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Tactical Dreadnought Armor is the best. We need more variations on it in my opinion, like the Custodian Terminators in the picture. So, any other fans of Terminator Armor here?

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Dreadnoughts > Tactical Dreadnoughts.
But yes, I do love me some Termies.

Also inb4 Sister Terminator.

Does anyone have that pic of a Necron in terminator armour? The one with the caption that's like "yo dawg I heard you like terminators so I put the terminator in your terminator"?

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>Also inb4 Sister Terminator.

Oddly enough nothing besides the cost of production really stops that from happening. After all, normal human inquisitors can use it. But then, why use that when you get the same effect from a pendent and a cloak.

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Because Terminator Armor totally makes them look fat.

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Doubt the admech would ever let the sister have their hands on it

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I was going more for 'You can dodge and attatch a Jump Pack in normal armour' than 'Terminator Armour would make them look fat'.

Wouldn't be bad to see a special character with terminator armour. A heavy, slow assault specialist.

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Most certainly not in any number. It would be a very rare thing, probebly once off if it occured at all.

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Um whoah. That just makes me think of women with a Space Marine's inhumanly wide and muscular figure, and that thought just weirds me out. Anyway, hope the next Sisters codex has Terminatoresses.

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Why on earth would you put enormours tits on a suit of terminator armour? You'd have to have goddam monstertits for them to have any imact on the contours of armour that thick.

of course, maybe it's all so they can have spiky madonna nipplechains.

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>heavy, slow sister

I don't think you get pandering to a teen audience.

Also, on a more related note, I wouldn't mind seeing some varients of the armour. Pretty much every set is the same, they just change up the weapons. I don't think there has even really been versions like the standard armour.

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The tits are actually removable emergency grenades.

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Machine gun jubblies? How did I miss those, baby?

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> haven't been versions of Terminator armour
Wrongo. Rogue Trader era terminator armour was quite different than what we have today.

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Fine, she can look like Vita instead.

Though I do agree, I would love to see varient Terminator Armour. Though I'm not sure what varients you could make.

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Also fun fact: As well as Dreadnoughts and Power Armor, the Terminator Armor was based off heavy suits for engineers working in hostile environments, like radioactive engines.

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Plasma reactors.

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I'd want to see a terminator with jump packs, just for the hell of it. You'd need rocket thrusters or something.

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Just imagine in a Space Hulk game, a Termie barreling down the hallway on his jump-pack, Flamer gouting the hallway . . . glorious.

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Assault assault terminators. Of course, they'd need twin linked assault cannons on their shields and a heavy flamer on their hammers.

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Man that Salamanders dude looks incredibly like a racist caricature.

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Why are they called Tactical Dreadnoughts anyway?
I mean, the main thing with Dreadnoughts is that the pilot is almost dead.

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Back when they were introduced that wasn't always so, there were a variety of ways to control dreadnoughts and only one of those was the direct mind/machine interface.

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