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Why there's no interest in good fluff concerning Slaanesh? Concepts around which his whole existence evolves should be grimderp to the max, like on the related pick. Why is he chaos god with no...love?

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What a wicked picture.

Slaanesh is the coolest, just not the most prevalent. Sex is a natural part of human life, where as plague, scheming and unbridled murder aren'y. Slaanesh is just harder to work into games. Also, se and battlefeild don't go so well together. Sure, you can defend 'pleasure through pain' all you want, but the bottom line is that the Dark Prince doesn't do so well in outright warfare.

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Because love and lust are two completely separate concepts.

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Well, air filled with drugs and madness overhelming soldiers seem pretty murderous in my file.


Ok, but GW isn't lusting for Slaanesh ;___;

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Though strictly from a moddler's approach, Slaanesh and Tzeentch have some of the most pleasing conversions to make. So much crazy.

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Slaanesh is not limited to only sex

just like khorne is not limited to only skulls

and nurgle not limited to only plague

the chaos gods are not so one dimensional as you can classify them with things that aren't even emotions (protip; the "chaos gods" are gigantic conglomerates of warp-energy created from the emotions of races in the materium. If you're going to define them with a single word, emotions are a good place to start)

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...That chainsaw...

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I can perfectly see the plot in which whole population of planet is striving to eradicate Nurgle/Khorne cults and is working on 300% to do it. After some time people percive imperial government to stop the progress (no AI? How we will work faster? How we will make our lives better?) and shit hits the fan...

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Actually, Nurgle IS limited to plague, and disease in general. Sure, he has flies and rats, but all of his attacks and cults work on the basis of sickness. Khorne is limited to outright killing. A Khorne cultists, according to the majority of fluff, would not set up a grand plot to murder someone from 600 miles away in their sleep. He'd hack them apart and take their skull.

Slaanesh is the god of emotional excess. Pain, pleasure, pride, perfection. Like I said, you can argue it all you want, but those concepts still translate a battlefield very well. Look at the noise marines. Fist time I saw them, I couldn't believe that they fought with SOUND. You can tell GW had to stretch for that one.

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Because GW is more interested in producing a war game than generating a truly interesting fictional setting. To that end, they're more likely to focus on the aspects of Chaos more suited to combat; Khorne and Nurgle.

Decadence and madness just don't suit the battlefield as well as slaughter and plague.

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Slaanesh is the god of excess, so anything in excess, to include military/political control(one of the temptations in his fortress as I recall), sex(obviously, also how most of his cults begin in the higher classes of planets; also includes sato-macicism), and even sloth are all his domains.

Khorne is pretty much all blood and skulls as far as I can tell though. There's just not much going on upstairs for him.

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what is this? Did you mean sado-masochism? I'm genuinely intrigued to see if you're talking about something I'm not familiar with.

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Spell-check failed me, sorry

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Slaanesh is the god of excess.
Khorne is the god of excessive violence.
Khorne hates Slaanesh because "the new guy" is his boss.

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I'm going to turn that god damn picture into a model. By the blood of my gerbil, I so swear it.

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you'll need more than the blood of your gerbil. Read through Fulgrim - artist girl wound up going through the blood of like 4 people, her own shit, a couple dudes' semen....

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Y'know, i'm trying to build a slaanesh themed chaos army but i'm way too cheap to buy armybuilder. It's like 40 fuckin dollars.

Anybody else here a cheap bastard and wants to save some dollars?

free army builders anywhere that don't require Excel?

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Khorne is the god of righteous warfare and bloodshed of any stripe.

Slaanesh is the god of excess, generally meaning the mental feelings associated with addiction, be it power, sex, drugs, etc.

When you kill someone, Khorne lights a cigar. When you enjoy the feeling of killing someone, Slaanesh smokes a whole pack in one draw.

