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I've been reading Eclipse Phase, and it seems good. How come /tg/ doesn't talk about it?

Here it is if you want it.

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Mix it with Mass Effect and you got yourself a fucking awesome game.
The EP/ME setting fluff can be found in various writefag threads in /tg/ archive.

I once participated in such game. PCs were Firewall agents in Shanxi during the first contact war.
In the end, our hacker got most kills. Turian groundforces weren't that prepared against having their commanding battleship plummet on their heads you know...

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Because it sucks.

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EP has a lot of awesome stuff that Mass Effect does not, and the core EP fluff (which is the greatest part of the game) doesn't lend itself well to leading into a ME game. For instance Transhumanity is in no condition to support a war machine. However, despite that, that game sounds like an awesome one to play in.

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The mechanics are a pain in the ass to deal with, and nobody ever wants to try playing an RPG that isn't D&D.

It took me four hours to make my first character. There's a lot of searching through the book for rules that should be on the same page together, but are actually 100 pages apart. Lots and lots of flipping through and searching for this and that, it really needs to be better organized.

and the mechanics themselves are poorly balanced and more complex than they have any need to be.

It's got good fluff, a good setting, plenty of plot hooks, but the game is killed by the mechanics.

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It's an awesome game, but no-one seems to play it much. I've tried to spread interest for it, though.


It does, and it doesn't. You have to rewrite the fluff a little. I wouldn't mind trying it, personally, though the whole "No AIs Allowed" thing Council Space has going would need to be rejiggered.

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Yeah, pretty much this. I tried converting it for the Storyteller System once, but that didn't go so great

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The system is horrible and the setting sucks.

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I personally think the fluff is hard to get in to. My players didn't want to play because their was no fear of death or danger. If you died you just came back, and because of the nature of the ST-Player relationship they know that even if they fail at this particular mission, the consequences won't be game ending because I want to keep playing as much as they do.

The lack of death in the setting really kept my players from wanting to play it, though they hardly gave it a chance once they read they could respawn, so I think a large portion of their complaints were them making up excuses for their disinterest.

If the game was exactly the same but didn't have the ability for people to simply respawn when they died, I think it'd be a much easier sell as it'd just be Dead Space: The RPGening.

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They know it's possible to just ... play it in a derivative setting, right? If they want perma-death, give them perma-death.

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Is it really that overcomplicated? That's a shame, it seems so interesting.

I'm surprised that /tg/ hasn't already reworked the ruleset into a better one. After all, this board is renowed for getting shit done.

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For me, it was the challenge of getting into the mindset of someone with ubiquitous information access. It just left me stumped how much could be done 'by remote', especially since I was going for a hacker-pistolier-character, so I was always frowning to myself and asking myself 'why am I not just sitting in a VR hottub while I'm doing all this espionage?'

>captcha: matedo SENSORY

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First of all, there's fates worse than death. Having your players be lost on an alien world, or slowly going mad, or what have you, this is more terrifying than dying. EP is a game where you might end up fighting your players to keep them from killing themselves.

That said, death is not cost free, nor is it a good thing, nor are you always assured of coming back.

That said, how is it any different from most other games? If your players have ever played D&D, ask them how it's any different to a Raise Dead spell.


Easy answer: No company in the world is stupid enough to leave all their secure servers on a wireless connection. All that stuff will be hardwired.

Truthfully, though, you very well could be if you played an Infomorph. Your character could be relaxing and sipping digital champagne in the Ghostrider Module of one of their companions, carefully hacking their way through while their friends fight off security bots.

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Right, and when we did a trial run of the game, my players had barely read the book so they didn't understand the concept of something being outside The Mesh when they tried to hack something from a distance and failed.

It was just really hard to sell my player on "Survival Horror space game with no physical death but slow mental death instead."

They didn't really understand that the Ego points were basically the DnD equivalent of HP, while their bodies were expendable the mind couldn't be repaired, kind of thing.

The whole thing was just a really hard sell for me.

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Also renowned for being a fickle bitchfest - see the warning sticky on GK codex

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Like I said, my player's are not really "Horror game" type of players really.

