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Magical weapons thread. Are you a bad enough dude to swallow burning blades?

Also dumping some fantasy weapon art.

Trying to make some magical weapons here, thought we'd get a discussion about them started. Not bound to any systems just overall effects to make weapons special.

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To me the long lists of 'generic' magical items that DnD has seem so boring. I'm wanting to make weapons that are each unique and special. Snowflake gear if you will. Or rather, memorable, trademark items for characters. Weapons with as much history as a character itself even.

So I'd thought we'd get some discussion about it. For inspiration and such, yes.

And as promised I shall post some pics to go with it.

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I've always been fond of a shield I created for a campaign that was shaped like a large gaping mouth and absorbed fire. I could not come up with a clever name so I stuck with Fire Drinker.

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Frying Pan?

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>shaped like a large gaping mouth

Long nights alone in the dark wood won't be lonely anymore.

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I actually lol'd at that

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I must admit I am rather a fan of the Hindu mythological weapons. Lifted from wikipedia:

>Apart from the traditional human weapons like swords, daggers, spears, clubs, shields, bows, arrows and maces, and the weapons used by the Gods (such as Indra's thunderbolt Vajrayudha), the texts mention the utilization of various divine weapons by various heroes, each associated with a certain God or deity. These weapons are most often gifted to semi-divine beings, human beings or the rakshasas by the Gods, sometimes as a result of penance.
>There are several weapons which were believed to be used by the Gods of the Hindu theology, some of which are Agneyastra, Brahmastra, Chakram, Garudastra, Kaumodaki, Narayanastra, Pashupata, Shiva Dhanush, Sudarshana Chakra, Trishul, Vaishnavastra, Varunastra, and Vayavastra.
>Some of these weapons are explicitly classified ( for example, the Shiva Dhanush is a bow, the Sudharshan Chakra is a discus and the Trishul is a trident), but many other weapons appear to be weapons specially blessed by the Gods. For example, the Brahmastra, Agneyastra (Sanskrit: Astra = weapon, especially, one thrown at an opponent) and the other astras appear to be single use weapons requiring an intricate knowledge of use, often depicted in art, literature and adapted filmography as divinely blessed arrows.
>Sometimes the astra is descriptive of the function, or of the force of nature which it invokes. The Mahabharata cites instances when the Nagastra (Sanskrit: Nag=snake) was used, and thousands of snakes came pouring down from the skies on unsuspecting enemies. Similarly, the Agneyastra (Agni) is used for setting the enemy ablaze, as the Varunastra (Varuna) is used for extinguishing flames, or for invoking floods. Some weapons like the Brahmastra can only be used (lethally) against a single individual.
>Apart from the astras, other instances of divine or mythological weaponry include armor (Kavacha), crowns and helmets, staffs and jewellery (Kundala).

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How about a shield with a mercurial surface that sticks to fast-moving objects. Striking it with a sword would cause the sword to get stuck, but it could be pulled out slowly. Yanking on it would just get it pulled further in.

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Shared it before, and I'll share it again: Tower shield with a huge boost to defense as long as you're not flanked (i.e., the shield is facing your enemy). I called it "The Unmovable Object" or "The Unbending Tower", depending on the campaign. Players always liked it.

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Running an AD&D game, and though I decide what's in the treasure piles by myself for most part, I sometimes roll stuff just for kicks.

This time, I got a rare treat: a longsword +5. I shrugged, decided to not reroll, and described an awesome black blade with runes glowing faint dark blue light, its hilt covered with red silk, its edge almost unnaturally sharp. It feels light but well-balanced, and tingles weirdly when one holds it in his hand.

As a rare and powerful magical weapon, it obviously has a long and elaborate history and background. Want to help me out on this?

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I recall some very memorable items from a the Swedish Drakar & Demoner (dragons & demons for you outlandish folk).

We found a tomb with three swords:

The king's twohanded blade, Ebaril, extremely fine craftsmanship, enchanted out the ass. This weapon apparently contained some sort of super demon and became one of the main weapons of the BBEG later on. If only we'd known.

The second: A pitch black broadsword cut from a single piece of crystal. Nabakos, it never dulled and cut through any metal with enough force.
The dark material also absorbed all light that hit its surface, in anything but darkness or near darkness it quickly became too hot to handle, and eventually so warm that the heat radiating from it would melt things around it.

