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So just think, this kid is maybe picked on in school and told he is a shit, so in the toy store with the guys who paint things he thinks are cool and who talk about cool things, he manages to win against one in one of THEIR games so brags a bit as he is proud of his small accomlishment - even you said he won by luck, yeah let's curb stomp that DICK!

I'm sure you were NEVER like that kid, always the quiet angelic type...

>> No.14693847

I'm just really small with a baby face.

Shave and grow my hair out and I could be a 12 yr. old boy OR girl.

>> No.14693848

Are we admitting underage here?

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>Power fantasies about beating up children who are glad they won a childrens game.

>> No.14693853


Getting shit on elsewhere is no excuse to act like a dick in front of people.

>> No.14693855

He won every other game by cheating and griefing players, if you read OP's comments

>> No.14693859


Scotland, funnily enough.

Anyway, I'm playing him tomorrow. I've just got word from the LGS manager, who I'm good friends with, and even he wants to ban him for his bullshit but can't due to lack of proof. So next time he tries any of this shit, word might just make it back to the manager.

Also, round of applause and brofists for a guard playing friend of mine who will be loaning most of this shit to me. After I roundly annhilate this kid, I can go back to IRON WITHINAN IRON WITHOUTAN in peace.

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>> No.14693863

It can be when you're 12 and have a really poor idea of social structure. The older guy could try and teach him some etiquette and how awesome the things he like are instead of his current passive aggressiveness and you guys' push for actual aggressiveness through your own power fantasies.

>> No.14693866

So he used trickery to beat your friend and then DECEPTION to won a tournament?

Holy hell, OP, that's a one sly 12 years old you're standing up against. Be warned, my brother, for you might never know who in reality he is.

>> No.14693869

Whereabouts? You another EdinBRO?

>> No.14693870


Good point. OP, ignore my words in >>>14693779

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To add to that, I used to play in GW Falkirk. Actually the worst place ever for annoying kids.

>> No.14693875

Same here. Glasgow by any chance? Seen a lot of 12 year olds there, but they all play CSM

>> No.14693877


That's the point. We've tried to teach him sportsmanship, to be less of a shit winner, but we're all just fucking sick of him and his constant dickwaving through cheating.



>> No.14693878

When I was 16, in the "Great Before Time" when all the local game stores were still open, I started playing CSM. This was in the days before the current bland CSM codex. It was back when CSM were the superior master race. I made a Khorne list, complete with rapetastic Biker Chaos Lord, who would act as the hammer that would slide out from between my transports and smash apart entire flanks (250 points of awesome).

I was beaten soundly by a 13 year old kid. I was upset. I gathered up all kinds of money. I worked hard as fuck to afford 3 units of bloodletters and a Bloodthirster. I paint 'em up. And I rechallenge the kid who beat me. He ran the overpowered (at the time) necron list, phalanxes of warriors. He thinks he's gonna stomp on me. I suicide my lord, and 2 squads of berzerkers right into his throat. Suddenly demons everywhere.

Needless to say he got his shit thoroughly wrecked.

Having been in OP's shoes. Strike him down, with all of your hate.

Also, don't take sponsons, what are you? Stupid?

>> No.14693879

Ah. Sorry, mate.

Is 40k alive and well over there?

>> No.14693882

This. you can easily fit 150 models into 1500 points, without using conscripts.

>> No.14693887


It's alive, but it's the typical crowd. About the same as US, I would imagine.

>> No.14693889


Take care of who you antagonise.

>> No.14693892

I purposely lose to 12 year olds and teach them what I could've done to beat them.

If they commit the same mistake, I explain in detail what I'm doing to beat them, and what they can do to beat it.

You got a conceited, nosy kid. How abou instead of mesuring dicks with him you just enjoy your game in peace?

I find it quite hilarious you are so hell bent on beating a random kid that you had to pull out the most basic, power game'd and boring guard list you could.

