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Let's start rolling! 1d10 to determine why they were founded!

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rolled 1 = 1


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rolled 10 = 10

dice gods be with us!

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>Strategic Prognostication
The chatper was founded in a respone to some forecasted threat.

Now let's get a 1d100 for when the founding was.

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rolled 6 = 6

How exactly are we doing this? First come, first serve?

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rolled 5 = 5



or whatever

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Flesh Helms here.

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I guess unless someone else can suggest a better method. I guess if enough people don't like a result we can reroll it or something.

Anyway a 6... look's like the chapter was founded during the 33rd Millenium which was the height of the time of the Beheading

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if there were more people posting i guess i'd say the most populat of the first 3 rolls... but well eithere there aren't that many people on or no one cares

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aaanyway let's get a d100 for the chapter's progenitor. In the likely event it rolls the Ultra Marines, "pure" will be removed from the genestock purity roll because that'd be boring.

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rolled 18 = 18


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rolled 61 = 61

trying for not-smurfs

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rolled 13 + 1 = 14


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rolled 51 = 51


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So is the chapter's progenitor the blood angels or the ultra marines?

>Phyrgian anitiont
Captcha is mumbling nonsense again

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Blood Angels.

>> No.14546503

rolled 71 = 71

even for ultrasmurfs, odd for blood angels

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rolled 88 = 88

the dice have spoken

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rolled 55 = 55

Checking for genestock purity

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rolled 6 = 6


Whoops. Doing it properly now. Capcha transmuted my d10 into a d100

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Blood Angels it is then.

Since pure genestock is still kinda boring, I'll be tweaking the table.
>1-2, Pure
>3-5, a New Generation
>6-8, Altered Stock
>9-10, Flawed

so let's a d10... unless you want to use the original table in which case please say so.

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A New Generation

Attempts have been made to try and weed out flaws by introducing some kind of divergance.
Effectively we roll for the Chapter Demeanour instead of using the Blood Angels.

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rolled 9 = 9

Hopefully it won't be too pure.

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rolled 8 = 8


Oh, ok.

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>> No.14546588



Uh oh.

We have 50/50 chance of using either the chapter demeanour or a randomly rolled one, then we roll on the chapter flaws table.

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So flawed or altered stock?

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Flawed. It's more hilarious.

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alrighty then

if this post is odd the chapter willl be getting a new demeanour, if even they won't.

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So, we've got the Red Thirst demeanour then. Do you want to check for Gene-Seed mutation or Chapter Flaw first?

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So far the chapter is a sucessor to the Blood Angels founded in the 33rd as called for the by the Emperor's Tarot. They appear to have some flaws in that sets them apart from their brothers so let's roll a d10 for that.

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rolled 3 = 3


Okey-dokey. Rolling for Chapter Flaw

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Pride in the Colours huh?

>> No.14546732

and it appears they are very proud of their colors.

Anywho, there's a 50% chance the chapter has a mutation in the geenseed so lets roll that now.

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its dice+1d100 bro

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rolled 89 = 89


Like so

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So, did we have to get below 50% or over 50%?

>> No.14546815

under 50 so there's no mutation

now for a 1d100 on the chapter's characteristic modifier

>> No.14546818

rolled 32 = 32


>> No.14546834

rolled 58 = 58


>> No.14546901

i might as well just count that so +5 Strength and +5 Perception.

So far the chapter is a successor to the Blood Angel founded in the 33rd Millerium with flawed gene stock, leading to them displaying excessive pride in their colors and livery though there is no other mutation to speak of. Their geneseed also has developed an affinity for strength and cunning.

Now on to the chapter's history, a d100 please.

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rolled 53 = 53



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So, they're brutally cunning huh?

Descended from the blood angels?

Let's call them.. BLOOD AXES!

>> No.14546929

The Chief Librarian is a figure of legend.

A d100 for his deeds please.

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needs to go in the email field

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Seriously? But nobody else who rolls has a visible email address.

