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How do I battle sister?

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Why I'm very glad you asked that.

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So sisters' undies need to wond up with a key?

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I like your hat.

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What is she from and why is she named after an archangel?

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Darksiders, I think.

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darksiders indeed

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Delicious brown girl is delicious and brown.

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Obstructing robes without full movement available, snags on everything.
Half naked comepletly exposed skin except armoured shoulders and groun, which are the lest of your worries.

Man artist logic.

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>depiction of a white woman
weird brown supremacists everywhere on /tg/ all the time.

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Shameful maybe, but she needs to show off those abs somehow.

And I don't care what anyone says, her hat is totally cute.

Have some more then

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Brown girls are best.

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>love me!

Sisters thread?

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Man I don't know what it is about enraged looking women but I like it. I don't even like girls normally.

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>What is she from?
Darksiders, an awesome Legend of Zelda style post apocalyptic game with comic-book inspired levels of blood and gore.
>why is she named after an archangel?
She is that archangel. I'd be annoyed if it wasn't for the fact that "normal" angels we see today don't look anything like angels are supposed to anyway.

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Darksiders is, in pretty much every respect, what would happen if a Zelda game was designed by McFarlane.

Your reaction to that premise will tell you everything you need to know about whether or not you will like the game.

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This thread needs less armour.

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Turn to chaos, less chance of having your blood used in a ritual by grey knights that way.

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That looks retarded.

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Empeor's bit of a nobend anyway, why they stuck with him for so long, I will never know

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>YHWH's bit of a nobend anyway, why the nuns stuck with him for so long, I will never know

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I hope the rumoured SoB codex is real, and that it contains a piece on Sisters beating the shit out of Grey Knights.

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Yeah, god's knights didn't go out of their way to kill whole scores of nuns and cover themselves with their blood.

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Remind me about that part in the Bible when the Earth was covered in demons.

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I don't know much about 40k stuff, but why do the sisters have white hair? Do their bodies simply not age while their hair does?

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Its called the apocalypse. Its already been written.

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Dyed hair, it's only particular to certain orders. Others dye their hair black or don't adhere to a specific standard.

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>implying the Rapture is any better

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Because GW can't be assed making more than one kind of sister.

>Anyone beating the super duper version of the space marines at anything ever

Sorry chap not going to happen

Remind of the part where the uncorruptable nuns held back the deamons until some knights came along, and despite being uncorruptable themselves, decided they needed to kill all these nuns anyway

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You mean the part where some of the nuns were corrupted and the rest had assaulted the main base of the daemons and were losing?

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wait... what?

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Bloodtide infected planet. Grey Knights weren't immune. Sororitas were. Grey Knights killed Sororitas and made amulets with their blood. Grey Knights, now immune, beat Bloodtide.

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Corrupting a sister is like trying to kill a T6, 2+ with 4++invul and 10Ld
It's just easier to shoot them.

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>Grey Knights weren't immune

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GK aren't immune to the Warp or for that matter Warp weaponry. They're not fucking Blanks.

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Welcome to the new Codex.

Don't worry, the next GK novel is going to utterly disregard it.

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How does that work, sisters are immue to Chaos, but Grey Knights, the guys who are meant to be warded against chaos to Emperor's arse and back aren't. Why are Sisters so uncorruptable anyway?

Not that this helped the Sisters much. Dispite being blessed by the Emperor, all their miracle got them was a blade in the face by their own side.

Serving the Emperor really isn't working out for them.

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> Waaah grey knights aren't mai husbando Sues that can block off all demon majicks!
> waaah sisters aren't mai waifus with enough firepower to clear planetary demon invasions!

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no, thats Ward

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GK are immune to corruption of the dark gods. There is no way to dispute this.

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Before Grey Knights were warded by faith, mental discipline and the finest anti-warp tech the Imperium had. They were mega puritans.

As of the new codex they're pragmatic radicals who utilise the tools of the enemy against them. Without being corrupted by them.

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They are not incorruptible. A good portion was corrupted in the attack.
It was a miracle, and the GK are not religious.

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> Immune to Corruption
It's not the same as Immune to HAVING ALL YOUR BLOOD RIPPED OUT

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Hey, just throwing this out there... because...

Ever thought that the Sisters would ... not actually mind? I mean, either both them and the GKs die, or they sacrifice themselves so the GKs can get the job done. It's a shitty situation and it's a stupid outcome, but everyone is ignoring what the Sisters would want in this.