Warhammer 40k shouldn't be public masturbation, no matter what /tg/ tells you

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Glasgow? Shit, can't be that hard to find someone to beat up a 12 year old over there. My dad works as a social worker in Maryhill, I'm sure he'll have some connections.
Stirling and Edinburgh, the two cities I've lived in have always had reasonably good 40k scenes with their indie clubs (ELG, Stirling Wargamers). Basically, rent out a church hall for the night, £2 entry, that sorta thing.

>> No.14693908

Well Maryhill is the worst cesspool of Glasgow, I'm not surprised you've not heard flattering things.

Anyway OP, don't let this kid grow up to be a neckbeard. Rematch him, but try to encourage him to play for fun, rather than to win.

>> No.14693909

some sort of miniature Creed right here.

>> No.14693910

hey now i've been in the glasgow GW shop a good few times don't currently play, know someone who does

>> No.14693918


That's got to be worse than having him in Afghanistan. My condolences.

While I'm at it, Stirling represent!

>> No.14693921


It's not the Glasgow GW. I've given up on that wretched hive of scum and villainy. It's just a little local store.

>> No.14693922

>the OP
>Russes in squadrons

>Lichopo Galileo
Undead italian merchant and inventor? I can dig it.

>> No.14693926

OP: You going to GotC?

>> No.14693927

Glad to hear.
Wish that anybody knew 40k existed over here.
Or D&D. Or any game.

>> No.14693929

OP says he only lost because of bad luck.
Yet he doesn't just use the same army again against a 12 year old.
He has to custom tailor a completely new army for it.

Sounds like OP is one pathetic faggot. I've never lost to any 12 year olds and if I was sad enough to lose to one I wouldn't ask the internet for revenge.

Protip- kill yourself. The hobby doesn't need you.

>> No.14693933

You go to Stirling Wargamers? Went there as a teenager, there was always this aussie/south african guy with an amazing High Elf army.

Oh, and the guy who ran it was so bald he made Boreale look like a fucking mullet.

>> No.14693942

Sir, with all due respect, you know nothing about kids. Sure - You can find one that is willing to listen to you.

But the majority of them are a bucketfull of self-importance derived from the lack of self-respect and worth that is common in their "medium".
They goddamn THRIVE on deriding each others and penis measuring contests. And you got to play their game, humble them and THEN, if they're the right sort, teach them properly.

You and nobody can get to them when they put themselves on fucking pedestals.
OP, being the father of a snotty 12 years old (Fucking kindergarden ruining his education) I say: Go for it. Bring back stories.

>> No.14693945


I think that OP has made very clear that this isn't just a random, everyday 12-year old. This is a brat that everyone hate and who cheats to win. Now, call me old fashioned, but the best method of raising the children, is through whip and punishment. If the youngsters want to roll with the grown-ups, then they gotta learn (sooner rather than later) how NOT to be dick. Otherwise they will never learn.

I'm not saying that what OP is planning is the right choice, but I sure as hell am not going to judge his decision.

>> No.14693946

Three HS slots of 1 Russ each are MUCH better than 2 HS slots with 2 Russ each.

Squadrons are the enemy.

Take Vendettas.

>> No.14693951

This thread is now about Scotland.

>> No.14693952

roleplayer rather than a wargamer, i'm afraid. i'll have a look next time i'm around beardy sorts.

>> No.14693958

>everyone hates
I only see one person talking and that's the OP, the fag who is asking the internet to get revenge against a 12 year old.
It's pretty certain the OP is a fat loser who plays badly, lost, and made up the story just to try and get "super cheese list" so he doesn't lose next game to the kid.

Be gullible more.

>> No.14693961

I know how you feel OP, have a good friend, although cocky at times who plays BA and pretty much assumes he can rofl stomp me everytime since I roll shitty half the time. Cant fix that but when I hit he shits his pants respectively.