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that's because i think he's using noko+dice+1d100 so he can roll and noko at the same time

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rolled 89 = 89


Just type in dice+1d100 in your email field.

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email field bro

thats where it goes

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The Chief Librarian seems to have suffered mishap and is lost in the warp. Something suitably awesome needs to have caused that but we can figure that out later when its fluff time.

Hmm... I'm going to make shit up for a moment to see how many times we get to roll for a homeworld because the system could very well have more than a single world to it.

Roll a d10
>1-5, 1 world
>6-8, 2 worlds
>9-10, 3 worlds

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rolled 68 = 68

Good lord, there's some stupid in here.

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He is trolling around with Draigo

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your typing it in the topic field

captcha: reducts theybee

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rolled 8 = 8

Fuck let's get three worlds come on

>> No.14547022

Like this?

>> No.14547026

look like you'll have to settle for two

so roll 2d100 to see what sort of places they are

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>> No.14547046


>> No.14547049

1d100, not d100

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rolled 83, 17 = 100


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a hive world and an unihabited world

let's a 2d100 again for the terrain of each planet

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rolled 66, 35 = 101


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rolled 93, 64 = 157


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rolled 36 = 36

how do I shot dice?

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Temperate and Ocean

hmmm... I think having the Temperate world have the hives and the ocean world be the unihabited one (where the fotress-monastery is).

Though it could very well be the other way around for some bizzare reason.

>> No.14547145

ocean hiveworld sounds badass

the temperate world could be a deathworld to explain why no one lives on it aside from the chapter

(highly acidic yet naturally occuring atmosphere?)

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rolled 9 = 9

Giant lizard like roam this world, so fierce that even Taints tremble before them!

>> No.14547180

...i guess this is dead

oh well

>> No.14547183

An underwater fortress for our Chapter could give us an extreme tactical edge beyond what a temperate world could do. Although the idea of a hive being based on an ocean world is interesting as well (call it atlantis or fuck you.)

An underwater fortress would be hard to detect and would likely be passed over by most foes meaning that we wont have to worry as much about invasion. Any tyranid fleets coming in would likely be small (because they wouldn't expect large resistance from an ocean world) and could easily be repelled.

>> No.14547196

or not!
let's get a 1d10 for the chapters relationship with its homeworld

>> No.14547206

rolled 5 = 5

testing the roll

>> No.14547215

How about maoriish feral worlder fishermen living in the oceans between the hives on the water hive world? Also giant under water stained glass windows holding out the water sounds cool.

Also the temperate world could be a forest world with hueg ass trees and animals in them.

>> No.14547223

well a temperate world is likely to also have an ocean

what if the temperate world were a large moon orbiting a even bigger the ocean world? There's still plenty of reasons why the moon could be dangerous enough that no aside from the marines live there

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How about he Ocean world is Xomula?

>> No.14547248

rolled 8 = 8

that's pretty cool

>> No.14547253

rolled 2 = 2


>> No.14547267

You new around here?

>> No.14547273

stewardship is far cooler than distant rule so i'll take that.

Now let's get a 1d10 to see how closely the chapter follows the Codex

>> No.14547282

rolled 6 = 6


>> No.14547308

fuck the codex indeed! It appears the chapter is divergent.

Let's get a d10 for the combat doctrine

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rolled 1 = 1

Rolling and posting an image for the hell of it.

>> No.14547369

Close combat!

A 1d100 for solo mode combat please

>> No.14547379

err solo mode ability

>> No.14547380

rolled 4 = 4


>> No.14547385

rolled 1 = 1

I'm going to take a shower but when I get back this thread better be fucking awesome again

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vampire space sharks!

>> No.14547403

So much fail...

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rolled 10 = 10

forgot me picture

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rolled 32 = 32


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...yeah lets not be boring and go with the 32

The chapter is highly in a certain area of expertise. Choose any 2 skills. At rank 1, reroll failed tests. At rank 4, +1 to tests using those skills. At rank 8, extra degree of success.

