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How to write humans in Warhammer 40000:


Pick two.

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Can I just be competent twice?

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Can I just be female twice?

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probably not

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I think this is OP's way of saying "Sonoritas image dump!"

Bump for the best faction in 40k!

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-Female (OR Space Marine. But never both.)

fixed your choices

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You're gonna have to talk to slaanesh about that one, but I think we could work something out

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and? Nothin' stopping us from making a nice sisters thread out of it.

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How about an incompetent bumbling Chaos cultist? I'd read that.

Uh, here ya go...have fun killing things, master!
Well, it could be and axe, you just need....

Later....somewhere in the warp...
Herald of Tzeentch: Why have you come before me supplicant?
"I, I just want to make master happy. He's always killing me when I screw up."
Herald of Tzeentch: Heh heh, it amuses me to see that Khorne Lord angry. You shall be sent back to the mortal realm again and again - I grant you immortality, but I will make you even stupider and more incompetent."
"Anything to serve the master!"

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>Nothin' stopping us from making a nice sisters thread out of it.

I agree. Dumping.

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Honestly, most of this is attributed to shit writing skills and an urge to turn anything in the IP to whatever will sell.

IG sell more books than any other non-marine because they're human and relate-able. There pathos and room for glory because they are flawed and imperfect, with wavering loyalties and human reactions.

To continue the interest in books about Marines, they adapted these aspects into the mostly inhuman space-knights. This, however, made there be little room for anything else.

Sisters are incredibly unrelate-able. Their humanity makes them imperfect, but their fervor distances themselves from the reader. In order to make them believably "pathetic," considering they can't just have a crises of faith without breaking the one note-able character fact, they need to just be kind of bad at shit. It makes marines look cooler, and it makes IG seem more heroic. Sisters never sold books, so no one will bother fixing this formula. And so it self-perpetuates.

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While we're on the topic, I don't suppose anyone has that "Haters gonna BURN" Sororitas image macro?

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Actually I was lamenting the fact that Black Library and the Codex authors seem to have a fetish for highlighting every defeat or poor decision the Sisters of Battle ever made.

But yeah, we can make this a Sororitas picture dump.

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actually it's because people want to jerk it to them & they can't do that if the sisters are mean, competent, or both

even /tg/'s sister quest is about fairly relatable and cutesy girls so that the lowest common denominator can waifu the fuck out of them

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GW hates sisters, it's a fact.
Oh well.

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Mind if I add a few of the other parts of the inquisition to this?

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>even /tg/'s

Dude, /tg/ mainly likes sisters for waifu bait. Most neckbeards are sex-obsessed man-children anyway. I wouldn't expect anything better among 40k fans, and /tg/ going 40k fans are probably worse than the average 13 year old who just thinks WH's are "teh ghey"

Sisters as waifu are popular, even if they're shittier that way.

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Posting speed might be slowed a little. There's a Dark Eldar thread popped up. If that gets going I'm going to be splitting my attentions between the two.

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Wrong picture there, champ. This will always be the defining bit of Sisters artwork.

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Ways to make Sister's a better/beleivable team/fluff::
-Expand their power base beyond melta/flamer/bolter/rhino
-reduce sexualization. I'm serious. No boob-plates.
-add hordes of fanatic commoners as troops (again)
-Add actual preist/priestess style units and hospitalers

How to make Sister's sell better/be more beneficial to the company::::
-Ramp up sexuality
-Make more powerful units with cool unique abilities
-Everyone is a psyker now
-Nothing cooler than what marines have
-admit it's a niche market and don't try too hard
-make a small amount of models that need to be modified by the player so you have less molds.

Let's take a guess at what they'll do....

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>>high heels in power armor
sadly true

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40k is anything but a logical, practical setting. Power-corsets and armoured heels are part of the lunatic charm.

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charm is accurate. What word would you have used?

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Yup, charm. 40k would be a hell of a lot less appealing if it lost a degree of its wonderfully bizarre atmosphere just to be more realistic.

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So true. Maybe that's why I like the Grey Knights. Their stuff wasn't completely over-the-top(new codex fixed that, but I digress) and seemed to fit the idea of being ready for battle in the future.

Guardsman have my love for having to put up with everything and get a meal and more crazed shit trying to kill them in payment.

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I could go for sister's looking more like this.

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Inquisitor Amberley What's-Her-Name from the Cain series would like to have a word with you.

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I'd like to see a Dark Heresy-inspired adventure game where you play as a small group of Sororitas trying to root out sedition. Each chapter of the story would be divided amongst the Hospitaler, Famulous, Dialogous and Militant orders, in that order.

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Shira Calpurnia hits all three. She's less than respectful to the Ecclesiarchy, granted, but they're right morons most of the time when they cross paths.

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Amberley Veil.

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str 5 ap 4 heavy 1 small blast

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Oh boy, Inquisitor Fanfic.

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Shut up.

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I thought it worked like a hellhound's gun

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>black library finally decides to publish a work about a strong female protagonist that doesn't fuck up and is charged with monitoring the imperium for crime and heresy

>BL pointedly makes her not Sororitas

Fuck I hate GW so fucking much

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Having to dig to find ones that aren't duplicates now

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Every non-Sororitas female in the Imperium deserves more coverage and attention than the "token female army" gets.

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And what makes you think the author didn't decide to write CSI: 40k first, then decide the make the main protagonist a woman second? Not everything is some giant, labyrinthine conspiracy to specifically screw over your faction of choice.

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