The third: Sturmendrang, a silver scimitar I think it was. By the looks of it it lacked some gems from its hilt.
The sword we later found was almost alive, practically guided its users blows. And it hated undead. While you wielded it no undead creature could harm you. And, if it cut into such a creature it would channel the wielders own powers through itself and destroy the target.

That we later found was a problem, as hitting too many undeads or too powerful ones would kill the user.

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>Drakar & Demoner

I keep seeing that thing brought up in most favourable light. When is it translated?

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Here's a list of some, too:

I think what I like about these is that they have to be earned through finding favour with the god in question or through some secret technique. It's hard to cheapen a magical weapon when it is essentially insanely destructive direct divine intervention. Most of them are one-use. Archery duels are the highest form of duel in Hindu mythology, so they see a lot of use as arrows, but they can be invoked in all sorts of ways (Shiva's can be shot from the eyes, and one guy without a sword to hand channeled his through a blade of grass).

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>thousands of snakes came pouring down from the skies on unsuspecting enemies
My god.

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It never was as far as I know, sadly. By now there are several eitions, the most recent one being extremely low fantasy Nordic mythology based awesome called Trudvang. Which by this time doesn't even use the same system as the old.

Also, I see this thread is starting to fill with lots of good inspiration, the Hindu stuff being particularly awesome.

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Once had a insane idea for a demonic weapon.

It was basically a demonic Minigun which used life-force as ammunition, giving the bullets various effects. At the same time it's user, a superhuman, had the ability of pocket dimensions.

Thus, every bullet had a pocket dimension of its own, and when they hit the dimension "exploded" and sent out meters of grapnels made out of barbwire. It attached itself to surfaces, and created a deadly web of steel.

But he was scraped along with the campaign sadly enough.

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Thanks for the link, it feels like you always have a lot more room for overly awesome shit with one use items since they wont in the long run break the game for you.

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Of course, as much as I like the mythological Hindu interpretation of divine weaponry, there's really no disputing what the greatest Indian weapon of them all is. Prepare your body: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yysbbPStfWw

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The Weapon begins as a stone. Hard, heavy, but not too unwieldy. Perfect for cracking skulls. And that's exactly what the caveman does with it, and later his children, and his children's children.
After several generations, a new technology emerges: the biface, a crude blade that can be held cupped in one hand. The stone is fashioned into one, and its edge continues to draw blood for many, many years.
A particularly crafty individual discovers what we call leverage, and what better head to use for the first ax than the Weapon of his ancestors?
In the white-hot union of fire and ore, bronze is discovered, and it is at this point that the ancient stone becomes obsolete. But the handle of the ax is turned into that of a dagger, and the essence of the Weapon remains, now killing not by smashing or hacking, but by slicing and stabbing.
When its handle is replaced by the shaft of an infantry spear, the Weapon encounters a new phenomenon: war. Up until now, it has served in murder, single combat and the occasional skirmish between feuding clans, but this is different. Formations of trained soldiers clash, organized bloodshed of unimagined scale, and the Weapon is right in the middle of it.
Iron is the metal that kills stars. When the spear's bronze tip is replaced by an iron one, its aptitude for killing is once again increased greatly.
The sword is said to have no practical use ouside combat, making it the perfect shape for the Weapon. There are countless varieties of it, and the Weapon has been them all. Whether made of iron or the more sophisticated steel, whether in the form of a longsword, scimitar or rapier, the Weapon moves from owner to owner, periodically being reforged and leaving bloodshed in its wake. It has participated in millennia of killing, and its owners always end up using it for its original purpose.

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my god, that's a spectacularly ugly cross on that sword.

grotesquely thick.

this is not magical. but with the blade black from centuries underwater, and the golden inlay along the blade in strange symbols which bear no similarity to language as we know it, I could easily imagine it to be something of a fantastical world.

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your work's half done

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In my OWoD game, we had been playing for so many years I decided to let us acquire some powerful weapons.

Glittertind the Render - It's a glossy black wickedly curved scimitar with glittering silver pieces set into the lacquer. When drawn and swung, nothing appears to happen, and indeed the blade stays drawn. Exactly 60 second later the blade is swung in the same spot. This blade sets up its swings in the near future because it's enchanted to breach time. Given to my vampire with Celerity.

Godfist the Ravager - A large odachi with a blue-sheen blade. When stabbed into a surface, the blade rips through space, seeming to disappear, only to poke out of some other nonliving surface. Given to a hunter priest. (Pic looks like Godfist)

Eisbrecher - A Stygian zweihander that ever-sublimates with intense frost. Rather than being a typical ice blade, this is, instead, a dry ice blade.

