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You know what I haven't seen in a while?
A Jokaero thread.

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"Why is that orange Mon-keigh not im his guard armour?"

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sage for filthy Mon-keigh thread.

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Had do be done, I'm afraid.

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That reminds me, I have a Hetzer to level up before the hardwipe on WoT today.

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World of Tanks? More like World of Fucking Heavy Tanks The Heavy Tank Edition.

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Heavy SOVIET Tanks, you mean.

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Play on lower tiers. I've only seen an IS-3 once in the entire time I've been playing so far.

My main concern comes from invisible tanks thanks to the poor camo system.

Still, there are days where everything works, and you have that perfect game, and your 50 tonnes of clanking military porn punches through an unprotected flank and rapes the opposing teams artie and it feels good man.

I'm really going to miss my S35 Somua though, because I'm sure as hell not actually giving these people money. We'll meet again though, one day, when the French Tanks are finished and implemented, we'll meet again.

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Personally I think low teir games are more fun anyway.

That said if the keep it so that only "premium" accounts can create platoons then I'm not gonna be playing any more because the gold packages are rediculously expensive.

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Thing is, it's a free game, and I treat it as such. I'll probably get bored of it in a couple of days to a week and leave it.
Then when I see they've implemented the American Tank Destroyers, or the French are in, or perhaps when they finally get round to doing the British etc etc I'll give it another whirl, get bored, leave until the next time, and repeat.

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I was just so damn pissed that I had saved up for a Leopard, just bought it, then I heard about the reset.

The sad thing is, I ended up enjoying the Luchs more.

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Aye but that's the thing, there are many games out there where you can play with friends, for free, or for a one off normal game price payment to play for as long as you could want.

Sure I mean if you don't want to play with friends the way they seem to be going is fine, but that means no community, and christ does the game get boring fast when you aren't playing with people you know.

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The Leo is a very different beast to the Luchs mainly because the Leo gets put into very high teir games as the main scout.

A Luchs will get put in games around its own level so it can be a fighting tank, in a Leo you are dedicated scout and maybe try to take out an arty piece if you think you can.

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Can you still invite friends to join games? I was considering tricking some buddies into this game, but it sounds hardly appealing when I can't play WITH them.

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I think you'll have to pay for that feature.

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I am now imagining Macha romancing a Jokaero.... thinking it a human.

Laughing Taildeer and "what?" LVII look on.

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