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What was the best character you ever played, /tg/?

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my multi class paladin ranger, Rooster cogburn

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I have nothing new to add to this post because you've stated my thoughts so perfectly.

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obviously a bear chestburster

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Maybe she cut her way out of its stomach out of being devoured whole.

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Human blackguard. Spent half the game with the party convinced I was just a fighter until I started doing coup de grace on the BBEG so I could sacrifice him in deals with devils.

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OP, you've committed one of the classic blunders... you've posted an image more interesting than the thread topic.

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A Deadlands character who got half a session after being rolled up. Last female character I ever played.

Tall willowy blonde with one arm. Wore a white hat and coat in town (Was much more practical to wear brown outside of town). Specialized in explosives and throwing. Had Grim Servant o' Death and Missing Limb as a hindrance but Friends in High Places and Background: Mad Science as perks. I wrote her up as the daughter of a wealthy land baron sitting on a prime piece of real estate to run a train line through. He refused to sell out to the railway barons, trying to whip them into a frenzy in a bidding war against each other. Only one baron (The voodoo guy, I forget who it was) just steamrolled through with an army of zombies and killed most of the landhands and her father. Technically she inherited the land, but who's going to argue with the zombie infestation currently wandering her land?

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A redeemed Elven council member who has multidimensional obsidian flying fortress on his command but thought as a traitor by his brethren.

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She's a Dryad and the bear was shitting in her woods so, she fucking exploded out of the ground or some shit and gored the fucker.

Also, I played a bard who, IIRC, fucked a golem and by some convoluted magic bullshit had a kid with it. Throughout the rest of that campaign I had this "kid" who was twice my size and made of stone (or was it metal?) following us. He later got turned into a knoll and the "kid" smashed him. I played as the golem spawn the rest of the game.

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I am not nearly in enough games because they keep fucking dying on me, so...the character I'm playing right now. Spider-y girl person, let us not mince on the details. Got some cool ideas to play next time I go into D&D, though.

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Neutral Evil Human Psion from "The North," accompanied by a horror of a dog that owes him several thousand gold pieces for the destruction of his crossbow.

Bad Russian accent, crazy psychic powers, and a massive wagon full of nonmagical junk.

Let's do this thing.

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Remy Wyland. Rogue. Known by many names, such as Alfredo Saus, Oysters Rockafeller, Cesar Salad, Banana Foster, and others. My favorite 2 alter egos were Eggs Benedict and Beef Wellington. No one but his party members knew his true name. Was the sole survivor of their last battle (the other members that died were turned into weapons [odd, but just go with it]), and retired in peace as a weapons collector with a very special collection.

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A halfling rogue who had the sexy times with no less than three different dragons.

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Tall, blonde, skinny son of a bitch with manly sideburns and explosively flamboyant silk clothing. Lead a cobbled together army sheerly on charisma, determination, and optimism. Sorcerer+wizard ultimate magus who specialized in sonic and utilitarian spells. Eventually kicked a drow army back into the underdark with the rest of the awesome party and then went to a major metropolis to become a badass, magical philanthropist. POOR STANDARDS OF EDUCATION AND AN AILING ECONOMY?! BELT UP MOTHERFUCKERS, IT'S PARTY TIME!

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A "retired" paladin of Kord trying to find a cure for his daughter's magical affliction.

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What gender?


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Well, the halfling was female. 2 of the dragons were male.

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>Vagina: Cavernous
>Anus: Ruined

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Oh well, only one of them was in dragon form when it happened. But he was only a young'n, so I didn't think it was all that destructive, so to speak.

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>no less than three different dragons.
>Two of the dragons were male
>Three dragons
>two male

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Tyrone the Monk

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A oddly sentimental underhive techpriest hacker named Eustace Krell. Once killed an entire void station by venting the atmo. kept the upper part of his digestive tract just so he could still enjoy the rat burgers that reminded him of his childhood. Got the full set of MIU implants and cranial circuitry, just so I could make Ghost in the Shell references and jokes about screencaps and deleting unwanted memories.

Weapon of choice was grenades, so of course I would recite the Holy Hand Grenade of Antiock instuctions every now and then. Eventually he moved on to a grenade launcher

And the saint did thus spake, how shalt we propel thine holy hand grenade when they beist so very far away, distant fromthe light of the omnissiah?

And the prophet replied "Lo, we shall fashion a holy machine for propelling the grenade, by means of a sacred gas. And thus shalt our grenades be in the midst of the omnissiah's foes."

And lo did the saint fashion such a device, and the prophet looked upon it and saw that it was awesome.

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Played a HellKnight. Ended up in a great sort of Watchmen situation, in which the 'villain' had discerned a threat beyond the scope of our ability to handle, and was preparing to sacrifice 10,000 people to save the world. We tried to stop him, but he had already put it into motion. The reports came in that it had been successful, crisis averted, mid-fight. He fell to his knees in joy.

I clocked the shit out of him with a chair while he was expressing his jubilation at having saved mankind, and we hung him from a tree right outside. Knucklehead thinks that just because he saves the world he's above the law? Nobody is above the law.