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Actually, I'd put it that "Slaanesh is not limited to only sex, as Khorne is not limited to only space marines, and as Tzeentch is not limited to the color blue." Slaanesh isn't the god of sex, otherwise he'd have been produced before the other gods and be the most powerful of the gods, not the only xeno chaos god and not the weakest chaos god (of the big four, anyway).

Normal sex has about as much to do with Tzeentch as it does with Slaanesh.

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ok did anyone else feel sort of sorry for fulgrim or is that just me

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Battle scribe. Thank me later after you make some nasty slaaneshi armies :3

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Poor guy >:

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It was a very well-written book that got you emotionally invested. It started for me when Fulgrim found the sword and I stated yelling at m book. When the ending came around, I almost threw the book across the room. I can't really imagine any book that makes yo feel for Angron. I can imagine the manly tears at the part where he's pulling a last stand with his gladiator buddies and then gets sucked into space, but the rest of the book would be "Man, this guy is a douche machine. Kharn is a bro."

Fulgrim and Thousand Sons really make you feel for those Primarchs. Legion kind of left me going "What?" becuase the revelations are not revealed to you.

I think it's the third book where Horus gets turned? I was so fucking mad at him for falling for some shit, but obviously I could only see what he was really being shown because I had an idea of how Chaos operates. He was being shown the future all right.

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yeah I got an army for you.
10x noise marines, 9x sonic blasters, 1x blast master
10x noise marines, 9x sonic blasters, 1x blast master
10x noise marines, 9x sonic blasters, 1x doom siren, 1x power weapon
14x raptors, mark of slaanesh
14x raptors, mark of slaanesh
2x sorcs, mark of slaanesh, melta bombs, and lash of submission
1x land raider
should be 2500 on the nose.
It's what I run and it's fucking awesome.

on an unrelated note, I'm thinking about kitbashing some slaaneshi chariots for my daemons army, should I go with the tomb king chariot for the more slim and quick look (it's a tad cheaper too) or go with the high elf chariot for the elegant and excessive yet refined look?

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out of the horus heresy novels I've read, that was the best one. It was great to see Fulgrim's slip from idolization perfection, to the twisted creature he became at the end. and that singer D: holy hell, what a nut. Slanesh is the best!

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If AD-B gets his way and is allowed to write the HH World Eaters novel, I'm betting there's going to be a lot more empathy towards Angron that anyone would ever expect from themselves.

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forgot to add that the sorcs have jump packs. you are supposed to stick 'em in with the raptors.

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I'd like to see better exposure of all the legions in the HH series before it ends. Ideally at least one book for each legion, but we'll see.

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>should be 2500 on the nose.

2500 ???? What is that?? Apocalypse? Warhammer fantasy?

40k is designed for 1500 or 1750.

Here is a 1750 pts list:

HQ 130
Chaos Lord Mark of Slaanesh Powerfist Combimelta 130

Elites 210
Chaos Dread BlastMaster (Count as Autocannon) 110
Chaos Dreadnaught Dual Close Combat Weapons 100

Troops 765
6 Noise Marines 1 champion w Doom siren Powerweapon Rhino 200
6 Noise Marines 1 Champion Powerfist Rhino 195
6 Noise Marines 6 Sonic Blasters Rhino 185
6 Noise Marines 6 Sonic Blasters Rhino 185

Fast Attack 240
5 Raptors 2 Meltor 120
5 Raptors 2 Meltor 120

Heavy Support 405
Predator Autolas 130
Predator Autolas 130
Vindicator Possession 145

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There is some decent fluff on Slaanesh in Disciples of the Dark Gods in the form of the Eris Transform. FFG generally is better at this than Games Workshop, because it goes into more detail of the smaller things in the galaxy. Expect plenty of Slaanesh goodness when Black Crusade comes out.

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what do you use the land raider for? the 10 squad with PW?

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Inb4 swedish hate moslems thread. I meant to write meltaguns

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These are my 2000 point Slaanesh Lists.

