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Warhammer Fantasy general, I have a friend who is going to look into Lizardmen and I Skaven. What should I be expecting from the reptiles?

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Don't know about now, but back in 6th when I ran my Sacred Spawning of Chotec list I dominated. Mind you I haven't played since then, but I hear they're a pretty top tier group right now.

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I'm waiting for the TK to be released.

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>implying I don't have 120 goblins and night goblins

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The people I talked to (at the LGS) said it was Dwarves and Skaven who dominated.

Right now we are going to download codexes to try before we buy. I am loving the Skaven with their wicked-ass Weapons Teams and some the fun options they have with their troops.

All I know about the Lizardmen so far is that they look fucking cool and can field an Elephant-Triceratops

>Kashmir, tatten
An interesting color scheme for my army captcha...

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30 halberdiers and a BSB to go and my imperials will be good to go at 1000p.

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Have there been any rules/new unit leaks?

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Not many people play Warhams on Wednesday evenings around here.

Our local WHFB players are trolls though. We like to show up at the LGS on Saturday mornings, take all the terrain tables, and giggle as the 40Kids waddle in and derp about having nowhere to play.

Fuckers deserve it too. The break the store's terrain constantly.

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Its all about 40k FAGGOT

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I have fun with 40k, but most of the terrain that me and my friend wind up playing on give my Orks an unfair advantage. We are starting to game at the LGS though, so hopefully his Tau will be able to get a better chance against my Orks.

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>implying I don't have 120 goblins and night goblins

> goblin army


Skaven masterrace here.

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1/4 of the table is supposed to be terrain. Deal.

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Didn't Fantasy have an RTS vidya at one point?

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How are Skaven? Skimming through the book I see having some artillery supporting the shitty soldiers as they move forward. Then having the Weapons Teams do more damage. I don't see the general infantry bringing the pain unless you have a huge mob of them or hit flanks/rear.

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rolled 21219 = 21219


For a second there I thought you were talking about Warhams Online Age of Reckoning.

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But he said it was good, so it can't have been.

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We don't talk about Mark of Chaos here.

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They're unbeatable when you pile them up in 40 man regiments and drown your enemy in them.

They get 4 to their combat resolution just by being there.

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Your infantry aren't MEANT to hurt anything. Think of them, not as infantry, but as a speedbump. They're to hold the enemy in place while you blow the bejeezus out of them with your big guns.

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fuck yeah WFB

painting some saurus right now

just can't get the damn scheme down. Should i line highlight the crests and raised areas or do some other form of highlighting of which i am wholly unaware?

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Your wonder weapons will either wipe out whole units or blow themselves up horrible. I've seen hellpit abominations random-move off the table on turn one, a doomwheel wipe out a unit of friendly rat ogres with its lightning arc, et cetera.

Avoid them if you want a predictable ultra-tactical kind of army. And if you hate modelling or painting - you need a lot of models.

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Once they patched it, it was pretty good. The "Call of Warhammer" mod for M2TW is way better, of course, but they actually took most of their models from MoC.

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Those'd be late 15th century Swiss, and by the bases, for a historical game rather than use as Empire in Warhammer.

You'd be better with early 16th century holy roman empire for Empire troops if not buying GW stuff. Italian Wars and Landsknects is what to search for. Image related.

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Blue and white. Counts as Middenheim. They're not ALL Landsknechts, man.

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That's also where he'll find the slashed doublets.

Though the latest set of state troopers the design has crept back towards the 15th century a bit.

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rolled 21332 = 21332

I was wondering, is there a way to run a shadow warrior-esque army?

Out of all the HE I enjoy the Shadow Warrior and White Lion fluff the best...

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What was wrong with it? Also


What's that?

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White Lions are solid. Shadow Warriors, honestly, are overpriced for what they do. Alith Anar the Shadow King would be an absolutely awesome SC if he had a great weapon - characters with S4 are lame.

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Medieval: Total War 2, sequel to the original and arguably better (without mods at least, many bloody good mods for both though) Medieval: Total War.

Mark of Chaos was pretty much just a bad game, but also incredibly disappointing after Dawn of War turned out to be pretty bloody good.

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rolled 13309 = 13309


So its theoretically possible to field a 'White Lion' Phoenix King Bodyguard type army?

Oh man... though the TK War Sphinx looks incredible...

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New units:
Necrotec - Hero level character, said to be cheap, gives constructs within 12" a low regeneration save and the unit it joins Hatred.

Warsphinx - T8, low armored Stegadon. Crew of 3-4 Tomb Guard or a Tomb King. Does not get impact hits, instead it gets a special attack, make a To Hit roll, if successful, place a small blast template in base contact. Not sure the strength of the hits.

Necrosphinx - Flying T8 monster that gets a S10 Heroic Killing Blow attack.

Necropolis Knights - Giant construct snakes ridden by Tomb Guard. 2 S4 Killing Blow attacks from the riders, 3 S5 poisoned attacks from the snakes. Can be upgraded to have "It Came From Below".

Sepulchral Stalkers - Snake-man constructs with "It Came From Below".

Hierotitan - Bone Giant with a entombed Liche Priest. Gives casters +D3 casting value within 12". Can cast Bound Spells.

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Necrophinx statline

M10 WS4 S5 T8 W5 I1 A5 Ld8
Warsphinx is the same except slower

Both are cheaper than Arachnarok Spiders even with full upgrades (both get poisoned attacks, warsphinx gets a S4 breath weapon etc...) and the base cost is about in line with Hell Pit Abomination.

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So I've never really touched Fantasy before, but I hear good things about the fluff when compared to the agreeably over-the-top 40k.

What are the Tomb Kings fluff? All these new additions and a new armybook make them sound like an awesome place to start. I heard that they actually rule over kingdoms of the living, chilling out in their tombs.

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Some rule changes:

Chariots - 5 pts. increase, D6 impact hits, lose the Fast Cavalry rules, can rank 3-wide, gain +1S on impact hits for each full rank after the first

Skeletons - 4 pts. base, come with hand weapon and shield, spears and light armor +1 pts. each, bows +2 pts., the rule that means no modifiers to hit is still in

Skeleton Horsemen - Cheaper, gain Vanguard

Skeleton Cavalry Archers - Scouting and still Fast Cavalry

Tomb Guard - Can take halberds now

Ubshapti - Cheaper, S4 base, can take Great Weapons, additional hand weapons, and 30" S6 bows

Tomb Scorpions - No changes

Carrions - No changes


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I thought everything was unbalanced in Warhammer fantasy

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You can have a lot of white lions, but since they are 15 pts apiece you may want to pad your numbers with spearmen - maybe use some white lion bits on their champ and a Chrace logo on their banner.

8E has really nerfed cavalry/chariots. At least, they can't run down whole regiments anymore. If you want the awesome white lion chariot model, use it to charge units in combat with your blocks of troops.

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They are Egyptian mummies that were raised by Nagash. Now they just want to reclaim their stolen relics and lands. Most are Lawful Neutral.

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Since OP mentioned Skaven I might as well ask this here. My interest in 40k is tapering off but with the new TK stuff I've gotten back into Fantasy. So I have this Skaven battalion I bought almost two years ago on a whim and I have no idea what the fuck to do with it. I was gonna grab IoB since I need an 8e rulebook, but what else should I get? I really have fuck all idea what units are good or bad for them.

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Casket of Souls - No longer tied to a priest, a rare-choice war machine, Light of Death is a shooting attack that does 3D6-Ld on a unit, jumps to another unit within 6" on a 4+, can also add +D3 power dice in the magic phase

Bone Giants - 170 pts. base, loses the additional hand weapon standard, but can buy it back, can also take a bolt thrower or great weapon

Tomb Swarms - Moved to Specials

Screaming-skull Catapult - The skulls upgrade went up in points.

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Tomb Kings used to be a nation of desert-dwelling humans. When their kings died, they would be entombed with their retainers and soldiers.

