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Let's have an alien thread, /tg/. I need some more inspiration for a sci-fi campaign I'm making.

I'm actually gonna roll for an alien on this little chart, too. Feel free to ask for the guide, I'll post it.

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rolled 2 = 2

Rolling for physical type.

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rolled 3 = 3

Mammalian. Rolling for locomotion.

Well, it was obligatory, thanks for getting out of the way early.

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rolled 4 = 4

Ooh, serpentine. Interesting. Rolling for habitat.

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rolled 3, 3 = 6

Mammalian serpents, who live in the jungle. Let's see if they're sapient, and who their leader is.

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rolled 5 = 5

They're sapient, and their leader is a shaman. Rolling for a recent culture-shaping disaster now, this should be cool...

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I'd like to see that guide. Sounds neat.

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>look for species worthy of hunting
>pictures don't have homeworld coordinates attached

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rolled 1 = 1

Can do, good sir. It needs a few touches here and there, but it's a very nice base. I prefer to think of the "Demonic" thing as a sapient/wild kind of thing.

Also, >>14637688
Corrupt Leader. Hmm. Could make them distrustful of each other, outsiders, et cetera. We'll see what their diet is, and then perhaps fluff them out...

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Don't worry, we'll find you

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rolled 3 = 3

Sorry to disappoint you. If they were real, I would send you their coordinates as soon as I could get over there and meet them first. Promise.

Oh my, carnivores. This is interesting indeed. How about one more roll, for size? D3, 1 is average (human sized) , 2 is large, 3 is monstrous. Just because they're carnivorous mammal snakes.

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Best possible outcome.

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Fuck. Monstrous. This is awesome. I'm thinking a giant mammal snake is probably capable of eating all organic creatures, and is probably a threat to most everyone... well, time to get cracking on writing. Anyone else want a swing at this shit?

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Come at me, bro.

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>monstrous mammal serpents that live in the jungle, feasting on every living thing in their path

how could this be bad

also OP thanks for dumping your aliens, someone should help him

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It would be pretty sweet if someone dumped their pics with me. I really don't have all that many.

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im a little short on aliens too.

also what table were you rolling on?

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no picture sadly but,
The Builders-

Descended from the planets Avian families the builders died out several hundred years ago on the Continent. Originally flighted these creatures seemed to have aas they progressed socially lost that ability and became elegant and skilled workers of stone and metal.

Seemingly biped they as like all species were hexapods at the start. Their forelimbs and midlimbs became fused at the torso but still semi mobile except for a stretch of leathery flight skin between the two sets. It is believed that though not truly able to fly they may have been able to use these to at least glide for period of time.

Their body structure was light but, shockingly durable a fall of ten feet would most likely have been little more than a inconvenience for them and lifting over a hundred or so pounds a common thing instead of a feat of strength for even the weakest of them. To accomplish this these creatures had a large six chambered heart that was designed to feed blood to the body at a vicious rate setting their blood pressure higher than the human normal. To supply the body with oxygen a large multi chambered lung pulled in air via contractions of from stringy muscle fibers that surrounded portions squeezing and expanding various parts to inhale and exhale.

Their diet consisted mainly of Fruits, and fish. both of which have been found at all major cities in large quantities. Like the great birds that soar upon the storm thermals the builders had a four part mouth which could tear apart food items easily into small chunks that could be ground and torn apart by the two tooth pallets in their gullet. Beyond this and slightly larger livers and kidneys they bore a striking resemblance to us when it came to at least dietary needs and the way food was handled.

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See >>14637711

That sounds sick, thanks. Does anyone else have stuff like this (written fluff)? I can always ask a drawfag for their help later.

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that looks like its out of star wars

also, op, go with reptiles, they make the coolest aliens. as seen with your mammal snake

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I have like nothing in the reptile department. You/anyone else care to dump some?

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These may actually be mutants instead of aliens but I'll post them anyway.


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and that one almost looks like a fire warrior

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Bumping my thread

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Ive had this concept for a species for a while but ive never been able to use it for anything.

The Traders made first contact with Earth in 2032 after one of their exploratory fleets entered the system looking to skim Saturn and Jupiter for gases. They quickly moved to establish good relations with the governments of Earth, who nevertheless initially treated them with a degree of caution. Over the next ten years a massive exchange occurred which greatly enriched both societies economically and technologically, rocketing human society decades into the future and making it aware of a greater galactic community.