Blutsucher - Dark crimson tanto with a black tassel. It makes the user invisible when held but drains their blood as payment. For vampires this means blood pool, but for humans it means their life.

Fractal Blade - It looks like a spectrum sheen pocket knife, but in fact, is a randomly much larger blade of undeterministic size or shape. It's extremely dangerous to wield being that the blade is both invisible and randomly changes shape and size. It has erratic behavior such as stabbing someone in the heart when it was actually slashed at their leg.

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A sword forged of fallen thunderbolts, making the blade a startlingly bright color with a bluish tinge. The edge doesn't seem especially sharp, but once swung, the blade screams with the sound of a thunder crack and the weapon will cleave through almost anything, and if it doesn't cut, it certainly won't leave it unharmed.

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Shiram Arazal

The Unseen Slayer, Blind Man's Blade.

A finely detailed scabbard and hilt, inlaid with the finest decorations of unknown but ancient origin. Particularly recognizable from the decorative empty eye socket that decorates the centre of its crossguard. Initially it was speculated that a gem was supposed to be there, but any attempts to subsequently attach one seem to fail.

Infamously known as the Blind Man's Blade, it is said none who beholds it's true face (that being the blade itself) will life to tell.

The first records of it are in the stories of the famous weapon master Gillam Dradez, who sought endlessly across the realm for the perfect weapon. In his last years he became ever more depressed that he could never find a weapon that truly matched or surpassed his skill, and that all he laid hands on were junk hindering his ascended martial arts.

The tale tells that one day a merchant came to his palace bearing a sword that he claimed was too good for even the great Gillam. Angered, Gillam struck at the merchant, but he was ethereal and could not be struck.

This convinced the weapon master that the merchant had made himself, if not his product, worthy of the kings ransom he demanded. They traded and the merchant departed. Gillam invited the most promising 22 of those who always waited outside his home to challenge him, a further 100 spectators were allowed into his private arena to see the spectacle.

It is said the screams were soul chilling and the calamity short. The only man to leave was a blind beggar who had stumbled in by chance.

Through history rumours of Shiram resurfacing occur from time to time, and tell that those who beheld the naked blade all died then and there.

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This is actually really cool.

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The kind of shit PC's shouldnt have, i imagine looking at it, you would think to yourself "This is Shiram Arazal, the blade no living eye may see, now i will die." Next thing you know it stabs you through the heart and then your dead body starts to dart around as if lead by the sword, cutting up any and all other witnesses.

Its a Lovecraftian horror sword.

Its blade might be some kaleidoscopic mass of fractals, a sharp basilisk from beyond time and space, that some insane blind swordsmith accidentally made into a weapon. Or something like that.

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I'm currently writing up an adaptation of Wild Cards: Sons of the Gun to a pseudo-medieval -maybe more Renaissance - fantasy setting using tarot cards instead of the regular deck. As a consequence, I've been trying to think up a lot of magic weapons. I'll post them all up in a thread when I'm done.

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That'd be sick awesome.

Come one come all, share your memorable experiences with magic items, preferably weapons but armour and trinkets work fine too I guess.

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I don't know. Certainly at low levels a PC shouldn't have this, but at high levels in a lot of fantasy games you're basically playing a demi-god anyways, and I think extremely high end weapons can be appropriate.

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I'm really digging this picture. Looks like someone has been amassing a collection of Daiklaves from Exalted.

"These are from the night when I killed an Abyssal, a Solar, and THREE Terrestrials!"

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I don't have it on this computer, so I can't post the page, but Planetary has the protagonists discover an entire world full of stolen weapon trophies at one point - it's populace exterminated just so the villains would have somewhere to put their stuff.

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Well sure, depends on what you use it for, some games have stats for everything but others, personally I like it when some things just go way past what the scope of players in a game are.

The original concept with that sword was, see it and you die. Not save vs death, no blocking it, just dead.

But really the reason why I wouldn't give it to PCs is because its an I Win button, close your eyes and draw and it'll finish the fight for you. Sure, you'll be a bit bruised, maybe even injured as it pulls you along and cuts people like a boss, uncaring for the wielder's well-being.


I think I have some more pics of 'something the exalted shat out' weapons.

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Tell me more of this 'Planetary'.