Eventually, some of them became vampires and were eventually driven out of Khemri. A while after that, a necromancer named Nagash cast some spell that raised all the dead of Khemri. By this time, Khemri was a wasteland devoid of the living. The undead Khemrians now follow their undead kings, and still hate the vampires, and Nagash for fucking with the afterlife they expected.

The salient points are that the Tomb Kings are undead Egyptians that are no more or less evil than regular humans, and hate the other undead factions.

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>What was wrong with it?
Here's what's wrong with it: it was pretty much a direct transition of the game to a real-time-tactics format. This meant that unlike Dawn of War, which required tech trees to be built up and so on, you picked your units beforehand and then fought, meaning that battles took like ten minutes tops.

But in the interest of fairness and because I'm tired of vague ragging on a game I think is decent, here's some things I like about it:
- It does what it's supposed to do without problems. There's hero units, there's all the important units for each faction, everything does what it's supposed to do. You form lines with halberdiers and swordsmen, you shoot over their heads with archers and gunners, you flank and charge with cavalry.
- There's humans and dwarfs and elves and Chaos and Skaven and orcs and they're all voiced (including a lot of crossover actors from DoW).
- The graphics are great, with lots of details and randomized units that really convey the hodgepodge nature of most of the armies in the Old World.
- The bugs that people cite are mostly fixed after the patches, although the loading screens are still abominably long.
- The campaign is pretty good even though it's really just "a bunch of battles linked together by simplistic money management".
- Every town you can visit in the campaign has a great little fluff writeup for literally every part of the town - the main town + each of the four facilities in each town. It actually kind of pained me because it was well-written and evocative and I felt like only two or three people were actually going to bother to look at it.
- Even in its shittiest, buggiest state, it was still a better Warhammer game than fucking Warhammer Online.

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Less than HPA (235 points)

Warsphinx is 210 points.
Poisoned attacks upgrade is 15 points
Breath is 20 points.

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So they're like anti-undead? That's pretty cool. The immediate impression one would get from an army of the dead is to wipe out the living, but I kind of like the idea of a Tomb King rising from the sands and being confused at this un-life.

Are they a known quantity in places like the Empire and Brettonia? People are aware of zombie kings and their armies taking over Araby and don't have any issues?

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rolled 30779 = 30779


>You can have a lot of white lions, but since they are 15 pts apiece you may want to pad your numbers with spearmen - maybe use some white lion bits on their champ and a Chrace logo on their banner.

This I like.

Maybe try and go with a whole 'Chracan hunters' theme.

I am still unsure about Chariots.

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Now you know!


I have, many times.


Because I made the foolish promise to myself and my friends that I was tired of proxying shit and seeing grey plastic everywhere, so I refused to play WHFB again until my army was fully painted! It was supposed to be motivation.

Then other factors in my life refuse to allow me any painting time. Feels shit, man.

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>Here's what's wrong with it: it was pretty much a direct transition of the game to a real-time-tactics format. This meant that unlike Dawn of War, which required tech trees to be built up and so on, you picked your units beforehand and then fought, meaning that battles took like ten minutes tops.

Like Dark Omen, which was awesome. I myself enjoyed Mark of Chaos, it wasn't great but it wasn't awful either.

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It would be more accurate to think of them as the undead living. Even the least of the risen Khemrians still possess free will and can speak.

How widely known they are is unclear. Odds are quite good that there are those in the Empire and in Brettonia that know about them, but the majority certainly do not, though the majority of either country knows very little about most things. The people of Estalia, Tilea, Araby, and the Border Princes probably know more about them overall since they are closer to them.

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I WANT to start a Skaven army, but am a little short on funds after filling out my Cryx army.

Rats will have to wait.

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I like how the Warhammer threads that start off politely die after 20 posts, but the ones that spit in /tg/'s face like the OP gets 300 replies.

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You wanna make something of it, faggot? Come on, asshole, let's argue about this for another 50 posts! I'll fuckin MURDER ya!

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>I like how the Warhammer threads that start off politely die after 20 posts, but the ones that spit in /tg/'s face like the OP gets 300 replies.
>mfw this is true

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C'mon you pansy! This is totally not to bump up the thread at all!

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/tg/ likes it rough.

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So are "unique" units going off the base size of their official GW model now? Stuff like the Abomination doesn't have an "official" base size, but I guess the accepted width and length is the one from the store model now.

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I don't even know why these sensitive pussies think that the OP is "spitting in /tg/'s face". Fuck, between this and the last WFRP thread, /tg/ is hilariously willing to think they're being trolled any time someone doesn't meekly roll in and be like "excuse me can we please talk about warhammer"





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So what would be spitting into /tg/'s face?

The first thread about GW's announcement about Sisters of Battle 5th edition codex, written by Matthew Ward?

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Get. Out.

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I kinda want to see the TK's book be full of awful and impractical fluff to see the kind of shitstorm be on Fantasy. Too bad TK is too much of an outsider army for that to ever happen.

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Let them come. More meat for the pots, more bones for the Maw.

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Settra has subjugated all the other Tomb Kings and is on a crusade to rid the world of the living once and for all.

Arkhan the Black is Settra's new Grand Vizier.

Nagash has been working with the C'tan.

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I sense a distinct lac- SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!

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>He thinks peasants are people!

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>more Skaven
Oh, wow. Look OP have fun with that, you your other mindless hordes of rat folk.

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Yup, that is pretty terrible fluff. And again, no one on /tg/ will care because it's not 40k.

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If he did it and made the fluff as wanky and OP as with Grey Knights? I would friggin' LOVE that. Sisters have been the bitch of every other army for years, the nerd-rage at official, canon stories of Sisters beating the shit out of every other faction in the galaxy would be DELICIOUS.

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I remember when the thread announcing Ward's authorship of the Grey Knights codex was posted, there was much delicious butthurt and denial.

>> No.14572271

>Arkhan the Black is Settra's new Grand Vizier.

Is this bad? I don't really know what Arkhan is famous for in the setting.
Settra has always been about ruling the world, so it isn't that big of a change.

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Dat wos a hammer? 'Ere I thought you wuz givin me face a massage.

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>he thinks the bretonnian system isn't a failure of a country.

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Matt Ward is propably taking notes.

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Well, Arkhan the Black is Nagash's second in command (even since they both were living humans) and has warred against the Tomb Kings for millennia. They hate him as much as they hate Nagash and Vampires(a lot), speaking of vamps Arkhan had a hand in their original creation.

Tomb Kings used to be, dunno about the new book, big on individuality when it came to ruling their cities, some of them even were cool with the living and had them in their domain. Settra being in charge of them all would make the Tomb Kings something much closer to Necrons than their current form.

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>He thinks they're even any good at the whole "heavy cavalry" thing!

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Yes, faith power now comes from and is stored in the sisters' blood. Only those with the most potent blood can become Living Saints.

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Incantations are gone

Tomb Kings/Princes - 'My Will Be Done' is now they give their WS to the unit they join

Liche Priests/High Liche Priests - Have access to Lore of Light, Death, and Nehekhara, Hierophant must take the Lore of Nehekhara

Icon Bearer - Now called a Herald, acts like a Battle Standard like before, plus a bodyguard for Tomb Kings/Princes

Lore of Nehekhara
Lore Attribute - When a friendly unit of Nehekharian Undead is affected by an augment spell, the unit heals D3+2 wounds lost in the battle, constructs only heal 1 wound.