Daemon Prince 110, Wings 20, Mark of Slaanesh 5, Lash 20 - 155
Chaos Lord 90, Daemon Weapon 25, Mark of Slaanesh 5, Bike 30 - 150
Greater Daemon - 100
3 Terminators 90, 2 Combi-Meltas 10, Heavy Flamer 5 - 105
3 Terminators 90, 2 Combi-Meltas 10, Heavy Flamer 5 - 105
3 Terminators 90, 2 Combi-Meltas 10, Heavy Flamer 5 - 105
10 Marines 150, Icon of Slaanesh 20, 2 Flamers 10, Champ 15, Power Weapon 15, Rhino 35 - 245
10 Marines 150, Icon of Slaanesh 20, Flamer 5, Melta 10, Champ 15, Power Weapon 15, Combi-Melta 10, Rhino 35 - 260
10 Marines 150, Icon of Slaanesh 20, Flamer 5, Melta 10, Champ 15, Power Weapon 15, Combi-Melta 10, Rhino 35 - 260
--Fast Attack
6 Bikes 198, Icon of Slaanesh 20, 2 Meltas 20, Champ 15, Melta Bombs 5 - 258
--Heavy Support
Vindicator - 125
Vindicator - 125

Daemon Prince 110, Wings 20, Mark of Slaanesh 5, Lash 20 - 155
Fabius Bile - 160
3 Terminators 90, 2 Combi-Meltas 10, Heavy Flamer 5 - 105
3 Terminators 90, 2 Combi-Meltas 10, Heavy Flamer 5 - 105
3 Terminators 90, 2 Combi-Meltas 10, Heavy Flamer 5 - 105
6 Noise Marines 120, 3 Sonic Blasters 15, Doom Siren 15, Blastermaster 40, Champ 15, Power Weapon 15, Rhino 35 - 255
10 CSM 150, Bile 30, Icon of Slaanesh 20, Melta 10, Flamer 5, Champ 15, Power Weapon 15, Combi-Melta 10, Rhino 35 - 290
10 CSM 150, Bile 30, Icon of Slaanesh 20, Melta 10, Flamer 5, Champ 15, Power Weapon 15, Combi-Melta 10, Rhino 35 - 290
10 CSM 150, Bile 30, Icon of Slaanesh 20, 2 Meltas 20, Champ 15, Power Weapon 15, Rhino 35 - 285
--Heavy Support
Vindicator - 125
Vindicator - 125

I always play this song for my lord in the first list.


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it's what you play if you have a regular sized army, I built the list for tourneys and have never walked away from one with less than third place. but then again I also haven't played since Blood angels came out (being an American in Germany is frustrating sometimes.)

but back to your comment, most people I know play between 2000-3000 pts for 40k thus I build accordingly.

yes, 1. it ensures they will make it to the target
2. it can be use to great effect to "block" an enemy and make them go around
3. it ensures you usually know where your opponent is going to focus his force at...allowing you to draw troops away with lashes, shoot at them with the noise marine squads and then assault them with the swarm of raptors.

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Allah akbar!

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so again my idea with the slaanesh chariots, which do you guys think tomb kings or high elf chariot?

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the best thing about this list is that it's absolutely nothing but IN YOUR MOUTH, NOSE, EARS AND ASS Slaanesh. Just the way Slaanesh was meant to be.

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thank you very much that's what I was aiming for, just like all of my chaos armies.
4000 pts host of sigvald (WFB)
2000/2500 Daemons of chaos(40k/WFB)
2000 (right now) traitor guard (40k)
2500 CSM (40k)
all slaaneshi flavored as I could get it.

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This thread is full of heresy. I am going to exterminatus it before going to bed.

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>should i pick the excessive chariot or the slim, practical one for my SLAANESH GOD OF EXCESS ARMY
Jesus fucking christ man...

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it's not THAT much heresy.....besides you know you like it.

