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Good doggie.

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Sauce? What is this?

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Dem angles, man. Dem angles.

No, plaster of paris won't cut it.

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"The Hounds of Tindalos"

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One of the best Mythos spin-off stories, up there with the King in Yellow ones in terms of quality.

Moral of the story: smoking pot means you'll be eaten alive by dog-creatures from the Precambrian.

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These guys basically are part of the reason you don't want to time travel (even mentally) too far or too much in Call of Cthuhlu. They live in a distant past before life as we know it, somewhen called 'Angular Time' (as opposed to what is apparently our own 'curved time')

Going near them will draw them to your scent and they will follow you through time, manifesting out of any local acute angles.

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The lengths to which that guy went to to try and stave off his own inevitable death were both impressive and vaguely disturbing. Even moreso when the defenses began to slowly wear and crumble...

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Not sure how the Yithians get by them, especially given they liver closer in time, perhaps certain circles and pentagrams or protection? However, there 'is' a theory, that part of the reason the Yithains never wiped out the Flying Polyps when they could have was becasue the polyps are temporal filter feeders, and thus serve a a kind of 'hedge' against unwary temporal predators.

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I now have an idea to combine Inception with Hounds of Tindalos.

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I think that the Great Race simply knew better than to go that far back. It never was a problem because none of them were stupid enough to set the Hounds off.

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Tell me more.

> captcha : logging hountri

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>mfw I'm in the middle of watching Kaiji.

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When I saw that pic, I was reminded of Finrod and company's imprisonment in the Silmarillion.

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The Yithians don't time travel per se. they project their minds, rather than 'travel', and replace their mind with that of their chose subject. Thus, they never 'travel' through time, only switch out a set of perceptions.

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There are things in and of this world that man was not meant to see.

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Pretty much just what it says. Wealthy eccentric goes comatose. Dream divers have to go in after him only to discover that he unlocked a new level of dreaming; one that can send you through space and time. Unfortunately this alerted the "guard dogs of infinity" (The Hounds of Tindalos) and they chased him back into his own mind. If he wakes up, they'll come through to our world. The object is to navigate the eccentric's mind and banish the hounds (likewise avoid them jumping into the minds of the other divers).

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The fellow with the plutonian drug never even left the room, only his perceptions did, and that was enough. He was less 'absent' than even the Yithians as his mind was still 'attached' to his body (he could still narrate to his friend what he saw.)

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It may be possible, since Yithians can "time travel" expertly, that they are able to hide any trace of their journey.

Or, since they come by the ability naturally, they get a free pass.

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Or perhaps sometimes something does go horribly wrong....just not very often.

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That's possible as well, though I guess extinction of your entire race is worth risky time travelling to combat.

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Nice idea. I wanted to use something similar in a future CoC scenario. PC are send in the dreamlands after a car accident, and hounds of Tindalos are after them for some reason. If they found a way to come back to the real world, the hounds will follow them too. Their only chance to survive is to trap them into their own limbo...
If they manage to survive to their own inner demons, of course.

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Technicly only the most astute Yithians, the 'creme dela creme' so to speak, can time travel. Even then they use mechanical aid of some sort. This is part of the reason the elite basically abandoned most of the species to die in the past when the Polyps broke free.

Also, horrifying to realize, the polyps are also sapient and had at least a medieval level civilization. It's so hard to think of them as 'people' for some reason. I can see the Yithians as people, the Elder Things the Serpent Men, kinda the Ghouls, and certainly the Deep Ones but the Polyps? Some part of me just want to think 'those aren't people, those are just beasts, but they built the basalt towers, and can even learn spells.

Also of note, most depictions of polyps show eyes everywhere, however, eyes are actually something polyps are noted for 'not' having. They use some weird kind of blindsense.

>air-lift captR
Yeah, they can do that too captacha

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My favourite interpretation of the Yithians is Dennis Detwiller's from Future/Perfect.


Essentially, the Great Race don't travel in time, they literally exist on time. In order to maintain their own existence, time has to proceed in a certain way, hence why they broadcast their minds into living tools. It's a little bizarre and alien, but that's exactly why it's awesome.

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I think the Great Race work fine as presented in the original story: Lovecraftian Time Lords who're slightly less hostile than the other inhuman species. This being the Mythos, that just means they treat their "prisoners" well when ruining their lives and stealing their bodies.

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Insanity bump.

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Fuck yeah, the Great Race and the Hounds have always been my favorite species in the mythos for some reason and now there's a thread about both.
I wonder what would happen if the Yithians decided to migrate from their conical bodies and possess the Hounds?

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They're at least communicable. Hell, you meet a Yithian in Masks of Nyarlathotep, and it's downright polite to you.

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Detwiller is my favourite mythos author. That and China Meiville. Speaking of which...Does anyone think that the "cracks" in Meiville's story was related to the Hounds?

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Damn you /tg/, I had finally decided on running BFRPG over CoC and then I see this thread.

Now I have no clue what to do anymore.

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I really want to listen to Tool and write a COC scenario now.

I get the feeling that listening to anything from Lateralus and trying to weave the lyrics and atmosphere into the scenario would result in a very interesting game of CoC.

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Rosetta Stoned is about MiGo

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