EP just appeals to a really small audience. In regards to the DnD thing, yeah I outlaw Raise Dead rituals that don't leave the person raised a mindless husk or at the very most a dark reanimation.

This just seemed like too big a vestige of the setting to just cut out though, which is why my players wouldn't play.

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I really like the fluff, especially that the ego is the most valuable thing instead of maximizing how long you live. The mechanics, despite being built ground up with this setting in mind, made me cringe. Why percentile? Is there another system that this has been used with, like GURPS for example?

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Dark Heresy come to mind. I enjoy those systems.

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Same here, "horror" doesn't do anything for me anymore. Due to a really shitty, horrific job dealing with child rapists trying to kill me, I now conflate horror with "annoyance, boredom, and occasionally comedy"

Cthuloid horror, or anything that depends on OH NOES, THE GRIBBLIES or stuff on the state of human consciousness falls completely flat, when compared, to say, a crackhead uncle using a crackbaby as a blunt object to batter his nephew with as they wrassle down the stairs (thus falling onto the crack baby)*

The high respawn cost (and lets face it, that's what it is) in EP irks me, especially when so much of it encourages the GM to break the players stuff (i.e. their body). Stuff like the exsurgent virus isn't a source of horror, it's an annoying SAVEORSUCK roll. "Derp, didn't roll that dodge thar? Looks like you just lost all the resources you had put into that body."

*Uncle's explanation: "Whatchoo want me to do? I'm a crackhead!"

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The simple reason no one talks about it is because the threads alway get shitted up by it sucks with no reasoning behind it types. Most of the hate comes from people that just don't get the whole transhumanist thing or are against it for some reason. If you can click with the whole physical death is not a problem any more and it is more a mental thing or possibly hideous possibly alien virus data/mind corruption you need to fear then it is all good.
Ignore everyone that says the mechanics are a pain in the ass, it is a simple percentile test to get under skill or every now and then stat x 2 or 3 for really odd stuff.
Character creation on the other hand is a pain in the ass but grab the spreadsheet from here
and it isn't too bad either.

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The mechanics seem... unnecessarily crunchy and can be broken. Is there some errata/book that can tell you how to make your own things, like morphs, from the ground up?

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I wish. I'd like a game where you play cephalopods morphs in a dyson ocean or digging ceramic piping across a desert world.

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The setting is awesome, you guys who don't like it are what sucks. The mechanics on the other hand are to much for a lot of lazy mother fuckers to learn and are not that great..

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>Due to a really shitty, horrific job dealing with child rapists trying to kill me


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Interviewed raped and dismembered kids, then their relatives, to see what happened. Knock on the door in some shitty apartment block down in the ghetto, get a double barrel shoved in your face, iceheads with box cutters, giant teenage down syndrome rapists, that sort of thing.

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because /tg/ is full of fucking giant faggots who only like jerking off to the thhought of the God Emperor shoving a power fist up their ass while they lick his dick.

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/tg/, much like other boards on 4chan, doesn't like good things. It's easier to bitch on the new shit codex to the Wh40k than to make creative stuff for innovative rpg system.
Kidding. You guys are ok: BLAM! rpg is real pearl.

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Custom Biomorph Creation Rules
1) Start with a basic Flat Biomorph. (Pg. 139, EP Core)

2) Assign Implants, calculating the CP cost using the CP values provided. After adding up all of the individual CP costs for the entire Implant package, round the CP cost to the nearest five to calculate the final Implant CP cost.

3) Assign Maximum Aptitude values, calculating the CP cost using the CP values provided.

4) Assign Durability, calculating the CP cost using the CP values provided. Would Threshold is innately linked to a Morphs Durability. Wound Threshold equals Durability divided by five.

5) Assign Advantages and Disadvantages, calculating the CP cost using the CP values provided.

6) Calculate the Credit Cost of the Custom Morph. Credit Cost is calculated using a Threshold system. When the total CP cost of a Morph moves over the Thresholds the Credit Cost increases to the specified cost.