Signature Spell - 8+ augment 12", all unengaged friendly Nehekharian Undead units may immediately make a non-charge move, can be increased to affect all units within 24" on a casting value of 16+, a unit can only be affected once per turn

1. 7+ augment, 12" range, until the start of your next magic phase, target unit gains the Killing Blow special rule, if they already have Killing Blow or Heroic Killing Blow, affected units Killing Blow on a 5+, instead of a '6', increase the range to 24" on a 10+
2. 9+ augment, 12" range, target unit gains a 5+ ward save until the next magic phase, can affect all units within 12" on a 18+
3. 9+ augment, 12" range, until next magic phase, target unit gains +1A, Bows and Great Bows gain Multiple Shots (2), can affect all units within 24" on a 18+
4. 10+ hex, 18" range, target enemy unit suffers -D3 to its movement and treats all terrain as dangerous terrain until the caster's next magic phase, the range can be extended to 36" on a 13+

>> No.14572376

I'll get that bitch cannons. Bitches love cannons.

>> No.14572380

>target unit gains a 5+ ward save


>> No.14572422

>Discussing WHFB vidya
>not mentioning Dark Omen

I am disapoint /tg/.

>> No.14572425

5. 11+ hex, 24" range, target unit suffers -1 S and T, to a minimum of 1, until the caster's next magic phase, can be cast on a 22+, which reduces it by -D3
6. RiP, magical vortex, 15+, place a small blast template in base contact with the caster, move it an artillery die time the caster's magic level in inches in a straight line, anyone touched takes a S4 hit, scatters an artillery die as long as its in play, can be a large blast template for a 25+ casting value

Special Characters

Arkhan the Black - lvl 5 wizard, can take a chariot that can be upgraded to fly

Khalidia - The unit she joins gains Poisoned arrow shots and can use her BS3

Settra - 6" MWBD bubble with WS7, lvl 1 wizard, can be the hierophant, 18" ld bubble, 4+ armor on his chariot, 4+ ward, S6 flaming attacks which gives models wounded -1 to hit for the rest of the game

Named Herald - Settra's herald that carries the Flail of Skulls

Prince Apophis - Made of scarabs and can fly

High Priest named character

Named Necrotec - Gives the unit he's with Hatred and Frenzy

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Oh, it was MENTIONED, sir.

>> No.14572437


I actually twitched, and I don't even play TK.

>> No.14572444

>Mfw these models look 10 times better than GWs shit and probably only cost half as much

>> No.14572463

About as many Magic Items as the O&G book.

Destroyer of Eternity - Cheaper then it was, still limited to a model on foot, +2S and Heroic Killing Blow, can choose to hit everyone in b2b with the wielder once instead of attack normally

50 pts weapon - Healing blade like the VC Blooddrinker

Banner of the Hidden Legion - the limit on the unit is increased to 150 pts.

>> No.14572493

Oh, bummer. You'd think Settra would hate any cohort of Nagash, seeing as the whole Nehekhara situation is entirely his fault.

>> No.14572540


For all we know he still does, >>14572239 was just potential ideas for rageworthy fluff.

But consider this: the army must have a hierophant and the hierophant must take Lore of Nehekhara, EXCEPT if Arkhan is in the army, he can be the hierophant but only knows spells from Lore of Death.

This would imply that Arkhan and his forces are still separate from the actual Tomb Kings. Especially as he still has the Book of Nagash.

>> No.14572545

Forgot to mention, the Stalkers get an 8" ranged attack, does an artillery die's worth of auto-hits, S1, rolls to wound against the model's I value, no armor saves allowed

>> No.14572572

I get the feeling that Arkhan is in the TK book, since he's decided to stay around there and build his army, instead of it being him actually working for any of the bigger names. The Kings and Prince that'd work for him might be those that don't know exactly his ties with Nagash.

>> No.14572585

>yfw that is GW's shit.

>> No.14572595

It's not, Broedipus

>> No.14572650

What is this limit that magic banner raises?

>> No.14572657

It would feel kind of weird fielding him, since one of the Tomb Kings' shticks was that all those undead minions were actually totally loyal to the kings in life, and are again in unlife, not just some magical moving bones, like with Necromancers.

>> No.14572762

You can hold a unit worth up to 150 pts. in reserves, then have it raise from the ground within 12" of the banner.

From the latest GW articles, its making it sound like the raised warriors don't even realize they are dead, living the faint memories of when they were alive.

Something that occurred to me, really hoping that they limit how the Warsphinx's Thundercrush attack works with the Poisoned attacks upgrade. I'd hate to see them over-look that and we end up with Warsphinxes walking up, rolling a '6' to hit, and laying down auto-wounding small blast templates on units.

>> No.14572788


Seriously it's 'balanced' as long as you ignore all the other spells similar to it.

>> No.14572797

Jesus Christ, Ogres are the most grimdark faction there is.

Seriously, it's funny how credible beastmen and ogres are as threats compared to the "real" enemies (greenskins, chaos, skaven) who seem way more tolerable because they're not FUCKING INSANE.

>> No.14572816


Yeah, Nehekhara is a buffing lore so it's to be expected.

Since TK wizards get Lore of Death and Purple Sun with it, it's a trivial concern. Nehekhara spells that would get cast are primarily only the augment spells anyway.

>> No.14572817

One thing to consider about Arkhan is that if he is in the new army book, this may be a sign of Nagash reawakening. Also keep in mind that in spite of Arkhan's loyalties, if he were to take to the field, his army (or any other army directly loyal to Nagash) would still largely be of the same style as the Tomb Kings; the newfangled Vampire Count shit isn't their style.

Though of course if Nagash were awakening, the Vampire Counts might find themselves needing to go" home".

Whatever happened to the Crown of Sorcery, by the way? Has it been in anyone's hands since Azhag?

>> No.14572823

Yeah, I wouldn't have a problem with it only being S4 if it ignored saves of any kind like the other Vortex spells.

>> No.14572841

>shocked by Ogres eating human children

There's, uh, a lot more eating going on that book, man.

As an Ogre player, I don't even bat an eye at that passage.

>> No.14572845


Well, there's always the Fimir...

>> No.14572848

Even Strength 5 would have been tolerable. As it is now I see no reason to use this spell.

>> No.14572860

Turns out that they went even more bat-shit insane after the Cathayans dropped a comet on their ass. Children were just the start.

On the plus side, Ogres are less of a threat, since you can bribe them with some cows if they wander too close, unlike any of the other threats out there.

>> No.14572866

I knew they ate people and all that, and yet somehow the image of an ogre just wading into a rice paddy, grabbing some peasant child, and devouring them right there is Grimdark As Fuck.

>> No.14572870

>Challenged to 3000 point game
> "Sure bro."
>Field 4 trebuchets

>> No.14572874

>the Cathayans dropped a comet on their ass

Excuse me, good sir. I believe you are referring to the Coming of the Great Maw. Have some respect when talking about sacred events.

>> No.14572884

My friend plays ogres. He took the classic Ogre Deathstar against me. I took a Vampire Lord with the Frostblade for fun.

So many dead Ogres...

>> No.14572895

The problem there is how many cows it's going to take to sate an entire tribe of ogres. And it won't take long before they get hungry again. You either keep feeding them and starve your own population (and then they start eating your population), or you take more drastic measures.

>> No.14572896


beastmen eat people all the time and even have slight under tones of rape as we don't know how they get more little beastmen

>> No.14572905

>we don't know how they get more little beastmen

Mutant children born to Empire families and abandoned in the woods.

>the classic Ogre Deathstar

I can think of a couple builds. How many Ogres were in this Deathstar?

>> No.14572912

Give them some cows and point them in the direction of one of your enemies, promising more if they kill them. Wait with arrows cocked when the surviving Ogres return.

>> No.14572915


Uhh, actually, it is well explained where little Beastmen come from... mutant humans born of heretic mothers

>> No.14572918

>Wait with arrows cocked

Oh man. I wish I had that ogre autopsy from the book handy.

>> No.14572923


What's a Fimir?

>> No.14572927

The most common I've seen is a BSB, Slaughtermaster, Tyrant (the BSB is the only one that needs to be in the unit really, but some people really like putting their eggs in one big fucking basket) along with 15-17 Ironguts.