Let's get a 1d100 for their squad mode attack.

>> No.14547503

rolled 56 = 56

Lets hope for something awesome.

>> No.14547533

quick recap:

The chapter was founded in the 33rd Millenium as a successor chapter to the Blood Angels though their genestock's purity was lacking. While it did enhance their cunning and strength they have become extremely proud of their colors. They aren't particularly keen on following the codex completely and prefer close range combat.

The chapter maintains stewardship over their homeworld, a huge world made of an almost unbroken ocean dotted with numerous hives. In the sky above the chapter's fortress monastery resides on a temperatue deathworld of a moon.

>> No.14547543

Tactical Finesse.

These guys are like a swarm of Piranhas and work well together.

roll another 1d100 for their defensive stance

>> No.14547593

rolled 95 = 95


>> No.14547594


>> No.14547600

rolled 47 = 47

>Blood Angels successor
>enhanced cunning and strength
>prefer close combat
>homeworld is a giant ocean
>work like a swarm of piranhas
I think we may have the basis for a chapter name.

>> No.14547618

Knowledge is Power.

Now a 1d100 for their specialty restrictions

>> No.14547622

Space Piranhas.

>> No.14547632

rolled 40 = 40

Blood Piranhas

>> No.14547633

rolled 79 = 79


>> No.14547635

derp i mean special equipment

>> No.14547646


>> No.14547650

Beastial Companion

yeah these guys are totally bringing along modifier sea monsters with them

1d10 for the chapter's beliefs

>> No.14547661

rolled 23 = 23

>bestial companion
They ride upon alien space piranhas

>> No.14547664

rolled 4 = 4

Abyssal Angels

>> No.14547672

aaand my 0 key is sticking

i meant 1d100

>> No.14547676

rolled 79 = 79


>> No.14547677

Angels of the Abyss sounds better, but that's probably infringing on the Dark Angel successor naming schemes.

>> No.14547693


>> No.14547700


>> No.14547701

1d10 for their current status

>> No.14547710

rolled 10 = 10

Oh this is awesome

>> No.14547737

Gentlemen. The chapter is over strength and has more than the standard 10 companies.

>> No.14547745

and now for a 1d100 for their allies

>> No.14547754



fucking awesome

they will kill anything on a water world

>> No.14547757

rolled 66 = 66

Giving the big ol' middle finger to the codex and the Ultramarines.

>> No.14547763

rolled 72 = 72

meant to say red thirst

>> No.14547764

rolled 69 = 69

So they're a really like an Swarm of Piranhas

>> No.14547776

rolled 14 = 14

well if they need to ride them into battle... we should hybridize lobsters and piranhas to create a vicious monstrosity

it could be an ancient type of nid that got left behind on the planet from some hivefleet that moved through the area hundreds of millenia before hand

>> No.14547778

jellyfish marines?

>> No.14547792

the dice seem to call for being friends with the Imperial Guard

likely the guard from their own yet-to-be-named homeworld

anyway lets see who their enemies are with a 1d100

>> No.14547799

I vote dolphins. Techno-grimdark dolphins.

>> No.14547801

rolled 26 = 26

Rolling for the Killing

>> No.14547805

rolled 61 = 61

dolphins just don't seem killy enough

>> No.14547820

rolled 54 = 54


Also this is incredibly awesome, and.

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rolled 96 = 96

>> No.14547835

Well Dolphins are basically Sharks

>> No.14547844

Yeah, they're more about rape than murder.

>> No.14547870

They need to rape, though. It's the only way to demoralize the Tyranids.

>> No.14547873

so they fight Orks in Nautical Battles?

>> No.14547876

The chapter is enemies with some chaos space marines

probably has something to do with their chief librarian getting lost in the currents of the warp.

Now for the custom chapter advance table, roll a 1d100

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so, a waterworld.

is the chapter master called the mariner?