(so no one wonders I'm trying to find my old tripp, it changed when I reinstalled my comp)

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It's one of Warren Ellis' comics. A pulp mystery story which references almost the entire history of comics and features what are basically a dysfunctional Fantastic Four as malevolent, conspiratorial villains. It's very good, if you're into comics at all it's worth checking out. If not, well, it's worth checking out anyone but you won't like it so much. The episodic format helps though.

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This enchanted arming spear is made from finest steel, polished to the point where the glare is most bothersome in even a little sunlight. It is emblazoned with purest silver and a hole in the tip holds a clear crystal.

The spear is far lighter than its build or material suggests but appears incredibly hard to break. It was made in the forgest of Alian-reliar, the city on the clouds, comissioned by the warlord Erdin Natheloss.

Magically enhanced striking power propells the spear through even heavy armour and can crack even Adamantium plate in skilled hands.

But its main feature is its namesake. When its wielder leaps into the air and thrusts the spear upwards he is pulled with it up, far beyond the clouds and comes crashing down with a massive impact, sending foes around flying, wherever he aims within a mile. Although the enchantments protect the wielder against most of the impact the slightest mistake during the decent can break bones or kill.

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Anyone got a sword that would scream "holy relic of a group of paladins?"

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Joyeuse is literally the real thing.

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Cool, I will look into it whenever i find the time and money.

I most certainly enjoy comics, was completely sold on 2000AD junkie when Shakaranon was dumping.

(On another note, found my old tripp)

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Maybe but >>14637854 seems to have something pretty, sweet. I'll dump as I post, something might come along.

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rolled 84 = 84


>This sword has a notched blade of a bronze color, with a pattern made of arrows and pyramids engraved on it. The guard is styled to resemble a claw which clutches at the blade.

Sounds pretty awesome. Anybody want to name it?

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Thanks both you guys. It's going to come up in my campaign soon so both of these are helpful.

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in my current campaign my barbarian has an axe that lives inside his right arm and can devour any weapon or armor. Then he can change the axe into one of the weapons or armor he devoured. Its gotten pretty bad though, i have to be very careful as to how i pick things up to look at them and have to keep my arm wrapped with bandages at all time or i'll just devour everything around me.

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I have no idea. 'Hungering Edge'? 'The Measure of Sin'?

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Pick one.

>> No.14637976


The Grasp of Death?

Gripping oblivion?

Hand of Hades?

>> No.14637987


While a decent pic i must point out that quite a few of those swords are just copy pasted.

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'The Daughter of Annulment'

In a kingdom divided, where two claimants contested for an empty throne, a marriage was arranged to settle the feud and maintain the security of the land. One of the many precious treasures given as a wedding gift was this sword, plain yet impossibly fine. Forged especially for the occasion, the only deviations from practicality were two gems set into the hilt: a tear-shaped diamond below a heart-shaped ruby, to symbolise the promise of blossoming love and the sorrow that had gone before it.

Sadly, the marriage was never to be. The two sides plotted to use the wedding as a means to complete their own coup, and the celebration turned into a blood bath that destroyed the power of both families. The bride was stabbed by the bridegroom with the very sword she had given him. Ultimately the kingdom fell, conquered by external enemies and in time even they passed on until its name existed as little more than a note in the dusty tomes of ancient libraries. But the sword endures. The heart-gem is cracked, now, and the tragedy of its creation has imbued it with a powerful enchantment. He who wields the blade in battle will find that no measure of armour or skill can stop it from finding the heart of his foes. There is a cost - one who strikes in anger with The Daughter of Annulment will never again know love. The history of this weapon may be forgotten, but the callous line of tyrants who have wielded it throughout the ages ensure that grief spreads anew each time it is rediscovered.

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Lecaton: The Death of Justice.

In ages past Herydos the Just held the southern realms in an iron grip. He was a stern but fair ruler who personally involved himself in upholding the laws of his god in the region. Even kings suffered his wrath if he found evidence of wrongdoing.

So the local lords plotted and formed a conspiracy against Herydos. They set about to murder Herydos and crush his lawmakers. But the lawmakers had many allies and the conspiracy was exposed before the lords could enact their plan.

With their petty states crumbling around them the lords, in their desperation, plead for aid to anyone, anywhere, no matter the cost. And something answered.

It came to them in the guise of an old hag, and gave them a dagger made of bone and named it Lecaton. She said that if Lecaton drank the blood of the just, from end to end, it would bring chaos down upon the world.