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So, they only changed the "faith" part?

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Grey knights might have purity seals from their eyebrows to their toenails but they are still psykers. In order to use their powers they have use the warp, thus opening themselves to corruption.

Sisters are plain nuts and honestly vary in quality but the best are just as pure as Grey Knights (well, they were before Ward). And no psykers.

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Being corrupted is something purely mental. It has nothing to do with anything physical.

Mutations obviously have nothing to do with dark god corruption, but then again. Purity seals engraved into their bones prevent all sorts of shitty mutations.

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That is so heretical I don't even know where to start shooting.

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The issue is not a matter of whether the sisters died willingly or not. The problem is that the Grey Knights, long presented as incorruptible and puritanical, used a blood ritual to create arcane amulets to ward them from an enemy. It's a symptom of a larger problem, namely that the GKs are now radicals.

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Implying that you don't love it.

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Incorrect. Corruption taints the soul and, through that, the body and mind.

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Because piousness in the emprah makes you immune to battlecannons.
Grey knights, being space marines, don't worship the emprah as a god, and cannot do so, because it goes against all their beliefs, rites, and even identity.

Thus, if you want to walk through acid blood that melts terminators, you have to use sister bodyparts as talismans, which render you immune, and makes it so you can kick ass again.

It's not complicated.

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I mean what are Sisters getting out of the Imperium anyway? Fuck over by the Admech and Navy, disrespected by commissars, used as target partice and anti-deamon paint by marines. And for what? For the thanks of dipshit peasant who will forget all about them the moment a marine rocks up?

They should just go over to Chaos, not like they don't already fall enough.

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For the Emperor.

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Ah. I see. My Knowledge (GK Fluff) is minimal.

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The logic of a selfish man who wants to be rewarded for doing the Emperor's bidding. You cannot into faith.

Also, most fluff writers are incapable of doing religion for a variety of stupid reasons.

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Why, pray tell, was a Sister naked with an Eldar in the first place?

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And one more from me.

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> He thinks Grey Knights aren't allowed to practice forbidden rituals and sorcery discovered by the Emprah himself

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Bugger off Miriael Sabathiel. Loyalists only.

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>pudding is tasty
>tastiness causes pleasure
>pleasure is Slaaneshi
Pudding is heresy, you heard it here first.

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It's probebly Sister Stern. She WAS last sighted with Eldar.

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There's Selflessness and then there's being the universe doormat. The Imperium gives them nothing, save the chance to make the Marines look good.

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Because a Viridian Astartes willed it.

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I would of never known.

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>discovered by the Emperor himself

The only time the Emperor has ever been implied to have dealt with sorcerous powers (chaotic, practiced warpcraft, not inherant psykery) is when a daemon told someone that he bargained with the Chaos Gods for the knowledge and power to create the Primarchs. Which could well be a lie. There is nothing else to substantiate that the Emperor used such rituals.

That said, it doesn't matter what the Emperor did. The new GK codex is a betrayal of concept. It's as stupid a move as making Kriegers less fanatical or orks less violent.

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2 recorded sisters falling ever, and one of those was reported by a reknown liar

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Keep opinions to yourself.

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If it's your duty to be a doormat then you be a doormat. Look at the billions slaving away in manufactorums. Their lives are incredibly shit, but they still stick with it. Why? It's the Emperor's Will. To deviate from their duty is sinful and heresy.

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What about kittehs? Kittehs arn't heretical, are they?

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That's kind of the point. They are modelled after Saints, so they are meant to have it as hard as it possibly can be... It's like... Biblically, you never get tempted for more that what you can hold out against. In the cases where you do something wrong because you couldn't resist the temptation, that's not a sin... There's some philosophical/theological thing that I can really put into writing. At least, that is my understanding of the trails of the religious. Of that religion., the religion that the Sisters would be modelled after.

>> No.14601617

Old GK had mastered the warp, used arcane, actual magic (iron swords, silver, 666 in everything, true names), and new ones do all that, but have ONE GUY who lugs around the ultimate demon sword ever, because if you keep it in one location, evil always comes to claim it.

Why so butthurt?
is it the use of martyr fingers to stop chaos portals from functioning?

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Except for all the sisters that fall in the GK codex and Daemonifuge and a fuckload of other BL books.