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Level 8 half-elf rogue. There wasn't a vault or security system I couldn't break into. Couldn't fight for shit, but that's what the rest of the party is for. =)

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3.5 Warforged Artificer/Fighter/Warforged Juggernaut/Reforged/Spellcarved Soldier
Originally created as a battlefield medic of sorts for Warforged platoons. Artificer Warforged are code-named 'Forges' and also including that he was the 17th built of Zeta Platoon, his name made itself known: Forge ZP-17.
Forge traveled the land as an adventuring Artificer, refusing to create magical items, and refusing to use the more powerful and easily corrupted arcane abilities he has built to use after having seen the horrors of war. He pretty much just had Adamantine Body, a Battlefist, and Armor Spikes. And everything that saw him knew it. All fights were buff and punch, and all fights were successful. He took levels in Juggernaut before realizing he'd lose his human side, and levels in Reforged before realizing he'd lose his constructed side. So he took ideas from both and for lack of a better metaphor, wore a feathered hat and a red fur longcoat with armor spikes protruding through.

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His most favored type of combat was to be teleported over top of the enemy and dropped on them unleashing a single, immense punch charged with Shocking Fist, Power Attack, and anything else I could think of. DM let me add falling damage to the punch, which helped out to encourage causing myself to almost die every fight.
Highlights include grappling and Tombstoning a Spellweaver Lich into a pit full of spikes, growing to huge size and fist fighting an undead deity's archon in a zombie-shark tank, and being teleported 200 ft. in the air over an Overwurm and unleashing a single fully powered up Shocking Fist, Power Attack, additional falling damage mega-Panch literally the entire length down its esophagus and into its stomach instantly killing it.
He was based on The Iron Giant.
Our party died while defeating the BBEG minor deity and as I delivered the final haymaker, I whispered 'Suuuupahmaaan...' in midair.

There is a statue of me in the town we saved made of Mithril and Silver.

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Simple human rogue. Left his homeland when his mom shacked up with an elf (very frowned upon in the setting, no halfbreeds allowed either) and he started getting shit about it, since his folks were too powerful to mess with directly. Became a sailor and patron of the setting's flamboyant God of Love and the Arts, inspite of being a morose, melancholy motherfucker. Fell in love with a priestess of death, friends with a schizophrenic angel...girl...thing that was like, eight templates put together (head GM's char, would have been ultrasue, but she almost never actually played any combat scenes where she would have naturally steamrolled, instead being all about the rp), and inherited a magical rapier that was actually one of the fragmented personalities of angelgirlthing. Became widely known as a daring swashbuckler, thanks to ridiculous dex and combat rogue focus. Was on the way to a swashbuckler-styled PrC when the whole game went sideways and the mush owner decided to shut it down.

I still miss playing him. His priestess chick ran off (player wanted to do something different), so he continued to be a melancholy badass right till the end.

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Ulfgrin of The-Axe-Which-Kills-People, a Dwarf Barbarian with hydrophobia and a distinct taste for garlic. His Wisdom 5 score (we generate scores by rolling 4d6 and dropping the lowest. Not a nice roll there) and his preternaturally long hair and beard made sure that he never noticed anything, to the point that the party mostly pointed him in one direction and slapped him in the back in order to attack the bad guys.
Since he was hydrophobic, he had never in his life taken a bath, and his love for garlic didn't help at all. Down into the campaign, the DM ended up giving him a -4 circumstance penalty against Scent rolls, and even creatures without the Scent skill (but that had a sense of smell) were allowed a roll against him. On the other hand, his thick red hair (thick as in the stuff they use to make tents in the Caribbean) gave him +1 natural armour.

He was, however, not dumb. In fact, he had an Int score of 17 (the title was a family tradition. The 17 came from his mother's side), the highest in the party. This led to him crafting all sorts of odd contraptions to keep water off of him, such as his Ingenious Water Deflector (just an umbrella), his Ingenious Battle Water Deflector (same as before, but it could be attacked to his axe to avoid having to seathe it) and the grandiose Waterless Water Bucket (just a bucket without a bottom).


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He died epically when we were attacked by chimaeras on a ship that was sailing the edge of the world. A TPK was looming and everyone began evacuating on boats, but I ran into the ship's kitchen, took a dive into a barrel filled with garlic (we always carried garlic around, or he would Enrage during meals and refuse to eat), jumped near the beasts to draw them with the smell and steered the ship over the endless waterfall and across the edge of the world, yelling "Alright, water! Let's see what's so good about you anyway!". The party survived and built him a statue, visiting it every year to leave a basket full of garlics and a water bucket without water in it.

I loved that character.

>captcha: impqueer bottom


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Quincy Cobblestone, Shadow Gnome fixer and specialist. (Playing old Labyrinth Lord ruleset.) Quincy was a happy little dude, content to steal and plunder the surface world's riches to make his family back underground more powerful and wealthy. After hooking up with the party, he would claim all and any treasure as under his purview, to be doled out as needed. This was in game of course, and out of game anybody who wanted a specific item or amount of money got it no question. This sneaky little domineer would run away from battles early most of the time, looting corpses and distracting mooks from the party members fighting the big boys. We eventually cleared a group of little primal humanoids in the thrall of a giant bipedal eye out of a section of the underground called the Beards, due to 2 giant statues of bearded humans that look over the giant cavern. (They were in the shape of Arneson and Gygax, when he shows us a picture, naturally.) I should mention this was a homebrew campaign, but one the DM has been running games in for nigh on 2 decades now.) After this we went on a crusade to aid the gnome kingdom against a usurpation of the kingdom by duergar, in which we killed their mad prophet. The king named me the Baron of the Beards, after which I had to drop that game. I hope to play him again sometime, though.

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