>> No.14572935

That might work, assuming the tribe doesn't just decide to take the cows anyway.

>> No.14572937

Don't bribe them to leave, bribe them to go and fuck over someone you don't like. With some luck you'll have one threat eradicated, and one threat severely diminished, all for the price of 6-12 cows. Then point some cannons at whatever remains and blow it to Naggarythe.

>> No.14572938

And Beastwomen which are mentioned several times in fluff - noticeably in the Felix and Gotrex books

>> No.14572942

Moar like the coming of the great derp amirite?

>> No.14572949

Rape-daemon. Seriously, they were one-eyed lizard daemons that came from the mists and stole women to rape.

>> No.14572950

>6-12 cows
>for a whole tribe of ogres

...Well, okay, that might feed the Tyrant for a meal, but what's the rest of the tribe going to eat?

>> No.14572952

Just read Trollslayer, and it's mentioned that beastmen are a seperate breed that was around before humans.

>> No.14572985

The Tyrant's fist, if they don't quit bitching and go fight what they've been told to fight.

>> No.14572999

Bretonnian here, Sigmar was a uncouth savage!

>> No.14573003

You know what's worse than the ogre tribe showing up? The fucking swarms of gnoblars. While you're trying to figure out how to deal with the ogres, those nasty little shits are in every farm in the county, stealing chickens, making messes in the outhouses, raiding pantries, making off with pots and pans, swiping wagon wheels...

If you're lucky you can reason with the ogres, but the gnoblars just wreck everything.

>> No.14573006

Albion Bog Cyclops.

>> No.14573009

Everyone else in the Warhammer world here, fuck you, Frenchie.

>> No.14573011

Tyrants are awesome. I really hope they become a force to be reckoned with in the next book. At the moment I'm not to afraid of them on the field.

>> No.14573017

And you can't even kill them, cuz one of them might be the Tyrant's favorite, and then you got a pissed off Ogre tribe that'll kill you and take your cows anyway.

>> No.14573035

There are some really fun Tyrant builds, though. Glittering Scales + Greyback Pelt, maybe even with a Cathayan Longsword?

>> No.14573049

Big words from peasant born rabble. We shall meet you on the field of battle of your choosing, lest you be at an unfair advantage. May the Lady guide my lance of justice through your black heart!

>> No.14573062

Get back to me when you start worshiping a king who was so awesome he ascended into god hood, not an elf who likes a swim.

>> No.14573074

I don't know. The common magic items and how cheap Tyrants are, they are pretty nasty. Greyback's Pelt, Glittering Scales, and Fencer's Blades, fucker will not die. Shit armor, but try hitting the fucker with WS10 and a -2 to To Hit rolls. Hell, you could even trade the Fencer's Blades for the Wyrdstone Necklace and Mawseeker, for a 5++ ward save and T6.

>> No.14573083

Chaos? In my old one's plans? It's more likely than you think...

>> No.14573103

I've currently got a pretty big Skaven force and a small Orc & Goblin force, and I was thinking of trying something new.

Are Vampire Counts any good nowadays, /tg/?

>> No.14573121

Not as good as they used to be. But they used to be broken, so that's a good thing.

>> No.14573128

Man, what is it with Fantasy art and being somehow way more grim and gruesome than 40k? I guess it's less cartoonish in general; there's no SUPER-RAPE or PLANET DESTRUCTION in fantasy, but good old fashioned torture does the trick.

>> No.14573132

Neither Sigmar nor Gilles le Breton are here to test their might against one another, so let us champion their names in a duel to the death, foul mouthed dog!

>> No.14573140

So they're still at least good? Mkay, I'll look into them a bit more. We don't have any Count players in my area, so I thought it might be good to introduce something new to the table.

From what I've read, a Counts army is basically lots of skeletons, zombies, ghouls, blah-blah-blah, more chaff, HO SHIT VAMPIRE LORD FUCKIN' YO SHIT UP. Is that fairly accurate?

>> No.14573144

Thinking about picking up Lizzies and dropping dwarfs because I want a bit more of a variety. Is this a good idea? Also do Lizzies ever go for hordes? I know some dwarf players are saying horde dwarfs are awesome and I'm not a huge fan of doing that.

>> No.14573168

Picking up Lizzies would be cool. I was about to myself, had a thread on it last night and everything. But this thread has got my belly rumbling to stay with Ogres for now.

>> No.14573203

Skeletons, Ghouls and Graveguard, oh my!

Skeletons are there for their banners and to protect your vampires. Vampire Lord generally hangs back and throws massive spells around while giving his huge WS out with Helm of Command.

Ghouls are awesome because they are T4 and have poisoned attacks (2 attacks each too!). They lack armor, but can be very strong if used right.

Lastly Graveguard. They are on 20mm bases, which is awesome because they are S4, T4 and can take Great Weapons. They also have killing blow, which is fucking awesome. Graveguard are the unit to take right now in my opinion. Take a Wight King BSB with the Regen banner to give them all 4+ regeneration and march them into what needs to die.

We also have monstrous creatures like the Varghulfs. If you run one, run another. I also recommend running the Black Coach. It's very worth it as VC because of our Master of the Black Arts usually gives us dice back if we lose any, and we can limit our enemies magic phase while creating a huge deadly machine of destruction.

Fun army.

>> No.14573224

We were chosen by the gods!

You, petty mortals, were chosen only for death!

As for lizzies I have yet to find a way to make them work given the new edition but I only played them twice. Stegadon are utterly worthless by themselves anymore. If you bring them run them along side bigger squads and only charge both at the same squad.

I was thinking if trying a horde of 40 temple guard with their slain using life magic. If you slann is a battle standard the unit has rerollable cold blooded 9 leadership which might as well be unbreakable.

Plus 4+ regen on 4+ armor save temple guard is HOT.

And skink skirmishers.
Skink skirmishers everywhere.

>> No.14573239

from what dude said the other night (and im paraphrasing) Righteous undead, that are only undead due to being loyal unto and after death to thier lords. because their lords were total bros tho them while alive. and bros to the living in the cities they control.

>> No.14573250

Want to add on to that, be careful with the Black Coach. Can be a very useful anti-magic tool, since all power dice are rolled for now, but at the same time, it can eat all your dice and screw you over.

>> No.14573283

Lizards are fucking hard as nails. The trick is the Slann and tough blocks of Saurus supported by Salamanders and Chameleon Skinks.

The Slann can either take Life or Light (other lores work well too, shadow and death in particular). Life gives you Throne and is easy to cast with the upgrade that adds one power dice to your casting attempts (essentially doubling your spell pool if you roll one dice per cast, which is EASY with Life). Life is all about buffing your army up with high toughness and regrowthing to keep them up and running. The skinks can take out pretty much any big creature or warmachines with ease, while the Saurus are arguably the toughest base core in the game behind Ogres and Warriors of Chaos (without magic!). Then the Slann can easily suck a unit into the ground with Dwellers.

Light is a bit more offensive and a lot more fun. Same general build, but I recommend spears over handweapons on the saurus for this one. With Speed of Light and Bironas Time Warp your Saurus will be hitting most targets easily. You also gain amazing augment spells to protect from missile weapons, along with some interesting control spells to make your opponent second guess their actions.

Both lists are amazing and hard as hell to beat.

>> No.14573298

Sup Bretonnians, hows being our Rohan going?

-The Empire

>> No.14573301

You can activate a Forbidden Rod and also Master of the Black Arts AFTER the Coach has eaten dice. It is all a matter of being prepared for it, while your opponent generally won't have their list built around it being there.

So yes, be careful, plan around it.

>> No.14573304

Sir, are you insulting Rohan?

>> No.14573324

elegan/tg/uidos i've not played since around 2001 and havent seen any mention of wood elves on these boards. whats the consensus on them nowadays? how do they hold up as far as selection and fun factor?

-photoshoped pic of the color scheme i want to do for the denizens of athel loren.