>> No.14601626

Does the kitten kill foul xenos/mutant vermin for the Emperor?

>> No.14601632


Actually Daemonfuge had none fall. It has 1 be possessed and a group be bound into a hellish prison but none were actually fallen.

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> The emperor never practiced warp sorcery
The astronomicon
The golden throne
The giant demon portal under the golden throne
The creation of the emprah himself
The day he left the front lines of the Great Crusade, having Horus take over the fight, so that he could go back to earth and PRACTICE WARP MAGIC.

>> No.14601637

Incorrect. There are two examples of Sisters falling in the fluff, aside from the original "only sororitas to fall to Chaos."

1) Daemonifuge, half a convent gets corrupted by the direct presence of a Keeper of Secrets and the study of the nature of Slaanesh (for the purposes of defeating its forces). The other half are turned into a hive-mind/mockery of life.

2) Ciaphas Cain book where a Chaos general has the power to convert people with his voice alone. When the effect is suppressed (pressence of a null) the afflicted sisters immediately kill themselves.

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>The astronomicon
>The golden throne
Technology, not sorcery.

>daemon portal
You mean the webway?

>The creation of the emprah himself
What of it?

>The day he left the front lines of the Great Crusade, having Horus take over the fight, so that he could go back to earth and PRACTICE WARP MAGIC.
He never practiced warp magic.

Stop seeing what you want to see.

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>dem proportions

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The billions stick with it because they're get beaten to death if they don't. Sisters are meant to be this powerful, respected Imperial faction, yet they get fucked over by there own side all the time, to the point where they're more of a punchline than anything else. They'd get a better deal if the switched over to Chaos.

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Neither of those are really fallen. The 2nd is mind control (Still something they should have been resistant to) and the first just possession and being used in an unholy device that they WERE still fighting against even after they were made into it.

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Hot Dockings?!

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The billions do so because it is their lot in life and they know that it is their duty to the Emperor.

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He killed Horus with a magic laser, and bound the dragon to Mars.
Jesus christ, you imbeciles. Go read the fluff before you whine your asses off!

The emprah is all about the magic and sorcery. Who do you think wrote the iron tome, or recorded all the magic for the knights in the first place?

>> No.14601669

He's a psyker, he used the warp, but not sorcery. Sorcery is what non-psykers can use to emulate psykers, more or less. Spells a la D&D, with words and sacrifices and lot of ritual, i guess more or less prayers to the chaos gods.

>> No.14601671

Nope. In Daemonifuge, half FELL.
As in, were corrupted.

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> A massive shining psychic beacon where thousands of psykers are ritualistically killed every day to allow navigators to traverse the warp
> technology

>> No.14601676

Read Daemonifuge again because the sisters in it didn't fall. They were crafted into a huge living fleshball by a keeper of secrets, but they still didn't fall. They used their combined hatred of chaos and faith in the emperor to form a new sister to kill the demons because big fleshballs have trouble killing heretics and demons.

Heck, a sister might get possessed by a demon forcing the sister to move like a puppet, which is still not falling to chaos. But the instant the demon isn't giving 100% total concentration and all of it's power on the sister she will kill herself to take the demon out.

>> No.14601677


Actually, judging by the only Sister/Eldar contract I can think of (Daemonfuge), the Eldar respect them. Maybe they should give helping the craftworlds a go?

>This just in, space marines destroy a craftworld filled with sisters.

>> No.14601681

>implying using weird fuel and dealing with other dimensions makes it not-technology

>> No.14601682

No, sorcery is when you use little pieces of bone, true names, magic lasers, iron swords to beat down demons, or superspells to trap a planet outside time and space.

You know, what the emprah and his buddy were all about, and now the grey knights carry it on. Why?
Because that's their whole shtick, and always was.

Go back to warseer.

>> No.14601683


I don't recall any falling (been a while, so I may be wrong)

I remember possessed Sisters and the hellball but none that gave into chaos.

>> No.14601685

Oh, Anon. You crack me up.

>> No.14601687

If that were true, the Imperium wouldn't need brutal heavily armed death cops to keep the peace. Those billions would switch over to Chaos if ever they got the chance, something the Sisters should of done a long time ago.

>> No.14601689

>a better deal

You really don't get the basics of faith and reverence of a single, true deity, do you?

