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So do you think 40K will come to a point where the grim, seriousness of everything surrounding it just comes to a fault and it collapses in on itself and becomes a Black Comedy again?

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....What is it now?

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Someone doesn't know how tone works (it is the OP).

There's no difference in events, just in how the audience perceives it. It is simultaneously serious and "black comedy", because the former is based on in-universe perception and the latter is based on audience perception.

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neckbeards taking it seriously. It's pretty dire. You'll find exceptions, mostly amoung the ork players but otherwise...

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Well that would mean that the fluff and stories about current 40K would have to be intended for humor.

I do not think they are.

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At this point, I think EVERY xeno player has to take an Ork mind-set or go friggin' nuts.

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How do you go about playing Eldar like Orks?

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"Intended for".

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From a "logical" standpoint there's no reason why eldar or any other immortal race couldn't breed up a mother fucking storm. if the notion that sex = Slaanesh is followed (I disagree with that but whatever) you could just jerk off into a turkey baster.

Also DoW eldar behave similarly to orks, short sighted nearly mindless and wholly irrational creatures that are incapable of forethought or diplomacy

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40k can be presented and interpreted both seriously, comically or somewhere in between. Contrast stuff like Enforcer or Helsreach with Ciaphas Cain or Deff Skwadron. Contrary to popular opinion people can enjoy both tones.

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The "somewhere in between" part is what makes it suck, such as a novel or vidya with Orks in it.

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Orks are funny to themselves and to the player, because both groups are not affected by their actions.

Orks are not funny to humans in the setting, because they murder people.

Is this too hard for you? Should I use smaller words?

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It also depends on presentation. To use the above examples: in Helsreach they are an innumerable, unstoppable force focused entirely on the murder of every single man, woman and child in the city. In Deff Skwadron they're a bunch of cunningly stupid gits who fly scrap metal planes and blow stuff up while grinning.

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Would you suppose orks who were totally victorious over humans would kill all the humans within a single generation or would they gradually work the populace to death over the course of multiple generations?

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A bit of column A, a bit of column B. May take slaves. May kill them all for fun. May do both at the same time.

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Work 'em to death in a few years.

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>It also depends on presentation.
That's true, but again: the first example you gave was from a human perspective, the second was from an Ork one. That's the difference: whether or not you're supposed to care. Orks don't fear death. Everyone else does.

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Striking Scorpion Shrine. SS Phoenix Lord and a Autarch as a counts as Senior Exarch. 6 squads of striking scorpions as troops. SS on jetbikes.... for some reason as a FA slot. Vehicles for Heavy slots.

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>the only difference is in how the audience perceives it
Word to those members of "the audience" who unironically posted itt as if the stupid fluff is actual "history": You're the guys sucking the fun out of 40k. Knock that shit off.

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I think we've crossed that line now that Greyknights use SOBderant

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I would not count that as Black Comedy.
Black Comedy and herp are different.

Now eversors could be black comedy. Not from the perspective of people near them. But from our perspective, a screaming drug addled berserker who is fired out of a ship in orbit down onto his victims is black comedy.

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Havent Eversor's been nerfed in the latest dex or somethig?

I heard they no longer explode on death

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They no longer explode on tabletop.
But just because there isn't a tabletop mechanic for it doesn't mean that it was retconned.

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Things are so silly and over the top in 40k, that I'm counting it as comedy.

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>6 squads of striking scorpions as troops.

God I wish.

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Eldar are fluffwise supposed to be highly irrational and nearly mindless, they were created as living weapons and fucked a chaos god into existence.

Afterwards they've been running around the galaxy using "clever" puns to insult so-called lesser races while simultaneously getting their asses kicked by said lesser races.

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>troll detected
Oh, wait. This thread busted the detector...

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>Farseer, our race is dying. What shall we do?
>Melee combat with Astartes after shooting down their attempts to reason with us. Best plan ever, right?
If only I was making this up.
They make the Imperium look level headed and reasonable at times.

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>becomes a Black Comedy again?

I hate it when newfags try and act like oldfags. Kid, we all know you weren't even alive when 40k was, as you put it, a "black comedy" so just stop crying.

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Did you play DoW 1?
Because that anon is right if he means in that game the Eldar are retarded.

Pic from DoW 2, but they are retarded in that game too.

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So official Eldar fluff is now trolling?

In a twisted way it does make sense, just look at this guy.

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The resemblance is uncanny

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The problem with Eldar is not the fluff, it's the Eldar players.

Stop being buttmad at everything, and look to Ork players to see an example of proper approach to army fluff.

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Black Humour? In My GrimDark?!
Seriously, read Nemesis. The Eversor there is pure black humour.

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How is that retarded? The Eldar were willing to fuck over humans to save themselves. That doesn't sound that dumb to me.

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She doesn't get why humans are raging over that.
She is such a sociopath that she can't understand why humans are so mad.
She's trolling by accident them, basically.
Pic related, its her.

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>implying that 40k can only be one thing, rather than a giant fucking sandbox to play in and make whatever you want, whether it's hardcore grimdark or WAAAGH LOL SO RANDUM XD or both at the same time.

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But can you be considered a sociopath for considering other species to be lesser ones?

All Inquisitors and Sisters of Battle qualify as sociopaths, but I'd argue it is because of their callous attitude towards fellow humans, not because of hatred towards xenos, which is also what the Eldar are doing.

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This, really. Most humans in 40k don't understand why other species don't bend over and part asschecks to accept the glorious cockthrust of Man, who is most certainly divinely called to rule the galaxy!

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>>don't understand why other species don't bend over and part asschecks to accept the glorious cockthrust of Man, who is most certainly divinely called to rule the galaxy!

Substitute "Tau" or "Eldar" for humans/man and it'd also be right.

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Indeed, but the point is this sort of attitude is not limited to derpy Eldar bints.

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Do you have the list of funny missions (like the one from planet in a galaxy far far away where you had to stop new religion worshiping spaghetti, pudding or whatever monster?)

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