>> No.14573344

Hit hardest by the edition change.

>> No.14573346

I'm pouring out a 40 for our dearly departed hieratic magic. :(

>> No.14573357

Hey guys , can you give me a quick run down on the formation and gears for these units? thanks

High Elf Spearmen

Night Goblin spearmen / archers

Chaos Warriors
Chaos Marauders

Lizardmen Saurus
Temple Guards

>> No.14573364

Good sirs, there is no reason for us to be up in arms with one another. We are all brothers against the darkness that surrounds us.

Come, dine with me in my hall and tomorrow we can have a tournament to honor our friendship!

>> No.14573365

the green knight thinks the empire is a bunch of bitches.

>> No.14573378

Take a Spellsinger and a character with a portable tower from the Warhammer book. Place your forest down, then put the tower on top. Move the spellsinger inside, move it around with Treesinging.

Not sure what to do beyond this point, but it sounds cool.

>> No.14573384



>> No.14573398

>unit of 50 night goblins hording.
>9 Night goblin big bosses with GW, 1 with BSB
>1 Goblin Warboss with GW
>30 S6 attacks, 30 S3
>500 points

>> No.14573399

>he believes in the green knight

>> No.14573422


>> No.14573423

Sigmar has champions to deal with this kind of stuff, take it up with them.

>> No.14573425

Sadly, they suck now. What they used to rely on, skirmishing combat units, were hit hard, and no where as good as they used to be. However, Archers, Eternal Guard, and Treekin have been boosted, and while they still struggle, the focus of the army should shift to those units. A lord-level caster with access to the new book Lores is mandatory.

>> No.14573430

On rare occasion we have a Grail Knight sit with us in our hall, and many regale us with their tales of heroics! I can assure you a Grail Knight would never lie, and many speak of encountering the Green Knight.

>> No.14573435 [DELETED] 


>He doesn't believe in the Green Knight

>Laughing Men-At-Arms

>> No.14573436

Alas, poor Orcic. I knew him, Hor'Orcio.

>> No.14573439

Good sir you have had too much wine that is almost as crazy as the lady of the lake.

>> No.14573451

That's kind of weird, I never really pictured orcs partaking in torturing and such, that would mean they would leave enemies alive and take captives. Orcs don't really seem interested in the kind of prey that doesn't fight back.

>> No.14573452


Thanks a bunch bros. Definately thinking about picking them up and dropping the dwarfs. Paitning the same damn looking guy for the WHOLE army gets a little redundant. Although I guess that can be said for any army. But fucking lava themed Lizardmen GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

>> No.14573474

Those are no orcs, but rather goblins. While not as brutish as their cousins, they have cruelty well accounted for. It is indeed a better fate to be captured by an orc than a goblin.

>> No.14573479

Oh, ORCS wouldn't. Orcs don't care that much about things that don't fight back. But GOBLINS would. Goblins are MEAN motherfuckers.

It's what happens when you spend your whole life being picked on and kicked around and then finally you've got someone at knifepoint who can't fight back. In the Old World Bestiary it describes them torturing a deer that was caught in a hunter's trap just for the hell of it.

>> No.14573505


I'll try to avoid making any pretentious remarks about how little regard your paying to older background.

Orcs are just as sadistic as goblins, they kidnapped a dwarf lords family and left his eldest son nailed to his fathers throne with his beard shaved off.

>> No.14573509

Goblins are vicious, sadistic little socipaths.

Orcs on the other hand probably won't go into torture much, but could grab a bunch of prisoners for servants to kick around (and given how orc society works, there will be a lot of kicking) and emergency food supply. Such servants would probably expire pretty quickly from absue and starvation.

>> No.14573518

I give my Men-at-Arms extensive training in regards to arms and even pay for their funerals. However I do not teach them the ways of the Lady, nor her ghostly champion. It would be of no surprise to me if they had no idea he existed outside of a whisper.

>> No.14573542

Did the Green Knight pop up and beat the shit out of a bunch of beastmen during the storm of chaos event, or did Britonnia just not do much besides send some knights to help the Empire?

>> No.14573545

>they kidnapped a dwarf lords family and left his eldest son nailed to his fathers throne with his beard shaved off.

Wasn`t that Grom the Paunch?

>> No.14573554

>implying i did not get woken up this morning by the guy delivering me a beastmen battalion, which shall be assembled and field tested tomorrow night (hard to find players middle of the day on a wednsday)

>> No.14573559

He was probably busy messing around with Elven families. I guess he might have, though.

>> No.14573567

Nope, Gorfang Rotgut, second best orc special character after Morglum.

Obviously GW discard both of them in favor of shitty, one dimensional Grimgor.

>> No.14573572

You learn something new every day.

>> No.14573594

>It is indeed a better fate to be captured by an orc than a goblin.

Not really. It's a better fate to be beaten by an Orc than a Goblin, sure, since the Orc is more likely to just kill you and move on while the Goblin is pretty much certain to capture you and torture you horribly if it gets the chance, but if an Orc /does/ capture you, brace for torture.
Of course, the ability of Orc torturers varies rather wildly, from "beat them to death asap" to "slowly cook them over a period of days, cutting off bits sometimes," so if you get lucky they'll just mess up and kill you too quickly, but they can be pretty vicious too.

Of course, you're far, /far/ better getting caught by /any/ greenskin than getting caught by Skaven or Chaos, and even they are likely to be a better choice than Druchii, so yeah.

>> No.14573601

By arm's you mean, like, a shit as sword and a plank, right? Hell, at least in the Empire, I can get a gun.

>> No.14573604

*better off getting

>> No.14573623

Orcs are evil bastards, but the shallow cruelty of the Orc is nothing compared to the inbred maliciousness of a Goblin. Orcs do it because they think it's funny. Goblins do it because they think it's funny AND because they're mad as hell about their miserable lives.

>> No.14573638

Orcs have slave mines too.

Interestingly Gorfang has also allied with both Skarsnik and Morglum on occasions, how they neglect him when he (used to be) fairly involved with stuff, is beyond me.

>> No.14573642


So, not having the 8th edition yet, what the fuck are these?

I've seen a few of these pics floating around on the boards.

>> No.14573647

Get captured by WE: Get horribly cursed.
Get captured by Empire: Get Spanish Inquisition torture.

>> No.14573668

Oh I'm not disputing Goblins being the most sadistic, it's the reason I love Skarsnik so much. But saying 'Orcs wouldn't torture' is just idiotic ideas brought on by the new wave of fluff where orcs are being depleted of all the cunning, sadism and comedy that made them who they are and turned into mindless savages.

>> No.14573671

>Orcs have slave mines too.

Well yes, but if all you have to do as a slave for the Skaven/Druchii/whoever is work in the mines, you can consider yourself incredibly lucky, given that you could be in the paws of some Moulder madrat, be used by a bored Druchii for shits and giggles, etc.

>> No.14573681

Just spell cards like in 4th, all of your rulebooks magic in a couple of handy cards so you don't need to bookmark the page.

>> No.14573688

To be fair, most of the things that the empire COULD capture deserves that kind of torture. If they capture a fellow imperial, he won't get treated so bad. A bretonian or tilean might get a bit roughed up. Everything else, probably best to just kill.

>> No.14573692

>Get captured by Empire: Get Spanish Inquisition torture.
No, the worst thing the Empire would do to you is burn you.

This is why they are the good guys.

>> No.14573705

Because you're an idiot.

>>implying I don't have 5000pts of skaven

It's half three in the morning in Britfagland

That's not a question, but yes it is.

>> No.14573706


Ah, thanks, for a second I thought GW was trying to squeeze extra money out of people by forcing them to buy these.

>> No.14573710

Oh I'm pretty sure the Empire has worse things than burning available, some heretics just need that extra motivation to confess.