>> No.14601694

> Implying a running kill tally makes it technology

>> No.14601697

Arbites spend their time fighting hardened recidivists and major cases of unrest, not smacking around middle hivers for slacking. That's what enforcers are for.

>> No.14601701


Space Marines fight alongside Craftworld Eldar on multiple occasions, I'm pretty sure. Eldar and the Imperium are tsundere for eachother.

>> No.14601702

You're assuming that every single man is a fundamentally selfish individual who, at best, pays lip service to the Emperor. This is not the case. The Imperium as a whole is unified by faith. The worship of a common deity, even in different forms, gives the millions of unique worlds enough kinship to not strike off on their own at every turn and prey on their neighbours. Other control factors are in place too, of course, but faith and the sense of duty that goes along with it is the most significant of them.

>> No.14601709


I could totally go for a Sisters/Eldar team up. It wouldn't make any less sence than what we've seen come out of GW so far and hey, maybe Stern will return with the Harliquins.

>> No.14601720

>Sisters/Eldar team up
Sisters are the most puritan Monodominant puritans that ever purified impurities.
That would be the single most retarded thing GW has ever done, including the Sanguinor.

>> No.14601725

I like the space marine mission in retribution.

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>> No.14601729


Not much stranger than Blood Angels and Necrons of all things.

It happened a long time ago in Daemonfuge, though only on a very small scale. Harlequins helped a Battle Sister.

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Can they be so puritanical that they wrap right back around into radicalism, though?

>> No.14601737

>Sisters are the most puritan Monodominant puritans that ever purified impurities.

Sounds... kinda... like... Eldar.

>> No.14601745

Now you're just being overly obvious.

>> No.14601746

one recorded falling inside the 40k game books, and who gives a shit about the bullshit 3rd party things.

Sisters get killed or die trying

>> No.14601748

Yes, more retarded than that.
BA allied with the xenos near their home system lately, so it's plausible.
That would be like Fyodor Karamazov canonically binding daemonhosts.

>> No.14601750

You're assuming that that every single man will be a believer and give a flying fuck about duty.

Propaganda, the way the Imperium does it, tends to have completely reverse effects from what is intended. I would be a relatively safe bet to say that most people stay in line out of fear or indifference, or because it gives them a reason to think of themselves as holier than thou, not because they honestly believe or feel inspired to follow.

>> No.14601753


Yeah, dispite thier hatred, the Craftworld Eldar and the Sisters have a lot in common. Both are very heavy on self control and keeping pure through iron will. The Eldar temper that with power, the Sisters faith.

If they didn't have the whole 'Xenos' issue, they would likely get along well.

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GW does.
According to them, they're canon.
And the Bloodtide mentioned earlier talks about some Sisters being corrupted.

>> No.14601759

Shame their faith does fuck all to protect them the giant mutant heretics that everyone in the Imperium seems to like a whole lot better.

>> No.14601770

Which would be great if it wasn't for contradictions between each other

>> No.14601775

Are you actually this moronic?

>> No.14601776

Your thinking is the product of a cynical, secular age which prizes individual excellence and rewards those who desire upwards mobility in society. There is pride to be had in knowing your duty, performing it and excelling at it. Entire cultures have been based on such principles. People of the Imperium are brought up in a society where faith, loyalty and duty are the cornerstones of all morality. There are exceptions, of course, plenty of them. Many people fail to live up to the standards of honest worship. It's a rare few that don't believe in some capacity, though. Even pirates and renegades maintain shrines to the Emperor, even if they prey on the Imperium.

>> No.14601780

I sometimes feel like writing a story about actual fatguys getting lost in the warp and ending up in the 42nd millenium. (shit it's the 43rd by now already)

>> No.14601784


>> No.14601789

Marines are frequently portrayed as inhuman and terrifying angels of retribution. There are exceptions (Salamanders, most notably) but they're regarded with equal parts reverence and fear.

Sororitas, meanwhile, are distinctly human while also embodying the utmost purity a man can aspire to. They're far more inspirational than the astartes are.

>> No.14601793

Saying that people will believe if you threaten them with pain, that's moronic. They'll just nod when asked and then go home to secretly hate you and everything you stand for.

Also, there were fifty flavors of Christianity back then, and there were also atheists. And very few sheltered imbeciles believed that church was anything but a political organization. "Unified by faith" was always just a bad myth.