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Implant Costs
Basic Implant Package = Free
One Low Cost Implant = +1.5CP
One Moderate Cost Implant = +3.3CP
One High Cost Implant = +20CP

Maximum Aptitude Costs/Returns
Every Point above Flat Baseline (20) = +1CP
Every Point below Flat Baseline (20) = -1CP

Durability Costs/Returns
Every Five Points of Durability above Flat Baseline (30) = +5CP
Every Five Points of Durability below Flat Baseline (30) = -5CP

Advantage and Disadvantage Costs/Returns
Every Positive Point of Aptitude Bonus = +1CP
Every Negative Point of Aptitude Bonus = -1CP
Every Positive Point of Skill Bonus = +1CP
Every Negative Point of Skill Bonus = -1CP
Positive Morph Traits have a CP Cost equal to those given on pgs. 145-148 EP Core
Negative Morph Traits have a CP Return equal to half those given on pgs. 148-152 EP Core
Unlisted Advantage = +5CP-+10CP (Subject to GM approval)

Credit Cost Thresholds
CP Cost is Greater than 25 - Credit Cost = Expensive
CP Cost is Greater than 40 - Credit Cost = Expensive(40,000)
CP Cost is Greater than 70 - Credit Cost = Expensive(50,000 Rare)
CP Cost is Greater than 100 - Credit Cost = Expensive(100,000)

No Aptitude Bonus granted from the Advantages section may exceed +10.
No Skill Bonus granted from the Advantages section may exceed +10.

Suggestions (Subject to GM approval)
Any Morph that uses the Unlisted Advantage from the Advantages and Disadvantages section should be checked by a GM before use. Bonuses provided by this option have the potential to be game breaking.

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Finished skimming the book. Does anybody with experience with this care to tell us how it plays out? Stories? Advice?

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Sorry for the derail, but how does Blam! work in practice? I've been thinking about trying to get some friends together for a game, but I've got a few concerns about the rules. The Energy system, for example, seems unnecessarily restrictive.

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Alright, so, I've played a few campaigns within EP.... And some EP-derived shenanigans.

Long story short - Character Creation can take a bitchlong time. Like, first time I made a character was a good 3-4 hours. Skills and synergies can be uber-broken, as a GM I'd advise limiting starting skill maxes to 70. Also, USE DIFFICULTY PENALTIES FOR PITY'S SAKE. Otherwise you'll have characters with 100+ points only failing on a 99 (auto critical fail). Combat can be brutally short, and anyone with too much money can easily get crazy high armor. Limit the number of things that can stack. (Shell/Skin, Under-Armor, Armor, and 1 armor mod is a decent start)

As for stories. Hrm....

My octomorph nano-builder engineer type munchkin king was a king of gibbing people with his shredder. GM needed to use better rules for fabbing, as I was usually able to make shit out of thin air (had a few nanohives for stripping the surroundings). Before that, my synthmorph scientist/engineer was the tank (super high armors due to stacking and selection), and also a king of the gib. I also had a neo-neanderthal who was a pretty decent demolitions monkey but shit in combat 'cause I had a beam weapon (agonizer? It's shit, go with a plasma weapon or something non-beam).

It has potential, but takes a seasoned GM and a fucktonne of research into the game itself to run a good game.

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>a fucktonne of research
Does reading the entire core rulebook count?

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It might. Multiple reads might still be required due to some of the.... Ambiguity of statements, and just general dispersal of rule information.

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>>a neo-neanderthal who was a pretty monkey

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Those in this thread complaining about being unable to die in Eclipse Phase have clearly only skimmed the rulebook, at best.

There are plenty of ways to die. Especially if you get put on a government hit list.

The cortical stacks most characters have, for starters, is not an invincible device. It can be hacked, it can be crushed and destroyed. That "kills" the character up until their most recent backup.

If you have someone delete their backup, then the player is now dead.

Or you could infect the player at some point with an exsurgent virus that makes them go insane. How far back were you infected? How many backups are corrupted by the virus? If anyone finds out about you, you're a dead man. They won't take any chances, they'll just delete you outright.

And then you can even play as straight up, non-enhanced humans with no cortical stacks. A group from Jupiter, perhaps with orders to sabotage some transhumanist faggotry. Or a stalker-esque survivor group on Earth. Since you don't have cortical stacks, once you die, you die for real.