>> No.14573712

Wut? Wood Elves tend to either a) kick people out of the forests straight away, or b) kill the shit out of them and use their bodies to scare off trespassers, they don't tend to mess around wasting magic for stuff like that.
And Empire... Well, it depends a lot on where/who you get captured (by), and why you were captured. You really, really don't want to come to the attention of the witch hunters for /anything/ bad, but there are plenty of crimes and stuff you can do that'll just get you chucked into a dank cell somewhere to rot.

>> No.14573724

Nah - quite the opposite, they were limited edition runs when each army first gets released. Plenty of people want them and can't get em.

>> No.14573739

I tie mine to the front of the cannons, that way they get a cannon ball through their gut and my enemies can churn their stomachs as their pelted with ribcage and spine. Might also explain my garbage artillery dice.

>> No.14573742


This ain't 40k, son. Those other gods are acknowledged parts of every day life.

>> No.14573755

>implying the Empire doesn't have witch hunters seeking out Chaos cults

>> No.14573760


a professed believer who maintains religious opinions contrary to those accepted by his or her church or rejects doctrines prescribed by that church.

I'm pretty sure "worshiping Chaos" falls under that umbrella.

>> No.14573762

This isn't real life, mate, people that worship Chaos are heretics.

>> No.14573767

New TK spell list summary

Lore Attribute get some wounds back when you cast an augment

Signature spell: Move some shit around, but no fair charging!

1. Killing blow for ur doodz and get some wounds back. cool
2. 5+ ward save for ur doodz and get some wounds back. mite b cool
3. +1 attack and multiple shots (2) and get some wounds back. Can't make the catapult double shoot, but otherwise cool.
4. Use this spell on dorfs and armies on foot. Maybe. Otherwise, have you sampled our fine selection of signature lore spells today?
5. -s and t. Can be awesome.
6. This is an excellent opportunity for you to select the signature spell for your lore.

>> No.14573780

Doesn't mean you aren't gonna get your ass kicked if you tell a Witch Hunter that Ulric would make Sigmar suck his dick.

>> No.14573788

GW's been releasing card decks to go with the new magic Lores. Each Lore now contains 7 spells and a Lore Attribute. 6 of the spells are the standard 1-6 that you roll for, one of the spells is now the Signature Spell, which you can choose to switch out for, like you used to be able to with the first spell on the list, and Lore Attributes are bonuses that are applied whenever a spell is successfully cast.

>> No.14573789

"Modern" (in-game) Witch Hunters are secular.

>> No.14573812

Pretty sure I've read about a few Knights that have returned to their lands pretty cursed. But, yes, normally WEs just kill trespassers or the forest turns them around and they exit the forest pretty promptly.

It's not quite the same evil as Goblins/etc. All the races can be be pretty evil, some are just Consistently. Fucking. Evil.

>> No.14573817

Ah, good to know. Still new to Fantasy, all I know about Witch Hunters comes from reading Mathias Thulmann.

>> No.14573898

Fascinating lecture 'son', sorry that you think heresy is something limited to 40k.

>> No.14573911

Basically Witch Hunters were Sigmarite before Magnus the Pious came along, and he was the one to organize them into an actual arm of the Empire government. It's probably related to the fact that he was gathering a shitload of witches to create the colleges of magic and didn't want a rogue group burning people.

>> No.14573929

Going by the stuff I've read, most of the "curses" were basically just knights that gained/lost time, not so much due to anything the Wood Elves did as just the inherent nature of the forest. I wouldn't really call them "evil" so much as fickle: Sometimes they'll help you by guiding you out, sometimes they won't. But hell, it's not like anyone going in there in the first place shouldn't be expecting to be killed, what with all the skulls and shit hanging off the branches.
The Wild Hunt is pretty dickish. Not that that's safe for even most of the Wood Elves, though.

>> No.14573955

Citations for secular witch hunters please?

>> No.14573986

Anyone got the "We will gut them and hang their entrails from tree branches!" thing? That really sums up Wood Elves nicely for me.

>> No.14574070

wood elves? Moar like derp elves amirite?

>Chaos invasions all the time
>Wood elves do nothing and hide in their forest

>> No.14574073

Witch Hunters aren't about "yay Sigmar!", they're about finding agents of the ruinous pwers, skaven, undead, or such, and dealing with them.

>> No.14574125


>wood elves? Moar like derp elves amirite?
Because they don't care until they are directly involved. You know who else thinks like that in the Old World: pretty much everyone.

>> No.14574151

America? More like derpmerika.

>germans invade all the time
>don't do shit

>> No.14574161

>The Order of the Templars of Sigmar, universally known as the Witch Hunters, is an organisation dedicated to the eradication of heretics, be they warlocks, witches, sorcerers, fortune-tellers, necromancers, worshippers of the dark gods, deviants, mutants, blasphemers, sinners, utterers of profanities, servants of Daemons, or composers of corrupting music
>Order of the Templars of Sigmar
>also mfw DAT MANDATE

>> No.14574200

Hey OP, expect a slaan and temple guard. Also salamanders which are top tier cheese. If they are fielded go for them first and foremost, the temple guard and slaan unit will be a huge chunk of his points if lost, also if there is a such item or spell that you have that forces the slaan to miscast on doubles or something like that TAKE IT. He will most likely have the lore of light and spells that give him 10 initiative and 10 weaponskill, if he's smart. Always dispel it. Alot of lizard lists are the same. Just ignore the skinks.

>> No.14574208

So I guess we're both right.

>> No.14574229

>the Order of Sigmar operates under the joint supervision of the Grand Theogonist and the Emperor. This arrangement prevents either the Church or State

>> No.14574241

>Wait till empire and rest of the world is conquered by chaos
>Whole chaos army now invades the wood elves
>Complain that theres no one around to help them now

>> No.14574278

>By partially secularizing

>> No.14574283

The Wood Elves do help the other races, it's just very rare. Also, they kill the shit out of the Beastmen a /lot,/ even when said Beastmen aren't anywhere near Athel Loren.

>> No.14574291

Bretonnia sat out Asavar Kul's invasion because they didn't really give a shit, and the only reason they helped with the Storm of Chaos is because the king thought it was a big enough deal that they might be next.

People in Warhammer are fairly self-centered at best.

>> No.14574301

Aren't Wood Elves and Brettonia fairly friendly, at least for the Old World?

>> No.14574317

They have an...agreement. See:

>> No.14574341

>Specialist force based on ambush and skirmishes and utilizing tree-kin native to the forest
>Go and be an idiot, charging off to war with chaos
>Get wiped out
>Beastmen rape the other civilizations from behind
>Bretonnia loses their closest allies and God, plus it's source of magic user training
>New rise in magic users plunges bretonnia into a state of civil war, king is usurped by corrupt magi
>Bretonnia now serves chaos as DEM KNIGHTS

>> No.14574363

I kind of want to play Wood Elves, but apparently they blow according to the stuff I hear on /tg/.

It's either them or High Elves.

>> No.14574365

Wood Elves are actually friendlier with the Empire than with Bretonnia. In the General's Compendium for 6e, there's a big chart of who can ally with who. Wood Elves / Empire is a solid "yes". Wood Elves / Bretonnia is a "maybe", meaning that Bretonnians are as likely to team up with Wood Elves as with Lizardmen.

>> No.14574396

No, because the 5th edition started set made it clear that lizardmen are bretonnias arch nemesis.

>> No.14574434

I'm still wondering how chaos gets the manpower to launch those fuck huge invasions all the time.

Logically speaking, a bunch of tribes in the wastes competing with each other(and fighting each other all the time) for scarce resources really shouldn't have the manpower to invade the empire, one of the largest and most powerful civilizations on the continent.

It would be like if suddenly millions of Alaskans could invade the USA every decade or so.

>> No.14574445

Makes sense. Giant walking lizards versus French knights.

>> No.14574452

Is there any particular reason to play bretonnia when Chaos has better knights, characters and magic?