>> No.14601802

So you think because the Church was cruel and monolithic, that it was not loved by the general public and people were not genuinely devout to an incredible degree.
I'm going to assume you are trolling and not clinically retarded.

>> No.14601823

>Bloodtide mentioned earlier talks about some Sisters being corrupted.
Within the setting and universe there are rumors of sisters being corrupted. And there are people within the setting who believe this to be true. The thing is that the rulebooks say NOPE ONLY ONE. EVER.

Both of these statements are true. Some characters within setting talk of some sisters getting corrupted but the actual truth is there has only been one.

It's like the Imperial Primer. It says that orks are 4' tall, weak in close range combat and easily killed. This is what most guardsmen actually believe. Doesn't change that orks are nothing like this.

>> No.14601825
File: 7 KB, 90x104, tycho_troll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's right. No society has eever truly believed in religion. It's all be one huge scam by political organisations and people paying lip service.

>> No.14601837

I mean the factions that matter, the admech, the navy, the guard, the High Lords, they regard the marines with the up most respect while see the Sisters as just something to keep the peasants distracted.

>> No.14601845
File: 250 KB, 454x640, 1277102050687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14601848

So, they talk about an incredibly heretical concept and nobody corrects them, because.
That fluff is so old that if it counts, then so do the fucking Zoats.

>> No.14601851
File: 108 KB, 375x500, priest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's only one way to find out. Let's ask someone in the Church whether or not their pious Servants of the God Emperor ever get Corrupted!

Go ahead. I'm sure he doesn't bite.

>> No.14601856


A lot of that is the mentioned 'Xenos' issue. I was simply commenting on the fact that they are very similar in some ways, not that they would be friends. They hate each other, it's more 'In another universe the could have been friends'

>> No.14601857

That's because they're tied to the Ecclesiarchy, an organisation still suffering from a good dose of bad rep from the Age of Apostasy. They're wary of the Ecclesiarchy getting any real power since, given popular support form the masses, they could get away with a hell of alot.

Astartes aren't exactly beloved either, mind you. Their notorious independence means they can't be given orders, only asked for help, and even then you can't guarantee they'll do what you want them to. If the wrong chapter shows up for the wrong job then there's going to be alot of friction (Salamanders culling a population, Flesh Tearers fighting a defensive battle, etc).

There's also general mistrust between different Adeptus in general. The Navy and the Arbites, for example, do not care for each other. The Navy has its own set of traditions and likes to handle things internally. The Arbites, as the keepers of the Law, hold that it's their right and duty to investigate and deal with affairs involving the Navy.

>> No.14601872
File: 13 KB, 149x149, notamused_sororitas2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>machine cult iconography

>> No.14601879


Actually the Guard are supposed to love the Sisters, especcially the Hospitalers.

And at least a few of the High Lords like them. The leader of the Custodes, and the head of the guard. The leader of the Sisters too, before she vanished, leaving her chair empty.

But yeah, a lot of thier bad rap comes from being attached to the ecclessiarchy.

>> No.14601885
File: 600 KB, 1200x1175, wayne_reynolds_the_redeemer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Boy, do I feel like an ass.
Here, ask away.

>> No.14601889


Oh god, redemptionists. One of the group the Sisters can look at and go 'What fanatical idiots'

>> No.14601891

At the same time they're seen as a safeguard against Ecclesiarchal corruption. The origins of the organisation came from realising they'd been duped and promptly executing the man responsible. Any priest who tries the same thing Vandire did does so knowing his most skilled assets will turn on him in a heartbeat if they suspect he's not acting with the Ecclesiarchy's and Emperor's best interests at heart.

They were also sanctified as the exception to the rule laid down by Sebastian Thor, currently the greatest saint in the Imperium. That gives them alot of credibility.

>> No.14601897

The senior Abbess of the Sororitas is not a permanent position, it's one of the rotating or temporary seats.

>> No.14601899


Yes but she is one of the potential high lords, so I concidered it worth a mention.

>> No.14601907

The lower class cannon fodder grunts might like the sisters, but the officers who's opinion matter have more respect for the Marines, who have been fighting for the Imperium long before the sisters came around and generally win most of their battle.

If a Marine wants giant flamers for his Land Raider, the Admech will make it without making a fuss. Where as when the Sisters asked if they could use that new tank they found the STC for, the admech told them to fuck off.