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Stupid slaaneshi reasonable big tits deamonettes...is not like I don't want to purge you or something...

>> No.14595944

well thats the thing even though it's practiacal it's slightly cheaper and with a bit of polish could look as good as the other....but I think I'm gonna go the high elf route now anyway because their chariot is larger in the back, thus more room for daemonettes, bitches, loot, ect.

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reasonable you say....

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As long as we're having a slaanesh thread, can I get some feedback on this list? It's for 2250 (comes in at 2253). I'm running daemons and CSM together with the blessing of my opponents, with CSM chaos icons counting for the daemons and all that.

Sorcerer, Mark/Slaanesh, Jump Pack, Lash of Submission, Personal Icon
11x Raptors, Champ, Lightning Claws, Icon/Slaanesh, 2 meltas
Herald of Slaanesh, Transfixing Gaze, Unholy Might, Pavane
Herald of Slaanesh, Transfixing Gaze, Unholy Might, Pavane
11x Daemonettes
11x Daemonettes
6x Fiends of Slaanesh
6x Noise Marines, Champ, Power Weapon, Doom Siren, 5 Sonic Blasters
Rhino, Daemonic Possession
6x Noise Marines, Champ, Power Weapon, Doom Siren, 5 Sonic Blasters
Rhino, Daemonic Possession
3x Obliterators
3x Obliterators
3x Obliterators

Noise Marines start in the rhinos, everything else derp strikes. I might start with one triad of obliterators on the table, if I'm feeling saucy.

Any feedback? I know there's no prince, but they're expecting a prince, so I'm trying to avoided it. Also worried about a potential Jaws of the World Wolf situation.

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so now the bigger question, 1 or 2 chariots? I was thinking 2 so I could use one for my daemons army and the other for my WoC army. though I could do 2 and magnetize them so that I can switch out the rider.

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>Champ, Lightning Claws
drop this
>Unholy Might
and this
>3x Obliterators
and two of these as I assume you are attempting to play a friendly game with your friends....nothing ends up worse than your friends calling you "that guy"

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>> No.14596114


This, in theory, would leave me with 510 points to spread around. Any suggestions?

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>Nurgle IS limited to plague, and disease in general
nope. Think about if for a second, is "plague" a feeling we have? How about "disease"? Is that human emotion?

"I am feeling pretty disease at the moment"

Think about what plague and disease bring -emotionally- to human beings, and you're closer to your answer. The gods feed on emotions.

>Khorne is limited to outright killing.
Again, killing isn't an emotion, it's an action. ALL chaos gods deal with killing. Think about the emotions surround and leading to that action, and you're closer to your answer.

>Slaanesh is the god of emotional excess. Pain, pleasure, pride, perfection. Like I said, you can argue it all you want, but those concepts still translate a battlefield very well.
I didn't even mention anything about Slaneesh's focus other than "It's not limited to simply sex"

>sage because the conversation is long over and I'm not really contributing to the thread but I can't leave this hanging

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moar daemonettes, moar noise marines. the more dudes you have the more attacks you are going to get, and the longer you can have a scoring presence on the board, drown him in bodies if need be.

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>> No.14596201

gonna beat it in about 15 min, anyone who wants to chat about slaanesh with me past that can reach me at my email which is conveniently in the field.

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slaanesh sucks and is gay

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>> No.14596306

that you khorne? still mad about the chalice of war?

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The book Daemon World has the main setting controlled by a Slaanesh dictator. You get to read about the pleasure cults and how anything that ruins that pleasure pisses them off soo much

>> No.14596340

last one, hitting the sack.

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There are more pictures in that series.

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Fuck Slaanesh. (see what I did there)

Nurgle needs more love.

>> No.14596781

is it any good?

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In before fetish fuel ban.

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>> No.14596809

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Sauce for opening pic

Done by a guy called torture-device, a real crazy russian fucker, but MY GOD does he understand how to make chaos awesome as hell.