As it's been mentioned, for the LOVE OF GOD run Standard Lemans/perhaps even demolishers - if you plan on Billy Hilling that shit take out the side sponsors so you can move backwards and shoot his troops in the face; definitely take Vendettas so you can move about and pop his shit. 3 twin linked las cannons to the face will stop both transports and deathcompany (if it comes to it).

I've also had a few good games where a Bane Wolf has some fun hosing down Death Company as well. Just be weary of DC 'naughts - fucking lascannon their asses.

I wish you luck OP, not entirely behind the fact that it's for a 12 year old as it's not really worth it BUT sometimes people need to be fucking humbled from time to time.

>> No.14693965

Ah, hang much with the Uni guys?

>> No.14693966

OK, so I will probably have a new thread tomorrow night, detailing the results. I will take on a tripcode just for this. Suitably malicious?

>> No.14693972

I get home from work to find my countrymen on /tg/ planning on powergaming some 12 year old dipshit because OP is butthurt he got beaten by said dipshit.

Sometimes I just don't know how to feel about this, but for now, I'm okay with this.

>> No.14693976


ahh fair play, i want to try a pen and paper rpg, which place in glasgow is probably best for a greenhorn to turn up without derailing anything

>> No.14693977

A 12 year old? Seriously?

Just show him your pubes, turn 360 degrees, and walk away.

>> No.14693981


I don't give a fuck if it's made up, it makes me laugh. Troll harder.

>> No.14693984

>turn 360 degrees
>walk away

So he shows his pubes and walks TOWARDS that brat?

>> No.14693990

Try the Unis?
That's the Glasgow Uni one, can't speak for them but I know Dundee and Edinburgh Unis allow non-students in.

>> No.14693994


Things could get sexy.

>> No.14694000


yes that is the point welcome to 2007 now can we move on please and thank you fantastic.


Perfect. Let us also know if he shows up in a week with an IG army.

>> No.14694003


>shows up in a week with an IG army

Oh gods don't even joke about that.

>> No.14694004


Very old meme, not referenced very much any more.

>> No.14694022

It's an old xbox 360 meme from /v/

>> No.14694023

I desire to meet you. Likely for rape.

>> No.14694061


oh you

>> No.14694078

So, glasgowfag, which little store is this exactly?

>> No.14694085


Jameson's, in the Trongate.

>> No.14694089

>Be Portuguese
>That means NO /tg/ CONTENT ANYWHERE
>Visit Glasgow GW
>Enjoy it.

The guy with the goatee was excellent in everything, he even let me decide what to do with his dorfs for a turn. I declared open season on all Chaos and the store rejoiced.
Is it that bad, now? I was there... 2 years ago or somesuch.

>> No.14694095


A load of the staff got transferred elsewhere, and the new staff are the "YOU MUST BUY EVERYTHING ALWAYS" types.

>> No.14694103

Hmm. All we have out where I am in the middle of poor-land is a Millenium games, though they did annex the Cyberstorm gaming in the next lot so they have LANs, board games, CCGs, RPSs, and WarmahordeHams all in one place.

>> No.14694108

You wouldn't be the first.
Everyone wants to rape poor little Mr. Bungle.

>> No.14694122

I didn't like the GW in London at that flower market or something, in the least. No space to game and the clerk there kept following me, always in the dark, observing every step I took, expecting me to drop my mask and declare "It'sa me, Alpharius!".

True neckberd, that guy.

>> No.14694123


I want to rape Mike Patton, if it's similar.

>> No.14694144

Your List SUCKS

don't bother giving plas or power weapons to sarges, they're going to Run or get Killed before they get to use them more than once (maybe)

Why would you put Missile Launchers in Vet Squads? you're giving up 2 guys with BS4 and making it so you can't move. If you can't move then you can't use the Melta guns.

Where is your Fast Attack? The best Skimmer in the whole Game is in your Fast Attack section, USE IT

also, Sponsons are pretty much pointless. You can use maybe one tank with sponsons for Long Range; but it's gonna get Popped. One tactic I've been toying with is using a Russ with Sponsons as a trap for his derp stikers. They derp strike, pop the tank, and I surround him with Guard with First Rank/Second Rank; Wasting the everloving shit out of him with small arms fire.

