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Describe your current character using only cliches and may sue bullshit.

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Gonna be easy as fuck for 95% of /tg/

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He's a farmboy just trying to make some extra money for his family.
>>ssallyi column!
How do I cliche? I'm bad at this.

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kaymis is a pretty cool guy. eh is noble human having fun and doesn't afraid of anything.

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My self-taught wizard is the hero of his hometown and is generally considered a prodigy for coming from an area with so few casters.

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My Oni gladiator is too strong and pure to be corrupted by the lazy, dominant ways of his people and fears nothing. He's going to conquer a nation with his bare hands.

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My guy is a brilliant yet eccentric astronomer who is the only one in the entire world who managed to notice a potentially world-destroying cosmic phenomena. Also he fought off a bunch of pirates despite not having any sort of combat training.

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When you boil it down, I'm playing as Dick Tracey in SPAAAAAAACE.

And I'm totally ok with that.

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Hitman for the church and a carpenter on the side.

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>hitman for the church

I see what you did there.

And I like it.

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I know.
And you would be surprised how many people don't get it.

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My Psion is one of the last Psions left (which she caused). She is incredibly beautiful with crimson red hair that is always perfect. She's smarter than everyone else and even people who hate her respect her for who she is and what she does. She's the head of the world's largest criminal organization, is the hero of 4 different nations, knows every language (even the Druidic language)

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3 armed posthuman Clint Eastwood that pilots space ships and doesn't give a fuck.

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Normal: "His eyes have black sclera and yellow irises." (A revenant ranger.)
Sue: "He has golden orbs that sparkle like a wind dancing through fields of wheat in autumn, and that swim in an ocean of charcoal and smoke, creating a contrast of light and dark that is a mere glimpse into the terror and torment of his soul; but it is also a testament of his enduring strength — a singular beacon of hope in the vast, black void."

Normal: "Her hair is greenish gray and slightly past shoulder length."
Sue: "Her cascading, wavy tresses are the color of mithril, tinged ever so slightly with a pale, emerald hue. Soft as the finest silk, yet as strong as the roots of a great oak, her hair exudes a pleasant, sensual, flowery fragrance. It flows with a perpetual bounciness, as though it were filled with joy and life. Her locks extends such that their front half rest on her shoulders, delicately caressing them like gentle waves against a shore, while the back half of her hair just touches the tips of her slender shoulder blades."

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My super-special carthian vampire is both the face and muscle of the party, and has good enough brains to outsmart most of everyone we meet. My character regularly manipulates others into doing what he wants and taking the fall for it.

Shit, putting it like that makes me seem like more of a raving douche than the character is. particularly since I'm the only one with higher than morality 3.

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Well I'm the GM for our RT game right now so... god?

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Nope. Not related to him...

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Um, he's a guy, and he uses a spear and a bow. He has a bunch of extra +1 spears that he throws sometimes because its funny. Also he has a sword, just in case.

And he dresses in browns and grays, because. I guess red if he actually had to have a color.

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