>> No.14547905

rolled 60 = 60

They were created because the emporer foresaw the threat of unique and specialized sea-based tyranids in the coming millenium. I'm hoping that fluffwise they are considered specialists in dealing with tyranid threats on these worlds by the ultramarines.

no other faction has any reason to use sea-based technology unless some crons decide to wake up on a water world. Or maybe some chaos fuckery

>> No.14547909

rolled 61 = 61


>> No.14547924

rolled 16 = 16

I'm surprised no one has made an "Aquamarine" pun yet.

>> No.14547928

rolled 44 = 44

that works but their current enemy is some CSM that fucked with the chief librarian

though it could be that chaos was trying to manipulate the nids or some shit

>> No.14547937

rolled 45 = 45

thats just too easy

>> No.14547944

I think we have a Chapter Name

>> No.14547952

so Behold Our Wrath or Secret Lore?

>> No.14547956

rolled 25 = 25

now you're just being silly

>> No.14547960

yeah Abyssal Angels unless anyone comes up with a better idea

>> No.14547964
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pic related is either the Chapter Master or the Trial that neophytes have to complete

>> No.14547977

Secret Lore fit it betters
considering the whole
Abyssal riders

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rolled 11, 100 = 111


Their home planet is mostly water. There had to be some reason for humanity to decide to even start building on a planet that's mostly water. I suggest some kind of precious resource, and most of the people who live in the hives work in the refineries that extract that resource.

>> No.14548004

rolled 36 = 36

I need to download the book so I can know what this means.

I've just been rolling randomly and hoping for great results

>> No.14548038

Behold our Wrath -
Basically Interrogation, Intimidation Being Tough and Being good on ganging up on someone

yeah i vote on this

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>After a lone Administratum clerk found a fragment of the text "Call of Cth-", the High Lords were notified and geneseed began being stockpiled for the founding of the Abyssal Angels.

>They knew not when the stars would be right, but the Imperium would be ready with troops that could fend off any nautical threat from this "R'lyeh" and its dark master.

They were founded out of paranoia after an administrative screw up. YOU KNOW IT TO BE TRUE.

>> No.14548053

rolled 65 = 65

this gives me the image of our marines having sharpened teeth while slowly eating alive enemy squad members in full view of the enemy commander in order to coerce him into giving information over. It would fulfill the red thirst mutation as well as add a bit more to how divergent from the codex they are.

>> No.14548054

>Why was the chapter founded?
Strategic Prognostication
>When was the chapter founded?
33rd Millenium
>Chapter Progenitor
Blood Angels
>Gene-Stock Purity
>Chapter Flaws
Pride in the Colors
>Characteristic Modifiers
+5 Strength, +5 Perception

>Figure of Legend
Chief Librarian
>Deeds of Legend
Chief Librarian lost in the Warp

>Number of Worlds
>Homeworld Type
Hive and Unihabited
>Homeworld Terrain
Ocean (hive world) and Temperate (unihabited swampy death world)
>Homeworld Relationship

>Codex Organization
>Combat Doctrine
Close Combat
>Solo Mode Ability
Pick 2 skills, rank 1 reroll failed tests. Rank 4, add 10 to them. Rank 8, add degree of success.
>Squad Attack
Tactical Finesse
>Squad Defense
Knowledge is Power
>Special Equipment
Beastial Companion
Death Cult
>Current Status
Over Strength
>Chapter Ally
Imperial Guard of their homeworld
>Chapter Enemy
some Chaos Space Marines warband/legion
>Chapter Name
Abyssal Angels(?)

>> No.14548055

Infinite bumpage

>> No.14548068

Someone Archive this

>> No.14548078

ok Behold Our Wrath it is

so now we need to name the system, the homeworld and its moon and come up with some fluff. Like their colors, heraldry, and battlecry and stuff.

Maybe add more figures of legend.

>> No.14548099

Name needs work. I'm ready to start some drawfagottry if colors and heraldry get decided. (Which apparently, is very important to them...)

Popular discussion point: is it a particular beast companion? And what?

>> No.14548115

so, lets do it.