If you want Cheese in the Guard Codex, look at the named characters. Captain Al'ALAH ACBAR gives you a nifty order that lets you move after your shooting to get you more distance from the enemy.

If you have the points, get CREED and Outflank with your Russ Squadrons

>> No.14694150

I emigrated to the UK from the US and the players here have been very polite and friendly for the most part. There was just the matter of a group of the smelliest, fattest neckbeards I've ever seen making a huge deal out of my nationality.

So I kicked them in the chins, then instructed them firmly to return to their homes and become family men.

>> No.14694198


May the Emperor be with you.


I have a 13-year-old version of the kid you've described. He doesn't play by the rules unless they suit him, and then kicks off at people when they play the way he plays. A few people in the shop completely refuse to play against him.

May your exterminatus on his ass be brutal and lacking in lube!

>> No.14694215

>cheesiest, beardiest army
>missile launchers

>> No.14694227

I played against Blood angels a little while ago at 2k points.
I was running with 120 normal guardsmen with vox and flamer/grenade launcher, four squads with heavy bolters (in hindsight autocannons are vastly superior- use them instead), flamer command squad, plasma command squad, 2x demolishers (1x plasma config), a pair of thudd guns, basic Vulture with missile pods and a few heavy weapon squads. Wasn't sure how I got that much stuff into 2k but I did.

The poor Blood angel guy got pretty much tabled and I had about 50 guys, one of the demolishers, vulture and a thudd gun left. He had two imobilised dreads I was taking pot shots at with autocannons and maneuvering round the back to finish off but random game length got me.
I found mobbing sanguinary guard is great- they don't have many attacks if they don't get the charge. Over a three turn brawl involving a total of 50 guys I lost one 60pt squad and he lost a full squad of sangunary guard.

your list seems OK but why the missile launchers? Invest the points in extra armour instead so the chimeras can still move if they get shunned. Squadroning the leman russ' could also be bad but thats up to you. I'd definitely swap one for a vendetta.

I also pretty much wiped out a 12 year old's space marine army with one badly scattering forge world manticore strike today in an apoc game. I felt bad about that.

>> No.14694267


We're bitter about losing the war, that's all. That and insulted about what you did to all that tea...

Seriously though, having an American act superior to us based on the War of Independence (sorry if that's the wrong name, we don't actually cover it in school, probably because we didn't win it) will have us go from friendly to fuckwad in no time flat. Sometimes though, some of us are just fuckwads.

Sorry bro.

>> No.14694287


>He's never run into the child defense of "Well I already beat you using that, it just wouldn't be fair"

>captcha: ndense found

I guess it has, Captcha. I guess it has.

>> No.14694289

>Seriously though, having an American act superior to us based on the War of Independence
...? People do that?

>> No.14694304


Never had it happen in real life, but I've had it online a few times.

>> No.14694321

Oh, well, sure, on the Internet, but I mean actual people with bodies.

(also we call it the Revolutionary War over here)

>> No.14694326


Okay, and? The internet is the place where all the retarded shit goes, it's the place where the Aztlan America faggots actually consider themselves legitimized.

>> No.14694334

Even here in the U.S. people do it.

>> No.14694674


Yeah. And they parade around on the based that they won WWII, nevermind that they've lost every war they've lost since.

>> No.14694763

Easy, let's not derail this more than we already have. This is about 12-ear olds and vengeance.

Wow, I bet nobody's ever typed that before.

>> No.14694813

>lost every war they've lost since

>> No.14694872

That's a terrible army.

Replace all missiles with autocannons.
Command should have 4 meltaguns, you dolt. You pay through the ass for BS4 and the ability to take 4 special weapons. Use it.

Russes are bad. Run manticores and vendettas instead.

Why do your veterans have plasmapistol and fist sarges? Dump that shit. You can buy another veteran squad with the points saved.