>> No.14574465

Well, when you count the deamons, the reality-warping nature of the wastes, the fact that these tribes cover about a quarter of the globe, the presence of plenty of warriors that don't need to eat or drink or whatever, the beastmen and shit that breed in huge numbers, etc...

>> No.14574475

Chaos has a tendency to fuck over logic and various laws of nature. It's quite likely that at least one major incursion was actually only one guy, from a hundred thousand different alternate timelines.

>> No.14574481

That's because Brettonians kept stealing all their shit. If you're taking stuff from a Lizardmen temple, take anything but the gold. It tends to be Slann/Old One stuff. They will fuck you sideways for touching it.

>> No.14574499

So why aren't there a hundred thousand different sigmars in there stirring up shit?

>> No.14574526

Because Sigmar isn't Chaos, dumbfuck.

>> No.14574530

Sarcasm sure is hard to translate over the internet, but I'd have thought that stuck out like a sore thumb.

Because some people play for the character of the army, not because their bruised ego needs to be buffed by tabletop victories.

Besides, chaos knights lack lance formation and are pretty poor in 8th, marauders are where it's at.

>> No.14574548

Yea but since the laws are messed up he could simply pop in there from an alternate time line.

You know what i want to see though? All the "lost" gods or whatever come back for a massive showdown with chaos.

>> No.14574558

They're busy getting drunk with the hundred thousand different Grimnirs.

>> No.14574559

Would a kind anon be willing to explain to me the deal is with weapons in the old world? I'm a little fuzzy about where to look when determining their properties.
To clarify, I have a bunch of Empire, and I would love to be able to find out the stats or properties of many weapons, such as great swords, and halberds and spears. I remember it being possible to attack from an extra rank back in the day when you had pole arms in the regiment, but I'm not familiar with any of the new rules.
I've found the new Empire army book and a rule book on rapidshare, but I'd love it if someone could help me out and let me know where to look.
P.S. I've found the clearly labeled stats for guns and whatnot, but I'd love to find those for melee weapons.

>> No.14574570

A 7th ed style WE force will be kinda crap, and thus many who played WE in 7th are screaming bloody murder. Build your army for 8th ed instead and you can probably do decently.

>> No.14574589

>implying accountability to a national government is the same as being secular

>> No.14574609

It's just a big part of the world, is all. But yeah, it ain't exactly fertile farmland. Makes em tough, though.

>> No.14574697


I'm this guy. Looks like a trip through memory lane, as well as my old Fantasy rulebook showed me a list of common close combat weapon stats and properties, however the copy of the new rule book I torrented doesn't have this list. Would a simple commoner such as myself be able to find a pdf of the new rulebook easily?

>> No.14574720


Only in times of Dearth though.

>> No.14574737

>Warhammer 8th

Is it really that hard to check before posting?

>> No.14574745

Even in non-Dearth times they're still hunting bears and yetis and all those kinds of things just to eat.

>> No.14574782

What are you guys' feelings on the new magic system? I've only played a few games in 8th and I'm still not feeling it; it seemed like way too huge of a jump from 6th and 7th where magic could be useful to where it's basically a game winner now.

>> No.14574816


When I was doing Island of Blood I almost one-hitted an entire Skaven squad. How did magic use to work?

>> No.14575011

It's very powerful, and some spells are rather 'broken' but if you think of it this way: If there weren't spells like that people would run huge deathstars like in 7th.

It deters people from running deathstars. I do think it's fucking retarded with how they changed Magic Resistance. It should work on spells like Dwellers and Purple Sun.

>> No.14575053

You got a certain number of power dice based off of your wizards and their levels. Spells were also much weaker.

>> No.14575056

Funny thing you ask OP, I play Lizardmen and my friend plays Skaven.

With my Lizardmen, before the rules changed, I could field little units of speedbump skinks, he still can now, but they are much more expensive. The main thing about Lizardmen are blocks of bigass heavy saurus. There isn't much in a Skaven army that can go toe-to-toe with the saurus (I had clanrat units on all sides but the rear and still made 'em run), but speed and jezzails and ratling guns can really ruin their day.

Jezzails and warfire throwers always worried me, and also skaven can have some pretty nasty magic; that said, I only went defensive in the magic phase, so I might be off on my assessment.

>> No.14575060

Isn't a non-magic solution to deathstars just to kite them and kill them with ranged?

>> No.14575096

Not so easily. The point of deathstars is to prevent giving up points, so a well built deathstar can shrug off ranged attacks.

>> No.14575097

>It deters people from running deathstars.
So to fix a broken aspect of the game, they broke another one? And for that matter, how are they deterring death star units when 8th edition makes massive infantry blocks nearly unstoppable due to the extra attacks and stubbornness?
They just wanted to make it much more lolawesome to get some 12 year olds playing

>> No.14575116

Depends on what you have available to you. Some armies have fantastic ways to kite a deathstar and kill them at ranged, while some armies really really can't do this.

Vampire Counts are a good example of an army that either hits a Deathstar with magic or creates enough fodder to hold it in place.

Still, the threat alone of a Purple Sun has made for smarter playing in many circles. Deploying a huge block can be a huge mistake, along with clustering it together.

>> No.14575121

Solution : Make ranged capable of killing death stars?

>> No.14575163

There's also the problem of buffing a death star unit with magic. Think 50 Saurus are bad? How about 50 Saurus with 4+ regeneration and T8?

>> No.14575189

Personally I wasn't a big fan of entire games being decided in the deployment stage of the game. By adding more elements and making it possible for large blocks of infantry to hold longer than a turn the game has become much more exciting for me.

Again, I think some spells are a touch too much (Purple Sun, Shades, Dwellers...) but they can be played around.

The game is more balanced than it was before, I personally think they did something right.

Also when I was 12 years old I was tabling people in this hobby twice my age. Not sure why people always bring this age thing up, I thought Fantasy was cool 11 years ago, and my feelings haven't changed much.

>> No.14575228

So we've been having quite a few Fantastic Warhams threads lately, and it piqued my interest in dusting off some old minis I have laying around (Empire fuck year). I just /rs/ed the rules, and you're allowed to MEASURE BEFORE CHARGING NOW? WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK IS THIS FUCKSHIT? FUCKING EXPLAIN THE LOGIC IN THIS CHANGE, NOW!

I await your replies in ernest.

>> No.14575239


Charging is also random distance, now. So you can measure to decide whether you like your odds. You might still roll a 2+M" charge though.

>> No.14575262

>Also when I was 12 years old I was tabling people in this hobby twice my age. Not sure why people always bring this age thing up, I thought Fantasy was cool 11 years ago, and my feelings haven't changed much.

Because it helps people justify that they are in end playing with toy soldiers.

>> No.14575268

You always get to measure everythign whenever now.

In return, charge distance isn't twice your move any more, but your movement rate +2D6. Cavalry rolls 3D6 and discard lowest.

Also, war machines aren't guess range any more. Just place the template/impact wherever you want (well, within LoS, range, and all that) and then scatter as usual. Meaning:
>>Empire fuck year

Overall I guess they simply didn't feel being good at estimating distance should be a major factor, so they got rid of that.

>> No.14575273

>blaming powerful magic on 12 year olds

Listen to yourself, man.

>> No.14575280

You're in fact allowed to measure everything anytime you like now. Also warmachines are no longer guess range.

Like the guy above said, charging is a random distance now. 2d6+M for footsloggers, while models with Swiftstride (calvary for instance) receive 3d6 discard the lowest+M.

>> No.14575281

So. Orcs and Goblins, 8th edition. What's neat, what's weird, what's awesomed and what's retarded?

>> No.14575287

Anyone want a turn-based PC game based off warhammer?

All the rules from tabletop, but instant dice rolling, fairly decent 3d models, animations, sound effects, etc.

>> No.14575297

Never gonna happen b/c mini sales and codices and stuff.