>> No.14548129

I would choose Navy Blue and Blood Red as colors

>> No.14548140
File: 24 KB, 376x282, piranha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

colors... maybe a bit like this?

>> No.14548153

That red's a brighter and closer to orange. I like it... Faded colors would be awesome as well. Yellow lens and faded blue as the primary?

>> No.14548177

true darker would be better but i just meant something akin to that

as for their beastial companion, a fuckhuge centipede crossed with an eel would make sense on land and in water. Plus it'd look creepy as fuck.

>> No.14548182

rolled 18 = 18

Piranhas should be the special companion and they should focus on quick shock attacks based on quickly getting into melee distance and then disappearing. if anything that we have rolled goes against this then say so.

also the piranhas are fuckhuge genetically alterred piranhas.

>> No.14548188

Echanted blue for upper armor, Blazing orange on the feet and some trim, some yellow for the eyes. Looks good on SM Painter for me, but it's a little buggy so I can't post

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File: 177 KB, 753x1060, abyssal_dragon_by_alexameyer-d30cn4p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reading Rites of Battle now

so i'm seeing it exists Beast Companion and Special Mount

so our Abyssal Demons aren't going to ride piranhas?

pic: could be this color

>> No.14548206

piranha-like sea monsters with tentacle legs with stabby bits at the end

>> No.14548216

Piranhas don't have legs though...

>> No.14548223

yes we rolled beastial companion and not special mount

that means they are fielded along with them like fenrisian wolves of whatever they are called

anyway im going to take a shower

if you feel like it keep the thread alive because these guys seem awesome

>> No.14548228

They also don't live in salt water. And they aren't big enough to ride on.
These are different.

>> No.14548231

i know but the beastial companion would need to be able to operate and both on land and in water since the marines have to do so as well.

>> No.14548232

I like the idea of something not so earthlike but IN SPACE! But if you were looking at more earthy creatures, alligators.

Someone mentioned Jellyfish marines - how about Men of War?

>> No.14548237
File: 131 KB, 435x328, Reversescubasuit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So we shall give them legs!

>> No.14548253

Considerating the second world is a swamp
Aligattors would fit

>> No.14548268

How about having them appear like ripper swarms scuttling ahead on mutated lower fins that can be used for both swimming and walking/dragging themselves across ground. Or they could vibrate and swim through dirt like zerg.

>> No.14548282

oh god piranha lungfish

>> No.14548295

And I'm talking about animal companions here.

>> No.14548307

Only if our chapter master is named Cinnamon.

>> No.14548335

About the Name
I Kinda want they culture/names, being somewhat Portuguese/Spanish based, an homage to the age of discovery

>> No.14548356
File: 48 KB, 400x500, spacepirhanas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Messing around with the piranha idea.

>> No.14548372

>purple codpiece
Just... no.

>> No.14548380

It looks awesome, the only thing i didn't enjoyed was the face but it could be just me

>> No.14548393

I take it you never saw that episode of Futurama.

>> No.14548406

I got the reference
just wanted to say that

>> No.14548534

bump for awesomeness and piranhas

>> No.14548541
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Re-vise, bump

>> No.14548563

so can anyone archive this thread?

>> No.14548595

it has

>> No.14548604

needs to be darker i think

>> No.14548687

About the Worlds

So on a Ocean Hive World, the fauna must be pretty high and possibily really dangerous considerating that the Human Ocean has the biggest number of organisms in the earth, so it's possible that a big part of the planet must be unexplored.

So i do Believe that the Abyssal Angels Librarians would have to work like Cartographers, making maps of the whole Sea

>> No.14548916

bump in the sake of piranha-riding underwater marines

>> No.14549012

So what's the organization of this chapter?

>> No.14549017


>> No.14549033

How do I roll dice?

>> No.14549040

i think we need to make a new thread

>> No.14549105

Maybe something was lost to the ocean and it would be a huge boon to the chapter if it was found.

A whole starship, Pandorum style?

>> No.14549133

while cool, I think we could do better than "Abyssal Angels"

the Angel part needs to go. Abyssal is good though.