And why do the leader of the Custodes and the head of the guard like them anyway?

>> No.14601915


The head of the Guard because the Guard like them and you can count on the Sisters to actually be there for a battle rather than 'Nah, too busy'

The Custodes becuase he argued for them after the Aposty, saying the Sisters were needed. Him and Thor are the reason they are still around.

>> No.14601917

This is trollfodder.

>> No.14601918

I'm in the middle of making a chaos space marine army with corrupted sisters counting as chosen/raptors. I like.

>> No.14601919


The Admech never told them to fuck off. Even the admech doesn't want to piss the ecclessiarchy off that much.

>> No.14601926

Before the GK codex, that would have provoked fanrage. Sadly Chaos Sisters are canon now.

>> No.14601927


You should totally mock up Miriael Sabathiel as the leader of the Squad or, even better, a Slannesh Lord. She is apparently one of Slannesh's greatest warlords. Also stealthiest with how much we've heard about her battles.

>> No.14601928

>people calling it 'awesome'

Look, I dont want to bring a /v/ mentality into this thread, but for those gents who arent familiar with this game in the OP pic, lemme just say that Darksiders is Not an awesome game, it's an Ok game.

It does a decent job as being a Zelda/God of war clone, and has a few nifty things like a giant flaming horsie you can summon at will and a portal gun, but on the whole the game is, really, pretty damn average.

It's incredibly easy, the dialogue is silly, the plot is forgettable, and the main character's design is pretty... well... you'll either like it or hate it

It's fun, but it's nothing to write home about

>> No.14601932

The Admech and Ecclesiarchy have an uneasy existence. Their dogma is in conflict and, even if the Omnissiah is supposed to be the Emperor, neither side quite buys it as a whole. On the other hand the Ecclesiarchy pours vast amounts of money into the Ad-Mech to obtain fancy tech and, by tolerating them, ensures they can get away with much of what they do.

>> No.14601936

>The Custodes becuase he argued for them after the Aposty, saying the Sisters were needed. Him and Thor are the reason they are still around.

And why did the Imperium need them anyway? Up until the Emperor yelled at them very loudly to stop being such dumb sluts, the sisters were out ruinning the Imperium. The Imperium would of been better off without them altogether.

>> No.14601945

Choas sisters don't really exist. If a sister were to turn to Chaos she'd stop being a sister. She'd just become another cultist.

>> No.14601950


It's never been said. Something made the Custodes see something in them to tell them to take up thier old name of 'Daughters of the Emperor'.

But yeah, whatever it is, GW ain't telling.

>> No.14601956

Speaking of sisters /tg/.

What is your opinion on the gargantuan boob plates they have?

If you were in the creative development team heading their revival, would you keep them? And if not... what would you do instead?

>> No.14601958

I wish the sisters were still the space marine internal police force, like those judges who do judge the judges in 2000AD. The idea of killer nuns making sure the brothers all beheave is amusing

>> No.14601965

A cultist in power armour with bolt/melta/flame weapons and fearsome supernatural power from misplaced faith mind you.

>> No.14601968


I'd knock the size down a little bit and make the armour in general a little less form fitting. Still keep more or less the same look though, just small changes.

>> No.14601971

A few ways to handle it.

-It's a cosmetic reminder of their gender and how they're not violating the Decree Passive due to that loophole.

-It's silly and should be removed.

-It's silly and should stay. Because 40k.

>> No.14601977


Actually, I'm pretty sure she'd lose the faith powers. Emperor isn't going to be helping her now. She'd probebly be on the fast track for a mark though.

>> No.14601978

The little pressure gauge on the chainsawflamer looks like a smilie face.

>> No.14601979
File: 393 KB, 2094x2622, sister_of_battle_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Need to be bigger.

>> No.14601987

There used to be one canon Chaos Sister, who as mentioned above was/is a powerful champion of Slaanesh. That was it, one Sister who had fallen to Chaos. Now the GK have made it so that's nothing special, even though the SoB have actual rules saying it is.

>> No.14601992

He didn't help them much in the first place.

>> No.14601994

-Sisters of Battle could have gargantuan boobs as a side effect of the combat drugs they take.

Sorta like how space marines tend to be bald and tahk leak thees.

>> No.14601996
File: 401 KB, 1000x700, 2+.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Sometimes he does.