>> No.14596814

is six the slaaneshi holy number?

>> No.14596817

>mfw when old /tg/ Slaanesh thread in 2011

>> No.14596823

I really like this picture.

>> No.14596868


If he would actually ever do that Zso Sahaal pic finally, but nooo, the cunt has to spout his retarded propaganda all over.

>> No.14596934

sound weapons exist IRL

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>> No.14597003

R.S. Connett is quite inspirational if it comes to Slaanesh or generally weird shit.

>> No.14597009

>Nurgle needs more love.
Yeah, I see what you did THERE, too...

>> No.14597020

>>where as plague, scheming and unbridled murder aren't
The fuck?

>> No.14597037

I feel like I should have made a SAN-check, but for some reason, didn't have to.

Is that bad?

>> No.14597063

Nurgle is also about the circle of life, the inevitability of death, fear, despair, durability, survivability..

>> No.14597067

>this fucking guy

Look up the definition of the word "Excess" and then look up the definition of the word "Sex". That's all it takes. Really. That's all!

>> No.14597074

Nothing bad about that at all, just means you're already a filthy heretic.

>> No.14597108

oh and preservation.

>> No.14597124

Something for DH players:


>> No.14597129

What is this i don't really even. Try making a point with your posts, instead of spitting random words onto the screen.
OP asked a question. I answered it. You have a better response? I'd like to hear it, instead of suggesting pointless definition exercises.

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Thing is, I really prefer love to lust. Even in my Heresy.

>> No.14597198


Maybe we'll discuss it at my place? Mrrr?

>> No.14597229

Oh, sorry anon, I am afraid I gave the wrong impression. I've already got someone I'm quite happy with.

>> No.14597252


Oh, I see, in that case, proceed mating with flesh horr-I mean, venerating PERFECT beauty of this individual.

>> No.14597264

Slaanesh isn't just sex. He's excess. Excess in EVERYTHING.

Think about that for a little.

>> No.14597335

" I want to be perfect, humble servant of the Emperor. I want to do things for him before his desire reaches me in the Immaterium. I want to be perfect slave. I am slave"

"I need to protect my family from starvation. I have to work harder. I need to stay awake to finish this project. I need couple hours more. I don't need sleep. It will be perfect, it will be perfect..."

>> No.14597338


Anyone got pictures of the redhead with the flesh coming from her head, sorta like the red flesh in this picture?

>> No.14597359

I only have something like this that may be kind of similiar.

>> No.14597388


...no. That is not it. This redhead has clothes on.

>> No.14597432

Mai Waifu...

Okay, not really, but the same condition my RL GF has.

>> No.14597449

Hell, I'll just dump some pictures for a moment...

The character is more Tzeench than Slaanesh, though.

>> No.14597471

a penis?

>> No.14597476

For the love of god, give me more

>> No.14597506

I hate being the one asking this, but whats that thing from, I've seen it before.

>> No.14597524


Yessss. Future NPC get.

>> No.14597527


Sorry, had to jump away for a moment.

>> No.14597537

Ok, I'll spell it out for you piece by piece.

Slaanesh is the Prince/Chaos God of Excess. Not pleasure, not sex. Excess. There's a huge difference between being excessive and being sexual. You could do anything excessively---not just things that involve pleasure.

So instead of sex, try gluttony. It fits much better.

And gluttony just as natural in humans as plotting, sloth, despair and wrath. (and before you embarrass yourself further by asking why that's important, I'll preemptively answer that as well. Gluttony = Slaanesh, Plotting = Tzeentch, Sloth/Despair = Nurgle, and Wrath = Khorne. All are have their place in human life, but typically in the same small amounts.

Making sense yet? <3

>> No.14597560

Just a random drawfag on 2ch/Pixiv to my knowledge, I don't think theres' a series she's from...

>> No.14597563

Are people still having this argument?

