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Can anyone tell me if there laser-only using vehicles in imperial armors? I want to make a laser and psyker army. There are not enough options in the current codex for me and I think everyone will accept my laser and psyker theme to say yes to IA stuff.

Which ones should I load/which vehicles are laser-only?

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I think the Laser Destroyer lacks any secondary gun systems.

There is also a Leman Russ pattern that has a TLLascannon in the turret (and can take a hull Lascannon as normal.) It's bad, but you can do it.

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Destroyer Tank Hunter
Leman Russ Annihilator

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Any idea which IA's they're in?

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Chimeras with multilasers.
Er, but then there's the hull bolter. welp.

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Annihilator: IA Apoc 2
Destroyer: IA 1 Update

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destroyer is ia1

the leman russ with lascannon turret is probably 6 or something

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IA2 has no imperial guard stuff.

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