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Hey fa/tg/uys me and a few bros were looking to start playing D&D, but we cant decide what edition. What does /tg/ prefer? also what rule books are essential to getting a good game started?

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No, 4e!



D&D sucks, play WoD!

Shut it, you!

Hey guys, can't we compromise and play Pathfinder?

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3.5 or Pathfinder if you must. Just avoid 4e, it's shit.

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I'm a fan of 4e, but I'm a bigger fan of WFRP2.

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Cant tell if troll...

3.5 if you want technicalities up the wazoo but more room to be imaginative and build your dude to near exacting standards

4e if you want a more mainstream, some would way mmo/wow sort of gameplay but less room for over the top creativity

Now brace for massive trolling and fa/tg/uy rage

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4e is about 100x more simplistic and doesn't require a roll for every single fucking action you could ever try to do. Want to light your pipe in 4e? go for it. Want to light your pipe in 3.5? Roll survival you daft fuck.

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Ugh. Edition war trolling. Sigh.

4e is playable, especially for new players. I am a 3.x/PF fan myself, but I'm DMing a 4e game for some friends who are new to TT gaming, because it's much easier to tell them things.

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If you want hack and slash, combat-oriented campaigns, play 4e. If you want more character customization, play 3.5 or Pathfinder.

WoD is god tier, though.

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Is a pretty cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything.

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the lengths people go to to shit on 3e amaze me sometimes

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This guy is using hyperbole, so I will too.

Want to light your pipe in 3.5? go for it. Want to light your pipe in 4e? Use an encounter power you daft fuck.

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Is confusing as fuck to learn. You'll have to be referencing spells a lot, some of the systems and shit are a little wonky.

Is very simple to learn. "I have this, it does this." Since everything is streamlined into powers, combat becomes a more simple affair. The exclusion of rituals from the normal spell list also makes that easier to deal with. And, to boot, the system is better made for making up shit on the spot if you don't know the rule or there isn't one. Want to trip someone?

>attack vs. reflex-defense

Stuff like that.

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If you aren't using GURPS, you aren't doing it right. You don't want to do it wrong, do you, son?

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I think this is a much more interesting topic of conversation; take minor aspects of a system and expand them to their illogical and hilarious conclusion.

I'll start: Want to build a house in World of Darkness? go for it. Want to build a house in Call of Cthulhu? Roll your Mythos skill to not accidentally summon a Hound of Tindalos, you daft fuck.

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3.5 sucks ass.

4e sucks ass.

WoD and WFRP 2e are simple and fun.

>go ahead and tell me I'm wrong, I just don't give a fuck because I KNOW I'm right

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Want to build a house in d20 Future? Build it.
Want to build a house in Dark Heresy? Roll to not commit heresy.

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thanks for the speedy replies, whats the opinion on 2.0, we're new to D&D but are up for in depth charater development, also what books are vital for getting a game going?

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4th edition is playable like a a couple of sticks is a raft. Sure you can be kept above water with it but it's still a shitty experience you have to rationalize as working.

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I could use a coin instead of dice, too, but it doesn't mean I should. Simplicity does not imply improvement.

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You people are why gaming is dieing.


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Want to eat a fish in AD&D? pay 5cp at a local shop. Want to eat a fish in 3.5? Take the four necessary Fishing feats, max out your Fishing skill, and roll against a 47CR to not get dragged into the water by a Dire Perch, you daft fuck.

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Oh. Well I guess when I thought my group was having fun I was wrong... and so were they. Thanks for showing me the error of my ways.

I mean, it's not like I've been playing various TT games ever since my mom included me in a game of Tunnels & Trolls when I was 3, and have experienced a dozen or so different systems. I know nothing about this stuff.

So again, thanks for showing me how much fun I wasn't having.

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3.5 haters:
>Wah, wah, I don't want to look at charts and I'm too retarded to remember this shit without them!
4E haters:
>Wah, wah, I want charts because god forbid I should take an action without rolling a die
Pathfinder fans:
Fantasycraft fans:
>Okay...maybe that was one chart too many...

Fuck it, use FATAL.

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> dieing
You're killing the English language. Don't fucking talk to me about gaming.

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Want to eat a fish in 4e? Re-fluff your trail rations as fish, but it still costs 5g.

(Or roll Nature to forage; what I'm really getting at is the economy in 4e is SO fucked up.)

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I killed a goblin and found an art.

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this is the most persuasive argument for FATAL i've ever seen

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counter saging with a bump, you mad.

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Even more proof. Be perfect or get out is the battle cry of this age of nerds, and nothing is perfect to them except their thrice blessed edition.

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You don't need to use FATAL when you can play 3.5 and climb up somebody's ass with a DC 80 Escape Artist check.

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But if the only option is actually crawling *in* their ass, you need FATAL.

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No, it actually has nothing to do with the editions, and more to do with people learning how to spell simple words. You know, that thing you learn in very early elementary school?

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wow it's like im really on /v/, thanks guys but, what rule books are essential to getting a fun game started?

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In D&D, if you're picking between 3x and 4E, you need the Dungeon Master's Guide, Player's Handbook, and at least one Monster Manual.
If you've got your own setting and fluff in mind, you really don't need anything else. If you're planning to use an established setting, naturally you need the books for it, too. The other Monster Manuals provide more creatures to be fought, as well as more playable races.
In 4E, the base classes are also spread along all the PHBs, so you may as well get each. And then there's some kind of 4.5 edition, that I haven't bothered looking at, so I'm not sure what books are actually required for play.

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For 3.5 and 4e all you need is the Dungeon Master's Guide, the Player's Handbook, and a Monster Manual.

Then you'll be set.

There are other sourcebooks (a fuckton in fact) but they're not really necessary. If you want them you can easily find all of them on /rs/ or torrent sites.

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In general, the player's handbook, dungeon master's guide, and monster manual. Simple question, simple answer. As it should be.

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They sell these 3 books packed together for both editions. If you're not DMing, only the PHB is necessary, have fun.

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