They won't even convert Mordheim even though they don't even profit from the rulebook anymore.

>> No.14575308

Similar to 7th, plus absolutely frigging huge spiders.

>> No.14575316

Animosity is still there but can be a good thing rather than a horrible thing all the time.

Fanatics, Mangla Squigs, Doom Divas, Chariots...

d6 hits, d6 hits everywhere.

>> No.14575328

It's true, bro. GW knows that the real money is in new players so they're dumbing the game down to get more kids into it. Same reason 40k is just Spess Mahreens, they know what sells, and it's not balanced rules.

>> No.14575337

How good is the empire or the brets?

>> No.14575347

What part of the new magic rules is "dumbing it down"? It's very different, sure. And a fuckton more powerful. But no less complex.

>> No.14575353

>Anyone want a turn-based PC game based off warhammer?
>turn-based PC game
I'll let you think about how silly that sounds in today's market for a moment.

>Never gonna happen b/c mini sales and codices and stuff.
The same argument was made before Dawn of War came out.

>> No.14575367

Brets got hammered badly by the cavalry changes in 8th.

Empire isn't too bad under 8th, but certain types of list are preferred that might not have been before.

TLDR: 8th edition fucked up a lot.

>> No.14575373

Complex rules don't always make for more complex games. Often times making things simpler can lead to a better flowing system that everyone can enjoy more.

Also it's always been about Space Marines. Don't let the goggles lie to you, man. It's always been Space Marines.

>> No.14575375

And guess what: Dawn of War was an RTS, not "40k on the computer". Its equivalent is Mark of Chaos, which is actually way more faithful than DoW was, and it suffers for it.

>> No.14575380

What a fanmade version, but change the names and models slightly to avoid lawsuits?

Like instead of the Empire you have the Gallagion Empire or some other generic fantasy name.

I just think that warhammer and 40k would function much better(gameplay wise) on the PC since you would shorten all the time spent on dice rolling dozens of attacks, measuring distances(and then argueing over whether it is an extra inch or not), etc.

>> No.14575399

>Also it's always been about Space Marines. Don't let the goggles lie to you, man. It's always been Space Marines.

Truer words on /tg/ have not been spoken in a long time.

>TLDR: 8th edition fucked up a lot.

And some of it needed to be fucked up.

>> No.14575433

Well Daemons and Vampire Counts were totally balanced in 7th edition.

Every army has a chance to win a game. At the moment there are more limited selections for some armies than others, which will hopefully change in time but for now the game is much closer now than it was before.

Bretonnians can still win with mostly cavalry, but you better bring a Prophetess, a solid block of Men-at-Arms, and trebuchets to back them up.

I run fine with a single block of Men-at-Arms, but others are running two rather than a single.

Some are also running longer units in the Lance, but personally I like running 8 KotR and a Hero in each unit.

>> No.14575449

how powerful are vampcounts in 8th?

>> No.14575502


Bah, if I ran GW the only Space Marines would be an Imperial Guard elite choice.

>> No.14575541

They can still be very strong. They aren't the powerhouses they were in 7th, but that is a good thing. It means they are much more fun to play with!

My only complaint is the cost of their units. I wish GW would simply release micro updates sometimes, even if it was just to change the point cost of a few models in an army.

>> No.14575559

they do errata updates sometimes, but they are generally very unbalanced as to changes to different armies. In 6th edition, Dark Elves got 2 pages of changes, all of them positive (and it wasn't like Dark Elves were a bad army) while most everyone else got a paragraph or 2 worded better.

>> No.14575580

Pretty balanced I'd say. Only 8th ed. game I've played so far against them ended in a draw. He had a big mob of skeletons, corpse chart, big mob of ghouls with a level 4 caster vamp, Blood Knight Deathstar, and a Grave Guard with Wight King BSB, the regen banner, and great weapons, so your pretty standard list.
I ran three saurus blocks, an ancient steggie, 4 kroxies, 2 hard as nails scar vets (one being a BSB), and a Carnie Blood. The damn steggie bought it to a magic missile. And the skink riders did as much damage to the skeletons as the saurus unit.

>> No.14575653

Curious how well the Blood Knights did. I avoid using them for more than the RIDICULOUS price on them.

>> No.14575676

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU..... 22 Black orcs are 50% completely painted using the assembly line method. Feeling mighty accomplished right now.

>> No.14575742

God I love the way Black Orcs look, but assembling them is strange. Not hard, but strange.

Also watching my friend put his together was hilarious.

>> No.14575753

Eh, they weren't stellar in that game. God knows why, but we let the board be bisected by terrain, which didn't help.
Their first move resulted in a guy dying to a terrain test.
Then I marched my kroxies forward, into terrain, about halfway across the board.
He charges, makes it, returns the lost model in the magic phase smashes through the unit with no casualties, forced to over run into MORE terrain, loses another guy to the test (so a unit of 5 is down to 4). This lines their flank up with my Carnie Blood.
I easily make the charge, take no wounds from the one knight that can attack, and between my lord and his dinosaur, kill them all.
But that was really all due to bad terrain placement, and the forced overrun lining them up for a rapefest.

>> No.14575777


It's making them rank up is a pain.

>> No.14575787

Bad terrain placement can make or break cavalry in this edition.

I might proxy them at some point, but I think I'll use Grail Knights converted into Blood Knights instead.

>> No.14575801

That was the hilarious part. I had to break them off their stands and fix them all for him.

>> No.14575857


Yeah, that sounds like a mega pain. And I get how weird it can be with the way the legs are connected to the torso.

>> No.14576271

I don't see why Games Workshop just can't hire out Relic to make a Warhammer Fantasy RTS

>> No.14576331

Does fantasy cost more or less when compared with 40k? I've noticed,say, a vampire counts battalion is only $90(cheaper if I buy elsewhere). Will the battalion along be enough to play( i have no clue as to the points in a battalion)?

>> No.14576343


Usually that gets you a 500 pt army.

>> No.14576367

So, as someone new do I need to shoot for a 1000 point army? If so, being roughly $75 in on the battalion, would another $100 bring me around 1000 points?

>> No.14576373



>> No.14576445

fuckin lovely to know!

>> No.14576510

How long does it take for you experienced players to paint your army? I'll be getting in the starter later this week, with appropriate paints. But i'm guessing it'll take a good long while to get everything painted.

>> No.14576554


You never finish, man... I've been playing for a year, and NO ONE ever finishes paintin

>> No.14576574

Generally, its more. It depends on the army. For most armies, it'll run you about $300 for a decent sized army, where horde armies or armies with many metal units, like O&G or Dwarves, will end up more, while smaller armies, like Chaos Mortals or Ogres, may end up half that cost.

The VC Battalion is a good buy, but you're going to need a few to really get a full army. It gets you about 400 pts, and that's if you pay for the zombies (not a tactically sound idea). The nature of raising more also makes VC need more models then they actually field. The plus side, a lot of points go into the support. Most Vampires end up running from about 200 pts for a hero to well over 400 for a lord. A Battalion, another box of Ghouls to fill out the ones there, and a Vampire blister would give you a nice core for your army, giving about 500 pts. To expand to 1k, think about another Battalion and starting to invest in a unit like Grave Guard, maybe another Vampire.

>> No.14576591

Depends on the quality your are aiming for. I've ranged from a few weeks on a single unit to painting and basing 60 skinks to the 3 colors standard for tournaments in a single night.

>> No.14576645

awesome insight! thanks!

>> No.14576666

My numbers may be off, since I haven't actually attempted to build an army since 6th edition, so you might have to tack on $50-100 for GW inflation.

>> No.14577714

Skaven here, and sick and tired of fielding hordes of unpainted rats. With the New TK comming out I might make a switch.

Is Tk also about painting about a bazillion models?

>> No.14578071

Sure, with 4pts Skeletons.

>> No.14578399

>implying its not going to be all about the Warsphynx and Snake Surfers

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