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Besides all that, death itself isn't exactly something you just brush off in Eclipse Phase. You can take mental trauma from the experience, pushing you on the razor edge between sanity and insanity. You can lose a fortune that was invested in your body and equipment, you can lose experience by being forced to play from a backup. You can lose all of that at once.

The system gives you a billion ways to make death harsh and interesting, and permanent if you choose. There's really no excuse to go "well you can't die, so I don't like it". That really just means you didn't even read the book to begin with.

All that aside, it's nice for a DM to be able to really go aggressive on his players without worrying about them all being permanently killed and the campaign ending right then and there. When players do something stupid, the DM doesn't have to hold back, they get killed, and learn from the experience or load from a backup. If anything, being able to have permanent and non-permanent death just makes the setting and game more flexible for what people want.

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Anybody got pics that would fit this game?

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I have a bit... Some horror-ish themed stuff for TITAN's and exsurgents, at least.

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That's going to be a morph for a lot of people.

Enjoy living in a universe where furries have laws against being Fursecuted and technology to walk around as a herm skunktaur with 15 dicks.

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It's entirely possible for that to be more than just a fantasy in reality.

If we get really good prosthetic limbs - what's stopping you from covering your new arm in fur? What's stopping someone from designing digitigrade legs?

The people who irrationally hate furries today, are going to be like the old folks hating gays of tomorrow.

Which will of course, set up for some good drama and conflict, which just gives Eclipse Phase yet another plot hook.

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>The people who irrationally hate furries today
It's not irrational. We hate them because they parade their sexual fetish in public and shove it in everyone's faces.

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Yep, just like those damn dirty gay fags. Always shoving their gayness in our faces.

I mean, I was walking outside and I saw through the front window of a house these two guys kissing. Holy fuck, keep that shit where it can't be seen. Seriously.

Oh and last week, I was at the bar, and I overheard this guy calling his boyfriend. Jesus christ we don't need to know that shit, keep it to yourself.

Gays, always shoving their gayness in our faces man.

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Yes, I was being sarcastic

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Because it involves a lot of personalization and creativity and the people who put a lot of work into their creations don't want to post them just so there can be 100 posts about them doing it wrong from people who've never played the game.

Thank you for the pics.

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Nanobots my ass, that's the big bad from the end of Demons Souls.

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Its a bit niche (don't like transhumanism with a dash of horror? Probably not your thing), a little intimidating (keeping track of backups, morphs, two different currencies (credits and rep) and one of those currencies is actually several (rep)) and the whole thing is a bit obscure (I've only seen EP in a FLGS once. Never again.)

And /tg/ likes to go 'NOT 40K/GURPS/4OK HURP DURP SHIT"

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I don't think that stacks can be hacked, actually. Cyberbrains on the other hand, they're much more vulnerable.

>How many backups are corrupted by the virus? If anyone finds out about you, you're a dead man. They won't take any chances, they'll just delete you outright.

Not necessarily true. Some hypercorps might take you in for research.

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Ep is a fucking awesome game
play is in a ghost in a shell style city and youll never stop

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i made these word docs for char creation makes it a might easyer

Bioware bacis enhabcement and the page in the core book
Enhanced senses
Direction Sense, always define North Low P301 EC
Echolocation, form image of location via sound 20M air 100M water Low P301 EC
Enhanced Hearing, +20 to hearing based perception tests, Low P301 EC
Enhanced Smell, +20 to smell based perception and kinesics tests Low P301 EC
Enhanced vision, +20 to vision based perception tests Low P301 EC

Mental Augmentations
Eidetic memory, total memory recall low P301 EC
Hyper linguist, as Hyper-linguist Trait (p 146EC) Low P301 EC
Math boost, as Math wiz Trait (p 146EC) Low P301 EC
Multiple personalitys, extra ego NPC High P302 EC