As Herydos and his lieutenants stormed the throne room of the final lord, whom the hag had visited, the lord fell from this seat and plead his surrender to Herydos.

As Herydos began to read the lord's sentece the man lept from the ground, striking at Herydos, driving Lecaton into his heart. As Herydos fell the dagger was drenched in his blood and the throne room erupted in violence as the lieutenants fell upon the lord, his guards and family.

However the dagger was never fully covered in Herydos' blood, never the less the entire protectorate collapsed as marauders, bandits and criminals tore the petty states apart and it remained lawless well until the years of the Golden Empire.

It is also rumoured that Lecaton was the dagger used in the assassination of the Golden Empress which began the great Interregnum that spelled the end of the empire and sent the known world back into darkness and ruin.

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‘Kost; Bone of the Earth’

This weapon appears rarely in the annals of history and not without reason. Kost is a short, bladed silver paddle with a simply wrought hilt and single engraved symbol: two round hills below a cresting wave. The weapon weighs far more than its small size and material would seem to suggest, and while holding it the wielder feels an occasional long pulse of sound and the sensation of movement – as though the earth itself were beating with one long reverberating heartbeat. In truth, to use Kost is to die one way or another. Anyone who tries to use this short paddle directly will find its short range, impractical grip and poor cutting edge make it all-but-useless as a killing blade.

Beyond this, even to hold Kost is to invite death. Each hour, each second a living hand grips this weapon that hand will feel their veins tightening and hardening as though they were turning into living rock. Skin will gradually crack, change colour and consistency and dry out until it comes to resemble compacted, desiccated soil. If a person holds Kost for long enough they will ultimately become nothing more than a detailed statue composed of earth and ancient stone.

This does not mean that people do not use Kost. The power of the weapon lies in what can be done during the transformation. Each cut or blow inflicted by Kost on the wielder’s own disfigured flesh will echo out a thousandfold into the surrounding land. Tremors will split the earth in place of splitting skin, gouts of magma will flow in place of blood and the land will overturn open itself as flesh is chopped and bruised. Kost is a martyr’s weapon. Jarvard, the leader of the ill-fated slave’s rebellion in the Old Empire, brought down the capital by flailing himself to death with Kost in his prison cell. Others have repeated this act, or conducted similar tragedies, when their cause was desperate enough and they lacked all other hope.

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Considering the two character's powers, having the swords be copypasted makes sense.

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I do like that.

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>Lecaton: The Death of Justice.

Sounds awefully Dorfish.

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You know... now that you mention it, it does.

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I love these fuckers I want a set of these blades

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Here's an artifact one of my characters actually created in the service of a homebrewed goddess of redemption and those with naturally evil races who've turned to good.

Brenselver, +6 Artifact Composite Longbow (+4 str req) 275' range modifier
Dessication (+2), Distance(+1), Transmutation(+2), Keen(+1), Holy(+2), +6, +14 total
Hewn from the heartwood of a specific tree hidden by the veils of divinity at the center of a wasteland, the circumstances of Brenselver's creation were very exacting.

Once carved from the tree, the initial wooden staff was a pale ash color then stained in a resin made from the ashes of a powerful magical bow mixed with the blood of a fresh kill. The resin dried the wood and made it resistant to age, sturdy and strong while conveying the essence of the dying magics into their new shape. With time and a fire that lasted for 6 full lunar cycles, the staff was shaped with heat and fed the ashes of other magical rarities one at a time. Slowly it began to take on the shape of a bow, the hue of the wood growing darker with each pass and finally strung with a cord of woven bark from the tree of its beginning.

Each day as the sun rises the bow darkens in color in memory of it's staining, and as nightfall comes it develops a thin layer of white dust along its body as the heartwood remembers its original form. The dust is harmless and brushes away easily, but causes the hands of anyone with an Evil alignment to itch uncontrollably after touching it (Willpower save DC 20). This powder is also often found in the wounds of foes pierced by its arrows.

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>goddess of redemption and those with naturally evil races who've turned to good.
>those with naturally evil races who've turned to good.


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The character I played was a tiefling who had major anger issues who turned to meditation and prayer to help deal with them. It was a way to fluff a fighter taking Know: Religion ranks on the way to Order of the Bow Initiate. The GM took that and ran with his desire to keep himself at peace and made a demigoddess for me to follow. I thought it was actually really cool. But this is a thread about weapons, not about characters.

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The weapon seems inordinately powerful.
+14? What level were you guys at?

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