Rambo. Why isn't he in this army?

Use points for an infantry platoon with commissars and power weapon sarges. Blob that shit. Remaining points go into autocannon heavy weapon squads.

>> No.14694879

what did I JUST say

>> No.14694888

Your mom's still a virgin?

>> No.14694896

Lost 'nam hard
Korea's little fight is still going on so it would have been impossible to lose that
Won the cold war
I'm also going to assume we are talking about all of those little police actions too. We didn't really lose those.

>> No.14694913

If he's been cheating and shit how has no one called him on it or kicked him out for it?

>> No.14694917


NIfag, once had a guy from Boston rant on about how the British should 'give Ireland back'.

> Probably less Irish blood than the Belfast Giants
> Didn't live here 24/7 like you know, we fucking do
> Seemed to think the concept of Irish Nationalism was his invention
> Actually thought his opinion mattered

I didn't take it as an American thing, utter stupidity knows no race or creed. Sorry to hear about people typecasting you about being an American - I like people to prove themselves reliable or dickheads on their own merits.

>> No.14694922

>Korea's little fight is still going on so it would have been impossible to lose that

korea was a tie, thus both sides lost

>Won the cold war

despite having the word in its name, the cold war was not a war

>> No.14694935


Oh, and a girl from 'Norleans' who wanted to make it clear 'Zed was a word - Z-E-D'. I insisted 'Zee is a word, Z-E-E'. We were drunk. That's clearly just funnier. Americans = good times.

>> No.14694963


Did drunken hot dickings commence?

>> No.14694982

Oh God-Emperor yes, language comparison conversations with Americans are fun as all hell. Both parties know not to take it seriously.

>> No.14695003

If someone "cheats" you point it out and they either stop cheating or they end up ostracized/banned from store.

You only run to the internet crying if you have no evidence that any actual cheating is occurring and are really just mad you lost.

Saged for loser.

>> No.14695029



>> No.14695045


I smell... butthurt.

>> No.14695092

>Russes sucks

>> No.14695137

I say run a russ, a russ demolisher, and a manticore for your heavies. Fill your fast attack with vendettas or autocannon sentinels (because autocannons). Vendettas are the better choice.

Like someone mentioned earlier, drop the power fists and plasma pistols and buy another vet squad with meltas in a chimera. Command squad needs more special weapons.


>> No.14695269

Infantry blob guard, minimum size squads, with 1 standard russ... I play DoA Blood Angels and haven't managed to beat it, having gone against it 3 times.

>> No.14695287

Hey gents, am a bit new to 'Guard myself and am working on a mechanized themed list and am a bit curious on what makes the meltaguns so great? They're short range even inside a Chimera right so isn't it just putting the Chimera at risk?

>> No.14695431

/tg/ I am very disappoint. There's an awful lot of butthurt whining in this thread about 'ethics' or some horsecrap like that. The man wants to pound a 12 year old. I say, let's pound this wee fucker.

Christ, all this moralizing gets to me...

Your list: Good start, needs quite a few improvements.

Ditch all the missile launchers, they suck. Use Vendettas instead, and Autocannon heavy weapon teams.

Ditch all the equipment on the Veteran Sergeants. They should never be exiting their chimeras.

2 Leman Russes in 2 squadrons? You DO know that any Immobilized results will blow those things up? And that's REALLY bad? Use all three Heavy Support slots at least or you're just sucking balls.

Also, no heavy bolter sponsons. When the hell were you planning on using them? That one time your turret gets destroyed, and the enemy are so far away you needn't reverse? Yeah, that'll be reeeaaall fucking useful.

The golden rule with Guard armies (and arguably all of 40K) is that if a weapon isn't going to be pouring in the pain more or less every turn, DITCH IT, and buy more people who have weapons that WILL do that. You seem to be under the impression that you have a large number of models in your army list. You do not.

Throw some Vendettas in there by stripping excess gear away and he really might be about to enter a world of shit.

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