>> No.14608863

Physical Augmentations
Adrenal Boost, ignore 1 wound mod, High P302 EC
Bioweave armor (light), Armor 2 / 3 Low P302 EC
Bioweave armor (heavy), Armor 3 / 4, -20 touch on body, Moderate P302 EC
Carapace armor, Armor 11/11 Moderate P303 EC
Chamelion Skin, +20 Infiltration Low P303/304 EC
Circadian Regulation, 2 hours of sleep per day min, Moderate P304 EC
Claws, retractable weapon/tool 1d10+1 + (SOM / 10) AP -1 Low P304 EC
Clean Metabolism, Clean body waste Moderate P304 EC
Drug glands, tailored drug release drugs (p317EC) Low P304 EC
Eelware, inflict shock damage with touch attack ( p 204EC) Low P304 EC
Emotional Dampers, +30 Deception and impersonation tests, -10 other social skills Low P304 EC
Endocrine Control, +20 against fear hunger and emotional manipulation, +20 deception, ignore 1 wound mod, High P304/305 EC
Enhanced Pheromones, +10 to all social tests Low P305 EC
Enhanced Respiration, hold breath for up to 30 min Low P305 EC
Gills, breath underwater low P305 EC
Grip Pads, +30 Climbing Low P305 EC
Hibernation, Hibernate for up to 40 days, Low P035 EC
Muscle Augmentation, +5 to SOM, High, P305 EC
Nurachem lvl 1, +1 speed High, P305 EC
Nurachem lvl 2, +2 speed for 1 hour, after for 1 hour -20 to all actions Expensive P305EC
Poison gland, inflict poison damage with touch attack Low P305 EC
Prehensile feet, can use feet to manipulate objects in 0 gravity, -1 movement Low P305 EC
Prehensile tail, +10 Balance Low P305 EC
Sex Switch, Change sex Moderate P305 EC
Skin Pocket, +30 concealment small items, Trivial P305 EC
Temperature Tolerance, no ill effects between -30C and +60C Low P305 EC
Toxin Filters, immunity to toxins poisons Moderate P305/306 EC
Vacuum Sealing, can survive short periods in total vacuum High P306 EC

>> No.14608877

Enhanced senses
Anti-glare, no glare modifiers Low P306 EC
Electrical Sense, Detect electrical device +10 on skills involving electrical equipment Low P306 EC
Radiation Sense, Detect radiation Low P306 EC
T-ray Emitter, T-ray vision (p 302EC) Low P306 EC

Mental Augmentations
Access Jacks, fiberoptic mind to mesh/mind Low P306 EC
Dead Switch, destroys cortical stack Low P306 EC
Emergency farcaster, farcast ego upon death Expensive p306 EC
Ghostrider module, carry infomorph / Ai / muse Low P306 EC
Mnemonic Augmentation, record and review XP Low p306 EC
Multitasking, produce 2 short term mental forks for extra actions High P306 EC
Puppet sock, teleoperate biomorph Moderate P306 EC

>> No.14608925

Physical Augmentations
Cyberclaws, retractable weapons/tools 1d10+3 + (SOM / 10) AP-2 Low P306 EC
Cyberlimb, prosthetic limb, limb 3/3 Moderate P306 EC
Cyberlimb plus, Prosthetic limb 3/3 +5 SOM per limb, max +10 High P307 EC
Hand laser, short range beam weapon 2d10 dmg +0 AP 50 charges Moderate P307 EC
Hardened Skeleton, +5 DUR, +5 SOM High P306 EC
Oxygen Reserve, up to 3 hours of oxygen, Low P306 EC
Reflex Boosters, +10 REF, +1 speed Expensive P306 EC

Implanted Nanotoxin, nanotoxin touch attack, Moderate P308 EC
Medimachines, ignore 1 wound, increased healing rate (p 208EC) Low P308 EC
Mental Speed, +30 imitative +2 mental complex actions High P308 EC
Nanophages, immunity against poisons toxins Moderate P308 EC
Oracles, +10 investigation +20 memory tests Moderate P308 EC
Respiocytes, +5 DUR Moderate P308 EC
Skillware, can use 100 pts of skill soft software (p332EC) High P308 EC
Skinflex, +30 Disguise Moderate P308 EC
Skinlink, mesh link via touch Moderate P308 EC
Wrist-mounted tools, +20 for skills involving tools Moderate P308 EC

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currently my team is infiltrating a centipede cult to free a firewalls higherups daughter, bscicially useing the combine-morph upgrade with clean metabolism, endicrine controll, claws,muscle augmentation and grippads and me got a 50 man/woman humancentipede for a bigboss im expecting the party to go mand and end up as centipede segments 51 through 55 weel see how it gos though.