They are semi-quadrupedal warm-blooded herbivores that stand about five feet tall at the shoulder but can be as much as eight feet tall when walking on two legs. They possess a tetrapod body plan, and practice a form of locomotion somewhat similar to the knuckle walking practiced by modern gorillas. Much like humans their native habitat is broad savannas and the edge of forested areas. They are sequential hermaphrodites, all members of the species are born male and become female as they enter their later stages of life. Females are thus both comparatively rare and highly revered, wielding a great deal of social status and control. They have no marriages in any human sense, females mate with whichever males whose genes they wish to see more greatly represented in the group and males rarely refuse the opportunity.

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Their society is remarkably mobile, and year-round settlement never developed as a lifestyle. Rather, their culture is based on seasonal agriculture and gathering followed by mass migration. They do not have cities, their chief unit of social organization is the clan or herd which moves along more or less the same route every year, stopping in the same places, except during periods of expansion and exploration. Adapted to space travel, this means that they do not have heavily colonized planetary bases, but rather large trading centers which different groups occupy in sequence, leaving as their pre-determined migration season begins. Their highest ideals as a culture are exploration and mutually beneficial trade and as such they revile cheats and cannot understand why anyone would choose to live their entire life in a single place.

They prefer cooperation to conflict, and consensus to disagreement however they do possess weapons technology. Even so, they often take on guards or mercenaries from other species whose cultural and biological sensibilities are more conducive to the "killer instict". Their view of other species encompasses a strange dichotomy. On one hand, their culture predisposes them to openness and hospitality, but their biological history as herbivores leaves them prone to fearful and suspicious reactions toward those species they regard as predatory or dangerous.

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Who needs heads when you have TENTACLES?

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Also, a quick request: I love this alien, but I'm having a hard time writing about them - specifically physical description. Anyone wanna help me out? Maybe I'm just retarded, but whenever I type out a physical description it sounds retarded.

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I wish I knew the damn source on these.

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thanks. I originally designed them as a plot device to facilitate an accelerated human technological timeline, but i was having trouble coming up with reasons why aliens wouldnt just blast us into dust and take all of our stuff. So i challenged myself to come up with a species that genuinely wouldnt want to.

And as for physical description i'd go on wikipedia and read some descriptions of real animals, then try to write in the same style about this.

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Holy shit I love you. Keep them coming, if you please.

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Will do.

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fuck yeah Old Ones

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i fucking love this thread

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OP here, bumping. Thanks for everything posted so far, this thread is fantastic.

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rolled 4, 5, 5, 6, 2, 3, 5, 6 = 36

imma roll this shit, 8d6 right fucking now

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alright so demonic, amphibian, flies, coastal habitat, in a cold climate, with a shaman leader who recently went corrupt, and is herbivorous

honestly this little table can make quite a species, it just needs quite a bit of work to fluff out

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Still Alien-Poster guy here.

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OP here.

I've run out of aliens to post, so I've just been lurking, sorry. I'm still here if you're still posting, so if you're willing to continue, please do.

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I have no idea what the artist was taking when he drew some of these.

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The Thing counts, right?

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I really need to organize my folders.

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A face only a mother could love.

Or a REALLY desperate virgin.

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I really like this style, cool armour is always awesome

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Someone needs to archive this

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How do I get out of this chickenshit thread?

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theres the door

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dice 5d6

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>email field

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>My face when

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oh you.

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Last one from me. Got stuff to attend to.

Hope you all enjoyed the dump!

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Thank you very much, kind anon.

Does anyone else wish to contribute?

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Posting Ro-Man in an alien thread.

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Hey, I got a question guys. Just decided to roll up a race using the guide on my own, with my d6 and notebook.

Problem is, I've gotten to locomotion and I rolled a 6, and I haven't the slightest what would be the coolest for these guys. I have rolled demonic reptilian people so far.

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Perhaps swimming or multiple legged? Or centaurian?

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Rolled up where they live. Mountains(always cold)
I'm going to go with centipede-like, with longer legs in the front.

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Finished the Demon-lizard things.

Demonic Reptilians with centipede-like legs running along a lengthy segmented body, maybe with a stinger-like thing in the back. They live on a mountainous, arctic planet. I'm thinking they make use of volcanic activity and to a lot of geothermal heating for their residences, otherwise they'd likely be fucked.

Their leader is a rogue, probably heading something like a secret society like the illuminati. The population is kept together by the limited amount of heat, and the fact that any ursurpers or troublemakers are often whisked away, only to be found later horribly mutilated, murdered, and possibly even eaten.

Their recent disaster was natural. A volcano exploded Mount St. Helens style, vaporizing one of the largest cities that lay above the crater, along the mountainsides, and deep inside of the volcanic mountain.

They are omnivores, and can eat most any organic matter to gain nutrition.

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Mongoose Traveller has pretty great random alien generation rules.

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Mongoose Traveller? Sounds interesting.

Bumping otherwise

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