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>> No.14597570


>> No.14597582

and what condition would that be? Excessive plotting? Endless lust for excess? Mutated burn wounds? Honestly I am curious how to get a monster girl.

>> No.14597587


>> No.14597595

and can i get a link to their pixiv?

>> No.14597599


And here you go http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=15033. Oh and you need to be registered on pixiv as well. And for future help at finding source for these things get the Sauce Now/IQDB add-on/extension/script for whatever browser you may have. It works superbly on FF.

>> No.14597608


So what is her condition?

>> No.14597669

is it cancer, it would suck if it was cancer.

>> No.14597676


It's a parasite, most likely. I see similar stuff on /d/ all the time. Doesn't appeal much to me.

>> No.14597692


>> No.14597694

I don't think a parasite would do that to someones "RL GF" if they even have one at that.

>> No.14597779

Proteus Syndrome... Her body is constantly growing new stuff... None of it is actually cancerous, though it does cause her some inconveniences sometimes.

Of course, it's nowhere near as extreme as depicted in art, but she does occasionally develop what look like burn wounds or scar tissue sometimes. As well as occasional bony growths that naturally fall out on their own.

Essentially, constant mutation on a fast scale, biologically. For instance, over the course of a month, a spur might start growing, get about an inch long and sharp enough to make a wound, then atrophy and fall off.

Sometimes inconvenient, but so very worth it.

>> No.14597805


Holy shit, you are living the dream.

...yeah, that's attractive to me. I don't care, I ain't gettin' laid anything soon, not like I'm gonna jeopardize it.

>> No.14597825

isn't proteus syndrome rare as fuck?
Damn you are one lucky guy.

>> No.14597829


(googles Proteus Syndrome)

...I'm not interested anymore.

>> No.14597849


You saw the Elephant Man case didn't you?

>> No.14597867


Always remember: think before you dick.

>> No.14597887


>> No.14597914

Yeah, thankfully, the condition is localized to her back and legs due to it being either a developmental mutation rather than base genetic mutation or her being a genetic chimera or mosaic... (it's really impossible to tell either way)

In any case, her hands, chest, abdomen, shoulders and head are all unaffected.

>> No.14597932

In the wise words of the immortal Emperor:

Suffer not the mutant to live

>> No.14597948

Now that I think about it, you could make a pretty wicked slaanesh army based on a band doing a world tour, complete with roadies and groupies.

They will perform face-melting guitar solos.

And they will melt some faces.

>> No.14597951

>/tg/ likes nazi attention whores.
Well, I'm done.

>> No.14597955


In the words of real life situations:

Shut the fuck up.

>> No.14597970


Sorry, who? You mean that fag from DA? Hell, no. Besides, /tg/ isn't one person last time I checked.

>> No.14597974


>bone spurs along backside

And now it's attractive again - no! Bad Titanium Man! She is not Marrow, you are being much too silly!

>> No.14597983

>Maybe we'll discuss it at my place? Mrrr?
It's like every day you give me a new way to be disappointed in you. You're the son I'll never have.

>> No.14597989


In the words of 4chan:


>> No.14598003


>> No.14598009

She, or was it a he?, may be some dumb neo-nazi Russian retard, but the art is still a pleasure to look.

>> No.14598021

>the art is still a pleasure to look.
If you have no sense of composition, sure.

>> No.14598039


Why in the name of the Abyss would you archive this thread?

>> No.14598049

In the words from my own filthy fucking heretic mouth.

Fuck you and the rotting corpse god you fap to, impfag. You can go back to getting assfucked with a flaming strapon from the nearest bolterbitch because your'e a heretic just for hearing me.

>> No.14598128


>Saya no Uta

Christ, just when I had started forgetting!

So many mixed feelings for that VN. I liked the characters and how the story flowed, but... it was such a goddamn downer (although, it being Cthulhu-esque in style, you can't really expect a happy ending, can you?)

>> No.14598178

Any more of these?

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