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The easiest way to do character creation is to download and use the latest version of this: http://sites.google.com/site/eclipsephases/home/cabinet

>> No.14609418

So how do the grapple rules in Eclipse Phase work? They're written on Pg 204 or something. Do you have to roll for grappling each turn?

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Le bump

>> No.14610921

What do you do when you want MORE Academic skills and the spreadsheet doesn't list enough slots?

>> No.14612625

I'm thinking of buying the book, is there going to be a new version or revised/updated print coming out soon?

>> No.14614342

Anyone know of any simple to use 3D program to make some VERY rough models and/or easy to use 2D program to make simple top down maps, prefrably 1'' squares?

>> No.14614357

Writing a game, very roughly based on it.


>> No.14614522


Go find the EP/ME thread. The OP of it made some slight adjustments to the history of Transhumanity, but it is almost the same.

As to the ability to wage a war. Transhumanity is a technological singularity that far surpasses anything the known galactic races posses.

Transhumanities technology makes council race tech look like utter shit. This allowed for relatively few soldiers needed for when the first contact war broke out.

In short Transhumanity fucked the Turians up bad, almost no contest. Hell the Firewall and Project Ozma hackers thought the Turian security systems were decoys because they were so easy to hack.

>> No.14614741

Can you link said thread?

>> No.14614797


Sorry got distracted by FPSrussia on youtube.


All of the threads are there. Just gotta go through them. Someone condensed all the story parts into one file a ways back, but I couldn't find it.

>> No.14615218

Ya'll niggas lack imagination.

>> No.14615241

heh, what does /tg/ think of my first crunch-able character in EP?

Never actually bothered much with the crunch aspect of games so this is/was the first EP one i made. Unfortunately I did not get to use it much due to some ... incidents.

Mostly the opposite of the pic, except the few cursory similarities.

here it goes, please educate me on possible errors and failings.
FALL EVACUEE +10 Pilot: Groundcraft skill, +10 Networking:
[Field] skill of your choice, +1 Moxie

SCUM +10 Freefall skill, +10 to a skill of your
choice, +20 Networking: Autonomists skill

Gender Id : Uncertain. identifies with the body. Usually.
Actual Age: 30 +

>> No.14615251

COG 15 +0 +0
COO 15+5 + 5
INT 15+5 +0
REF 15 +5 +5
SAV 15 + 0 +5
SOM 15 +5 +10
WIL 15 +5 + 5

Lucidity: 40
Trauma Threshold: 8
Insanity Rating: 80
Initiative: 90
Damage Bonus: 3
Death Rating: 75
Speed: 1
Moxie : 2

Fast learner (10Cp)
Brave (10CP)
Danger Sense (10CP)

Addiction Medium ( +10CP)
Active Skills:

Pilot: Groundraft 25+10 bonus
Fray: 40+25
Freefall skill 25 +10 bonus
Freerunning : 40+30
Networking: Autonomists +20+20 bonus
Networking: Reclamtionists 20+ 10 bonnus
Animal Handling SAV 20
Beam Weapons COO 20+ 20
Blades SOM 30
Climbing SOM 30 + 10
Deception SAV 20 + 10
Demolitions COG* 15 +25
Swimming SOM 30
Kinetic Weapons COO 25+40
Gunnery INT 20 + 20
Hardware: Armorer COG 15+5
Impersonation SAV 20 +20

