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does /tg/ still like adventure time?
after tomorrow's episode, season 2 finale begins
it's in two parts and it's about the lich king
Heat Signature tomorrow
then Mortal Folly
and the finale, Mortal Recoil

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I went to the art show where Pen and the cast showed up.

The actress who plays Marceline was hot as hell.

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in the mean time, dumping these adorable DnD pictures

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I heard her dad really looks like the king of evil
Olson, is it?

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I still love Adventure Time and watch it every week.

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source ?

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I dunno, but a guy came into the gallery with food for everyone and he had the nametag: Lord of Evil.

I took him for either their producer, or something.

And yeah he looked kinda scary.

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Yes she is indeed.

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yea, that was him
/co/ drawfag named Blue Jr.
recently he's gotten some flak for these (no idea why), so I don't know if he'll be making any more

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You do realize the OP picture looks like the Scooby Doo gang, right?

I would've made Marceline Shaggy and Jake Scooby.

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Wait, I thought new episodes aired on Mondays?

And is there only 1 new episode per week (if there are 2 episodes per show)?

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Olivia Olson: Marceline
Martin Olson: her father

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Ohhh. THats cool.

But I'd be kinda scary/ overprotective too if my 18 year old daughter showed up at an Adventure Time gallery sporting a bare midriff and belly button stud.

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Well, it's five kids, and I guess if you can do some color swaps, it can sort of look like the Scooby gang, but that's it, really. The attitudes are too different for it to be a fair comparison.

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Jake as DMPC? <_<

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Shaggy => Marceline is basically the biggest character upgrade in the history of everything.

Not to mention that Finn and Jake are basically a million times less shitty than their counterparts, unless you count the kinda bizarro new Scooby series...

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my mistake
I thought it was sunday,,,
yea, new one on monday
also, I like that there's only 15 minute episodes
helps make the season seem longer and there was almost NO wait between season one and two
season 3 starts this summer

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>braces and acne
>Princess Bubblegum
>nerdy, attention-starved woobie
This artist has my undying rage and hatred

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doesn't it make sense?
I mean, think of all the times he could have easily beaten whatever foe they were facing by using his powers

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Rage? For making Marceline be teenager-hot? I don't understand, /tg/.

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I know, right

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The Voice Actress for Marceline is teenage and hot.

Shes 18 in real life.

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PS I would eat Marceline's fries, if you know what I mean.

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here's some awesome fan art that I saved

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Marceline's right here.

Almost all Adventure Time eps, if you look at them like one-shots...Finn and Jake are playing 2-person RPGs all the time.

...Are they that socially inept?

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and some relevant fan art

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You would be her... distant and slightly awkward father figure?

Shit, you're wasting your time, son. I would have sex with her carnally... USING MY PENIS.

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That's not acne.

And what's wrong with PB being nerdy and shy? It's almost like you expect the PCs to behave EXACTLY like their players. Do you always play a self-insert in D&D?

The only Blue Jr. comic I have issues with is the one where Finn asks Marceline to the movies. That one's just plain wrong.

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These are exactly the kind of people who would be playing these types of characters and you know it. The only real break from reality is Finn being handsome. I mean, it's not TOO much of a stretch, but still.

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well, no, marceline and PB can't be there all the time
and it makes sense that they're playing in some of the episodes
jake and finn just have a lot of free time

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I imagine he's sort of the cute, but doesn't know it kind of guy
absolutely oblivious to all female advances and thinks of girls like they're just other guys
you know what I'm saying?

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Finn's reaction face in the last panel.


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oh my god that's amazing :O

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Now that I think about it, the whole image set is full of hilarious reaction images.

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Oh, exploitable

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What is it with /co/ and underage sex?

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I can't wait for this artist to finish this one

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that's actually from one of the episodes

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> what is it with 4chan and underage sex?

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rolled 19299 = 19299


This. Must. Be. Cannon.

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Is that supposed to be Marceline there with the rock-hard ass?

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check out these landscapes

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Fair enough, but-
/co/ is particularly bad about it. Like, seriously bad.

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no, that's wonder woman
artist posted that saying he was having trouble with getting distracted...

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Oh hey, you were at Gallery Nucleus too?

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no, these pictures were just all over /co/ for a week

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I don't think I've ever met someone like that. Maybe that's why I feel like it's slightly unrealistic.

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>And what's wrong with PB being nerdy and shy? It's almost like you expect the PCs to behave EXACTLY like their players.

>Princess Bubblegum

Do we watch the same show? She tends to use her authority like a blunt object most of the time.

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I stared at her boobs before reading the word bubble.