Abyssal Devourers, Abyssal Fury, or Abyssal Jaws would be better

>> No.14549135

rolled 8, 17, 19 = 44

I Say Technology, something maybe lost for the old milleniums

>> No.14549171

Abyssal Demons?

>> No.14549184

well an ocean world would likely be able to feed a whole lot of mouths with all its resources especially since this is an ocean world big enough to have a moon that holds an atmosphere

There'd be fisheries, kelp and algae farms, etc.

of course having some ancient secret there would be awesome. I like the idea of putting a R'Lyeh-like underwater tomb city thing on the deepest trench in the ocean where some ancient horror has been sealed (by the Eldar or some shit just so they can flip out about humans living on the planet)

>> No.14549191

except that'd make people think they are chaos and they aren't

>> No.14549201


>Abyssal Jaws

This, this a googol times.

>> No.14549249

But what brings the Chaos Space Marine to this world?
This Ancient Horror?

>> No.14549325



>> No.14549348

rolled 60 = 60

I would suggest a sealed daemon because of our chapter being foes with a chaos warband and it could be that in an attempt to seal a greater daemon under the ocean of the planet he got taken into the void. The chapters underwater training meant that it is the perfect candidate for defending this underwater tomb and so they were given the task of protecting the planet from chaos incursion.The fact that it is a hive world could lead to awesome fluff stories about the abyssal angels purging heretics from within.and perhaps even a planetary civil war between loyalists and heretics and a war to be waged with the freeing of a greater daemon in the balance.

>> No.14549363


Okay, so this is a race to get to the chtullu, beetween the Abyssal Jaws against this CS Marines

The Swamp World, would be a place to train the recruits?

>> No.14549371

rolled 57 = 57

When I say "he" I refer to our chief librarian that got lost to the warp

>> No.14549388

Wow, this is totally awesome pity there is probably nothing like this for making IG Regiments. :(

>> No.14549423

Well they're allies with a IG
so we have a chance to do something like this later

>> No.14549426

yeah the swamp world is for training them to operate in a myriad of conditions and in highly toxic environments

of course the swampmoon could have a key to the tomp in the bottom of its ocean or something

also this chapter is bros with the IG regiment stationed on the planet

>> No.14549441


I thought the tables for this were being taken from the Deathwatch book?

>> No.14549445


>> No.14549448

My personal opinion? The piranhas should be a special mutant variety that has two mouths, one inside the other so they can bite you and hold on to you while they bite you and grind you with their inner mouth. Call em Bim-ranhas.

The piranhas are all female because the males latch on to the females and become bags of sperm for them to reproduce, the space marines were able to simulate the biological responses that a female would have if it was carrying several males, but without having to actually attach any. Because of this the piranhas attack anything that doesn't feel like one of their own, and when they bite they actually vent 90% of the gore they produce out of special 'feeding' gills that are designed to feed the males attached to her body. This causes a 'bloody veil' effect whenever battle is met.

All of the Abyssal Angels have a porous layer of ceramite added to their armor, this thin layer has to effect other than becoming stained with any colored liquid poured upon it, up to a point. Space Marine Scouts of the Abyssal Angels start off with grey body armor. As they fight and are exposed to the bloody veil of their Bim-ranhas, their armor slowly absorbs the bloody water and becomes stained to the point of being blood red. A Full space marine is said to cherish his armor and inscribe any debt or obligation into his armor in a new layer of porous ceramite that is covered to prevent turning red until the debt or obligation has been filled, and only then is the armor allowed to become full red once again.

>> No.14549460

yeah i dont think there's anything like that for the IG

though i bet the IG would try to mimic their stewards as best they can


>> No.14549461



>> No.14549486

It's Official
Abyssal Jaws


>> No.14549490

Also the Bim-ranhas breed on the few dry outcroppings, so by stimulating the breeding nature of the Bim-ranha, they cause it to form the necessary bones it requires to climb and walk on the small dry deposits to lay its eggs, but because of the constant nature of the biological hormonal treatments, the Bim-ranha's 'fin-bones' keep becoming denser and more durable to the point where they can allow the Bim-ranha to move fast even on land and charge with a surprising burst of sudden speed.