>> No.14615261


Infiltration COO 25 +20
Intimidation SAV 20
Infosec COG 15+15
Medicine COG 15+5
Navigation INT 20
Palming COO 25+5
Perception INT 20+ 40
Persuasion SAV 20
Scrounging INT 20
Spray Weapons COO 25
Throwing Weapons COO 25+20
Clubs SOM 30
Disguise INT 20
Exotic Melee: SOM 30
Exotic Ranged: COO 25
Flight SOM 30
Investigation INT 20
Kinesics SAV 20+ 10 bonus
Pilot Spacecraft REF 25
Pilot Aircraft REF 25
Pilot Watercraft REF 25
Programing COG 15+35
Protocol SAV 20+20
Psychosurgery INT 20
Seeker Weapons COO 25+5
Unarmed Combat SOM 30 +40

>> No.14615268


Art: Singing 20 +20
Art: Dance 40+20
Art: Stunts 20+20
Interest: History: Earth 15+15
Language: German 70 +20
Language: English 20+20
Language: Russian 20+20
Profession: Officer 25+15
Profession: Mercenary 25+15
Academics: Computer Sciences 25+15
Academics: Aerospace Warfare 45 +15
Academics: Squad tactics 25+15

6 CP turned into creds.
Left 500.

Snarky Parenting Muse: Muses are digital entities that have
been designed as personal assistants and lifelong
companions for transhumans (see AIs and Muses,
p. 264). INT 20. Skills: Academics: Psychology 60,
Hardware: Electronics 30, Infosec 30, Interface 40,
Professional: Accounting 60, Programming 20, Research
30, Perception 30, plus three other Knowledge
skills at 40 (Academics:Software,Art: Simulspace, Profession: Economics) . [High]

>> No.14615278

Chameleon Skin: The morph’s skin is augmented
with complex chromatophores so that it changes color
like the skin of a chameleon or an octopus. The morph
can match the appearance of almost any color and
most patterns. This provides a +20 modifi er to Infi ltration
Tests to avoid being seen or noticed, as long as
the character is stationary or not moving faster than
a slow walk. The character must be nude or wearing
smart clothing (p. 325) of the same color/pattern. If
incompletely camoufl aged, or if moving faster, reduce
the modifi er to +10. In addition to blending in, the
character can also consciously change the color and
pattern of their skin to deliberately stand out (+20 on
Perception Tests to notice) or simply to produce attractive
or interesting colors or patterns. [Low]

Sex Switch: A complex suite of alterations allows
the character to switch their physical sex to male,
female, hermaphrodite, or neuter. This change is
mentally triggered but takes approximately 1 week to
complete. [Moderate]

Submachine Guns: SMGs use pistol ammunition,
but are medium-sized (p. 297) and may fire in
semi-auto, burst fire, or full auto modes. They typically
are designed in a bullpup configuration for
close quarters operations and are ideal for tactical
and strike teams. [Moderate]

Electronic Rope: The fibers in this rope can be
controlled electronically, making it move in a snakelike
fashion, stiffen up, and
even wrap around objects.
Typically comes in a 50-
meter length capable of
supporting 250 kg. [Low]

>> No.14615288

Body Armor (Heavy): Similar to light body armor,
but with extra protective layers, often ergonomically
manufactured to conform to a specifi c character’s
body, and an environmental seal with climate control
to protect the wearer from hostile environments. It
provides an Armor Value of 13/13. [Moderate]

Helmet(Heavy, Full): This armor accessory is usually worn with
body armor or a battle suit. Light helmets are open,
whereas full helmets latch on and provide an environmental
seal with a 12 hour supply of air. Light helmets
provide an Armor Value bonus of +2/+2, whereas full
helmets add +3/+3. Helmets are often equipped with
an ecto (p. 325), a radio booster (p. 313), and sensors
equal to specs (see p. 325). [Trivial]

Backup Insurance: In the event of verifiable
death, or after a set period of being missing, backup
insurance will arrange for your cortical stack to be
retrieved and your ego downloaded into another
morph. If the cortical stack cannot be retrieved, your
most recent backup is used. Most policies require
that the holder provide a backup to be uploaded
into secure storage at least twice a year. This industry
works in a manner similar to insurance underwriting
in terms of cost and individuals engaged in high risk professions can expect to pay a premium for the service.
Additionally, attempts to retrieve a cortical stack
are minimal unless one wants to pay for some extra
effort (a thriving industry of paramilitary ego-repo
operatives exists for this purpose). [Low to Moderate
per month]