>> No.14602003

Not against Marines he doesn't or a single Chaos Dreaddie.

>> No.14602005

Everyone gets retarded fluff written about them, dude.

>> No.14602006

Could be that's just what the GK believe. "I've heard that Sisters fall to chaos all the time, heck, I know this guy who knows this guy who totally knew a sister of battle who fell to chaos. Actually thousands of them. Really. That's why it's ok to kill them, drain them of blood, and use various body parts as talismans in totally not chaos sorcery rituals."

>> No.14602009


Fuu...that chaos dread...

Why did the cannoness get herself killed planting a meltabomb on the thing? Meltabombs are DESIGNED to be placed on tanks and dreads. And the multiple exorcists, each supposed an excellent tank killer...*Sigh*

>> No.14602020

Yes, but the Sisters don't have any good fluff written about them. Even their back story is completely retarded.

If that shit happened to the Tau, we'd be all laughing about how stupid they were.

>> No.14602031

>Don't get any good fluff written about them
>Sisters used to be the marine police
Honestly, it's just a reversal of what the fluff used to be.

>> No.14602041

A few GKs, sitting down chatting round a campfire, causually chopping up the dead Sisters like they were animals.

>Threads a vertebrae onto a lock of hair.
"So, Dave, getting up to much this weekend?"
"Nah, man. Heresy is really climbing over in Tallarus."
"Nice one. Love that sweeeet overtime. Chuck us an index finger, bro."

>> No.14602042

old space marine police force sisters was back in rogue trader, years before warhammer 40k

>> No.14602051

Why? It's pretty much the same backstory as the Kreigers have; great folly overcome, eternity of penance for their errors.

>> No.14602084

There are a few differences between the Sisters and the Kreigers. For starters, the biggest sin that the Kreigers did was to break off from the Imperium where the Sisters' was to nearly destroy it. And the Kreigers only did their sin because a small part of them wanted indepence where as the whole of the Sisters did their's because they thought that the badshit insane Goge was the choosen one, even when everyone else in the Imperium was attacking him.

>> No.14602095

So the Kreigers wilfully abandoned the Emperor while the Sisters merely had their faith exploited? Sounds like the Kreigers were the worse lot.

>> No.14602105

Strangely how after the GREY KNIGHTS Codex the faction no one will ever be able to take seriously anymore is the Sisters.

>> No.14602122

The Kreigers didn't nearly fuck other the Imperium and needed the Emperor to slap them back into line.

Also there's a difference between having your faith exploited and being a completely blind dumbfuck.

>> No.14602138

>Sisters nearly destroy the Imperium

Thats like saying Hitlers bodyguard was responsible for the Holocaust and WW2.

>> No.14602148

They were happy enough to let Hitler do so, as long as it keep them in Hugo Boss designer pants, that's all I'm saying.

>> No.14602157


Actually, if you read the speech the leader gave before she killed him it looks like the Sisters had been wanting ot knock him off for a while, only the 'Chosen one' thing keeping them from doing it.

"I renounce your lordship, you walk in the darkness and cannot be allowed to live. Your sentence has been long overdue and it is now time for you to die."

>> No.14602161

The final events of the Age of Apostasy was designed to do two things.

1) Show how faithful the sisters are. They don't do reasonable, standing by what they believe to be true even if there's a bunch of power armoured mutants attacking the Emperor's palace.

2) To show that blind faith is, as you say, dumbfucked, and to set them up to be both faithful and cautious in the future. This establishes them as the perfect religious organisation; impossibly pure and wary of being subverted due to the nature of their origins.

>> No.14602208


Yeah, the 'watchful' part doesnt' show up enough in my opinion. Would be cool to see them do more with it instead of having them as unquestioning minions.

>> No.14602239

well to be fair, the SS, something that started off as Hitler's bodyguard was responsible for manning a lot of the concentration camps and whatnot.

>> No.14602241

Again, writers cannot into religious characters. When was the last time you saw a properly pious character written decently?

Still, BL's quality is improving as time goes on. Less bolter porn, more exploration of the mindspace of the crazy people who live in the land of bolter born.

>> No.14602250

So basicly, Sisters are faithful and stupid until they got yelled at by the Emperor, now they're faithful, stupid and paranoid that everyone isn't as faithful and stupid as them

>> No.14602268

You're becoming tiresome.

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