>> No.14549531

sorry, typed that up when we were still working with the abyssal angels title, Abyssal Jaws works well too.

>> No.14549534

yeah no

that doesnt fit with the PRIDE IN THE COLORS or their hobby of carrying around bits of dead enemies

>> No.14549571

You know this means they would also be excellent at fighting in zero g. They should also modify the piranha with bionic upgrades and various tech so they can better operate in harsh environments and on other worlds.


>> No.14549584

Yes it does, they are prideful of their Red coloring because it is earned in battle, they don't consider a space marine a true marine until he has actually gained a true blood-dyed red armor. They specially make their armor so they literally wear their prowess in combat on their chests and pauldrons.

As for carrying bits of the enemy around, anything that makes its way through the fishes garbage disposal like jaws might interest an Abyssal Jaw to the point where he might like to keep it. Also aquatic animals get things stuck in them all the time, like the tigershark, so I could see the AJ cleaning it's pet's jaws and finding pieces of things it wants to collect in there.

>> No.14549591


if they can make servo-skulls float around we can make piranhas that can chew threw carapace armor do so as well!

i still like the alligator-piranha hybrid idea for the beastial companion

>> No.14549624

ok well the dyeing the armor thing is cool though the bimrahna thing is a bit out there

>> No.14549633

We Need Names for the Planet
my suggestion was Maresia

>> No.14549660

hmmmm... well we could be lame and just call it Abyssus

>> No.14549661

It is out there compared to a normal setting, but this is 40k. Look at their examples of mutants, half have fully functional eyes or mouths on the tips of their tongues or similar shit.

They are slightly more out of this world than the fenresian wolf, but compare a wolf to a piranha and it is about the same difference.

The stuff I said about the piranha I actually took from real science. In our world, there are several types of fish that have the male attach to the female to provide sperm for reproduction in return for sustenance.

And I think the whole blood veil idea kinda goes with a blood angel based chapter.

>> No.14549674



>> No.14549687

I like Maresia for the aquatic planet, it doesn't scream out that it is an aquatic planet, but for some reason it fits an aquatic planet.

I say Tacsin for the deathworld, but am open for a better name.

>> No.14549698
File: 187 KB, 634x684, Abyssalangel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not really sure where I was going with this but ok.

>> No.14549704

oh ok now i'm cool with it

since the the Abyssal Jaws are over strength and that fish (i really needs a better name than bimrahna) I could see matralineal clans based on women carrying around badass enough genes to ensure that their sons get into the Abyssal Jaws

>> No.14549709

We would have that other space marine chapter, the ones that are space sharks... what are their names... Oh right the Carcharodons, breaking down our door trying to steal our planet since we named it after them.

>> No.14549712

from what i've read the chapter is getting into the same vein as the iron snakes, chapter fortress is off planet thats covered in ocean maybe they have to hunt some great sea beast as part of their recrument process

>> No.14549718


That's extremely cool.

Abyssal Jaws, not Angels though.

>> No.14549725

Maresia for the planet, Abyssus for the system

well with the menfolk that are the best being taken out of the genepool to become space marines having the women attempt to keep a big portion of the "badass" genes would probably let them have a sizeable pool of recruits

i bet the SoB hate's the world

>> No.14549742

Maresia is a hive world though

all the big islands have been completed builtup into hives that sprawl out into the ocean

the moon with the fotress-monsatery above is an acidic hell swamp for turning recruits into marines

though i doubt you'd get to be an Abyssal Jaw without killing your own sea monster

>> No.14549773

There will be Merfolk?

>> No.14549776

Since they don't follow the codex too well and they are over strength, I could see the entire purpose of the planet being focused around producing sons strong enough to join the Abyssal Jaws.