>> No.14615290


Furies are combat morphs. These transgenic human
upgrades feature genetics tailored for endurance,
strength, and refl exes, as well as behavioral modifi cations
for aggressiveness and cunning. To offset tendencies
for unruliness and macho behavior patterns, furies
feature gene sequences promoting pack mentalities and
cooperation, and they tend to be biologically female.
Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Bioweave
Armor (Light), Cortical Stack, Enhanced
Vision, Neurachem (Level 1), Toxin Filters
Aptitude Maximum: 30
Speed Modifi er: +1 (neurachem)
Durability: 50
Wound Threshold: 10
Advantages: +5 COO, +5 REF, +10 SOM, +5 WIL, +5
to one aptitude of the player’s choice
CP: 75
Credit Cost: Expensive (minimum 40,000)

Mercurials + ( somewhat twisted and biased)
Earth +

Rep :
c- rep: 20
e-rep: 30

>> No.14615342

So you made a musclegirl with a retractable party penis.

Get more Speed. It's pure cheese yes, but speed will win you combat.

>> No.14615381

The gay people who hump each other and jam their dicks in each others hair and believe they carry the spirit of a 5000 year old flaming god of gaping assholes are considered WEIRDOs, even by other gay people. In furdom, that's NORMAL.

>> No.14615404

*hump each other in public, that is. The LARP never invited them back.

>> No.14615425

Think about it,
You were say, a former cadet of officer and you just saw everything you would have or did swore to protect be destroyed and then locked under the grid in a nigh inaccessible area with the entire survivors turning their back on your entire values.

What do you do? Few would start doing the plotting and empire building, most would try to live by with resentment others would try a coping mechanism to vent out and act out their frustration, with sex , party and doing whatever would get them money trough the thing that was mostly empathised by the military from a civilian POV, Force , a thing projected upon the characters mentality, and then reinforced by its actions.

Thanks for the speed tip.

How would you advice me to get it, and what should i drop for it?

>> No.14615465

No clue, but I've never used that many skills. The implant that gives you +1 speed and +5 ref, I believe, is 20cp. Drop skills based on Ref, since you'll be getting it back anyways.

Also, more rep. Networking is useless without a decent rep score (60 to 80)

>> No.14615504


I was rather wanting to keep the base characteristic as high as possible, so as to have lots of skills at mediocre level to compliment when i inevitably lose the morph to get me lots of usable skills for support roles of the party besides the obvious Hulk Smash/Connan Barbarian archetype.

I think I'll drop the sex switch and chameleon skin, as they had no other purpose but fun rp of the od situation, like say getting in bed with someone then sneaking out without anyone noticing and the like...

Any way for me to link speed to my ego?

>> No.14615548

the reps were bonuses from the back ground. honestly had no idea what to do with them

I thought they just add to rep score...

>> No.14615706


>> No.14616134

more bump

>> No.14616185

question about the sex switch and fury morph:

the sex switch goes to a hormonal and chemical level of change, right? not just a cosmetic one , since it needs weeks to accomplish its task...

Shouldn't that be , dangerous for a fury? More exactly dangerous for those around said fury once she becomes a not so regulated and controlled male fury?
Because I think Male fury's are quite rare and rather special more relaxed kind of types while this character seems to be the hotheaded bull raging psychopath.... wont changing into a male make it, dunno, a fucking berserker in the true and literal sense of the word?

>> No.14616928

Nope. Here's why:

1) The bit about most Furies being female is fluff. There's no rules about the difference between male and female Furies. If you want to add in a rule saying male Furies have to roll Willpower avoid RIP AND TEAR, go ahead. But its not official.

2) If you're adding the sex change mod (or any hormone-based/affecting one) to a Fury (or any biomorph really), its going to be tailored to the morph. Again, no rules for what happens if you add Male Worker Pod Sex Changer to a Female Fury so its a non-issue.

>> No.14617750


>> No.14618008

And MY group tends to give me weird looks when I walk around with two rocket launchers strapped to my back.

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