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I think that's the point- she's venting in-game in ways she can't do in the real world.

Because, shit, isn't that basically what these games exist for?

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Why is that version of LSP giving me a boner

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The character is being assertive where the player is too shy to be, I think that's the point.

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I am 6", 150 lbs. I am a nonconfrontational person who has only struck another human in anger one, when the jackass kept hitting me with his boffer dicksword and smashed my PB&J sammiches.

I frequently pay characters who have more muscle mass than I have total body mass. My barbarian's only exposure with tact and subtlety was when he fought a bard who had named his rapier and gauche "Tact" and "Subtlety."

Player =/= character.

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Because stretchy pants?

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Well yes, I got that. I was commenting on the fact that the person I quoted seemed to think the player and the character were exactly the same.

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Yeah, that'd do it.

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My god, her stance is awful.

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Yeah, she needs to be leaning forward more and...


I have urgent business to attend to elsewhere.

Goddamnit how did a kids show get so many hot offbeat girls packed into it? Is it magic? It's magic, isn't it?

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It is Marceline.
It was always Marceline.

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The best part is that none of them are underage. PB is at least 18-20, and Marceline is...well...probably pretty god damn old.

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no, you idiots
it's ALWAYS werewolf queen

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Its the magic of drawing the characters off-model and relatively sexy.

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I'm the guy you quoted, but no, I was saying the guy that I quoted was mistaking the PC for the player. I did say >what's wrong with PB being nerdy and shy, but I was referring to the "irl PB" when I said that. It gets a little confusing when they both have the same name.

What makes you think she's at least 18? Finn's 13.

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and Finn is 13, yet hi entire social life revolves around older women who want his dick
like last monday's episode?
their movie group consists of them and ladies.

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Fucking spoiler tags! I hate this board!

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>What makes you think she's at least 18

Because that's what the creators of the show told us.

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and Beemo!

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how do they get so many guest voice actors on this show?

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I assume the same way other awesome shows like Venture Brothers, Clone High, Metalocalypse, etc do: by being totally sweet.

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Beemo is a ladies.

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I hear Neil Patrick Harris is doing Prince Bubblegum for the Genderswap episode.

I am so taping it.

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Oh god... I might go gay for Manmarceline...

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Shut up, this isn't theoretical fightonomics.

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>I hear Neil Patrick Harris is doing Prince Bubblegum for the Genderswap episode.
Erection achieved.

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marshal lee
Rebbecca Sugar's marceline

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>The actress who plays Marceline was hot as hell.

She's a Disney/Nickelodeon girl.

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were did these pics come from? is this a webcomic? or just some diviant art drawfaggotry if so I want to know who it is awsome!

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I don't think VAs get that

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it's a /co/ drawfag

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Raise your hand if you give a shit.
If my bad had gotten the chance to "sell out" we woulda done it in a heartbeat. Anything that allows you to perform and do what you love and make a killing doing it is a blessing, and just because /tg/ is not your target audience doesn't make you a bad person;

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my heart just stopped I totally want to see an episode with them fighting Aku I was so pissed when they canceled Samurai Jack it was one of the best shows they ever had!

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Protip: AT is post-apoc. The Great Mushroom War put earth to where it is now. The land of Ooo.

In short, Nuclear War = Mutated Candy.

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its rifts?

>> No.14693062

Rifts as seen through the eyes of the best ten year old ever, yes.

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I heard a theory that the world is the way it is because a reality warper child warped the world after/during the mushroom war. Think Adam from Good Omens, or the twilight zone kid, who was the same sort of person as Finn.

That kid is the Lich King.

Just a theory.

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> the twilight zone kid
> just like Finn
In what way? Aside from their totally opposite personalities, i mean?

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we've known this since episode 1, bro

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My AWESOME Finn like nephews love this show, and now i know why. they even have a bulldog that has to squint and really could use a pair of glasses.

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>Protip: AT is post-apoc

no fuckin way

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it really is a great show

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Yep. According to Pendleton Ward. It explains why there's random bits of technology and military equipment around.

Also, remember the episode with the frozen businessmen?

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One of these things is not like the others.

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It is. Word of God.

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Pen Ward plays gamma world as a broccoli storm dual welding machetes made from stop signs.

He is a true fa/tg/uy.

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I guess your sarcasm-o-meter is broken, huh?

>> No.14693841


I realized it was supposed to be sarcastic about five seconds after I hit "submit". That'll teach me to not write a response before looking at the picture first.

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That's great!

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that's hilarious

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someone should draw death fiddle battling with jake
devil went down to georgia style

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