They could be like the black templars, have more than the 1,000 SMs but they also have thousands of potential space marines.

Also I see it as being a hive world that used to be above ground, but when the emperor freed the humans of their xeno-masters, the foul xenos melted the polar icecaps and caused the planet to become 97% covered in ocean. The hives are built upon the bones of the old hive cities, which were based upon mountains that were appropriate.

Also due to the huge amount of oxygen in the waters, any space marine can breath in it permanently and humans can easily breath underwater with even the most simple of air filtering units.

However, due to having to work underwater so much, humans living on the planet tend to be more muscular and have better endurance than the normal human, but tend to be slightly unbalanced when they move and have a slight difficulty breathing during physical exertions due to a lower oxygen content in the air.

>> No.14549798

the last part I mean when they are moving outside of water and when they are breathing air from another planet such as on a spaceship or another world.

>> No.14549804

haha oh wow
great ideia
they're almost Xenos, boderline humans look like

>> No.14549808
File: 677 KB, 704x1013, BABattleFormation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Mutants. Purged. Unless they live in secret under the waves and periodically have contact with humanity....

>> No.14549822

they'd be just fine in on Maresia in or out of water but else where they tend to need respirators to boost the oxygen content to match their bodies excessive demand of the stuff

>> No.14549842

anything that lives beneath the sea is likely to get eaten by a leviathan or a kraken

>> No.14549855

or a shark, or giant eel, or any number of fishy things

>> No.14549862

So it's safe to say that those that didn't become SM, enter the Local Guard. Turn out this army is becoming really strong

>> No.14549881

while powerful they mostly hang around their own system to deal with shit trying to get to R'Lyeh

>> No.14549931

Not mutants. Subhumans, like Ogryns or ratlings. Those are still accepted, as far as I know.

>> No.14549945

Only Ogryns and Ratlings though.

>> No.14549959
File: 200 KB, 500x408, Imperial Guard Beastman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.14549971


>> No.14549978

Lost and the Damned traitor filth.

>> No.14550018

The thing is
Abyssal Jaws, are boderline heretical, i can see the population of Maresia having a peaceful releationship with the fish folk, considerating they're Abhumans

>> No.14550031

no more heretical than the Space Woofs

>> No.14550243

So we Have the Name of the World
We Have Basically the Human population of the world
we have the reason they exists
We have the Name of the chapter
We Have their battle cry
how about the heraldry?

>> No.14550374

Two black diagonal lines, one on each side of a pair of open Piranha jaws with a single drop of blood in the circle the jaws make.

The black lines are meant to represent the abyss, the jaws are meant to represent the... jaws, the drop of blood to represent both their ancestry and victory, since they view blood as victory, a space marine with many victories will have bloody red armor.

>> No.14550430

Like this, but plz forgive my terrible paint, I really need to get photoshop on my home computer...

Captcha: Orcrea Walden
Name of the deathworld moon should be Orcrea?

>> No.14550438

we should probably start a new thread for this so we have everything cleaned up and at the top

>> No.14550443
File: 25 KB, 507x733, Crappy Abyssal Jaws heraldry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stupid mis-spelled captcha, lost my pic by mistake

>> No.14550501
File: 13 KB, 150x159, Worldeaterslogo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

World Eaters style jaws with a drop of blood in the middle?

Although I swear I've seen a chapter icon like that before.

>> No.14550554

a basic symbol surrounded by vertical lines or diagonal lines is one of the basic and more used designs in the successor chapters of space marines.

Which is why I like the idea, it works for multiple reasons, has multiple means, is simple enough that you could put it entirely on a pauldron, gun, sword, or letter seal and not lose any parts and still is iconic and shows their links to the blood angels.

>> No.14550584

I Actually prefer Walden

but srsly, someone please create a new thread

>> No.14550601

what about a crashing wave that forms into a piranha's jaw?

>> No.14550608

Okay I will I guess, will link to it in this thread in a second

>> No.14550617

k give me a moment

>> No.14550669

new thread:


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